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King Midas was very sad, because his lovely

daughter had turned into a statue of gold. He kept weeping
all the day for his daughter. Next day, the same stranger
came to his palace again and said the king, “You would be
very happy now as you have more gold.” But the king told
him,” I am not happy at all. I have lost my daughter
whom I loved the most. I accept my mistake. Please do
something to bring her back.”

The stranger was a very kind man. He wanted to

help the king. He told the king to bring water from the
river and spray it on all the things that have turned into
gold. The king did the same. First of all, he sprayed
water on his daughter. His daughter got alive. The king
was very pleased to see her daughter alive. He hugged her.
Then, he sprayed water on all other things. He got all his
things back.

The stranger gifted the king a power that

whatever he would touch would turn into gold. The king was
very happy to have the power. He wanted to test the power.
The power worked. He changed most of the things in the
palace into gold. Then, he sat down to have his lunch.
But, as soon as he touched the food, it turned into gold.
He tried to drink the water but the water also turned into

I have a little clock in my room. It is my

friend. It rises early in the morning and reminds me to do
the exercises like it does all day long. I am very happy
that I have a very hard working friend. It never gets
tired and stop. It inspires me to do my work regularly.

My little clock asks me to exercise like him

then, I move my arms around like him. I cannot do the
exercise the way he does all the day but we motivate each
other and do our exercise everyday, which make us feel
fresh the whole day.

Tenzing was a great climber. He had taken part in

many expeditions to high mountains. He also helped the
climbers. During the climbs, if any dispute arose between
British climbers and Sherpas, Tenzing used to settle their
dispute. He used to advice his team mates to go ahead to
complete the task. Climbers usually took his advices

The team of climbers started their journey to

Everest. They reached to their base camp, after a hard and
risky journey over hills. After some days, they were on
the way to the top. They set many camps on the mountain.
They rested at camps to get ready for the journey ahead.
Some of the team mates stayed at camps to take care of
their loads. Only a few went ahead. Tenzing was one of
them, who went higher.

Tenzing and Hillary were looking for the next

camp. They were late. It was dark there. They had to cross
a deep and long crack in the snow to go ahead. Hillary
jumped across the crack. But, when he landed, the snow
gave way. Then, Hillary began to fell down. Tenzing saw
the danger. They had a rope tied round their waists. So,
Tenzing pushed his ice-axe into the ground and lay down
near it. As the result, the rope got tight and Hillary
remained hung in the air. .

Whales are not fish, they are mammals. They

breathe air like us. They have to come to the surface to
breathe .They give birth to their young ones. Their babies
feed on their milk. The body of the whale is suited for
marine life. Bones of a whale are very soft and spongy.
Their bones are light in weight. A whale is unable to turn
his head while swimming. It has to move the whole body to

Whales can’t see straight both in air and water.

They have oily tears that protect their eyes when they
dive deep in the sea. You would be wonder to know that
whales don’t have outside ears like us, but they can hear
well in the water. Whales have flippers that help them to
balance and steer their bodies while they swim. When a
whale gets frightened or hurt it can stay under water more
than an hour. Usually, a whale does not stay under water
for a longer period.


The people of India were angry with the British

rule. They wanted to get rid of the British rulers and
wanted to be free. The British were very powerful but
freedom fighters were not afraid of it. They were out on
the path of revolt, struggle and war. They were ready to
sacrifice their lives for the country.

Satguru Shri Ram Singh Ji was a great freedom
fighter. He was born and educated at Bhaini Sahib. He
formed a party called Sant Khalsa that later developed
into Kuka Movement of Namdhari Sikhs. In 1872, the kuka
Sikhs attacked Malerkotla. After the attack ,sixty-six
Kuka Sikhs surrendered themselves. These Sikhs were blown
off with canon fire. They sacrificed their lives for the

Waryam Singh was a Namdhari Sikh. He was too short

to reach the level of the canon’s mouth, but he was very
brave. He himself collected some stones and stood upon
them to reach the level of canon’s mouth. Then he
challenged the British officer to fire at him. Such was
the courage of these freedom fighters.


Bishan Singh was twelve years old. He was a Kuka

Sikh. He was so brave that he hold the beard of a British
officer Cowen and threw him on the ground. British
officers got furious and cut Bishan Singh into pieces.
Such was the spirit of these martyrs. The entire country
will always be proud of them.


John and Surjit are friends. One day they visit

a bank. John does not know about the workings of a bank.
Surjit told him that bank is a place where people keep
their money safely and also get profit from their savings.
People can send money from one place to another with the
help of bank. They can also withdraw money from the bank
by filling a cheque book leaf.
Bank is not only used for keeping money but to
keep costly things also. We can book locker in the bank
where we can keep our valuables safely. We can take these
things whenever we need them. Locker is opened with two
keys. One key of this locker remain with us and the other
is with the bank. We can also borrow money from the bank
whenever we need it.

Bank is an important place. We can keep our money

in it. It is very easy to open an account with the bank.
We need proof of name and address to open the account in
the bank. Bank gives us cheque book and ATM card to
withdraw the money whenever we need it. It also makes
payments on the behalf of its customers. It makes our life


Each and every little creature has an important

role in the nature. The ants clear away dead matter
without knowing they are helping the nature. Actually they
are busy in collecting their food. The bees drink nectar
from the flowers. As they sip the nectar they are helping
the nature in the growth of fresh flowers. So, we can say
everyone has a share in this busy world.

There is a busy world down in the grasses.

This world has millions of creatures. It is the world of
insects. These insects have their own cities and hidden
homes. They have busy highways where they travel up and
down. They have work places like us in the form of
factories and farms. Their world is full of excitement as
we have.


Grasses are like forest trees for little

creatures. Several worms move along through the day. They
remain busy in search of food and to get alive. They hunt
other creatures for their food. Life is not easy for them.
They somehow manage to stay alive. Some of the members die
and some new members take birth to join this wonderful


All the family members are busy as well as

happy because of my little brother. He has just got a
little tooth. He has only one tooth in his mouth and all
the members are happy watching his little tooth but I have
too many small and white teeth in my mouth yet no one is
interested in them. I don’t know why they are so happy.

My little brother do not know how to speak but

whenever he speaks a single word all the family members
stand around him to listen his words. He doesn’t walk but
his single step makes all the family members feel
surprised. They are not interested in my words or dance
that I perform all the day long.