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7. Courses

7.1 Weighting and Examination Papers : Part I

Code Course Weighting Exam Duration

ME102 Applied Mechanics 2 1x3 hr

CT130 Computing Science for Engineers 2 1x3 hr

EE101 Electrical Principles 2 1x3 hr

ME101+ Engineering Drawing and Design 3 1x4 hr

CE101 Engineering Materials 2 1x3 hr

MT104 & Engineering Mathematics IE Paper 1 3 1x3 hr

MT105 Engineering Mathematics IE Paper 2 1x3 hr

WSP180 Workshop Practice 1.5 *

CSC102 Communication Skills 1 **

*Written papers plus a Practical Examination WSP180 which may be waived


the discretion of the Chairman of Department for those who have attained a

satisfactory standard in Coursework.

** Assessment will be 100% Coursework.

+ Assessment will be 50% Coursework and 50% Examination

7.2 Weighting and Pre-requisites : Part II

Code Course Weighting Pre- requisite

ME201 Applied Mechanics/ 1.5 ME102

Theory of Structures

ME202 Solid Mechanics 1.5 ME102

ME203* Engineering Drawing, Design 2.5 ME101

and Materials

ME204 Thermo-Fluids 1.5

ME206 Manufacturing Technology 1.5


CE201 Theory of Structures 1.5

MT204 & Mathematics IIE Paper 1 3 MT104 &

MT205 Mathematics IIE Paper 2 MT 105

EE202 Electrical Machines 1.5 EE101

*Coursework shall normally contribute 30%-50% of the assessment mark.

7.3 Examinations : Part II

All Part II candidates must take:-

Code Course Papers and Duration

ME201 Applied Mechanics II 1 x 3 hours

ME202 Solid Mechanics 1 x 3 hours

ME203 Engineering Drawing and Design 1 x 4 hours

Engineering Materials 1 x 2 hours

ME204 Thermo-fluids 1 x 3 hours

ME206 Manufacturing Technology 1 x 3 hours

MT204 & Mathematics IIE Paper 1 1 x 3 hours

MT205 Mathematics IIE Paper 2 1 x 3 hours

EE201 Electronic Circuit Design 1 x 3 hours

EE202 Electrical Machines 1 x 3 hours

7.4 Weighting and Pre-requisites: Part III:

7.4.1 Obligatory Courses

Candidates must take at least eight Courses chosen from the following list.

The combination of Courses will be subject to approval by Chairmen of

Departments and the Dean.

Code Course Weighting Pre-requisite

ME302 Control Systems 1 MT204/MT205

ME303 Dynamics III 1 MT204/MT205


ME304 Fluid Mechanics 1 ME204

ME305 Industrial Systems Engineering 1 MT204/MT205

ME306+ Mechanical Engineering Design 1 ME203

ME307 Process Engineering 1 ME204

ME308 Solid Mechanics 1 ME202

ME309 Thermodynamics and Heat 1 ME204


ME311 Refrigeration and Air 1


FE301 Renewable Energy Engineering 1

+ Coursework shall normally contribute 30 % - 50 % of the assessment mark.

Note: Some lectures and practical work may serve portions of two courses
simultaneously. All courses above will each have 1 x 3 hour paper for

7.4.2 Professional and Industrial Studies: (CE309/310)

All Part III students will be required to take Professional and Industrial Studies or its

Examination: 2 x 3 hour papers.

7.4.3 Projects ME360

All candidates must undertake one project during the session. The project carries a weighting
of 2 and there are no pre-requisite requirements for projects in this department.

7.5 Weighting and Pre-requisites: Part IV:

7.5.1 Optional Courses:

All candidates must take a minimum of four optional Courses from the fields of study
indicated below. The combination of optional studies will be subject to approval by Chairmen
of Departments and the Dean.

Pre-requisites: The corresponding Part III Course is a pre-requisite for each Course selected.

Code Course Weighting

ME402 Control Systems 1.5

ME403 Dynamics 1.5

ME405* Mechanical Engineering Design 1.5

ME406 Solid Mechanics 1.5

ME410 Engineering Management 1.5

ME401 Thermo-Fluids 1.5

ME412 Power Plants 1.5

Candidates will be required to take four of the courses listed above.

*Coursework shall normally contribute 30%-50% of the assessment mark.

Note: Some lectures and practical work may serve portions

of two or more courses simultaneously.

7.5.2 Project: ME460/461

The original one copy of the project report(s) will be submitted for assessment on or before
the date specified by the Chairman of Department. Late submission of projects may be
permitted in accordance with the provisions in the General Regulations.

Normally, two separate substantial investigations, one of which will normally contain a
significant proportion of laboratory or practical work, will be conducted by the individual
candidate. If the Chairman of the Department wishes to consolidate the two projects into one
major project, such a project shall contain significant proportions of both laboratory and
practical work, and shall require an input of work equivalent to that required for two separate
projects and shall have a weighting of 4.

Weighting: 2 for each Project or 4 for a consolidated major Project.

7.5.3 Pre-requisites: Part III Courses and Project(s).

7.5.4 Examinations:

The original and one copy of the Project Reports will be submitted for assessment on or

before the date announced by the Chairman of Department. The Examiners may penalise

candidates for late submission of the Project Report.

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