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Product information

spectrum A
The classic in a renovated version
with integrated LCD!

Product information
spectrum A – even more possibilities!
With spectrum A, HBC-radiomatic is presenting a proven bestsel-
ler in a renovated version with integrated LCD. This innovative
device enables clear display of various system or feedback data,
such as crane load. Therefore, spectrum A significantly increases
safety and operating comfort. spectrum A is ideal for the conveni-
ent wireless control of industrial cranes and machinery. By a wide
range of available operating elements and valuable features plus
an easily customizable LCD, the transmitter enables optimum
adaption to the respective application. The operator benefits
from an outstanding radio control that perfectly fits to the most
specific needs.

Details at a glance:
• 2 joysticks with up to 6 steps or analog.
• Up to 5 toggle and / or rotary switches / buttons.
• Up to 8 one-step push buttons.
• LCD for indication of system and / or feedback data.
• radiomatic® iCON for easy display navigation and for
convenient customization.
• radiomatic® iON for quick activation of a spare transmitter.
• STOP impact switch.
• Suitable for Multi-Receiver-Concept (MRC).
• Frequency ranges: 334 – 338 MHz, 400 – 475 MHz,
865 – 870 MHz, 902 – 928 MHz (country-specific frequencies

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available on request).
• Rechargeable NiMH exchange battery without memory effect.

document may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of HBC-radiomatic GmbH.
• Approx. 12 hours of continuous operating time.
• Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
• Easy carrying on hip belt or shoulder / neck strap.
• Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) including battery.
• Manual frequency switch.
• Options: feedback via LED and / or LCD, radiomatic® infrakey,
z-axis joysticks for simultaneous control of 3 drives with one hand,
catch-release, tandem operation, radiomatic® AFS (Automatic
Frequency Selection), radiomatic® shock-off / roll-detect / zero-g.
• Various additional features available on request.
• Recommended receivers: FSE 510, FSE 511, FSE 516, FSE 524,
FSE 726 / 736 radiobus®. feedback: valuable information at a glance.

Change the battery within seconds. Carrying: shoulder / neck strap. Carrying: hip belt.

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