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WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS: Way back in '68, English superstars George Harrison and Eric Clapton got together to create one of the heaviest and most memorable songs in the entire Beatles catalogue. This slow, haunting ballad features three guitars, acoustic (George treated Paul's 0] where the rhythm gui playing the seme fig ful fills through thy based on A (AGD.EG), and h it sounds like a Les a Marshall plus al rotating speaker noi Hammond organs. B Leslie is one heavy 60 and, years later. Ste also experimented with gue. Clapton also plays some great dou- blestops for his breaks during the cho- rus sections, which are played over the E chord and are based on E Mixolyaian ER.GABCD) imply stated, Eric’s solo on this tune is one of the greatest he ever recorded. His slow, winding phrases lay ‘way back into the beat as he delivers an incredible melody (and melodic devel- opment), further juiced by one of the biggest, widest, slowest left-hand vibratos known to man. His tortured lines could not possibly serve a song th this ttle any better. Big bends, per- fectly intonated, also clearly illustrate this master’s touch, He also thoroughly kills on the outro, Guitarists and assists alike should check out Paul's bass playing, as his nggressive approach falls somewhere between the roles of both instruments. rmance Andy Aledot ‘STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Yup, that’s right—Srairway. For those of you with good memories, we years ago, but that and we figured Jimmy Page opens the tune with the infamous arpeggiated acoustic guitar, joined by recorders which play a melody in close harmony (arranged here for gui- tar), At 2:00, Jimmy changes the picking pattern, incorporating sixteenth notes. At ¢ electric 12-string enters, essen- iny's guitar solo, ehich beet 55, 2 best, not che based on A G), with the i 2 few points ibstitute the F nor, you get F .A,C,D). Pretty slick, eh? only slightly dis- torted and ‘of bite. The very last lick, at 6:41, is doubled. Notice also the Iitde slide lick that’s repeated in the back- ground. Jimmy adds another litle solo during the outro, beginning at 7:25, using a bunch of unison bends (not unlike “Dazed And Confused"), An clement worthy of axtention fs the great arrange- ‘ment on this song, which stands as a blueprint for modem rock. HUNGER STRIKE Following the massive success of Pearl Jam’s Ten, Temple Of The Dog—with Stone Gossard and Mike McCready (gul- tars), Jeff Ament (bass) and Eddie Vedder (wacals) from Pearl Jam, and Chris Cornell (vocals, harmonica and banjo) and Matt Cameron (drums) from Soundgarden —was re-released to an incredible reception, shooting up the charts into the Top 10, This song is the fist single (and video) from this second ‘wave of attention. There are a variety of overdubbed guitars on this tune, and arrangement- wise this song is very much like the music of U2 in this respect (see "I Stil T'm Looking For.” rp guitars enter As on the main hese guitars band, you'll have jons as to what to to lose. One constant in fb enters, and iropped his is followed by of two new rhythmy pal fers, resulting in five guitars included ft the following chorus. ‘Megadeth’s la more success ‘album full of po guitar intro” issue?) mad note patterns played in sixtee the open D and G strings in conjunction with notes from the G Dorian mode (G.A.B.C.D,E,P), plus the ,G, played on the A string. Marty enters with ‘octaves that double the bass figure. A variation on the intro figure is used for the first part of the verse sections, mov- ‘ing into a sories of descending arpeg- giated patterns. The song shifts to a dou- bletime at the chorus, and throughout (Cartiued on page 88 GUITAR NOVEMBES 18237 FORECLOSURE OF A DREAM ‘As Recorded by Megadeth (From the bum COUNTOGWN TO EXTINGTIONGapito! Records) Tablature Explanation page 38 os Words and Music by Moderately Slow Rock J = 69 spit. Dave Misiaine and David Eletson NCIGS) He lao ¢, Ri- Fie 1 ie Geel crac nf (Gaanione) y let ring throughout 6 Yet © far to fal, a plan of (end Rhy. Fig. 1) Rhy. Fig. 2 ‘and bal= ance for a__ breakthrough, eu-phor i's. high, more borrowed mon - ey, mote borrowed time, Backed in a com - c, caught up in the ree. A —_ + ie = SS uo Ese te oe — = + = + +e fis lial — eas : er ey a fe of the chase. Fore = means to an end end ed__ in din grace. Perspective is kat. _in the sir (end Rift A) (end Rhy. Fig. 2) Sarcrava Mops cts on atin 0 Sten Sone eeh Cura NOMENWBER ge? 49 rors Double time J = 138 cs FS coms os FS cs BS cs CHS dlo- sue of. dream, those Wiedons never seen Un - Roy. Fig. 3 (nd Rhy. Fig, 3) (Both ts.) (nd Rhy. Fig 3) ? w/Rhy. Fi. 3 gs co Bs os FS cs mS CS CHS is sie ad, per al_— holo = caust,— fore - clo - sue of a dream Hat ime J wwiRy. Fit. 1 tet wi Ae se 2nd Verse ‘a/R. Fig 28 Rift A NCGS) Bir -ren = land that once filled a need are wortlskss now, doa with-out a deed. Slip~ atures ens are foveed_ to dip The. ping s+ way fom an 4 fon grip, — Amo(ade2) _NC. Em Emma? Em? Ems C3 Em Amada Am/maj? Amo a ave at be-ler- ing so try and be ted Th suf ‘chorus Double timed = 138 wwfRy. Figs 3 Goth gs. 2 times) os C3_Bss heartland ces tos of all pride, NC de. Fore - lo-sure of a dream those wissions ner - er seen, fi deat fundsin-sin-i-ty andsu cs Bs CSC GS FS cs Bs ss FS ‘aust, Fore - lo - sure of a. dream. Unt all sos, per“ hol = 0 50 GUTAR, NOVEMBER 1992, Guitar slot css cs CHS Rly. Fig. + Gtr LU aaa (sea i) Ea Halt timed = 69 Bs os rs tn fend anys Tie) GFT as (Spoken) The Congres wil push me to raise rd Verse ‘Rhy. Fi. 2 & REA Rees) Now with sew Rope some_will te prow! “a! th is mo. hars,— no. one pushed out. Re = ¢ == SS = CPG are coe Broke. new ptouml_ of a tow fron ~ tio, Amacé9 Amymai7 Am _Amsiadi2) NG oy Em? Em cs Em Now i - deas— will swe - ly gt + by. No dead or div = i-dends, some may ask a "why", Youll Double timed = 138. Gulia slo tt twhrehy- Fig. 3 (2 vines) a FS find the solu tion, the am ~ svors inthe ey. Gera 1 Bis es Fs a head bok nts tmuaneonnly wd in, aE wiRhy. Fig. 4 cis AS 45 De cs DS DS 52 GUITAR, NOMENBER “c22 NCES) oe — j "© (w/tange affect) Fy al time = 69 4th Vers w/Rhy. Fig 1 Ric 0 high yet so far to filha oe Ty wes weet cn or eee ee Debi tine J=138 oS EN 5 Gra 11,2 : ‘ " he os oo Sms ok ea een eee teal oo cats oo Bs os S - oe 22S i pe ee eae 3 6 bss ee no ee ee 5 = = = = 6 od ae GWAR NOVeVBER 1862 5B 84 CS seks aM is Jost, por Bs Gs Fs lo = sure of a dream, ‘GUT, NOVEMBER 192 BASS LINE FOR FORECLOSURE OF A DREAM ‘As Recorded by Megadeth (rom the album COUNTDOWIN TO EXTINCTION/Captel Reoores) Words and Wise by Dave Mustaine and David Eletson Moderately Slow Rock J = 69 Intro N.cAGS) ~ ste Se = = oe eee es + a — $0. high ft so far to fall A plan of dig -mi-ty__ and ba-lance for al__"(ete.) prem ee a oy am ce FE + — + Amadd2Am/majTAmT(ads2) AMS NC. ‘ : # ee b= == a == — jE z 7 z re . wh ze aw i = Em Bn/maj7 Em? Ems C5_Em NC. Zoe cs Bos Fs s Bs coe eae sim, = = = * coy 10:2 Master Inne aver Vue) Doeeg Orr Mek Feast oamuc tveng aint ary (ta 20 Satctee Conn doce OF S08 fork. Semmes fm Ae 0 anton 'NGPHGEA ohne: rae arene ue For Us oan and cranes alsscarfub us airh Claes br Socuearet tse ve Ar age sens Ua omtocn GUT, NOvEWBER ce? BB gs BS cs. 2rd time to Code FS = —S[S—=s sj" Aa eae ara Verse News) 2 iin eh Halt time J = 69 es Bs cs Os NOG) ie ie BS Ds NcmD Bae oo = er = ri T = ae = as —e > = * se + 1 q Bs cs hs = I 56 GueH, NOVENEER 1992 Em Emjmej7 En? Em6 km Gs FS Donble time Guitar solo GS Bis 6 cs Bt As Gs Bs cscs oe | * | GUITAR NOvEvBER eee 87 Hal dime 4th Verse NCGS) Mate sie J NCGS) 58 GITIR NOVEVRER 22 Tablature Explanation page 38 As Recorded by Temple Of The Dog (Fiom the album TEMPLE OF THE DOGIARM Recots) Words and Music by Christopher Cornet! Moderately Slow Rock 4 = 69 wiRhy. Pig. 1 FIT Inte NCIC) 5) © «) 6) (cod Rhy. Fig.) © (azan tone) PF erring pinoughos (end FID Fill 1 (both etrs.) ew orn sem adem wal saat st Verse ww/Rhy. Fig, 18 Pill (8 times) RC) 6a o T dont mine Ger Rhy. Fie. 2 (co © Rut (@od Rhy. 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