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THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR Words and Music by Slowly CAROLE BAYER SAGER and BURT BACILARACH Ebmai Ebmaj9/D ——_Ab(add BYY/C Gm? m7 a” a ge a firs fe sa z gan pee Boll Ebmai9 Gm7 m7 2+ 1 nev- er thought I'd feel this. way. Instrumental ieee ate = Fm? Dm7¢no stm) Gast Be ee f and ss far as Im— con-cemed—_Pimghad_ Well you came and 0 ~ pened me. and now there's 0 much more— got_ the chance. to say. 1 see, Cat Abmaj? Fm7/Bb that 1 1 And if I should ev -er go a - way and so, bv the way I then forthe times when we're. a part 7 7 = f and try well, then clore your eyes esa kine terete atom = then close = eyes to feel the way reemem bee Abmajr/C HEE, Ss => SSS sal > times and bad times} yy ye on your side for-er> = er fey cece ote) 2a y ‘That's what friends are D.SYat Code Repeat and fade Vocal ad ie Fbmai9—Femsi9/D AS (add BRYC fin A