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Location Recce

Double Dutch Cottage- ​ 1st Main Road, Fitties, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4HB

There are no limits with when the house is available as it is family and they are able
to go to their other house while I’m filming so there is no pressure on moving them
around and getting in their way. There is a restriction on the outdoor scenes in
regard to weather so I will plan my shoot based on weather predictions to try to avoid
rain and high winds.

I chose this location for the filming because it is an easy accessible location with no
public disruptions, also it suits the idea that the girls are isolated because the cottage
has green area around it and can be made to look isolated.


Free use and no official booking needed Actors might not have transport to the

Parking available Hard to find the location which could

mean if actors cannot find it could lead
to being behind schedule

Quiet area with hardly any people Windows on ¾ of the walls so will have
to use external material to try avoid it
affecting the shots.

Safe environment Weather conditions may affect the

outside filming

Inside filming and outside filming in the

same area so no major travel and
equipment transport issues

Kitchen and toilet facilities

Dates of Shoot:​ 2nd Week of Easter Half Term

Weather Report: ​The weather is predicted to be around 18 Degrees on
the day we are filming outside however this could change nearer the
time. If correct, the weather will be suitable for filming the outdoor

The area at the side of the cottage can be used for the transition between Jamie and
Sam’s walk and Shelly’s scene. Also there is a bank and a bridge behind the house
to use for the exterior scene.

I might also use Anthony’s Bank

Road for the outdoor scene as
this is a quiet little lane at the side
of the house. If I could film only
the bushes and trees side then
the houses the other side look like
they aren’t there.
From this angle it looks like the cottage is alone in the area with no surrounding
houses. I can edit out the houses in the back if needed by replacing them with
bushes like on the right of the photo. The only change is the grassy area seen in the
main part of the photo has now grown and there are a number of small trees.
THerefore you may not even see the houses in the back.

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