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Week 2
General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom: All students are assumed to have a laptop or iPad to use the ICT tools. All students are also assumed to have accounts for all of
the tools used. Students have also used these programs before so there will be no need for training from scratch.

LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 2 The links - Identify the key factors in Diagnostic Introduction YouTube clip outlining
Lesson 1 between determining the living Answer Garden - Watch the YouTube video to show the students the correlation the correlation between
economic standards of a country. would provide between living standards and economic performance and begin economic performance
performance and diagnostic with an impact. and standards of living -
living standards, - Define the gini coefficient assessment of how Body
the variations much the students - Do an Answergarden activity to establish prior knowledge of the m/watch?v=9-
that exist within - Outline the purpose of the gini know about topic. Question: What are the key factors in determining living 4V3HR696k
and between coefficient in relation to living standards of living standards?
economies and standards. - Class discussion about the results of the Answergarden with a Answer Garden activity:
the possible Formative focus on how these factors are linked to economic performance.
causes (e.g. The padlet would Focus Question: Which of these factors do you think contribute to
foreign provide formative Australia’s high standard of living? Padlet for students to
investment, assessment of how - Students will then read chapter 4.2 of their textbook and make make notes on
employment much the students notes on the gini coefficient on a padlet on the weebly page where
rates and levels of have learnt in only the teacher can read answers.
debt) (ACHEK051) relation to the gini - Class discussion in relation to the gini coefficient and how that Bromhead, P., Byrne, P.,
coefficient. relates to living standards both within certain countries and how & Cantlon, M. (2017).
this can be useful in comparing living standards between Pearson Humanities and
countries. Social Sciences Western
Conclusion Australia 10. Perth:
- Use the popstick questioning method to randomly question Pearson.
students on the content of the lesson.
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 2 The links - List the economic indicators that Formative Introduction Popplet for student
Lesson 2 between contribute to a countries overall - Brainstorm - Create a popplet where the students will contribute answers and brainstorming -
economic economic performance economic the teacher inputs the answers. The popplet question is what are
performance and l indicators that some economic indicators of a countries economic performance?
iving standards, - Analyse how economic effect economic Body Canva for students
the variations that performance affects the standards performance - Students will create a fishbone diagram using Canva. fishbone exercise -
exist within and of living within a country - Create a fishbone - The fishbone diagram will require the students to analyse the
between diagram outlining economic indicators from the popplet and describe how they design/DAC4iAXCAKM/kv
economies and - Create a fishbone diagram that how economic impact economic performance of an economy as well as the living ra0n9cMOj5KIyBHdqJfw/
the possible indicates how the economic performance standards of a country edit?layoutQuery=fishbo
causes (e.g. performance of a country is directly relates to the - Students can get their information from their textbook or from ne%20diagram&utm_sou
foreign related to the standards of living standards of living digital resources such as Britannica School. rce=onboarding
investment, within the same country within a country. - Once the students have created their own fishbone diagram there
employment rates will be a class discussion on the findings and the ideas will be Britannica school for the
and levels of consolidated onto a single fishbone diagram which will be sent to students to research the
debt) (ACHEK051) all students topic -
- For the next lesson students will have to come up with a country /levels/middle
that they want to analyse keeping in mind they will need to link the
economic performance and the living standards
Bromhead, P., Byrne, P.,
& Cantlon, M. (2017).
Pearson Humanities and
Social Sciences Western
Australia 10. Perth:
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 2 The links - Identify a certain countries Formative Introduction Groupmap for the
Lesson 3 between economic performance and Create a Groupmap - Review what was learnt in the two previous lessons in relation to students to create a
economic standards of living in a group outlining economic performance and its link to standards of living. summary on a specific
performance and the economic - Students will volunteer countries they wish to analyse for todays country -
living standards, - Explain the correlation between performance of a lesson.
the variations the economic performance and country and the Body
that exist within standards of living within a specific living standards. - Students be put into 4 different groups as decided by the World Bank data for
and between country Describe the link teacher. students to research -
economies and between these two - Using Groupmap the students will analyse a specific country’s https://data.worldbank.
the possible - Create a Groupmap outlining the factors and the economic performance and their standards of living and come up org/indicator/NY.GDP.M
causes (e.g. link between economic reasons this link is with causal links between the two. KTP.KD.ZG
foreign performance and living standards important. - Students will divide tasks between themselves.
investment, - Research for each case study can be assisted by the students World Bank data for
employment Present your using world bank data. students to research -
rates and levels findings to the class - Students may also include images or videos to help showcase http://web.worldbank.or
of debt) as a group. their case study. g/archive/website00002
(ACHEK051) - Each group will give a 3 minute presentation on their findings of /WEB/INDEX-5.HTM
their specific country
- Class discussion of the interesting points of each groups findings.