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- She is the dominant character in the story.
- She is intelligent and crafty.
- She carefully plans how to achieve her aim, she used her charm, she act
and pretend.
- She knows how to manipulate the two men character, Harvy and Brantain.
- She succeeds to manipulate Brantain.
- She lies to Brantain that Harvy is like a brother to her.
- Why, we have always been like cousins -- like brother and sister, I may
say. He is my brother's most intimate associate and often fancies that he
is entitled to the same privileges as the family. Oh, I know it is absurd,
uncalled for, to tell you this; undignified even,"


- Brantain is a weak and naïve character.
- He is easily manipulated by a woman and he believed everything what
she said.
- His act is simply because he does not want to lose Natalie because he
loves her so much.
- Brantain also a coward since he is not brave enough to say he does not
want to lose Natalie because he loves her.
- He is completely adored Natalie until he choose to believe everything
Natalie said.
- The misery had all disappeared from Brantain's face.


- Compare to Brantain, Harvy is much stronger.
- Harvy is not naïve at all; he does not let Natalie to manipulate him.
- His act of kissing Natalie in front of Brantain can be seen as a provoked to
Natalie. He probably wants to make Natalie decide whether she prefers
him or Brantain.
- In the end, Harvy choose to leave because he no longer wants to be
manipulated by a woman.
- "But, you know," he went on quietly, "I didn't tell him so, it would have
seemed ungrateful, but I can tell you. I've stopped kissing women; it's