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7016 Childrens Way Plano, TX 750250 (469)-964-1877

A graduated Biomedical sciences student from Texas A&M University with a passion
for understanding the human body, mentally and physically, in order to better serve people suffering
from diseases and disabilities.

● BS in Biomedical Sciences
● Minor in Neuroscience, International Certificate in Cultural Competency and Communication in Spanish
● Honors Fellows, University Teacher Scholar
Sophomore Advisor- LAUNCH Program (2015-2016)
● Facilitated the flow of conversation on an array of current events between seven honors freshman students.
● Mentored the seven freshman students in their early college experiences; personal, academic, social.
● Collaborated on group events with 43 sophomore advisors for the benefit of 275 freshman.
Study Abroad Experience- Barcelona, Spain (May-June 2017)
● Took a public health course contrasting the healthcare systems.
● Took a medical spanish course with a focus on practical medical vocabulary.
● Built confidence conversing in Spanish in a medical and casual setting.
Global Medical Brigades- Nicaragua (January 2018)
● Served 3 communities in a span of 9 days by providing medical, dental, water, and public health services.
● Served as a Spanish speaker with the community and translated as needed to provide a better healthcare
● Trained a service dog from 8 weeks old to 16 months to be a working guide dog.
● Served as a member, Director of Fundraising, Director of Administration, and then President.
● Collaborated with a team of students to better the future of AGS by increasing member attendance and boosting
service dog awareness on Texas A&M campus and the Bryan/College Station area.
Volunteer, January 2016 – Present
● Managed three clinic rooms; kept clean, organized, and stocked.
● Directed flow of patient traffic to clinic visits, postpartum visits, and intake visits.
● Responsible for taking and recording patient vitals into medical files.
● Responsible for ordering lab work dependent on the gestational age of baby.
● Maintain utmost discretion when dealing with sensitive topics and situations.
● Supervised as a chaperone during exam visits as witness for the patient.
Volunteer Surg/med unit & Postpartum unit, August 2016-May 2017​.
● Organized patient medical papers into correct binders and properly discarded medical papers to the discharge office.
● Greeted visitors and determined to whom and when they could speak with specific individuals.
● Stocked, kept organized, and set up hospital rooms and stockrooms as needed.
Dr. Gary Morchower, MD Pediatrics office
Shadowing opportunity, Summer 2016
● Observed the relationships between a physician, child, and child’s parents.
● Learned the value of trust and open communication as a resource in healthcare.
● Witnessed several unique cases that demonstrated the importance of continuing education.
● Had the opportunity to be a part of a clinic and observe the teamwork between doctors and nurses.
Dr. Craig K. Steiner, MD Neonatologist
Shadowing opportunity, Spring 2016
● Observed rounds on a hospital floor as well as the respectful manner Dr. Steiner showed to his patient's and families.
● Visited the neonatal ward and discussed with Dr. Steiner and a nurse practitioner about the importance of careful
monitoring and precise calculations.
● Conversed with Dr. Steiner about his medical journey, gaining insight into the process, sacrifices, and commitment
to a life dedicated to healthcare and others.