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(People Who Sleep In The Water)


The Articles of Association clearly states that the General Council is the governing body of the
Pala Band (Agua Caliente Cupeno and not the Executive Committee). The General Council
consists of the adult membership of the band. The General Council is the governing body of the
Band and always has been by Custom and Tradition which supersedes both the Articles and
Constitution. No contacts, leases, or any other business dealings can be engaged in unless it is
approved by the General Council.

The Band is being run into the ground and mismanaged by the Executive Committee. The truth
is that the General Council must be informed of all business dealings of the Band. The General
Council must approve as the Articles State:

1) To manage, lease, contract, or otherwise deal with tribal assets
2) To Employ Legal Counsel
3) To Enact Ordinances consistent with these Articles of Association, governing future
membership, loss membership, and adoption into the Band.
4) To assess fees for payment of expenses of the Band or to finance any project which in its
opinion is for the benefit of the Band as a whole.

The General Council must be willing to attend meetings and force these issues. Continue to try
to get on the agenda even though we all know the Executive Committee routinely denies
agenda items proposed by members.

The Executive Committee has overstepped their bounds and are doing serious financial harm to
the band. In addition, the Executive Committee continues to trample on individual Civil
Liberties and on our U.S. Constitutional Rights. The Executive Committee must not be allowed
to keep delegating authority they do not have to other committees.

No changes to the Articles of Association or Constitution can be made without a Majority Vote
of all Adult Members in favor of such amendments. The final decision is to be approved by the
General Council.

Do not let the Executive Committee make any unauthorized changes to the Constitution or
Articles. At this time, it seems the Band is still being governed by the Articles and not the
Constitution. The General Council must take back its power over the band before the Executive
Committee drives the band into Bankruptcy.

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