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summer and the weight of trout

Galway & Mayo, Ireland 2009-2012

Some of these poems previously appeared in: In Between Altered States; Guerilla
Pamphlets; Blue and Yellow Dog; Ditch Poetry; Pigeon Bike; Phantom Kangaroo; and

Front cover: William S. Burroughs - Blue Eyed Lemur.

red water

all dennis wanted to do was eat burritos but he was stuck watching the livestock by the
time he got to the field they were madly walking in circles bellowing by mid-afternoon their
urine had turned red and purple last year the hills around his farm had been transformed
into translucent triangles and polyhedrons he wondered if this could be the cause of his
animalʼs illness

lough conn

that summer aoife and I spent most of our time smoking cigarettes on the north pier of
lough conn i would continuously catch her nose between my fingers and throw it in the
cold black boggy waters deep below aquatic pookas would collect them and make
majestic mandalas for the peasants on the south shore

sound line horizon

- not light
mere vibration

eur khen far yhu
iv neh neh khen
es khen yuh khen
es khen es khen
ohn es ohn eur
ah ah ah ah ur eur
iv ah uh eur ur
un un un uhn
eur khen far yhu
yhu khen yhu es

catfish animism
" " " " "
" " " " " " " n tfing
+ mre
" " + r "" " " " geez louise
" = thn vlgr

i dnt fnk " " " " " " sty "
" bnk wll prc8" " " " sfe *
plnsv" " " " " " " " " " sd
" ctfsh anmsm
" " " " " " " " " " " pp
i nd m8yp mscrh " " " " " " " *
ind qff" " " " " " " " " *
hewlsng " " " " " " *
frme" " " " " " " " *
" " " " " " " " " *

iur ther idir mir the atir
iur ther edar mer id etar

adrian in a car park

" jelly n imbus -
j uicy ◊ green
w i t h gelatinous

h earty z en la u g h t er
s t reet s of h ea dford

cosmic chunks" " " gently..........


and she said old style cola; not pepsi or coke. no one wanted to invite irene; she
constantly talked about alaskan pipelines and other inappropriate things. my mouth was
dry longing for root beer. adrian longed for seaweed and irene. by this stage he only left
the house to buy phone credit, to text her, and pork products, to eat. only time he didnʼt
need phone credit was when brendan loaned him a mac. only time he didnʼt need pork
products was when dennis loaned him a horse. chet reminded me of juniper. four wheeled
drive almost abandoned. rangu teenager, with wellingtons, seeks entry. doesnʼt notice the
trailer. with lack of access decides to enter shop instead. flies are starting to gain an
advantage, again. all adrian complains about is gaa. chains are temporary solution to
much bigger problems. not willing to wear a witty remark on my t-shirt; instead will wear
slogans that express strange love for c&w, jesus and fat broads with died fire red hair.
these matters john likes to remark on my status as a friend of israel. can they not wear
something other than sports wear? longing for root beer. quietly wishing they would
mistake my freckles for either: quails, isosceles triangles or stars. thinking they would all
pile into the red van. presuming that their yellow tree air freshener smelled of pineapple or
lemon. of green? apple or pine. thinking the blue was new car smell. red was fish-finger.
john put breadcrumbs in his eyebrows and climbed up the railway embankment. adrian
stayed at home watching walken in a bond movie. brendan mowed lawns. and of dennis?
oh, he got me a root beer from the novelty sweet shop across the road from the german
food joint. it was all innocent fun. fun that is until adrian invited irene and her strange
comments concerning alabama mud flaps.

sh sh sh sh sh ttttttttttttttt
sh sh sh sh sh t t t t t t ttttttttt
pt pt pt pt pt pt whuwh ptptptpt
t t t t t chu ch tttttttttt

the christmas tower

since the power plant had been flattened the people of belmullet had become sick of their
bleak atlantic landscape a town meeting was called and they decided something had to be
constructed in the town centre local bar men started the construction of a beer mat tower
but once it got pass three meters high the wind toppled it a local hippy lady tried to erect a
gigantic statue of kim kardashian made from shells and lentils but once it went past four
meters high a giant octopus stretched its tentacles into town and tore it down paddy hot
shot the local million air who earned all his money in chicago stealing quarters from rent
boys set to work on a radio tower so he could listen to russian radio dramas he died three
years into the project but the tower was finally completed by the local veterinarian on
christmas eve 1979

The trout wrapped in newspaper. River and newspaper ink. One could follow its journey
with a nose. The tall privets that engulf Mrs Rileyʼs cauldron of doom. Melodramatic
nostalgia. Trick or treat. She gave us fifty pence and a: donʼt come here again. The rose
bud snagged my winter jacket and I cut myself whilst releasing its grip. The traffic light
gave chase and cheese.

Madoc looking for his boy-life in the Americas

Their red faces turned ashen as Madocʼs corpse rose from the muddy bank. His coracle
was shattered on a near by rock and his supply of sherbet dib-dabs  and Beano comics
had been washed away. He muttered something and then noticed the shocked Mandan
staring at him. He greeted them in the most formal middle Welsh he could muster. But, to
the Mandan, his exhausted unintelligible utterances made Madoc seem even more like the
undead. Unfortunately for Madoc the Mandan had a policy for dealing with the undead. It
involved beating them with sticks.

telephones ringing -
triangles weave
through the dunes

After that Angus and his vision told her name-land that Bob went with the grandfather. ʻItʼs
a pity we canʼt sail boats through a young man. ʻWhat you should do is go to the girlʼs form
and appear in her territoryʼ, said Bob. People returned to their own and those of her father
visited the dead to get her. The dead told her news of Ashley and Michelle. For the girl is
just as Angus had.