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Asian Institute of Technology February 2017



he AIT Library Modernization Campaign received a Royal Blessing on 27 January
2015, when AIT was informed that HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has accepted
the invitation to serve as the Honorary Chair of the International Advisory Committee. In
addition, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously granted her personal donation of 1
million Baht to support the fundraising campaign.

Earlier, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn had granted a private audience to
Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, the Founding Director of AIT Library at the Royal Palace in 2001.

Library Facilities..................................................................... 1
President’s Message.............................................................. 7
Soft Opening of AIT Library Facilities..................................... 8
INSIDE Background ........................................................................... 12
LIBRARY Donors................................................................................... 14
Mentors.................................................................................. 21

3 5

1. Knowledge garden 2. Online studio conference room 3. Recognition walls in front of the Library 4. RFID Security Gate
5. RFID Automatic book return outside the Library

1 2

4 6

1. Front of the Library 2-3 Entrance hall 4. RFID Automatic self-check and locker room 5 Circulation counter 6. Reference

4 5

1-2 Common square 3 E-book area 4-5 Searching area 6. Reading area

2 3

5 6

1. Group study room 2. Meeting room 3 A robot fetching returned books. 4 Video Teleconference room 5-6 Training room

3 6

1. VIP Lounge 2. AIT Wall of Fame 3 International zone 4-6 Classic library zone

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students

AIT Community then.

this AIT library would have remained as it was, like it was designed and built over 40 years ago. There would
have been little chance for the library to be modernized as we have in front of us today. There would not have
been a warm participation of AITians, friends and partners to present this wonderful gift to our beloved AIT,

our faith in the AIT family, and strengthened our bonding as we started working towards a common cause.

and to give AIT a golden opportunity to ‘reset’ itself for a new life.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are here to witness the ‘soft opening’ of our Modern Library, where multimedia,
digital repositories, and wonders of modern technologies and interior design converge, to create a learning

‘soft-opening’ because we need a trial period to ensure that all the library systems work properly, as well as

corporate partners, alumni, former faculty, present faculty, staff, students and friends, who have altogether
donated over 80 million Baht in cash and kind. We are grateful for the strong support and encouragement of
the International Advisory Committee, especially the Honorary Chair, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

We should also recognize the dedication and hard work of the Campus Architect and her team, the Director
of the AIT Library and her staff, the Director of Advancement and his staff, the Director of the Media and

members of the Library Modernization Working Committee.

from our Modern Library. Please take special care to keep our library clean and in good shape, so that this
Modern Library can proudly serve as a show case of our campus.

As the author Elizabeth Kostova said: “It was good to walk into a library again, it smelled like home.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I now declare the AIT Library soft-opened to serve you all. Welcome home!

Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai

Asian Institute of Technology
20 January 2017
FEBRUARY 2017 10
FEBRUARY 2017 11
FEBRUARY 2017 12

The purpose of AIT Library Modernization Project Progress

is to restore the library after being damaged by the
- First phase
ogy to be an E-library. The concept of moderniza-
tion was to create a lively atmosphere on the ground
and partitions, ceiling, roof and structures, air con-
color scheme and the building ambience. The con- ditioning, electrical and lighting systems, toilets
ceptual design aimed to accommodate integrated and plumbing system, telecommunication system,
learning activities in the same compound with group

hall, searching and E-book areas, and knowledge was completed.

garden at the central court. To be consistent of the

will be provided over the whole area of the library.

On the library operation and management, RFID
was planned to facilitate automated books circula-
tion, sorting and storing, as well as record-keeping
on the use of the library. As this “E-library Learn-

books and printed materials will be shelved on the

to welcome alumni, guests and visitors with AIT’s

“Wall of Fame”, VIP lounge and Video-teleconfer-
ence room along the south wing.

Work Scope
The Library Modernization Project was divided
into two phases as follows:

1. Phase I was to repair and restore all damaged

brary, including architectural, structural, mechani-
cal and electrical systems, adding new IT and
digital equipment. The total cost for Phase I is First Phase work scopes of the Library Modernization
59,016,486 baht.

2. Phase II was mostly for interior decorations, sig- Second phase

nage, control equipment, knowledge garden, and
other landscapes, with a total cost of 19,130,000
baht. -
tend the landscape to the central court as an open-
aired knowledge garden. The design was provid-
FEBRUARY 2017 13

ing the perception hierarchy from indoor space Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn with a seed fund
through the outdoor. The passage to the garden of 1 million Baht, the fundraising campaign has

year history of AIT.

to the open-aired green space. The Multimedia
Classroom and Video Teleconference Meeting Library Modernization Fundraising Cmpaign
Room were completed with properly designed (1 January 2015 - 30 June 2016)
acoustical control. The remaining works are the Summary of Donors by Categories
Donor Number
(Thai Baht)
contents. With 40% subsidy by Energy Absolute Members of AIT Hall of 19 5,332,535
Public Company as its in-kind contribution, the Fame / Board of Trustees
electrical load of 50kW for the lighting in the li- Organizations/ 37 45,951,300
brary can be supplemented by the rooftop solar
Former faculty/staff 29 2,634.460
panel, as a show case of green energy usage. To
Present AIT faculty/staff/ 23 2,086,700
promote AIT’s outstanding research on robotics, students
a robot is designed to wander around the ground Alumni Chapter/Groups 15 4,816,177
Individual Alumni 137 19,066,977
drop stations to the main station for shelving. The Individuals / friends of 3 80,000
Donations under 15,000 434 7,036,703
Thai Baht
Total 657 79,318,251

Project Expenditures
Up to the day of the Soft-Opening of the Library,
on 20 January 2017, the overall completion of the
library is 93.76 % in terms of cost. The remain-
ing tasks are (1) landscape around the library; (2)

location of Photocopy and Bicycle Shops to the
Second Phase of interior and landscape works on ground -
fee Shop.

Fundraising Campaign Summary

(Thai Baht)
The campaign to raise fund for the modernization Total donation received 79,246,310.55
(as of 30 June 2016)
of AIT library started from 1st January 2015 and
Actual expenditure 74,333,470.62
completed on 30 June 2016. The total donation has (up to 1 Feb 2016)
reached 79.32 million Baht (about 2.25 million Outstanding commitment 4,940,189.00
Expected total expenditure 79,273,659.62
Baht. Thanks to the personal support of HRH Total balance (27,349.07)
FEBRUARY 2017 14

Red Bull’s 10 million Baht grant co-brands AIT 10

with world’s No. 1 energy drink maker
Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Managing Director of T.C. Pharmaceutical especially in the 60th Anniversary year of
Industries Co., Ltd., the owner of beverage giant ‘Red Bull’, on 7 HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn,
May 2015 presented a corporate donation of 10 million Thai Baht who is AIT’s Royal Alumna.
to AIT President Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai towards the AIT
Library Modernization Campaign. Thanking the managing director for his

Mr. Saravoot said that he was proud to be associated with the project, “AIT is pleased and honored to be co-
branded with Red Bull in the modernization
of the AIT library.”

President Worsak also mentioned to Mr.

Saravoot that both Red Bull and AIT have
something in common as brands, as both
are better known overseas than in Thailand.
AIT was recently ranked number one in
‘international orientation’ among 1,200+
universities in the world with an alumni
network spanning over 90 countries,
and Red Bull is a global brand known
worldwide, selling its products in more than
150 countries around the world, he said.

SCG supports 10 million Baht for the 10

AIT Library Modernization Fundraising Campaign MILLIoN

Continuing with a concerted push into tapping resources from the the SCG Board approved a donation of
private sector, AIT was successful in engaging SCG, ASEAN’s 10 million Baht towards the fundraising
leading business conglomerate. In its meeting on 28 January 2015, campaign for the modernization of the
AIT Library.

Mr. Kan Trakulhoon, President and CEO

of SCG, had pledged the 10 million Thai
Baht to AIT President, Prof. Worsak
Kanok-Nukulchai, on 13 January 2015
during the meeting at SCG Headquarters
arranged by Mr. Chavalit Ekabut, Vice
President – Finance and Investment &
CFO of SCG, and also former President of
the AIT Alumni Association. On the AIT

Committee, Dr. Sahas Bunditkul, AIT

President Prof. Worsak, and Dean of
School of Engineering and Technology,
Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul.
FEBRUARY 2017 15

5 Bangchak Petroleum 5 PTT donates 5 million

Donates 5 million Baht MILLIoN
to AIT

Dr. Pailin
CEO and Presi-
dent of PTT
Public Company
Limited (PTT)
announced a do-
nation of 5 mil-
lion Thai Baht
on 5 May 2015 for the AIT library. This followed a
Thai energy major Bangchak Petroleum Public Com- meeting of AIT President Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nuku-
lchai with Dr. Pailin on 27 February, where he was
250,000) to AIT for the modernization of the postgradu- accompanied by Emeritus Professor Dr. Sahas Bundit-
ate institute’s library. They also donated 3 million Thai
Baht as scholarships for eligible Thai nationals.
As CEO of the most
Announcing the pledge on May 30, 2015, Bangchak Pe- successful energy
troleum president, Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, said the company in the re-
gion, Dr. Pailin
to once again be part of the development of Thailand’s strongly believes in
educational institutions. Mr. Chaiwat is a notable mem- supporting higher-
ber of AIT’s rising-star alumni, who now serves as CEO education research
of public and private corporations in the Asian region. He institute dedicated to
graduated in 1991 with a Master’s of Engineering degree science and technol-
in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM). ogy like AIT.

2 Thai Contractors Association donates 2 million Thai Baht


Thai Contractors Association, which serves under the

patronage of H.M. The King of Thailand, gave 2 mil-
lion Baht to AIT on 7 July 2015.

Seen in the photograph are Mrs. Chalita Lertwinyu,

Director of Host Country Relations, AIT; Prof. Worsak
Kanok-Nukulchai; Mr. Sangvorn Lipatapanlop,
President of Thai Contractors Association; and Mr.
Kasem Chowiwattana, Managing Director, Ch.
Thavee Construction Co., Ltd.
FEBRUARY 2017 16

Alumnus Dr. Yanyong AIS donates

2 2
MILLIoN Phataralaoha donates 2 million MILLIoN 2 million
Baht Baht
Prominent alumnus and
Graduation Speaker at AIT’s 123rd
graduation, Colonel Yanyong
Phataralaoha, D.Eng., donated
2 million Baht towards the AIT
Library Modernization. He handed
over the donation to AIT President
Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
on 22 May 2015, shortly after the AIT Graduation ceremony.
Telecom major Advanced Info
This was the third donation by Dr. Yanyong to AIT. Dr. Yanyong stressed Service Plc (AIS) donated two
the importance of donating and giving back to society in his Graduation million Baht towards the library
Speech. “Have a sense of duty, honor, and doing the right thing. And when modernization campaign of the
Asian Institute of Technology
(AIT). CEO of AIS Mr. Somchai
Lertsutiwong handed over the
cheque to AIT President Prof.
2 An “AIT Family” returns home, to Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai in a
help it’s alma mater ceremony organized at Intouch
Towers on 9 April 2015.

Mr. Somchai, while handing

the dedication of the “AIT family” over the cheque stated that AIS is
in real-time, the early morning willing to help AIT, whenever the
of 13 March 2015 was a day to
savor. Alumnus Dr. Chainarong occasion when AIS has offered
Na Lamphun remarked that to help AIT. In the immediate af-
he had been waiting for this
day for a long time. “I visit this the AIT campus was inundated,
Institute to contribute towards its AIS had offered space at Intouch
rebuilding.” Towers which had enabled AIT
to resume its operations. Accom-
Two more alumni from his fam- panying Mr. Somchai was Ms.
ily followed, and this time his son Wilai Keangpradoo, Senior Vice
Dr. Phannachet Na Lamphun ob- President, Public Relations, AIS;
tained his doctorate in Informa- and AIT alumnus Mr.Surachai
tion and Communication Tech- Hirannitichai (Telecommunica-
nology; while his daughter, Dr. Pornlapas Na Lamphun graduated with a tions, 1998).
doctorate from the School of Management. Both graduated in 2012. The
youngest child Mr. Rathawit Na Lamphun followed with an MBA from
AIT. Dr. Chainarong signed a cheque of 1 million Baht for the AIT library.
In tow, his three children got together to match the contribution of another
1 million Baht made by their illustrious father, thereby collectively con-
tributing 2 million Baht to AIT.
FEBRUARY 2017 17

1 TEAM Group 1 Dr. Prasert 1 Mr. Peerawat

Mr. Chawalit Pataramai Premchun

On 3 June 2015, TEAM GROUP donated three million Baht to support the AIT Library Modernization Program.
One million from TEAM GROUP came from Mr. Chawalit Chatararat, CEO International Business; another one
million each from Dr. Prasert Patramai and Mr. Peerawat Premchun - both co-founders of the Group.

1 Nawarat Patanakarn donated

MILLIoN 1.1 million Baht for AIT library

On 11 May 2015, Mr. Polpat Karnasuta, President, Nawarat

Patanakarn Public Company Ltd., presented a cheque in the amount
of 1.1 million Thai Baht (Thai Baht) to the AIT President.

AIT alumnus Mr. Sook Sueyanyongsiri (AIT / GTE 1976), who is

Senior Vice President of Operation Division, also participated in the Integral Management Department; Ms.
handover ceremony. Wattana Samanawong, Senior Vice
President, Finance and Administration
Department; and Mr. Visut Suwanwitwaj,
Senior Vice President, New Business and Strategic Planning Vice President, New Business and
Department; Mr. Nicolino Pasquini, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategic Planning Department.

Amata Corporation contributes

MILLIoN 1 million Baht for AIT library

Amata Corporation has decided to contribute 1 million Baht towards

the AIT Library Modernization Campaign. This was announced
by Mr. Vikrom Kromadit at his Amata Corporation Headquarters
during a meeting on 12 March 2015 with the Prof. Worsak Kanok-
Nukulchai, President, AIT, and Prof Voratas Kachitvichayanukul,
Dean of AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology (SET).
assured help in mobilizing additional sup-
During his interaction with Prof. Worsak, Mr. Vikrom not only port from foreign corporates that are op-
pledged a donation of 1 million Baht for the AIT Library, but also erating from the Amata Industrial Estate.
FEBRUARY 2017 18

Alumni donate 1 million One million donation

1 1
MILLIoN Baht in memory of MILLIoN by AIT Alumni
late Prof. Yordphol Association (Thailand)
A sum of 1
Eighty AIT alumni million Baht
of transportation was donated
engineering joined the AIT Alumni
hands to donate Association
1 million Baht in (Thailand) on
memory of their 2 April 2015.
teacher, late Prof. Mr. Supachai
Yordphol Thanaboriboon. Prof. Yordphol, who passed Rakpanitmanee, Vice President of AITAA (Thailand)
away in June 2006 at a young age of 55 years, was and Managing Director, Panya Consultants Ltd,
remembered by his former students and AIT President while making the donation, echoed the sentiment of
Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai at the donation Mr. Chusak Gaywee, AITAA (Thailand) President,
ceremony at AIT on 2 April 2015. stating that they would do everything possible to
help AIT. Announcing their unstinted support, he
Prof. Yordphol had passed away added that they are also working with private sector
in his sleep while leading a group to contribute towards AIT.
of 15 students and research staff
at a visit to the Volvo Car Re-
Also donating the same day
search Center in Gothenburg,
was Panya Consultants who
Sweden. The group was work-
Prof. Yordphol gave 500,000 Baht taking
ing in a research project for AIT’s Thanaboriboon
the total contribution for the
Thailand Accident Research
AIT Library Modernization
Center (TARC). The donation
to 2.5 million on a single
was received by Prof. Worsak from Police Colonel Dr. day. The donation from Mr. Chusak Gaywee
Narongsak Bovornvongpitak (TRE ’99) and Mr. Apiph- Panya Consultants was
an Naewphanassawa (TRE ’00), on behalf of a group of made by Mr. Supachai
alumni who call themselves the “AIT Transport Group,” Rakpanitmanee.
and former faculty members from Japan.

Karnchang Public Co. Ltd.

MILLIoN donate 1 million Baht

Ch.Karnchang Public Co.,Ltd, Thailand’s well-known contractors

and basic infrastructure developers, made a donation of 1 million
Thai Baht for the AIT library modernization. CEO Mr. Pliew
Trivisvavet, made the donation to the AIT President Prof. Worsak
FEBRUARY 2017 19

Malaysian Alumnus donates Alumnus

1 1
MILLIoN 1 million Baht for AIT Library Charoen MILLIoN

Mr. Tan Chin Nyan, an AIT donates 1 million
alumnus has donated one mil-
lion Baht towards the AIT
Baht towards
Library Modernization cam- AIT Library
paign. A student of Structural Modernization
Engineering and Construction
(SERC), Mr. Tan Chin Nyan
Mr. Tan Chin Nyan completed his Master’s from
AIT in 1986.

A student of the AIT President, Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Mr.

aling Jaya, Malaysia. A successful structural engineer, Mr. Nyan hails
from Johor Bahru, the capital city of Johor in southern Malaysia. The
ing in prestressing works, and casting of post and pre-tensioned on-site
Mr. Charoen Jatusaril, an AIT
precast beams. It is now engaged in constructing complete bridges start-
alumnus made a formal dona-
tion of 1 million Thai Baht to-
“Design and Build” services for bridge structures.
wards the AIT Library Modern-
ization Campaign. Handing over
a cheque to the AIT President
1 Malaysian Alumna contributes USD Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
MILLIoN 30,000 for AIT Library Modernization on 2 March 2015, Mr. Charoen

support his alma mater.

An alumna of AIT, Ms. Ailee
Having graduated with a Mas-
towards the AIT Library
ter’s in Structural Engineering
Modernization Campaign. Her
and Construction from AIT in
donation, which is equivalent
1986, Mr. Charoen is the Man-
to one million Thai Baht,
aging Director of POSTEN, a
was received by the AIT
leading company in Thailand
President Prof. Worsak Kanok-
Ms. Ailee Loh Nukulchai.
engineering and post-tension
technology. Prof. Worsak men-
Thanking her for the contribution to her alma mater, Prof. Worsak tioned that Mr. Charoen was
stated that Ms. Ailee has helped AIT previously also, when she
advised AIT on developing a good fundraising strategy. A Master’s desire to contribute towards the
graduate in Structural Engineering and Construction (1981) from AIT, rebuilding and reconstruction of
Ailee currently serves as the Technical Advisor of Prasarana Malaysia the AIT library, and hoped that
Berhad, the asset owner who operates the Light Rail Transport (LRT) many more would emulate his
and Monorail Systems in Kuala Lumpur.
FEBRUARY 2017 20

Mr. Yen Yi Mr. Prasert

1 1 1
MILLIoN Tseng MILLIoN Samalapa MILLIoN and Mrs. Frances
Kasala Ahad

Dr. Sumate Dr. Subin Prof. Worsak

1 1 1
MILLIoN Tanthuwanit MILLIoN Pinkayan MILLIoN Kanok-Nukulchai
FEBRUARY 2017 21

RFID technology at AIT, courtesy

alumnus Mr Pote N Lee
nology courtesy of a donation by alumnus and member of AIT’s

his desire to donate for the AIT Library automation system.

Mr. Pote Lee’s company, iGroup announced a donation of RFID

Security Gate, self-check and book drop, and 20,000 RFID tags to for Self Check and one for Book Drop) and
AIT, and implemented the services in the library, providing AIT for inventory module, apart from manpow-
with a donation worth Thai Baht 2 million. er during the transition from the barcode
based magnetic system to RFID. Other do-
From the Institute’s side, AIT contributed by construction work for nations from iGroup that are under imple-
smart book drop, ZIP II Protocol (2 licenses – one for Self Check mentation include Institutional Repository
(IR), and e-books and online resources.

InterPAC provides interior design

International Project Administration Co., Ltd. (Inter PAC),

Mr.Yodyiam Teptranon in 1976, provided the “interior design”

services of the AIT library, transforming it from a simple plan
FEBRUARY 2017 22

List of Donors by Categories

(Note: * denotes donors falling into more than one category)
Thai Baht Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
(via Dr. Verapong Chaiperm - EE’91) 500,000
MeMberS oF AIT HALL oF FAMe / Friends of Dr. Verapong Chaiperm (EE’91) 500,000
AIT boArd oF TruSTeeS 5,332,535 Bank of Thailand
(via Dr. Prasarn Trairatvorakul - IEM ‘76) 330,000
* HrH Princess] Maha Chakri Sirindhorn 1,000,000
Ratchaburi El Gen Holding PCL
* Dr. Subin Pinkayan (WRD ‘61) 1,000,000
(via Dr. Thana Boonyasirikul - WRE ‘92 & ‘98) 300,000
* Dr. Prasert Patramai (WRE ‘73) 1,000,000
SEAFCO Public Company Ltd.
* Mr. Yen Yi Tseng (CRD ‘73) 1,000,000
(via Mr. Narong Thasnanipan) 300,000
* Dr. John D. and Mrs. Darlene Nelson 530,047
Civil and Structural Engineers Co. Ltd.
* Mr. Shih-Yi George Chen (SEM ‘72) 400,000
(via Dr. Thumanoon Susumpow -SEC ‘90) 200,000
* Dr. Shamsuddin M. Qureshi (SEC ‘65) 168,241
Ritta Co., Ltd. 200,000
The Embassy of Pakistan, Bangkok 5 3,685
Benjamin Gideon and Associates
The Embassy of the Federal Democratic
(via Prof. Dr. Benjamin Lumantarna - SEC ‘75) 200,000
Republic of Nepal 30,000
Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public
The Royal Embassy of Cambodia 20,000
Company Limited 200,000
* Mr. Malik Muhammad Saeed Khan (TRE’70) 15,561
Italian-Thai Development Public
* Dr. Anat Arbhabhirama (WRE ‘62) 15,000
Company Limted 200,000
Dr. Ricardo P. Pama (SEC ‘64) 15,000
Daii Group Public Company
The Embassy of Malaysia 15,000
(Via Mr. Tawat Meeprasertskul – SEC’85) 195,000
The Embassy of the Lao People’s Democratic
National Information Technology Institute
Republic 15,000
(via Mr. Pramod Pradhan - CSIM ‘82) 125,200
The Embassy of the People’s Republic of B
CN Design & Consulting Services
angladesh in Thailand 15,000
(via Mr. Chartri Asavaratanaporn - GTE ‘82) 100,000
The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia 15,000
Central Pattana Plc. 100,000
The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines 15,000
Goshu Kohsan Co. Ltd 100,000
* General Dr. Boonsrang Niempradit (SEC ‘78) 10,000
Chef’s Choice Foods Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
CorPorATeS 45,951,300 (via Dr. Chusak Osonphasop - WRE ’76) 50,000
Bhagya Enterprise Co Ltd.
Siam Cement Group PCL (SCG) (via Mr. Sisira Mendis Abeysekera) 50,000
(via Mr. Chavalit Ekabut - IME ‘82) 10,000,000 Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited 50,000
T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd 10,000,000 K. Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd
PTT Public Company Limited 5,000,000 (via Mr. Witoon Samanwongthai - GTE’84) 50,000
Bangchak Petroleum PCL Sahamitr Pressure Container Public
(via Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach - IEM ‘91) 5,000,000 Company Limited 40,000
Thai Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
(via Dr. Yanyong Phataralaoha - IEM ‘86) 2,000,000 Company Limted 30,000
Intouch Holdings PCL Asian Engineering Consultants Corp., Ltd. 15,000
(via Mr. Somprasong Boonyachai - IEM ‘81) 2,000,000 Bangkok Mass Transit System Public
Thai Contractors Association Under Company Limited 15,000
H.M. The King’s Patronage 2,000,000 BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited 15,000
Nawarat Patanakarn Public Company Limited Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand 15,000
(via Mr. Sook Sueyanyongsiri - GTE ‘76) 1,100,000 IRPC Public Company Limited 15,000
Amata Corporation PCL
(via Mr. Vikrom Kromadit) 1,000,000 ForMer FACuLTy/STAFF 2,634,460
TEAM Consulting Engng & Man Co., Ltd
* Dr. Subin Pinkayan (WRD ‘61) 1,000,000
(via Mr. Chawalit Chantararat - WRE ‘81) 1,000,000
* Dr. John D. and Mrs. Darlene Nelson 530,047
CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited 1,000,000
Prof. Gajendra Singh 418,332
Computers and Structures Inc.
Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee 162,350
(via Mr. Ashraf Habibullah) 956,100
* Dr. Kanchit Malaivong (SEC ‘68 & ‘77) 100,000
South Asian Institute of Technology &
Prof. Hideki Ohta 32,320
Medicine SAITM (via Dr. Neville Fernando) 500,000
Ms. Somnuk & Mr. Ananda D.P. Dias (CSIM ‘83) 32,100
Panya Consultants Company Ltd.
Mr. Curtis Chin 29,280
(via Mr. Supachai Rakpanichamanee - WRE ‘83) 500,000
Dr. Rolf Peter Brenner 18,455
FEBRUARY 2017 23

Prof. Dr. Janos Bogardi 17,470 AITAA Malaysia Chapter 342,130

Prof. Nagen Nagarur 16,235 SEC and GTE alumni of 1985 225,000
Prof. Francis E. Kennedy 16,120 SEC class of 1985 154,000
Dr. Anil C. Wijeyewickrema (SEC ‘84) 16,067 AITAA Myanmar Chapter 126,750
* Dr. Bindu Nath Lohani (EE ‘77) 15,684 Nepalese AIT Alumni Australia 90,634
* Dr. Anat Arbhabhirama (WRE ‘62) 15,000 Vietnamese Alumni Group 54,000
* Dr. Nicanor C. Austriaco (SEC ‘65 & ‘75) & AITAA Japan Chapter 52,508
Dr. Lilia Robles-Austriaco (SEC’65) 15,000 AIT Mongolian Alumni 33,560
* Dr. Ricardo P. Pama (SEC ‘64) 15,000 2011-2014 Board of Directors, AITAA
* Dr. Singha Chiamsiri (IEM ‘74) 15,000 (Philippine Chapter), Inc. 15,000
Kiatiwongse-Escobin Family 15,000 2015-2017 Board of Directors, AITAA
* Mr. Arun Manandhar (CSIM ‘93) 15,000 (Philippine Chapter), Inc. 15,000
* Mr. Benjamin A. Gargabite (HSD’86) &
Ms. Chuliporn Tangritpranee (HSD’86) 15,000 INdIvIduAL ALuMNI 19,066,977
Prof. Åke Fäldt 15,000 * HrH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn 1,000,000
* Prof. Dennes T. Bergado (GTE ‘76) 15,000 * Dr. Subin Pinkayan (WRD ‘61) 1,000,000
* Prof. Dr. Tawatchai Tingsanchali * Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai (STE ‘73) 1,000,000
(WRE’70 & ‘75) 15,000 Dr. Chainarong Na Lamphun (WRE’80) 1,000,000
* Prof. Mario T. Tabucanon (IE ‘74 & ‘77) 15,000 * Dr. Prasert Patramai (WRE ‘73) 1,000,000
Prof. Mitsutaka Sugimoto 15,000
* Prof. Ram M. Shrestha (IEM ‘82 & ‘86) 15,000 Mrs. Frances Kasala Ahad (CSIM ‘80) 1,000,000
Prof. Shinichiro Ohgaki 15,000 Dr. Sumate Tanthuwanit (CRD ‘72) 1,000,000
AIT FACuLTy/STAFF & STudeNT 2,086,700 Mr. Charoen Jaturasil (SEC ‘86) 1,000,000
Mr. Peerawat Premchun (WRE ‘72) 1,000,000
* Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai (STE ‘73) 1,000,000 Mr. Prasert Samalapa (SEC ‘65) 1,000,000
Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto 500,000 Mr. Tan Chin Nyan (SEC ‘86) 1,000,000
Dr. Sununta Siengthai 127,500 * Mr. Yen Yi Tseng (CRD ‘73) 1,000,000
Dr. Riaz Rahman Khan 100,000 The Na Lamphun Family
* Donor Requesting Anonymous (AFE ‘91) 50,000 (Pannachet ICT’02, Pornlapas SOM’12 &
* Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul (IEM ‘76) 50,000 Rathawit SOM’15) 1,000,000
AIT Myanmar Family 17,500 Ms. Ai Lee Loh (SEC ‘81) 975,901
* Mr. Viraphan Samadi (MSE ‘98) 16,000 Ir. Kee Book Hee (EE ‘82) 567,164
Pakistan Student Association (PSA) 15,700 Mr. Somchai Jittavisutthivong (GTE ‘82) 500,000
* Dr. Gabrielle Groves Punyaratabandhu Mr. Shih-Yi George Chen (SEM ‘72) 400,000
(GDS 2011) 15,000 Mr. King-Ho Leong (GTE ‘92) 300,000
* Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe (HSD ‘91 & GDS ‘99) 15,000 Mr. Adisorn Thumaprudti (GTE ‘74) 200,000
* Dr. Surachet Pravinvongvuth (IPM 2001) 15,000 Dr. Shamsuddin M. Qureshi (SEC ‘65) 168,241
Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul 15,000 Mr. Ooi Hoow Kiong (GTE ‘78) 139,900
* Mr. Arturo Roa (WEM ‘97) & Prof. Dr. Nancy U. Lubuguin-Eleria (IEM ‘81) 116,569
Mrs. Laarni Roa (RSGIS ‘97) 15,000 * Dr. Kanchit Malaivong (SEC ‘68 & ‘77) 100,000
* Mr. Karma Rana (MOT ‘91) 15,000 Mr. Lee Thim-Loy (EE’73) 100,000
* Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe (MOT ‘93) 15,000 Mr. Vitsarut Wongchupan (ET 2003) 100,000
* Mr. Wanchai Sophonsakulrat (GTE ‘94) 15,000 Mr. Wichien Wilaingam (SEC ‘83) 100,000
Ms. Karah & Ms. Karynne Lepiten 15,000 Prof. Shabbir H. Gheewala
Ms. Pranee Kiriyanant 15,000 (ETM ‘95 & WWE 2001) 100,000
Dr. Seni (EE ‘82 & ‘89) &
* Ms. Vineeta Thapa (GDS ‘06) 15,000 Mrs. Somjai Karnchanawong (EE ‘82) 60,000
Prof. G. Louis Hornyak 15,000 * Donor Requesting Anonymous (AFE ‘91) 50,000
* Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha (NRM ‘89 & ‘99) 15,000 Dr. Srikantha & Cecilia Herath (WRE ‘83) 50,000
Mr. Kewin Morya (ET ‘98) 50,000
ALuMNI GrouPS 4,816,177 Mr. Noel Esguerra (CSIM ‘89) 50,000
Mr. Prasit (WRE ‘82) & Mrs. Niramol Ponvilai 50,000
GTE/TIE/TRE alumni & former Japanese faculties 1,033,507
Mr. Sathien Vongvichien (SCE ‘65) 50,000
AIT Alumni Association (Thailand) 1,000,000
Prof. Jae-Soo Shim (SCE ‘80) 50,000
AITAA ROC Chapter 610,000
* Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul (IEM ‘76) 50,000
KMUTT Alumni club
Dr. Thumanoon Susumpow (SEC ‘90) 45,000
(via Dr Tongchat Hongladaromp - STE ‘62) 500,000
Mr. Ebenezer David (MOT ‘93) 35,000
AITAA Korea Chapter 564,688
Dr. Rajaraman Jayakrishnan (IREM’93) 32,052
FEBRUARY 2017 24

Mr. Alok Jain (GTE’94) & * Mr. Arturo Roa (WEM ‘97) &
Mrs. Priyanka Jain (HSD 2000) 30,070 Mrs. Laarni Roa (RSGIS ‘97) 15,000
Dr. Narong Rerkshanandana (SEC ‘74 & ‘78) 30,000 * Mr. Arun Manandhar (CSIM ‘93) 15,000
Dr. Songkiat Matupayont (SEC ‘89) 30,000 Mr. Aung Myo Thaik (NRP ‘95) 15,000
Mr. Anuthep Chaovanalikit (SEC ‘82) 30,000 * Mr. Benjamin A. Gargabite (HSD’86) &
Mr. Chai Jaturapitakkul (SEC ‘87) 30,000 Ms. Chuliporn Tangritpranee (HSD’86) 15,000
Mr. Govinda (Energy ‘94 & 2001) & Mr. Choolit Vatcharasinthu (WRE ‘77) 15,000
Mrs. Indra Timilsina (CS’98) 30,000 Mr. Fang Xiangming (SOM ‘97) 15,000
Mr. Praphatsorn Khoachphoom (SCE ‘63) 30,000 Mr. Helal Morshedi (HSD ‘85) 15,000
Dr. Lokendra Poudyal (HSD ‘82 & ‘90) 29,400 Mr. Herbert Vongpusanachai (MOT ‘91) 15,000
M.A. Nadeera Rangika (CEM 2003) + Mr. Kai H.M. Tuorila (MOT ‘93) 15,000
M.A. Melinda Yasaranji (Energy 2015) 25,000 Mr. Kamal Raj Pande (GTE ‘83) 15,000
Mr. Sommai Chiayvareesajja (AFE’84) 20,000 * Mr. Karma Rana (MOT ‘91) 15,000
Mr.Vichak Phongpetra (MOT 2007) 20,000 Mr. Khin Maung Myint (MSE ‘94) 15,000
Dr. Leonard Arvi (CS ‘98) & Mrs. Marie Arvi 17,500 Mr. Marrut Manistitya (IEM ‘94) 15,000
Dr. Rasaratnam Logendran (IEM ‘80) 17,500 Mr. Miguelito Reyes (IEM ‘87) 15,000
Prof. Sushil Sushmita Acharya (CSIM’90 & ‘97) 17,500 Mr. Ngu Chi Vi David (SEC ‘87) 15,000
Prof. Tissa H. Illangasekare (WRE ‘74) 17,500 Mr. Nutthachai Prongmanee (GTE 2012) 15,000
Mr. Wirat Ongprasert (WRE’83) 17,000 Mr. Pramod Pradhan (CSIM ‘82) 15,000
Mr. Suresh Khatry (CSIM ‘88) 16,758 * Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe (MOT ‘93) 15,000
Mr. Saran Udomlekchai (SEC’83) 15,000
Mr. Abdul Ghafoor (IEM ‘82) 16,200 Mr. Sarayoot Thongyot (SCE 2000) 15,000
Mr. Syed Waqar Haider (IEM ‘76) 16,145 Mr. Sayan Imsom-Somboon (SEC ‘72) 15,000
* Dr. Anil C. Wijeyewickrema (SEC ‘84) 16,067 Mr. Somboon Chimamphant (SEC ‘78) 15,000
* Mr. Viraphan Samadi (MSE ‘98) 16,000 Mr. Somkuan Watakeekul (SEC’63) 15,000
Mr. Nguyen Le Truong (ET 2002) 15,987 Mr. Sommai Chatsanguthai (EE ‘86) 15,000
* Dr. Bindu Nath Lohani (EE ‘77) 15,684 Mr. Songkiat Techaposai (Telecom ‘92) 15,000
Prof. Dr. P.N. Ramachandran (EE ‘76) 15,682 Mr. Suebthep Thepparak (GTE ‘99) 15,000
Mr. Malik Muhammad Saeed Khan (TRE’70) 15,561 Mr. Thawee Sirichan (MOT 2005) 15,000
Dr. Indra Jworchan (GTE ‘86 & ‘95) 15,250 Mr. Thet Tun Oo (TC ‘98) 15,000
Dr. Ampai Pornprasertsakul (IEM ‘81 & CSIM ‘94) 15,000 Mr. Tossaporn Supomai (EPP 2002) 15,000
* Dr. Anat Arbhabhirama (WRE ‘62) 15,000 * Mr. Wanchai Sophonsakulrat (GTE ‘94) 15,000
Dr. Chatchai Jothityangkoon (WRE ‘91) 15,000 Mr. Wen-Chung Liao (IEM ‘80) 15,000
* Dr. Gabrielle Groves Punyaratabandhu Mr. Witoon Samanwongthai (GTE’84) 15,000
(GDS 2011) 15,000 Mrs. Naraumol Manistitya (MOT ‘95) 15,000
Dr. Kanok Boriboonsomsin (IPM 2001) 15,000 Ms Jintana Jutangkul (HSD ‘94) 15,000
Dr. Kunchalee Luechapattanaporn (AFE 2001) 15,000 Ms. Proudponn Sumetha-Aksorn (FEBT 2013)
* Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe (HSD ‘91 & GDS ‘99) 15,000 & Family 15,000
Dr. Lee Jin (WRE’85) 15,000 Ms. Tan Juat Ngoh (SEC ‘88) 15,000
Dr. Michita Champathes Rodsutti (IB 2002) 15,000 * Ms. Vineeta Thapa (GDS ‘06) 15,000
* Dr. Nicanor C. Austriaco (SEC ‘65 & ‘75) & * Prof. Dennes T. Bergado (GTE ‘76) 15,000
Dr. Lilia Robles-Austriaco (SEC’65) 15,000 * Prof. Dr. Tawatchai Tingsanchali (WRE’70 & ‘75) 15,000
Dr. Oei Fuk Jin (CEM ‘07 & ‘95) 15,000 Prof. Jian Ma (CSIM ‘91) 15,000
Dr. Polboon Nuntamanop (IB 2013) 15,000 * Prof. Mario T. Tabucanon (IE ‘74 & ‘77) 15,000
Dr. Prasarn Trairatvorakul (IEM ‘76) 15,000 * Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha (NRM ‘89 & ‘99) 15,000
* Dr. Ricardo P. Pama (SEC ‘64) 15,000 * Prof. Ram M. Shrestha (IEM ‘82 & ‘86) 15,000
Prof. Xavier Fernando (Telecom ‘94) 15,000
Dr. Shahadat H. Chowdhury (WRE ‘89) 15,000 Mr. Edmar Esmero Rosales (SEC ‘88) 14,600
* Dr. Singha Chiamsiri (IEM ‘74) 15,000 General Dr. Boonsrang Niempradit (SEC ‘78) 10,000
Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon (EEM 2012) 15,000
Dr. Supachart Iamratanakul (SOM 2014) 15,000 AIT FrIeNdS 80,000
* Dr. Surachet Pravinvongvuth (IPM 2001) 15,000
Mr. Chalin and Mrs. Sutheera Tantitamtaworn 50,000
Dr. Surendra Shrestha (CSIM ‘80) 15,000
Ms. Monica Ibanez-Jalbuna &
Dr. Sutti (SOM 2014) - Salil Sooampon 15,000
Mr. Arnulfo Lacena-Anceno 15,000
Dr. Tana Chanyatipsakul (DBA 2013) 15,000
Mr. & Mrs. Jaime A. Compendio 15,000
Mr. Anil Sravat (IB ‘96) &
Mrs. Namita Sravat (UDP&EM ‘97) 15,000 oTHer doNATIoNS LeSS THAN
Mr. Apiphan Naewphanassawa (TRE 2000) 15,000 15,000 bAHT 7,036,703
FEBRUARY 2017 25

International Advisory Piyal D. Hennayake Library Modernization Library Modernization

Committee Pradap Pibulsonggram. Steering Committee Committee
Alastair M North Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai Agus A. Harianto
(Chair) Bajinder Pal Singh
Ram M. Shrestha
Angus Stuart Izel Ann M Dante Chalita Lertwinyu
Ranjith Premalal De Silva
Apichart Anukularmphai Jonathan L Shaw Chotiros Mongkolchotirat
Robert J. Kay
Chainarong Na Lamphun Kanchana Kanchanasut Lucena Dante Talaid
Roger Downer
Chaovalit Ekabut Karma Rana Maneerat Kampipop
Rukhsana Rahooja
Francis J. Devadason Kazuo Yamamoto Manukid Parnichkun
S.M. Imamul Huq
Gajendra Singh Nitin K Tripathi Mokbul M. Ahmad
Sharif Uddin
Hideki Ohta Rajendra P Shrestha Mukand S.Babel
Shigeo Fuji
Hiroki Yamaguchi Shawn P Kelly Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh
Shinichiro Ohgaki
Hwa-Wei Lee Sivanappan Kumar Pakkamol Dherapongsthada
Shunji Murai
Jaruwan Ruangswadipong Voratas Kachitvichyanukul Pranee Kiriyanant
Soe Myint
Joseph Paul Sianghio Izel Ann M Dante Punchet Thammarak
Somkuan Watakeekul
Karl E. Weber Suman P. Sharma Sanjeev Jayasinghe
Karma Jimba Sumate Tanthuwanit Sitahng Puttha
Kiran Dongol Sunimal B. Weerasooriya Syed M. Husain Bokhari
Le Thanh Quyen Thao Sokmuny Teerachart Jatninlapant
M. Kamal Uddin Wachchi P. Ranjith Thanisa Choombala
Madhav P. Ghimire Weirong Willie Li Thitima Olarikabutr
Mamoru Shibayama Yanyong Phataralaoha Viraphan Samadi
Nguyen Ngoc Tuyen Yoshimasa Watanabe Wanchai Sophonsakulrat
Paul Nugraha Yuba Raj Bhusal Wannapa Pliansri
Pit Teong (Pote) Lee Zachieh Moh Weerakorn Ongsakul
FEBRUARY 2017 26

Founder Director of AIT Library honored with Melvil Dewey Medal

The founder director of the Melvil Dewey was
AIT Library and Regional actively interested:
Information Center, Dr. Hwa- library management,
Wei Lee, has been honored with library training,
the Melvil Dewey Medal by the cataloging and
American Library Association classification,
(ALA). The award was presented and the tools and
at the ALA Annual Conference techniques of
librarianship,” ALA
said. Named after
“Dr. Lee’s many achievements during a long and distinguished
Melvil Dewey, the founder of the Dewey
career were well described by one nominator as ‘inspirational,
transformative, innovative, and enduring,’” said Winston Tabb, chair
member of the ALA, the annual award
of the Dewey Medal jury. “This annual award consisting of a bronzed
is presented by ALA, and sponsored by
medal and a 24k gold-framed citation of achievement for recent
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).

Plaque of Appreciation

The AIT library is open all
seven days

from 08:00-22:30 hours.

AIT Library Modernization


AIT Library