The Philippines

7,107 Islands total land area 300,000 square kilometers (115,830 sq. miles) 15,854,922 hectares or 53 percent of the country's total land area were forestlands while the remaining 14,145,078 hectares or 47 percent were alienable and disposable lands as of December 2000. Luzon (7 regions, 38 provinces), Visayas (3 regions, 16 provinces), and Mindanao (6 regions, 25 provinces).

World's 17th Largest Island Luzon, with a total land area of 104,688 square kilometers is the world's 17th largest island (excluding continental masses of lands). Listed as the 19th largest island is Mindanao, with a land area of 94,631 square kilometers. The world's largest islands are Greenland (a Danish territory), with a total land area of 2.18 million square kilometers; New Guinea, 820,033 square kilometers; and Borneo, 743,107 square kilometers. 267,000 Square Kilometers of Coastal Waters The coastal zones of the Philippines are composed of 11,000 square kilometers of land and 267,000 square kilometers of coastal waters. 41,960 Barangays The National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) reported that as of December 2001, the Philippines had 16 regions, 79 provinces, 114 cities, 1,496 municipalities and 41,960 barangays or villages. The newest province was Zamboanga Sibugay in western Mindanao while the newest city was Gapan in Nueva Ecija province. The most populated province as this was being written remained Cebu, with over 3 million residents while the least populated was Batanes, with less than 20,000 inhabitants. The largest province in terms of land area was Palawan, with 14,896 square kilometers while the smallest province was Batanes, with 209 square kilometers.

200 Volcanoes There are 200 volcanoes in the Philippines, 22 of them are said to be active. The archipelago also sits on the Philippine fault zone, a 1,300-kilometer active left-lateral strike-fault from Luzon to Mindanao. This is why earthquakes occur in the country. Nearly Perfect Cone
Mayon Volcano in Albay province has the distinction of having a nearly perfect cone. Towering at a height of 2,462 meters above the sea level, Mount Mayon overlooks Legaspi City. Its name, derived from the Bicolano term Magayon, means beautiful and is associated with a folk legend. The volcano has a base circumference of 62.8 kilometers. Geologists claimed that the stratovolcano developed its cone shape from a pile around the vent of volcanic materials composed of lava, rock and ash. Its first eruption was recorded in 1616, and there were at least 47 more eruptions since then, the last one in February, 2000. In 1911, its eruption killed 1,300 people and buried the town of Cagsawa.

20 Typhoons Each Year Situated between latitude 21°25'N and 4°23'N and longitude 116°E and 127°E, the Philippines is a tropical country with an average year-round temperature of 27°C (82°F). The Philippine time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus eight hours. According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), about 20 typhoons visit the Philippines between June and October each year. In 1993, the Philippines had 32 typhoons, the highest in many years. 500 Dialects According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), there are 78 language groupings and over 500 dialects in the Philippines.

More Single Men Than Single Women In the 2000 population census. Half of Women Use Contraceptives NSO 49. 38 %15 years old below 28% 15 to 24 age bracket. around 76 percent of the 2. aged 15 to 49 years old.5 Million Filipinos (NSO) 88. 14th most populous country in the world In 1799.502.5 2007. Population To Double in 30 Years (NSO) 36 Million Voters Half A Million More Men Women Live Longer Life expectancy is estimated at 69.2 years for Filipino women and 64. .2 million by the end of 2010.9 years for Filipino men.8 percent of married Filipino women. was using contraceptives. to grow by 1. Spanish historians said there were only 1.92. the National Statistics Office (NSO) said that nearly 53 percent of the 25 million single people in the Philippines were males while only 47 percent were females. However.574 people living in the Philippines.6 million or over 2 percent annually to 93.6 million widowed persons were females and only 24 percent were males.

563 people died because of accidents. 49.962 people died of heart diseases while 28.808 Marriages According to the NSO.400 people died while 1.653. the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) 28. 32. Mexico. 339.808 Filipino couples were married in 1997 alone.563 Died of Accidents The Department of Health (DoH) reported that in 1997.236 babies were born in the country. 562.000 Evangelical Churches 8% protestant 562. In the same year. Brazil. 430 Annulment Suits Every Week As of 2009.Happiest People in Asia World's 5th Largest Christian Population United States. . and China.

104 million in transportation. 114.000 in personal services. hunting and forestry.2 million people aged 15 years old and above. 2. retail and repair. 2.904 million in manufacturing.7 Million Salary Earners 11. including 69 chief superintendents (one-star general).000 in mining and quarrying.000 in hospitals and social institutions. 913.339 million in household services 14. 35. 3 police deputy director-generals (three-star).000 in electricity.000 in real estate. 5. 136. the Philippine National Police had an authorized strength of 113. 355. and 1. storage and communication. 552.000 Bankers Some 1.743 Policemen As of 2002. 680. 301. and 1. 290.2 Million Jobs Of the 50. 301.9 percent belong to the labor force.743 members.052 million or 69.000 IT Professionals 113. 4.77 in wholesale.000 in education.30.000 in banks and financial institutions.788 million were employed in agriculture. 1. 9.67 million in construction. 1. 11 police directors (two-star).096 million unpaid family workers. 877.2 Million Fishermen In particular. gas and water sector. renting and business activities.379 million others were self-employed.237 million in fishing.445 million Filipinos were employed in government.000 in hotels and restaurants. . and 1 police director-general (four-star).

12.000 New College Graduates 2 Million College Students As of 1998.or three-year technical or vocational courses were not included in the counting.330. 440. and 166. Some 5.4 million students were enrolled in high schools.293 in Education.827 elementary school teachers and 109. Koreans and Taiwanese.289 in private schools. 4.8 million of them in public schools and only 927.067.681 students who were enrolled in Business and related courses. 2. These included 620.226 in Engineering.329 in Mathematics and Computer Science.2 million of them in public schools and 1.323 Foreign Students Most of these foreign students were Americans.2 million in private schools.965 students were enrolled in Philippine colleges and universities. 11. there were 331. Students who were enrolled in two.000 Teachers As of 2001. 299.845 high school teachers. 316.7 Million Elementary School Students As of 2001. . 2.

3B U.8 Million Filipinos Abroad 3 million of them in the United States. Remittances $7. US$17.000 Teachers as Household Helps 330.424 Seafarers .2 Million Passports Annually 1.070 ofw new hire 2009 18. $18.000 Household Maids in Hong Kong 2009 new hire 32.7B 2010 171.000 Nurses in the UK 175.479.S.3B 2009.000 Entertainers in Japan 100.000 Tourists to the US 3 Million Filipino Immigrants 19 Percent of Filipinos Want to Migrate 1.

107 islands. namely: on the east by Pacific Ocean. the Philippines lies between two great bodies of water. With 7. also has one of the longest combined coastlines in the planet. The total length of the country's coastlines is 36.289 kilometers or almost twice that of the United States. one of the world's largest archipelagos. the world's second largest sea after Caribbean Sea. the world's largest ocean and on the west by South China Sea. It is said to be the third country with the longest combined coastlines. .Philippine Natural Wonders Third Longest Coastline The Philippines. after Canada and Indonesia.

otherwise known as the "stairways to the sky" is about 13.500 miles long. The Ifugaos carved the terraces from the rocky mountain of Banaue. or about half the globe's circumference and ten times the length of the Great Wall of China. about 4. . hundreds of years ago.000 feet above the sea level.Eighth Wonder of the World The Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao province has been dubbed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". The total outline of this architectural wonder.

which used to be much larger. These ridges now serve as the border of the 18-mile-diameter Taal Lake and stretch 32 kilometers from Mount Batulao to Mount Sungay. collapsed. It is described as "a crater within an island within a lake" because it stands as an island at Taal Lake. which overlooks the lake. . a 406-meter-high crater. Taal Volcano has erupted over 20 times since 1572. are believed to be part of the crater of the old volcano. Also considered as one of the world's most active volcanoes. The lake was formed after the volcano.World's Smallest Volcano Taal Volcano. The ridges around Tagaytay City. is said to be the world's smallest volcano.

and native owl.Largest Natural Park The Sierra Madre national park in northern Luzon is the country's largest natural park. . cloud rat (Ratus mindorensis). kalaw (Philippine hornbill). The 359.000-hectare park is the home of endangered species such as pawikan (Chelonia mytas). Philippine brown dear (Cervus marianus). Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi). bayakan or giant bat. wild boar (Sus philippinesis). bukarot (Philippine crocodile). flame-breasted fruit dove.

. dolphins and jackfish.200 hectares and contains what is believed to be the world's largest grouping of marine life. The marine park covers 33. Scientists claimed that more than 300 coral species. the United Nations Educational. per unit area. sea turtles. Among the species identified in the area were manta rays. Derived from two Samal words meaning.Richest Marine Park The Tubbataha Reefs in Sulu Sea is considered as the world's richest bio-geographic area. In 1993. sharks. tuna. and at least 40 families and 379 species of fish were recorded in the area. Tubbataha was declared as the country's first national marine park in 1988. "long reef exposed at a low tide". Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) listed Tubbataha Reefs as a world heritage site.

sailing. Its tranquil crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming. The island lies at the northwest tip of Panay. The island also affords visitor a magnificent view of sapphire seas and golden sunsets. .Finest Beach Resort Widely known as one of the world's finest beach resorts. in the west Visayas region. off the Sibuyan Sea. fishing and sunbathing. Boracay Island has unsullied fine talcum powder-sand beaches.

boasts of white-sand beaches and surfing waves comparable to that of Hawaii. American surf photographer John Callahan discovered the remarkable waves of the island in 1993. Siargao's Cloud Nine break is said to be among the best in the world. He came back from his trip armed with stories about the lovely sun-drenched island and documented his find with beautiful photographs. points and white beaches.Siargao Island Siargao Island. The island is a mass of tropical land with scores of reefs. . lying east of Surigao del Norte province.

this title is being disputed in Vietnam where an underground river known as Son Trach River reportedly extends 7 miles in length. Paul total length would reach 15 kilometers.2 kilometers in length (5 miles). . Paul's underground river is said to be the world's longest underground river. Filipino explorers. Paul Subterranean River stretches 8. however.Longest Cave in the Philippines and World's Longest Underground River Palawan's St. The navigable part of the river inside the cave of the 4000-acre St. However. St. claimed that once fully measured.

It bisects the Cagayan Valley from north to south. with a total length of 353 kilometers. Cagayan River sources its water from smaller rivers and streams in the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre. and Balete Pass. Also considered as the mightiest watercourse. . This river meets the South China Sea in an impressive expanse known as Aparri Delta. Cordillera. Caraballo.Longest River Cagayan River or Rio Grande de Cagayan. is the longest and widest river in the Philippines.

Apo means "grandfather of all mountains". geysers.Highest Mountain Towering at a height of 2. sulfur pillars.954 meters (9. lakes. Located 25 kilometers south of Davao City. Its peak can be reached on a four-day hiking trip.692 feets). . Mount Apo is the highest peak in the country. falconet and mynah. It is home to a number of endemic animals such as the Philippine eagle. the mountain which forms part of the Mount Apo National Park is blessed with hot springs. rivers and waterfalls.

. Davao Oriental province. a two-tiered fall. Limunsudan Falls. Its lower cascade alone measures 400 feet. higher than the entire height of Maria Cristiana Falls. 54 kilometers from Iligan City.Highest Waterfalls The highest waterfall in the country is the 388-meter-high Aliwagwag Falls. has a combined height of 870 feet. The cascade has 13 rapids and looks like a stairway with 84 steps of varying heights. in Cateel town. The second highest waterfall is located in Barangay Rogongon.

a secluded group of islands west off Palawan province. .Towering Cliffs The towering limestone cliffs of El Nido that rise magnificently from the crystal clear waters of South China Sea amidst verdant backdrop are among the most astonishing pictures one can see in the Philippines. El Nido. is also known as a sanctuary of endangered birds and marine animals.

which is located on a hill surrounded by a stone wall. the Nuestra Se? dela Asuncion in Santa Maria. which was built as early as 1587. . Ilocos Sur. Ilocos Norte. Iloilo. and the Church of San Agustin in Paoay.The four Catholic churches also included in the list of world heritage sites are the Santo Tomas de Villanueva Church in Miag-ao. which the Agustinians built as a fortress-church in Baroque-Romanesque style on a hill in 1786. the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Manila. which was made of coral stone and was adorned like an Asian temple.

418 of the country's 52.000 species of flora. The Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Priority-setting Program (PBCPP) described these 165 endemic mammal species as endangered or critically endangered .Only in the Philippines The Philippines is considered as a mega diversity country and a global biodiversity hotspot.177 species were listed as threatened. In the 2000 Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). a third of which is said to be endemic to the country. It hosts 165 species of mammals. The country is home to about 9. 121 of which can be found only in this part of the world.

Albert Herre identified 2. About 500 of the 800 known coral reef species in the world are found in Philippine waters. It is said that less than 14 of the 114 total species of snakes in the country are poisonous. Several species of frogs and other reptiles remain to be documented. . several species were believed to have vanished without being studied. About 352 species of butterflies are endemic to the Philippines.There are also 332 species of reptiles and amphibians living in the country. dolphins and whale sharks have also been visiting Philippine waters near the islands. allowing sightings by both marine scientists and commercial fishermen. In 1953. 215 of them endemic to the archipelago. Whales. The country also has the highest concentration of birds and butterflies in the world. These included 330 species of endemic freshwater fish. Unfortunately.117 species of fish in Philippine waters. There are some 86 species of birds and 895 species of butterflies in the country.

With an estimated population of 100 to 300 today. which. Mindoro imperial pigeon. Palawan peacock pheasant. the endangered Philippine eagle is one of the largest in the world. Along with the Philippine cockatoo. Samar. if not protected. With scientific name Pithecophaga jefferyi. the Philippine eagle is in danger of extinction. Leyte and Mindanao. . It is one of the 400 exotic bird species in the Philippines. the Philippine Eagle might follow the Cebu flowerpecker which is now presumed extinct.One of the World's Largest Eagles Also known as the monkey-eating eagle. would disappear from the face of the Earth. Sulu hornbill and Cebu black shama. the Philippine eagle lives in the rainforests of Isabela.

Flying Lemur One of the most distinct creatures on Earth lives in the Philippines. . it moves around at night. It doesn't have wings but it can glide across 100 meters of space in a single leap. Its head resembles that of a dog while its body has similarities with the flying squirrel of Canada. Like the lemurs of Asia.

. these two species of giant fruit bats have roamed around the 10. This bat measures about four centimeters (1 1/2 inches) in length and has a wingspan of 15 cm. which is considered the biggest roosting site of bats in the world.000 known species in the world. The three-layered virgin forest of Subic Bay and Bataan is home to the world's largest bats: the giant flying fox (Acerodon jubatus) and the golden crown flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus). The smallest bat in the world is the Philippine bamboo bat (vespertilionid). Over the years.Largest and Smallest Bats The Philippines has at least 56 species of bats. it weighs 1. Approximately.000-hectare Subic Forest National Protected Area.5 grams (1/20 ounce). which belongs to the vespertilionid family. It is home to the smallest and the largest bats among the 1.

It is the Philippine spotted deer (Cervus alfredi).the Philippine mouse deer. this ruminant stands only about 40 centimeters at the shoulder level. lies the Balabac Island.World's Smallest Hoofed Mammal South of Palawan. Most Endangered Deer One of the world's rarest mammals lives in the dwindling forest of Panay Island. . home of the world's smallest hoofed mammal . considered by many as the most endangered deer in the planet. Locally known as Pilandok (Tragalus nigricans).

the Tamaraw population went down to 369 heads in the late 1980's. Today.000 heads of these unique pygmy water buffalos were roaming around the island-province of Mindoro in the 1900s. reports say there are as few as 20 heads roaming in the wild. From 10. About 10. . But that was a century ago.000 heads in the 1900's.Largest Endangered Animal People used to call Mindoro as the "Land of the Tamaraws".

Considered as the world's smallest primate. it measures only about twelve centimeters in length. . Its two big eyes cannot move and do not have a tapetum . the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) is different from other animals. Because of this. the Philippine tarsier has learned to turn its head 180 degrees. It has also two grooming claws on each foot and an almost bald tail extending about nine inches.World's Smallest Monkey In many respects.the upper protective tissue.

with population in the forests of Palawan. Known in Southeast Asia as binturong. . Borneo. Burma and Vietnam. the bearcat is a species of its own. It belongs to the family of Viverridae (civets).Neither A Bear Nor A Cat Palawan bearcat is neither a bear nor a cat.

They are known for mimicking human voices. 185 species are endemic to the country.29 kilogram. One of the most endangered species is the exotic Kalangay or the Philippine cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia). Some cockatoos can live up to 50 years. which belongs to Psittacidae or the family of parrots. . The Bird Life International listed 116 of them as "threatened" or "near-threatened".Endangered Cockatoos The Philippines is home to some of the world's most exotic birds. Most of them measure 33 centimeters in length and weigh 0. Of this number. Scientists have documented 577 bird species around the Philippine archipelago.

serves as a sanctuary to a group of 40 whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). They travel across the oceans but nowhere else have they been sighted in a larger group than in the waters of Sorsogon. which means that the females produce live offspring from eggs hatched in the uterus. In 1996. They measure between 18 to 35 feet in length and weigh about 20 tons. which are considered as the largest fish in the world.World's Largest Fish Donsol. a marine biologist discovered that whale sharks are ovoviviparous. Locally known as "butanding". whale sharks visit the waters of Donsol from November to May. . a fishing town in Sorsogon province.

The Philippines is also the home of sinarapan. only slightly longer than the dwarf goby. Today. The dwarf goby (Pandaka pygmaea) measures 1.World's Smallest Fish The world's smallest freshwater fish is found in the Philippines. scientifically known as Mistichthys luzonensis. Sinarapan grows to an average length of 1. is a goby found only in Lakes Bato and Buhi in Camarines Sur province. Sinarapan. the world's smallest commercial fish.2 centimeters or less than half of an inch. the tiniest known vertebrate. unabated fishing in the two lakes threatens the population of sinarapan.25 centimeters. . American Ichthyologist Albert Herre first discovered it in Malabon River in 1925.

an ordinary dugong grows up to three meters in length and weighs 400 kilograms. Whether dugong's appetite has something to do with its long life remains to be verified.Herbivorous Marine Mammal Dugongs or sea cows. are often sighted in Philippine waters. the only herbivorous marine mammals. particularly near Palawan province and southern Mindanao. It feeds on sea grass so it always reaches for the bottom of the sea. . The Philippine government has banned the commercial exploitation of dugong since 1991. It is said that a dugong can live more than 70 years. According to marine scientists.

which is a part of the Coral Triangle . live in the Coral Triangle. probably the most peculiar creatures in the water. Most seahorse species. Seahorses are small saltwater fish belonging to the Syngnathidae family (order Gasterosteiformes).a region in the Pacific Ocean. They inhabit temperate and tropical waters but most of them are concentrated in the warm coastal waters of the Philippines.Exotic Seahorses More than 500 of the world's 700 coral species are found under the waters of the Philippines. There are at least 50 known seahorse species in the world. . which also includes pipefish and sea dragons.

World's Largest Pearl A Filipino diver discovered what is now described as the world's largest pearl in a giant Tridacna (mollusk) under the Palawan Sea in 1934. can be found under Philippine waters. It is believed to be 600 years old.Largest and Smallest Shells Both Tridacna gigas. and Pisidum. . Known as the "Pearl of Lao-Tzu". one of the world's largest shells. As of May 1984. the world's tiniest shell. it was valued at US$42 million. Tridacna gigas grows as large as one meter in length and weighs 600 pounds while Pisidum is less than 1 millimeter long. the gem weighs 14 pounds and measures 9 ½ inches long and 5 ½ inches in diameter. A shell called glory of the sea (Connus gloriamaris) is also found in the Philippines and considered as one of the most expensive shells in the world.

they found the body of a horse in seven pieces. . which can be found in the Philippines and other Asian countries. An adult saltwater crocodile measures between six to seven meters (20-23 feet) and weighs about two to three tons. it is different from Mindoro's freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis). is considered as the world's largest reptile. There were tales that a 27-foot saltwater crocodile was killed near Lake Taal in Batangas in 1823. When the men cut the crocodile's body open. It was believed to be 200 years old. It reportedly took 40 men to bring the body ashore. Scientifically known as Crocodylus porosus.World's Largest Reptile The saltwater crocodile. which is a relatively smaller species. The largest crocodile ever sighted was a 33-footer in Borneo in 1920.

An ideal model for resort and development.Tourist Spots in Philippines Samal Island Samal Island offers unending fascination with its white-sand beaches.It is an archipelago of nine islands located in the Davao Gulf about 700 meters south of Davao City. Samal Island provides a fabulous site for sunrise and sunset. coral reefs. rolling hills and rock formations. . thick mangroves.

Bohol's Springs and Beaches Bohol is one of the loveliest islands in southern Philippines. Many highways snake along sparkling beaches or leafy rivers where one can stop at any point and jump in. . It is situated at the heart of Visayas and with coastline skimmed by gentle coves and white-sand beaches.

Palawan is a sanctuary to an amazing variety of exotic flora and fauna that are found nowhere else.The Beaches of Palawan The exotic beauty of Palawan remains undefiled. the only national marine park that made it to the World Heritage List and whose grandeur is comparable to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. . Branded as the country's last frontier. Palawan is also home to Tubbataha Reef.

the largest town in the Sarangani province. boasts of world-class beach resorts and rich fishing grounds. The terrain of Glan is characterized by flatlands. . Sarangani Glan. rolling hills and mountains. Most land areas have been converted to agriculture and fishponds.The Beaches of Glan.

Just two-and-a-half hour drive north from Manila. Subic offers a full view of the blue mountain and sea and of the green background of a three-layered virgin forest. . the former US naval base in the Philippines.Subic Bay Subic. is now a hub for commerce and tourism.

a resort village in Mabini.Anilao Anilao. Batangas is considered the summer mecca of diving fanatics. . plus the services of training clubs that provide courses on diving. The resort offers accommodations and diving facilities.

it is endowed with coves. fine sandy beaches and shallow coral reefs ideal for snorkeling.Puerto Galera Puerto Galera (which means Galleon Port) is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Philippines. . A marine reserve.

where the lodging accommodations and restaurants are situated. Among the best tourist destinations is the Hundred Islands which can be reached from the Pangasinan town of Alaminos.Hundred Islands Northern Philippines boasts of white-sand beaches in Pangasinan and Ilocandia. .

. Aside from its beaches. The island lies off the north coast of Mindanao. known for its lanzones festival. offers white-sand beaches.Camiguin Island Camiguin Island. Camiguin boasts of spring resorts and waterfalls. spring resorts and magnificent caves untouched by industrial development.

300-hectare nature reserve. Here. verdant hills and forests. which nestles within a 3. though). and fine sand beaches. houses two entities: the Puerto Azul Beach Hotel and the Puerto Azul Beach and Country Club. The resort complex. one can imagine one's self in the Biblical Garden of Eden (a little bit in the modern era. blue sea. It is now a popular venue for many prestigious championship tournaments. a tourists' paradise in the outskirts of Ternate town in Cavite. . boasts of flowery bushes.Puerto Azul Situated on the southern entrance to Manila Bay and opposite Corregidor Island is Puerto Azul. a beach resort that offers a breathtaking sight with all its elegance and mystique. The club manages a world-class golf course designed by Gary Player and Ron Kirby and completed in 1978. Puerto Azul.

Sagada's natives believe that these caves lead to the center of the Earth. . Among its attractions are towering limestone cliffs. A pastoral upland valley. Calvary Hill. Bukong Falls and Alipine Lake Banao. Other sites to visit in Sagada are the Kitongan bottomless pit and underground river.Sagada This Mountain Province town. boasts of its cool weather and spectacular sceneries. situated west of Bontoc. Some of Sagada's caves remain unconquered. Sagada provides an endless expanse of mountain ranges which are clothed by fogs in the early morning. Because of their length and depth. subterranean caves and unexplored forests. Sagada has accommodation facilities and can be reached by public buses from Banaue in Ifugao province or from Baguio City.

land of volcanoes Capiz .town of mat festival Batanes .tapayan capital Baclayon's capital in 17621763 Baguio City . Palawan .city of smiles Bacolor. Laguna . northernmost province Bataan .known for Chinatown district Bocaue.oldest province of Philippine mouse deer Baliuag. Bulacan . Arts Capital Antipolo City . Samar .picnic area Apalit.Titles of Philippine Places ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Aklan .headquarters of the Malolos Congress's finest beach resort Bulacan .oldest stone church Bacolod City .island fortress. the rock .rice bowl Corregidor Island .premiere city in the south Central Luzon . Rizal .pineapple country Calamba. Pampanga . Pampanga .land of heroes and beautiful women Bukidnon .stairways to the sky Barasoain Church .animal sanctuary Camiguin .birthplace of Jose Rizal Calamian Islands .last stronghold during Japanese occupation ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Binondo .summer capital Balabac Island.firecrackers' capital Bohol .smallest province.seafood capital Catanduanes .town of artists. Bulacan .land of howling winds Cebu City .the first town to have election Banaue Rice Terraces . Bohol .land of Calamian deer Calauit Island. Palawan .land of chocolate hills Boracay Island .

land of mummies city Maria Cristina Falls. Benguet . tuna capital's 19th largest island Mindoro .cutflower capital Guimaras .largest lake Lanao del Sur .sugar capital.easternmost province Divisoria .legendary home of Mariang Sinukuan Mount Mayon . Aklan .marble country .formerly known as Masicu of wood carvers Paoay Church. Nueva Ecija . Batangas .actually composed of 400 islets Iligan City .mango capital Hundred Islands.vinegar capital Philippine Deep . Iloilo .fortress church Mindanao .pearl of the orient Rio Grande de Cagayan .Philippines in capital Miag-ao Church.Philippines' el dorado Palawan . durian capital Davao Oriental .financial center ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ of waterfalls Intramuros.earthquake baroque Paombong. Cavite .most competitive of the tamaraws Mount Apo . westernmost province Pampanga . Bulacan . Sorsogon .site of the oldest tree Makati City .newest city General Santos City .the birthplace of Diosdado Macapagal Lucban.resort province Laguna de Bay .longest river Romblon .land of the bamboo organ Lipa.first independent town Laguna . Agusan del Norte . Ilocos Norte . Bulacan .bargain capital Donsol. 2002. Quezon .mother of industry Marikina City .Pahiyas town Luzon .walled city Kabayan.the last capital of ati-atihan Kawit.shoe capital Mexico. largest province. Pangasinan . sports capital Pagsanjan Falls . Bulacan . (The theme park was opened in 1972 and closed on June 25.a volcano with nearly perfect cone Nayong Pilipino .culinary capital of Luzon Paete. Iligan City .world's second deepest spot Philippines . Pampanga .sanctuary of whale sharks's largest city.‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Davao City. Laguna .highest peak Mount Arayat . Pampanga .world's 17th largest island of Islam Las Pinas City . Manila .) Negros Occidental . Bulacan .site of the First Philippine Republic Manila .

newest province . Maria Church.San Agustin Church. Intramuros .world's richest bio-geographic area Unisan.longest suspension bridge San Sebastian Church .egg nest of the Philippines's smallest volcano Tagaytay City .American town Taal Volcano .southernmost province Trinidad Valley . Bulacan .Christmas symbol capital Tawi-Tawi .the islands claimed by six countries Sta.perfect waves island Spratleys . Ilocos Sur . Quezon .oldest university Vigan. Ilocos Sur . Cebu City . Pampanga .lantern capital of the world San Juanico Bridge .outstanding example of Spanish baroque architecture Subic Freeport . Maria.oldest town University of San Carlos.oldest church in Luzon San of strawberry and vegetables Tubbataha Marine Park .the only steel church in Asia Siargao Island .the next summer capital Tangub City .Spanish colonial town Zamboanga Sibugay .

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