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What is childcare About the Division of Child

Development and Early

The law defines child care as: three or more
children under 13 years of age receiving Education
care from a non-relative on a regular basis
- at least once a week for more than four What is it: They make sure that
hours per day but less than 24 hours. The childcare is available in a quality setting
North Carolina Department of Health and and provide licenses to the various child
Human Services is responsible for care centers in the state.
regulating child care. This is done through
the Division of Child Development and Early
Education. The purpose of regulation is to
protect the wellbeing of children while they
are away from their parents. The law
defining child care is in the North Carolina
General Statutes, Article 7, Chapter 110.
Applying for a
The North Carolina Child Care Commission
is responsible for adopting rules to carry out
the law. Some counties and cities in North
Child Care
Carolina also have local zoning
requirements for child care programs. License by
Division of
What are the different types of Obtaining a licence Discipline and Behavior
childcare licences? Management
Before applying for a license, attend Each program must have a written policy on
pre-licensing workshop. Make sure to discipline, must discuss it with parents, and
Notice of compliance: issued to
get inspections for the childcare facility. must give parents a copy
religious-sponsored child care centers when the child is enrolled. Changes in the
Temporary: issued to child care operators The inspections should include
discipline policy must be shared with
who open a new center or to the operator of ~ Fire inspections parents in writing before going into
a previously licensed center when a change ~ Sanitation inspections effect. Corporal punishment is prohibited in
of ownership or location occurs. This type of ~ Building inspections all centers and family
license can be issued for up to 6 months. Fees should also be paid child care homes. Religious-sponsored
Provisional: issued up to a year. This May be programs which notify the Division of Child
Staff requirements: Development and Early Education that
issued to child care providers who fail to
The administrator should be at least 21 corporal punishment is part of their religious
meet minimum standards. training are exempt from that part of the law.
Special provisional: issued when determined years of age, and North Carolina Early
that child abuse or neglect has occurred in a Childhood Administration Credential or
What are education standards?
center. Issued up to half a year. its equivalent.
~All staff must complete a minimum number
Probationary: up to one year. issued to child Lead teachers in a child care center of training hours including ITS-SIDS training
care providers when determined that a must be at least 18 and have at least a for any caregiver that works with infants 12
violation of the statutes or rules has been North Carolina Early Childhood months of age or younger.
willful, continual or hazardous to the health Credential or its equivalent. If ~At least one person on the premises must
and safety of children administrators and lead teachers do not have CPR and First Aid training.
meet this requirement, they must begin ~All staff must also undergo a criminal
Star-rated: issued to child care centers that
credential coursework within six months records background check initially, and
meet standards, staff education levels, and every three years thereafter.
in the past compliance history. Issued at end of being hired. Staff younger than 18
~One staff must complete the Emergency
of 6 month temporary license years of age must work under the direct Preparedness and Response in Child Care
supervision of staff 21 years of age or training and plan.