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Biomes Assessment Plan and Summary

- Students will brainstorm the question ​how do humans impact the environment?​ Writing
in their science notebooks, students will list or draw a diagram demonstrating how they
think humans interact with the environment and whether this has an impact on said
- Students will complete a webercise on biomes, which asks specific questions about each
of Earth’s biomes. Students will use a link provided to navigate through the provided site
and answer all questions.
- Students will complete a crossword puzzle sheet on biomes. The crossword puzzle will
use information from lecture and from the webercise activity. Students will not only
identify terms by their definition, but will also identify terms by examples of said term.
- Students will create flashcards on Quizlet, which will be monitored by the teacher.
Students will be required to make at least 15 flashcards in which they will study term
definitions, examples, and images related to a term.
- Students will create a graphic organizer through Popplet. They will be provided with a
rubric and will be required to submit their final product. The Popplet will feature each
major biome, with subcategories, description of climate, wildlife, and plants, and a
negative consequence of human interaction and solution for at least 2 biomes.
- With the knowledge they have acquired over the unit, students, in groups of 3 or 4, will
create a handout or flyer detailing a specific negative consequence humans have on a
biome. Students will use research and media tools to create this flyer. They must be
creative in their layout and presentation of the flyer. Once they have completed said
flyer, they will present it to the class, in a 5 minute presentation, in which all students will
receive a copy of the flyer.