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Hand in Hand

with the Hallahans

Spreading the light of Christ Volume 1, Issue 7
in Uganda and beyond. September 7, 2010

Josh and Kelly Hallahan Vidole vitano, kipi bora This Swahili Proverb literally means: “Five fingers, which is the
26 Westerly Drive best?”. It speaks of unity and of our mutual dependence on one
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 another and echoes the biblical sentiment of Paul in Romans
12:5 (NIV) “so in Christ we who are many form one body, and
Our WGM Schedule each member belongs to all the others.” We need each other!

The past few weeks I have been so blessed to be a part of

• September 9-October 15:
Stephanie Hogan’s work at Titus Women’s Ministry. Stephanie is
Colorado Training at Mission
the new Director at Titus Women, and I am on her prayer team.
Training International
Stephanie and Kelly at Sicklerville Before her trip to Kentucky we met to pray and encourage one
• October 17: Gibbsboro United United Methodist Church another. It was such a sweet time of sharing what God had been
Methodist Church, New Jersey saying to us, and lifting each other up to our Father. We both
• October 23: Missions Workshop left that time with fresh anointing for the ministry to which He has called us. I was able to
@ Sicklerville United Methodist lift her up in prayer as she led her team, and she was able to lift up our final project for our
Church, 9am-12noon Perspectives Course. We belong to each other and carry one another’s burdens.
• The rest is wide open… could
Mark and Joanne Settelen, and Micah and Rachel Wenker are dear family friends of ours.
you get us connected?
We all need friends. And we need a good team around us as we serve the Lord. It is our
privilege to lift these families to the Lord each night– since our boys are buddies they never
Mission Ignition Workshop let us forget them! God is using them in the local church, in local schools, and in local
businesses. He is also using them on our team as we
October 23, 9am-12noon
head to Uganda! We are in this together!
Sicklerville United
Methodist Church. Delanco Camp has been influential in our lives on this
missions journey and I know it has been a missions
**Free event** launch-pad for countless others! We are grateful for the
opportunity we had this summer to be the missionaries
Have you sent in at Junior Camp and Junior High III– with the task of
your RSVP yet? mobilizing young people in missions through classes and
evening services. And Delanco Camp in turn creates
This is one small way we space for young and old alike to answer God’s call on Joanne, Kelly and Rachel
their lives. We look forward to partnering with Delanco at the Delanco Camp Women’s Retreat
would like to invest in your
through finances and prayer as we head to Uganda.
church. A way we can be a
We partner together in our common cause!
mutual encouragement!
So the question is: who is benefitting from your partnership? Who is in your corner?
Hope to see you there! Whose team are you on? Who spurs you on? Who do you pour into? We are created for
community and we can all benefit from mutual partnership!
You Can Do It!
Here are some ways we can enter into mutual • Fast and pray with us every Thursday.
partnership: • Support Delanco Camp (financially or volunteer)– this
• Prayer support– you can e-mail us your prayer requests camp has been influential in missions for decades
and you can find ours on our blog or on twitter (
@knees4kampala • Join us for the Concert of Prayer (
• Encouragement– you can send us mail in Uganda, and September 20- October 15
we will return the blessing! • Come to our Mission Ignition Workshop October 23! Let
• Ideas– perhaps you need ideas for ministry or missions. us serve your church. E-mail us for more details.
I am sure we will need your input and creativity in the • Get a Lydia Prayer Journal– learn how to pray
future! intentionally and globally
• Rally a few friends and start a missions prayer meeting (
once a month. Let us know when you meet so we can
pray too!

What’s Up Next?
Prayer Requests
This week we head to Mission Training
• That we will stay healthy and
safe (We’re all healthy, what a International in Palmer Lake, Colorado for five
praise! Thanks for praying!) weeks of training. We will learn how to thrive on
• That we would find time to the mission field, and how to learn languages.
nurture our family and marriage After we return from training we will be released
while we’re at MTI training
for Uganda when we reach 100% of our pledges.
• That God will meet all our
needs Caleb and Seth’s “buddy buddies” We plan on visiting churches, meeting with
at Delanco Camp
• That God will bless the new friends and small groups and making a trip to
school year at Heritage and KIU Kentucky before we leave for Uganda.
• That this would be the last
newsletter we send from the We are 55% funded and are still praying to reach 100% by the end of October.
states. Pray boldly with us!
• That God will grant us wisdom Watch Us Grow!
as we prepare for Uganda
• That there will be affordable Caleb and Seth are growing in leaps and
housing when we get to Uganda bounds these days! They are each hitting
some major milestones like Caleb potty-
training, and Seth jumping off the steps with
two feet and speaking whole sentences! We are working on Bible verses, table
manners, and instant obedience. It is a joy watching them grow in the Lord! It
seems they are getting more and more independent every day. It is ironic that we
grow our children to be independent, and God grows us to be more dependent on
At Sharptown’s Vacation Bible School
Him and others. While in Colorado, in addition to mission skills, we’ll be learning
lessons of trusting our children in someone else’s care, and the boys will be learning to submit to someone else’s
authority and learn how to play well with others. Do you have a good team surrounding you? Are you leaning on God
and trusting Him? How can we partner in your missions activity? We pray for you often– please send us your prayer
requests so we can pray more specifically!
3783 East State Road 18, P.O. Box 948, Marion, IN 46952