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Felisha Hatch

Personal Prescription Paper: Getting Started

Health Education

Professor Bill J. Moore

Society, with the help of technology and fast food, has hit the speed button and so have I.

Rarely have I taken out time to sit and think about my health until recently. I literally had be to

hit by a car to touch the pause button and evaluate my own health.

After taking the health assessment I wasn’t surprised at my very low physical health

score. My emotional and spiritual scores were high but that would have been different even a

month ago. I have been recently been evaluating who I am and how I fit in this world after I was

unable to work. I have started looking at myself for happiness and not looking at others to fulfill

my needs. Since this is a recent revelation that it is me and not the world I think some work is

still needed within those dimensions of health. I want to exercise, eat right, and stop making

excuses while finding the deeper reasons within my emotional basket that I started the Twinkie.

chocolate, and pizza extravaganza.

To improve my physical health I would like to take an assessment of my food intake

along with the emotions I am feeling when I eat. How many calories do I intake. Why is

exercise so hard for me and why do I make excuses? I would like to increase my activity

through physical therapy, walking when I can, finding a fun physical activity, and going to my

doctor appointments.
The accident made me pause and the class will give me information. I need to take

advantage of this time change my health and life. What we do when we reach a fork in the road

of life can determine our destiny and longevity.


Klassen, A. C., Garrett-Mayer, E., Houts, P. S., Shankar, S., & Torio, C. M. (2008). The

relationship of body size to participation and success in a fruits and vegetables intervention

among low-income women.​ Journal of Community Health, 33​(2), 78-89. doi: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Low income African Americans women were placed in a nutritional program for four

months to evaluate whether or not it had a positive influence in there health status. The

nutritional program that increased the dietary intake of fruit and vegetables The relationship

between body size and diet change was monitored as well as the attitudes and beliefs of the

participants. I believe that this article would be beneficial in understanding how I related to food

growing up. Health disparities have an effect on how we relate to food.

Musgrave, Catherine F., Easley A. Carol, and Gregory J. Allen. "Spirituality and

Health for Women of Color."​​ American Journal of Public Health​, vol. 92, no. 4, 2002, pp.

557-60​​. ProQuest​, url=https:// search. /docview/215100988?accountid=28371.
Spirituality can affect how we see our health. This article evaluates the different spiritual

practices of women of color from different cultural backgrounds. It discusses the

possible challenges that may be present and ideas to help integrate these beliefs

holistically. I can use these interventions within my own prescription to increase

compliance and practicality into planning a healthy outcome.

Rose M (Schliska) Lange, & Nies, M. A. (2004). Benefits of walking for obese women in

the prevention of bone and joint disorders.​ Orthopaedic Nursing, 23​(3), 211-5. Retrieved from


This article addressing how walking increases physical activity and decreases bone loss.

I have had back problems since the accident and believe that decreasing obesity can prevent

further joint pain and increase the quality of life and the article gives support to the benefits of

increasing walking into my health prescription.