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Certified according to

Sensor wells and thermowells

Expertise in stainless steel and brass

Renowned manufacturers use Ziegler wells. International.

Quality and high standards
Technical expertise with practical experience
every day
With the help of more than 50 employees at our site in Lollar, Germany, we have
produced over 1.7 million thermowells and sensor wells in fully automated
mass production as well as in individual small batches since 1978. Continuous
upgrading is a priority for us, especially in relation to environmental efficiency
and maximum delivery reliability.

Global involvement
We have an international focus – prestigious manufacturers
throughout the world from a range of industries use Ziegler
protective wells.

Quality-certified protective wells

We examine and document our products, meaning
100% control of compressive strength and leak-tightness,
so tracing is guaranteed.

Environmentally conscious production

We protect the environment with various sustainability
initiatives in an environmentally certified manufacturing

Owner-operated enterprise
We remain true to our principles – we have been a successful,
growing family enterprise, now in our second generation, since 1978.

Our certificates
In the interest of the environment and our clients. For
continuous improvement and consistent client focus.

Quality and environmental management system

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
National International
Stainless steel and brass thermowells
Reliable protection in fluid environments

Suitable for heating pipelines or aggressive media,

sensors are replaced quickly, safely and easily without
discharging the fluid. Our brass and stainless steel
thermowells are ideal for a wide range of requirements.

Nickel-plated brass thermowell Benefits

Thread types according to client specifications
Ready for fitting thanks to pre-coated thread sealant
Mass production and customised solutions

Stainless steel thermowells

Protection at temperatures of up to 550°C

Protection against aggressive media

Brass thermowells

Protection at temperatures of up to 180°C

Protection against less aggressive media
Corrosion protection of plastic coating
Stained brass thermowell

Stainless steel thermowell with groove for

clipping in retaining brackets
Stainless steel sensor wells
Optimal protection for sensitive readings

Our stainless steel sensor wells contain the most sensitive component in measuring
technology: an NTC thermistor. This guarantees a consistent measurement environment
for years to come, saving costs and protecting the environment.

Stainless steel
Protection at temperatures of up to 550°C sensor well with knurl
for pressing in
Welded rather than deep-drawn
Client-specific thread types
Mass-production and customised

Stainless steel sensor well with Stainless steel sensor

M10x1 thread for screwing in well with flange

Ziegler wells are used in the following areas:

Heating systems Process engineering

Plant engineering Pharmaceutical industry
Building services engineering Medical technology
Petrochemistry Food technology
Electrical industry Winemaking
For easy installation and constant
measurement environments

With the right accessories, you will make

installing sensors in their wells much easier.
We have all the necessary accessory parts
for you and will gladly advise on what your Retaining brackets
particular needs are. A secure hold for thermowells

Fixing screw Mounting flange

To install sensor in the thermowell Ideal for attaching sensor wells

Coupling section Cable gland

Secures multiple sensors Leak-tightness and protection
in a thermowell

Clamp band
Quick and easy to install
Sensor wells and thermowells
Expertise in stainless steel and brass

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015

Quality thanks to 100% inspection

Short delivery times even for high volumes

Reliable delivery performance

Wide range of standard sizes

Custom-made products

Metallverarbeitung Ziegler GmbH & Co. KG

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Tel . + 49 (0) 64 06-8 30 34-0
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