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Tasik Chini familiar with its presence of dragon and become mystery since people

still do not know does the dragon is truly presence or not. Tasik Chini is a lake near
the Pahang River in Central Pahang, Malaysia. Tasik Chini is the second largest
natural lake in Malaysia after Tasik Bera and now Tasik Chini is a place for eco-
tourism destination. It comprises an area of 12.565 acres of forest. There was
inhabited by aboriginal tribes Jakun. Story about the presence of dragon in Tasik
Chini is not only spoken by Malays, but there is also an outsider who knows about

Once upon a time, a young man who comes from France to Tasik Chini that he want
to explores about this mysterious Tasik Chini. He said that he wants to find the
dragon. That France man stays with Jakun’s people and ask them for permission to
make some research about the dragon. A couple days ago, that France man while he
was fishing at Tasik Chini, he found the sight of a very large snake and some say
that the giant snake actually is a dragon that lives in this lake. 5 years after the
incident occurred that France man died without know the reason why. Dragon of
Tasik Chini is also known as Naga Seri Gumum, Seri Pekan. The appearance of a
dragon is recognized by aboriginal groups where the Jakun’s people that have lived
in the area of Tasik Chini after so long but they said sometime the dragon might be
change to a giant snake.