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Setting up

● Adjust seat position, seat angle, wheel height, side mirrors (rear door handle in center of
mirror), and rear view mirror (all 3 back seat headrests should be in view)
● Turn on car
● Foot on break
● Release emergency break
● Put car in drive

● Speed limit in city zone is 50 unless otherwise stated
● Slow down to 30 before entering school zone, speed back up once you see sign in rear
view mirror
● Slow down to 20 on speed bumps
● When going downhill, foot on break
● When parking uphill, turn wheel all the way to right
● When parking downhill, turn wheel all the way to left
● If pedestrian is ⅓ or less of the way through the crossing, you may turn

● Put car in reverse
● 360 degree check
● Left hand on top of wheel, right hand behind shotgun headrest
● Look at rearview mirror as you’re backing up, occasionally side mirror

Right turn
● Check rear view mirror
● Turn on signal
● Shoulder check towards side you’re turning
● Aim to be 15-20 in the turn
● For separate right turn lane (forgot name), shoulder check before entering and shoulder
check before turning

Left turn
● Mirror/signal/shoulder check before entering left turn lane
● If green light and adjacent lane clear, turn without stopping with shoulder check
○ If there is a green left turn arrow, you have the right of way
● If green light and adjacent lane not clear, stop at light until your turn, then stop so that
white line is in line with shoulder, then turn with shoulder check when there is opening
○ If you’re in the middle of the intersection and the light turns to yellow, you must
● Aim to be 15-20 in the turn

● Mirror/signal (unless going straight)/shoulder check right as you enter cul de sac
● Aim to be 15-20 in the roundabout
● Shoulder check left unless turning right

Cul de sac
● Mirror/signal/shoulder check before entering
● Shoulder check left as you start turning the other way
● Shoulder check left on the other side
● Shoulder check right as you pull out of it

Stall parking (on your left)

● Slow down to ~10
● Mirror/signal/shoulder check
● As soon as shoulder is in line with stall before, turn wheel left as fast as you can

Reverse parking
● Shoulder in line with middle of stall you want to park into
● Begin driving at a 45 degree angle away from the stall until you can see the entire stall in
your side mirror
● Turn the wheel all the way to the other side as you reverse into the stall

Parallel parking
● Get parallel to car being parked behind
● Turn wheel towards car, 1 rotation
● Reverse until you can see entire bumper of car, then stop
● Turn wheel all the way to the other side as you continue to reverse