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Reading Comprehension-II
Max. Marks : 24 No. of Qs. 24 Time : 20 min. Date : ........./......../................
Directions (Qs.1-24) : Read the following passages to answer wonderful process will take place there transforming a dull fellow
the given questions based on it. into a genius. Yet the products of expensive schools and
universities often fail to make good. On the other hand, the poor
PASSAGE-1 man who has struggled against adversity often earns the highest
The importance of early detection of tuberculosis (TB), regular honour. The fact is that the true background of early education is
treatment and nutritious food are just not known widely enough. the home. The home, the influence of the mother, the inspiring
Often TB victims discontinue the treatment when the symptoms examples that are held before the child at an age while he is
disappear, without waiting for a complete cure; the next attack is impressionable, are the true groundwork of character.
more virulent from bacteria which have thus become drug-resistant. 6. According to the passage, who helps in our character-
Anti- TB drugs are produced in India. The capability to meet the building?
country’s requirements of anti- TB drugs in full already exists. Yet (a) A foreign university
millions of Indians suffer from TB and thousands of them die (b) A well-to-do man
every year. Voluntary organizations and government agencies (c) Examples that inspire
are doing commendable work. But we have so far tackled only the (d) A man who has earned honour
fringe of the problem. What is now needed is a nation-wide 7. The proper background of early education is
determination to fight TB. India eradicated smallpox with a national (a) a school (b) a college
campaign. We can eradicate TB too. (c) a religious institution (d) the home
1. Treatment is discontinued by TB victims, when 8. From the passage, we get an impression that the highest
(a) they think that the disease is completely cured honour is earned by
(b) the apparent signs of TB are no longer visible to them (a) a man who has received education in a foreign country
(c) they run out of resources like money or medicine (b) a man who has struggled against adversity
(d) they are attacked by drug-resistant bacteria (c) a man who has seen prosperity alone
2. Millions of Indians suffer from TB, because (d) the son of a prosperous man
(a) people discontinue the treatment too soon or do not 9. A well-to-do man sends his son to foreign lands
start the treatment early enough (a) because it is the fashion of the day
(b) India does not produce anti-TB drugs of the required (b) in the belief that his dull son will be transformed into a
quality genius
(c) anti-TB drugs are not available at a reasonable price (c) so that the son may learn the customs of those
(d) people do not have nutritious food countries
3. When the treatment of TB is discontinued too early (d) in order to make his son familiar with the persons and
(a) the old symptoms reappear places of those countries
(b) the patient gradually gets better, although slowly 10. The expression “the products of expensive schools and
(c) the disease appears in a new, more dangerous form universities often fail to make good” means
(d) the patient must get good, nutritious food
(a) they fail to make a mark in life
4. ‘The fringe of the problem’ means
(b) they fail to become intelligent
(a) the basic cause of the problem
(c) they fail to earn proper living
(b) the root of the problem
(c) the side effects of the drugs (d) they do not earn good reputation
(d) the edge of the problem, not the main point PASSAGE-3
5. Who or what become ‘drug-resistant’, according to the The functional declines of advancing age are depressing. The
passage? heart’s ablity to pump blood drops about one per cent: blood flow
(a) TB patients who are treated for a long time to arms and legs decreases by thirty to forty per cent in old age.
(b) People who do not want to take medicine for their illness The amount of air a person can exhale after a deep breath lessens
(c) TB bacteria that have not been fully eradicated and the chest wall stiffens with age. However, recent studies have
(d) Patients who have discontinued the treatment shown that most of these age-associated declines can be delayed
PASSAGE-2 by exercise. Exercise lowers the resting heart-rate and increases
When we talk of education in our present age, we think largely in the amount of blood pumped with each beat in older people. When
terms of schools and colleges. The man who is well-to-do spends stress is placed on bones through exercise, calcium content rises,
money in sending his son to foreign lands, in the belief that some with the result that resistance to fracture is improved.

RESPONSE 1. a b c d 2. a b c d 3. a b c d 4. a b c d 5. a b c d
GRID 6. a b c d 7. a b c d 8. a b c d 9. a b c d 10. a b c d

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11. Old age is generally a depressing period because (a) have the capacity to love
(a) old people worry more than others (b) talk more of roses and less of thorns
(b) old people tend to regret their past (c) are happy and spread happiness
(c) various organs of the body function less efficiently (d) look good and behave well
(d) old people do very little work 20. What is the author's message in this passage ?
12. The strength of bones can be increased by exercise, because (a) Look at the bright side of things
it (b) Our existence is so complex
(a) increases the amount of blood pumped by the heart (c) The world is a looking glass
(b) increases calcium content in bones (d) Expect much sorrow and suffering
(c) increases the amount of air exhaled by a person
(d) lessens the stiffness of the chest wall PASSAGE-5
13. The word ‘exhale’ means It was Sunday. As usual, there was a great rush of merry
(a) breathe in (b) breathe out makers who had come to the river to swim or to bathe. Those
(c) breathe slowly (d) breathe fast who knew how to swim were jumping into the water from
14. Which one of the following statements is correct? the high bridge or the banks of the deep river. Mohan did
(a) Exercise delays natural decay of old age not know how to swim so he was merely watching others
(b) Old age problems increase due to exercise who were enjoying the fun of swimming. However on the
(c) Exercise increases the heart-beat which is dangerous insistence of his friend Swarn, he sat on his shoulders and
(d) Exercise creates stress which is harmful to bones both jumped into the water. Unable to carry Mohan along,
15. The chest wall becomes stiff in old age, because Swarn left him in the flowing water. Mohan shouted for
(a) the heart’s ability to pump blood to it drops about one help. There were so many swimmers but nobody came to
per cent his rescue since they were indifferent to the plight of a
(b) the blood flow to various organs decreases stranger. I had just reached there, so I was in my full dress.
(c) the resting heart-rate becomes high Without undressing I jumped into the river and swam up to
(d) the person’s ability to exhale sufficient air lessens the drowning boy. Holding his left arm, I brought him out of
PASSAGE-4 water in a way that he might not hinder me from swimming
It is no doubt true that we cannot go through life without safely. The boy was saved which won me great applause
sorrow. There can be no sunshine without shadow, we must from the people. I had jumped into the water without any
not complain that roses have thorns but rather be grateful fear or hesitation as I knew the art of saving drowning
that thorns bear flowers. Our existence here is so complex persons. I have already saved a few lives from drowning.
that we must expect much sorrow and suffering. Yet it is 21. Why did Swarn jump into the water carrying Mohan on his
certain that no man was ever discontented with the world shoulders ?
who did his duty in it. The world is like a looking glass; if (a) Mohan had insisted to swim
you smile, it smiles; if you frown, it frowns back. Always (b) He wanted to enjoy the fun of seeing a drowning man
try, then, to look at the bright side of things. There are some (c) He simply wanted to drown him in the river
persons whose very presence seems like a ray of sunshine (d) Swarn felt that his friend should also enjoy the fun of
and brightens the whole room. Life has been described as a swimming in the river
comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel. 22. Why did Swarn leave his friend Mohan in the waters?
16. The author says that we cannot go through life without (a) Mohan wanted to learn how to swim
sorrow because (b) He wanted Mohan to learn how to swim
(c) Because he has sure that Mohan would be able to
(a) it is our fate
swim across the river
(b) we are always discontented
(d) Because he found it difficult to be in the river with his
(c) life is a tragedy friend on his shoulders.
(d) human life is very complex 23. Although there were many swimmers, why did nobody come
17. According to the author no man can be discontented with forward to save the drowning boy ?
the world if he (a) They wanted some financial reward
(a) is determined to be happy (b) They did not know the art of saving a drowning person
(b) is sincere in discharging his duties (c) They were not experts in the art of swimming
(c) has a healthy attitude to life (d) The river was very deep and they did not want to take
(d) likes sunshine a risk for a stranger
18. The expression “life is a tragedy to those who feel” means 24. Why did the writer jump into the river without any fear or
that it is a tragedy to those who hesitation?
(a) think about the world (a) He was acquainted with Mohan
(b) believe in fate (b) He could not bear the sight of a drowning person
(c) do not understand the world (c) He knew how to save a drowning person
(d) are sensitive and emotional (d) He was called by the people present there
19. The author says, “There are some persons whose very
presence seems like a ray of sunshine and brightens the
whole room”. The reason for this is that they

11. a b c d 12. a b c d 13. a b c d 14. a b c d 15. a b c d

RESPONSE 16. a 17. 18. 19. 20.
b c d a b c d a b c d a b c d a b c d
GRID 21. a b c d 22. a b c d 23. a b c d 24. a b c d

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1. (b) 2. (a) 3. (c) 4. (d) 5. (c) 6. (c) fun of swimming in the water. So option ‘d’ would be the
7. (d) 8. (b) 9. (b) 10. (a) 11. (c) 12. (b) right answer.
13. (b) The word ‘ex-’means out. Hence, exhale means to breathe 22. (d) 23. (d)
out. 24. (c) In the concluding line of this passage author says that he
14. (a) 15. (d) 16. (d) 17. (b) 18. (d) 19. (c) 20. (a) jumped into the water without any fear or hesitation as he
21. (d) Swarn jumped into the water carrying Mohan on his knew the art of saving drowning persons. He had already
shoulders since Mohan was his friend and he did not know saved few lives from drawning in the past.
how to swim. And Swarn felt that his friend should also have

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