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A very good morning to all. I am Pathmanaban.

I am going to
tell you a story about the boy who lied to the farmers.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who rear sheep. He is

very naughty and lazy. One day. He shouted “Help! Help!
There is a tiger!

The farmers ran after him to help. The boy laughed “ha ha
ha” and said “ I lied to you!” . The farmers were angry.

The next day, the boy played the trick again. The farmer
came to help but was tricked by the boy once more.

One evening while the boy was taking care of his sheep, a
tiger suddenly appeared in front of him.

The tiger attacked the sheep. He shouted for help again

but the farmers didn’t come to help. The boy was very
frightened and run away from the field.

The moral of the story is we cannot lie to anyone.