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Amendment No. 1

Glossary of

Building and civil

engineering terms —
Part 1: General and miscellaneous —

Section 1.1 Types of building

UDC 001.4:[624 + 69]

BS 6100-1.1:1987

This British Standard, having

been prepared under the
direction of the Basic Data
and Performance Criteria
for Civil Engineering and Building
Structures Standards Committee,
was published under the authority
of the Board of BSI and
comes into effect on
31 July 1987

© BSI 07-1999

The committees responsible for Amendments issued since publication

this British Standard are
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The following BSI references 7230 August 1992 Indicated by a sideline in the margin
relate to the work on this
Committee reference BDB/3
Draft for comment 86/10200 DC

ISBN 0 580 16005 X

BS 6100-1.1:1987


Foreword ii
110 1 Base terms 1
110 2 Residential 1
110 3 Administrative 1
110 4 Retailing 2
110 5 Educational 2
110 6 Health care 2
110 7 Recreational 3
110 8 Religious 3
110 9 Industrial, transport and communications 4
Index Inside back cover

© BSI 07-1999 i
BS 6100-1.1:1987


This Section of Part 1 of BS 6100 has been prepared under the direction of the
Basic Data and Performance Criteria for Civil Engineering and Building
Structures Standards Committee. This Section contains definitions of types of
The main criteria for selection of types of building for inclusion in this Section of
this glossary are:
a) principal kinds of usage;
b) principal types of building being designed today.
The type of building is defined by its principal use although it is recognized that
other activities often take place within the same building.
The word “building” has not been added to certain terms, e.g. college, church, to
distinguish between the establishment and the building as this Section of the
glossary is concerned only with buildings and not the establishments. Where in a
particular case confusion may arise between the building and its establishment
different terms should be used, e.g. college building or college; church building or
For convenience the types of building have been arranged in separate groups of
broadly similar kinds of usage.
A general introduction to and explanation of this glossary is given in
Part 0 of BS 6100 which itemizes the Parts, Sections and Subsections into which
this glossary is divided and provides a general alphabetical index of all the terms
in the Sections and Subsections already published. Those using individual
Sections and Subsections of this glossary are urged to consult Part 0 when
doing so.
The other Sections of this Part are as follows:
1.0 General
1.2 Spaces
1.3 Parts of construction works
1.4 Materials
1.5 Operations; associated plant and equipment
1.6 Persons
1.7 Characteristics and performance
1.8 Environment and physical planning
Terms are listed alphabetically in the index and are referred to by numbers which
are found against the term in the body of the Section. They are arranged in a
classified order, each term having an individual number consisting of seven digits
in two parts, the first of three digits, the second of four. The first three digits
represent the number of the Part, Section and Subsection (in this case, the third
digit is 0 as there is no division into Subsections). The fourth digit represents the
group of terms, the fifth digit represents the subgroup of terms (in this case, the
fifth digit is 0 as there is no division into subgroups) and the last two digits
represent the place within the subgroup.
Deprecated terms are given below the preferred terms with their status
indicated. These terms are not individually numbered, but are included in the
index with a reference to the preferred term. Terms of more than word, e.g. “office
building” are written in a direct style, not as “building, office”. The inverted term
is included in the index with a reference to the direct term.
It has been considered necessary to repeat in this Section certain terms from
Section 1.0 “General”. Where this occurs the definitions of such terms are
preceded by an asterisk (*).

ii © BSI 07-1999
BS 6100-1.1:1987

Italicized words in definitions indicate terms that are defined elsewhere in this
A British Standard does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a
contract. Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct application.

Compliance with a British Standard does not of itself confer immunity

from legal obligations.

Summary of pages
This document comprises a front cover, an inside front cover, pages i to iv,
pages 1 to 4, an inside back cover and a back cover.
This standard has been updated (see copyright date) and may have had
amendments incorporated. This will be indicated in the amendment table on the
inside front cover.

© BSI 07-1999 iii

BS 6100-1.1:1987

110 1 Base terms

No. Term Definition
110 1001 building a
Construction works that has the provision of shelter for its
occupants or contents as one of its main purposes and is
usually enclosed and designed to stand permanently in one
110 1002 hall Building or part of a building where people assemble for a
communal activity.
110 1003 storage building Building for storage of goods.
store, shed deprecated

110 2 Residential
110 2001 housing a
Buildings for residential use.
110 2002 dwelling a
Unit of housing usually intended for a single family.
110 2003 flat aDwelling mainly on a single level within a larger building.
110 2004 maisonette a
Dwelling of more than one storey within a larger building.
110 2005 house a
Building designed as one dwelling.
110 2006 bungalow House of one storey.
110 2007 hostel Building that provides residential accommodation with
communal facilities, for specific groups of people, usually on a
temporary basis.
110 2008 hotel Building that provides residential accommodation with
communal facilities, primarily for travellers, tourists or those
on holiday.
110 2009 sheltered housing Housing for handicapped or elderly persons where staff are
on call in case of emergency.
110 2010 nursery Building or part of a building in which residential or day care
is provided for babies and very young children.

110 3 Administrative
110 3001 office building a
Building used principally for administrative or clerical work.
110 3002 bank Building for administration of accounts and financial
110 3003 post office Building for administration of postal services and financial
transactions between government and public.
110 3004 fire station Building for administration of fire fighting and emergency
110 3005 police station Building for administration of police services.
110 3006 law court Building or part of a building where jurisprudence is
110 3007 prison Building for secure confinement of persons.
110 3008 military building Building for the use of the armed forces.
110 3009 gatehouse Building for the use of security staff to control entry to and
exit from an area.
Repeated from Section 1.0.

© BSI 07-1999 1
BS 6100-1.1:1987

110 4 Retailing
No. Term Definition

110 4001 shop a

Building or space within a building for the sale of
merchandise or the provision of services involving the
receiving and returning of goods, and, where necessary,
display to the public.
110 4002 public house Shop in which the principal business is sale of alcoholic
liquors to be consumed on the premises.
110 4003 restaurant Shop in which the principal business is provision of
refreshments or meals to be consumed on the premises.
110 4004 shopping centre Building or group of buildings that contains shops.
110 4005 supermarket Shop where a wide range of goods is displayed for self service
and payment is made at an exit till.
110 4006 department store Large shop organized in specialized sections.
store deprecated

110 5 Educational
110 5001 school Building for education, principally of children.
110 5002 polytechnic Building for higher education, principally in technical
110 5003 university Building for education, principally academic study at degree
110 5004 college Building incorporated within, or in connection with, a
university, or otherwise established for purposes of study and
110 5005 training centre Building or group of buildings where people are instructed in
particular crafts, professions, occupations or practices.
110 5006 library Building in which books and other documents are housed and
110 5007 art gallery Building or part of a building for exhibition of works of art.
110 5008 museum Building or part of a building used for exhibiting and storing
objects for record and study.
110 5009 exhibition centre Building or group of buildings for the presentation of
products, services and activities.
110 5010 conference centre Building or group of buildings that provides facilities for
large and small meetings and presentations.
110 5011 laboratory Building or part of a building for scientific testing and
110 5012 observatory Building or part of a building in which astronomical or
meteorological observations are made.

110 6 Health care

110 6001 hospital Building that provides facilities for medical attention for
resident and visiting patients.
a Repeated from Section 1.0.

2 © BSI 07-1999
BS 6100-1.1:1987

No. Term Definition

110 6002 residential home Communal residence staffed and equipped to care for aged or
infirm persons.
110 6003 nursing home Communal residence for persons recuperating from illnesses
or requiring continuous nursing care.
110 6004 hospice Building in which residential or day care is provided for the
terminally ill.
110 6005 health centre Building or part of a building in which primary medical
treatment or advice is given to non-resident patients.
110 6006 clinic Building or part of a building in which medical specialists
give treatment or advice to non-resident patients.
110 6007 public toilet Building or part of a building that contains toilets for use by
public convenience the public.

110 7 Recreational
110 7001 leisure centre Building or group of buildings that provides facilities and
equipment for games and recreation.
110 7002 sports centre Building or group of buildings that provides facilities and
equipment for a variety of sports.
110 7003 sports hall Hall in which facilities and equipment are provided for one or
more sports.
110 7004 sports pavilion Building, used in connection with open air sports, that
contains facilities for changing and ancillary activities.
110 7005 gymnasium Building or part of a building that contains facilities and
equipment for gymnastics.
110 7006 swimming pool Building that contains one or more pools usually with
changing rooms and ancillary facilities.
110 7007 theatre Building or part of a building for the performance of the
dramatic arts.
110 7008 cinema Building or part of a building for screening films or video
110 7009 stadium Sports area with terraces for spectators.
110 7010 ice rink Building that contains facilities for ice skating.
110 7011 concert hall Building or part of a building for musical performances.

110 8 Religious
110 8001 church Building dedicated to Christian worship.
110 8002 cathedral Principal church of a diocese that usually contains the
diocesan bishop’s throne.
110 8003 chapel Church or part of a church for Christian worship by a specific
organization, denomination or family.
110 8004 temple Building, part of a building, or site regarded primarily as the
dwelling place or house of a deity and devoted to divine
110 8005 mosque Building or part of a building for Islamic religious worship.

© BSI 07-1999 3
BS 6100-1.1:1987

No. Term Definition

110 8006 synagogue Building or part of a building for Jewish religious worship.
110 8007 crematorium Building, usually with a chapel, where corpses are reduced to

110 9 Industrial, transport and communications

110 9001 workshop a
Building or a space within a building that serves as a work
place for a particular manual activity.
110 9002 factory Building or group of buildings used principally for the

manufacture of goods.
110 9003 warehouse Building for storage of merchandise.
110 9004 testing centre Building or group of buildings in which routine tests are
carried out, usually into the quality and performance of
products and materials.
110 9005 joinery shop Place where joinery is manufactured.

110 9006 boiler house Building or part of a building that houses boiler plant.
110 9007 power station Building or group of buildings where electricity is generated.
110 9008 agricultural building Building to house farm animals, stores, agricultural
equipment or produce.
110 9009 horticultural building Building in which plants are cultivated.
110 9010 abattoir Building in which farm animals are slaughtered humanely.
110 9011 bus station Building or group of buildings where buses begin or end their
110 9012 railway station Building or group of buildings where railway trains stop for
taking up and setting down passengers and/or goods.
110 9013 air terminal Building or group of buildings where passengers and/or
goods transfer to or from aircraft.
110 9014 shipping terminal Building or group of buildings where passengers and/or
goods transfer to or from ships.
110 9015 hangar Workshop for the storage, maintenance and repair of aircraft.
110 9016 garage Building in which motor vehicles are housed.
110 9017 service station Building and surrounding area where motor vehicles are
garage deprecated housed, serviced and refuelled.
110 9018 multi-storey car park Building in which motor vehicles are parked on different
110 9019 telephone exchange Building in which telecommunication equipment is housed
and serviced.
110 9020 television centre Building in which television programmes are produced or
110 9021 film studio Building in which films or video tapes are produced.
110 9022 radio studio Building or part of a building in which radio programmes are
produced or broadcast.
110 9023 sound recording studio Building or part of a building in which sound is recorded.
Repeated from Section 1.0.

4 © BSI 07-1999
BS 6100-1.1:1987

abattoir 110 9010 gymnasium 110 7005 radio studio 110 9022
agricultural building 110 9008 railway station 110 9012
air terminal 110 9013 hall 110 1002 recording studio, sound 110 9023
art gallery 110 5007 hall, concert 110 7011 residential home 110 6002
hall, sports 110 7003 restaurant 110 4003
bank 110 3002 hangar 110 9015 rink, ice 110 7010
boiler house 110 9006 health centre 110 6005
building 110 1001 home, nursing 110 6003 school 110 5001
building, agricultural 110 9008 home, residential 110 6002 service station 110 9017
building, horticultural 110 9009 horticultural building 110 9009 shed 110 1003
building, military 110 3008 hospice 110 6004 sheltered housing 110 2009
building, office 110 3001 hospital 110 6001 shipping terminal 110 9014
building, storage 110 1003 hostel 110 2007 shop 110 4001
bungalow 110 2006 hotel 110 2008 shop, joinery 110 9005
bus station 110 9011 house 110 2005 shopping centre 110 4004
house, boiler 110 9006 sound recording studio 110 9023
car park, multi-storey 110 9018 house, public 110 4002 sports centre 110 7002
cathedral 110 8002 housing 110 2001 sports hall 110 7003
centre, conference 110 5010 housing, sheltered 110 2009 sports pavilion 110 7004
centre, exhibition 110 5009 stadium 110 7009
centre, health 110 6005 ice rink 110 7010 station, bus 110 9011
centre, leisure 110 7001 station, fire 110 3004
centre, shopping 110 4004 joinery shop 110 9005 station, police 110 3005
centre, sports 110 7002 station, power 110 9007
centre, television 110 9020 laboratory 110 5011 station, railway 110 9012
centre, testing 110 9004 law court 110 3006 station, service 110 9017
centre, training 110 5005 leisure centre 110 7001 storage building 110 1003
chapel 110 8003 library 110 5006 store 110 1003
church 110 8001 store 110 4006
cinema 110 7008 maisonette 110 2004 store, department 110 4006
clinic 110 6006 military building 110 3008 studio, film 110 9021
college 110 5004 mosque 110 8005 studio, radio 110 9022
concert hall 110 7011 multi-storey car park 110 9018 studio, sound recording 110 9023
conference centre 110 5010 museum 110 5008 supermarket 110 4005
convenience, public 110 6007 swimming pool 110 7006
court, law 110 3006 nursery 110 2010 synagogue 110 8006
crematorium 110 8007 nursing home 110 6003
telephone exchange 110 9019
department store 110 4006 observatory 110 5012 television centre 110 9020
dwelling 110 2002 office, post 110 3003 temple 110 8004
office building 110 3001 terminal, air 110 9013
exchange, telephone 110 9019 terminal, shipping 110 9014
exhibition centre 110 5009 park, multi-storey car 110 9018 testing centre 110 9004
pavilion, sports 110 7004 theatre 110 7007
factory 110 9002 police station 110 3005 toilet, public 110 6007
film studio 110 9021 polytechnic 110 5002 training centre 110 5005
fire station 110 3004 pool, swimming 110 7006
flat 110 2003 post office 110 3003 university 110 5003
power station 110 9007
gallery, art 110 5007 prison 110 3007 warehouse 110 9003
garage 110 9016 public convenience 110 6007 workshop 110 9001
garage 110 9017 public house 110 4002
gatehouse 110 3009 public toilet 110 6007

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