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Nonverbal communication

has a distinct history and Kinesics The word kinesics comes from the root
serves separate word kinesis, which means “movement,”
evolutionary functions Principles of and refers to the study of hand, arm, body,
For example, nonverbal from verbal Nonverbal and face movements.
communication is primarily communication. Communication
biologically based while
verbal communication is Haptics
Touch is necessary for human social development,
primarily culturally based. and it can be welcoming, threatening, or persuasive.

Vocalics Vocalics is the study of paralanguage, which

Nonverbal communication includes the vocal qualities that go along with verbal
is a process of generating messages, such as pitch, volume, rate, vocal
meaning using behavior quality, and verbal fillers.

Nonverbal Communication other than words.

Conveys Important Proxemics
Proxemics refers to the study of how space and
a key principle of nonverbal Interpersonal and Emotional
distance influence communication.
communication is that it often Messages
takes on more meaning in
interpersonal and/or emotional Types of Nonverbal
exchanges. Chronemics
Communication Chronemics refers to the study of how time affects
Personal presentation involves two components:
Principles and our physical characteristics and the artifacts with
which we adorn and surround ourselves. Physical
Functions of characteristics include body shape, height, weight,
Nonverbal Personal Presentation attractiveness, and other physical features of our
Communication and Environment bodies.
There are some instances in which we
verbally communicate involuntarily.
These types of exclamations are often
For example, we say verbal responses to a surprising
“owww!” when we stub stimulus.
our toe or scream “stop!”
when we see someone
Nonverbal Nonverbal
heading toward danger.
Communication Is Nonverbal
Communication Is
More Involuntary than Communication More Credible

symbolic and abstract

nature of language can lead A primary function of
to misunderstandings, but
nonverbal communication
nonverbal communication is Nonverbal Communication
even more ambiguous. is to convey meaning by
Is More Ambiguous Nonverbal reinforcing, substituting for,
Communication Functions of or contradicting verbal
Regulates Nonverbal communication.
Conversational Flow Communication

Nonverbal communication
conveys meaning by
Nonverbal communication helps us regulate our reinforcing, substituting for, or
conversations so we don’t end up constantly Nonverbal contradicting verbal
interrupting each other or waiting in awkward communication.
silences between speaker turns.
Conveys Meaning
Nonverbal communication can be
used to influence people in a
variety of ways, but the most
Nonverbal common way is through
Communication deception.
The nonverbal messages we send and receive
influence our relationships in positive and
negative ways and can work to bring people Nonverbal communication expresses who we
together or push them apart. Nonverbal Nonverbal are. Our identities (the groups to which we
Communication Affects belong, our cultures, our hobbies and interests,
Communication etc.) are conveyed nonverbally through the way
Relationships Expresses Our we set up our living and working spaces, the
Identities clothes we wear, the way we carry ourselves,
and the accents and tones of our voices.