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Baby Bruins Newsletter

Halloween Safety
It's always fun to go out and enjoy the
holidays as a family, but let's not forget to
be cautious and attentive during the
Fire Prevention/Fire Safety
holidays. When going trick-or treating, make
sure you and your child wear light reflective
clothing, especially during the nighttime. ● Make sure fire alarms have updated
When visiting people, do not let your child batteries
● Always have a family plan for escaping
enter alone. After you have finished
gathering candy for the night, check all of ● Teach children to stay down low on the
the candy to make sure none have been ground if smoke is present
opened, and that there are no dangerous ● DO NOT go back in a room or house
that is on fire to get a desired toy or
items inside the wrappers. pet
● If a person catches on fire remember
these three things: STOP DROP and

October Events

Oct. 2nd Child Health Day

Oct. 20th Vollmer Farm Field Trip

Oct. 27th Read to Me Day

Oct. 31st BHS Trick 0r Treat/

Oct. 12 th BIRTHDAY ~ Stephon
Halloween Party
Nov. 12 th BIrTHDAY ~ Samantha
What We Are Learning

October November
Signs of Fall Nutrition
Farm Life
Fire Safety and Prevention
America Is Where I Live
Harvest Time
November Events
Halloween Safety Thanksgiving
Boo! It’s Halloween Learning Concepts: Nov. 3rd Simple Science Day
Learning Concepts Letters: Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, and Vv
Letters: Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, and Colors: Brown and Purple Nov. 6th -9th-Community
Nn Shape: Triangle and Octagon Helpers Week
Colors: Orange and Black Nursery Rhyme: Jack Sprat Nov. 10th Veterans Day
Shape: Square and Rectangle What’s my phone number? (Learn phone (center closed)
Nursery Rhyme: Peter, Peter, Pumpkin number) Nov. 17th St. Jude’s Trike-A-
Eater How to eat Healthy
Things we will learn: Who lives in the White House?
Stop Drop and Roll Generosity Nov. 22nd Thanksgiving Family
Who Do You call in an emergency? Feast
Where Do I live? (Learn Address) November events Nov. 23rd -24 th Fall Break
What’s inside a pumpkin? How to creatw craft + material (center closed)
What makes a pair? Learning concepts

Fall activity

~ red, orange, and yellow paint
~ Paintbrush
~ burlap fabric (cut into 2 circles
with one slightly bigger than the other)
~ googlie eyes
~ construction paper (orange
triangle cuttouts and red worms for the
~white paper
~ glue
~ feet

1. With the paintbrush, paint the
child's feet with one of the
2. Place the foot on a white sheet
of paper in a curved pattern to
represent the turkey's feathers.
3. Alternate the colors between
4. Place the bigger fabric on the
heel of the footprint to
represent the turkey's body
5. Place the smaller burlap fabric on
the top of bigger one to
represent the head of the turkey
6. Place the eyes, beak and wattle
on the head of the turkey