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Draft storyboards

Finished storyboards

Draft script
Finished script
During the pre-production stage, we needed to show progression in our work. When we first started
to make the script was quite difficult because it was hard to still come up with an idea for our
production. Therefore, we made a short script to get an idea on how we can start filming. From the
two drafts, you can see significant differences because during the filming process, we thought of
new ideas on how we going to film our production. Before we started filming Ed and I wanted to film
in Oxford because we thought it would be a good location to film. However, during the filming
process it was difficult for us to get there with both of our actors. Therefore, we decided to film in
Henley and Twyford which we knew would be easier to get to than our original locations.

During the filming process, Ed and I found it very difficult to come up with ideas on how we were
going to film our production because it was hard to picture out how we wanted it to turn out. We
thought it was a much better idea to go to the location without a finished storyboard and script
because Ed and I are much better at improvising new ways to film at the locations. We prefer to plan
it in a more practical way and although it took much longer to finish filming and editing, it was a
more appropriate for Ed and I to finish our production.