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Appendix 2.


Key Terms Worksheet

Directions: Use this worksheet to write in the middle column what you think each word means.

Term Definition

Basic licensing procedures

mandatory Something that is required

license a permit issued by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human
Services to
any child care facility that meets the statutory standards.

licensing agency Organization that issues licenses and enforces licensing laws

child care program A childcare center or home operated by one owner

licensee Granted permission to operate child care facility

operator means the person or entity held legally responsible for the child care
business. This includes the owner, director, or other persons having primary
responsibility for operation of a child care facility subject to licensing.

issuance The process of giving an operator a permit or licence

pre-licensing regularly scheduled licensing workshops for new and existing child care
centers to attend.

zoning requirements Laws affecting approval of locations of business

comply/compliance To do as told/requested… the process of doing as requested

notice of compliance A permit issued to a religious-sponsored child care facility operating to take
certain exemptions from child care rules, but found to be in compliance with
health and safety standards not exempted by law
Early Childhood An instrument used to evaluate the quality of care recieved by a group of
Environment Rating children in a childcare center when the majority of children in the group are
Scale 2.5 to 5 years old

Changes and Transfers

change in ownership change in ownership

change in location change in location

change in capacity change in capacity

Types of licenses

temporary license e issued to the operator of a new center, or to the operator of a

previously licensed center when a change of ownership or location
occurs. This type of license is effective for ​6 months

provisional license Licence to operate up to 12 months. Until standards are met

special provisional For centers accused of child abuse or neglect, up to 6 months


probationary license For centers who have repeatedly violated statutes, up to one yea

rated license Based on center’s program standards, staff education levels, compliance

One Star Rated License indicates the child care operator meets minimum child care requirements
and can be issued after being in operation for a minimum of six months.

Higher-Level Rated For centers who earn extra points based on program standards,
education levels of staff, and compliance history; number of points
determines number of stars
Types of inspections

Building inspection Checking to see if building codes are met for type of structure

Fire inspection Fire code regulations are met

Sanitation inspection Sanitation code regulations are met