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Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)

Fee Structure for BS Programs  
Fee Type (Rs.) Category
Application processing fee (on-line)
Application processing fee (on-line) Once, Non Refundable
(within two weeks after due date)
Application processing fee (off-line)
Application processing fee (off-line) Once, Non Refundable
(within two weeks after due date)
Admission Charges 12000/- Once
Re-admission Charges 12000/- Per re-admission
Library Security 10000/- Once, Refundable
Hostel/Transport Conservation Charges 6000/- Once
Tuition Fee 2000/- Per credit hour per semester
Registration Fee 2000/- Per semester
Internet/PERN Fee 2500/- Per regular semester
Student Club Fee 2500/- Per regular semester
Examination Fee 2000/- Per semester
Transport Charges 10000/- Per regular semester
Hostel Internet Charges 2000/- Per regular semester
Degree & Transcript Fee 2000/- Each
Migration Certificate Fee 1000/- Each
Duplicate Transcript Fee 2000/- Each
Duplicate Degree Fee 5000/- Each
Degree/Transcript Verification Fee 500/- Per copy
Paper Rechecking Fee 1000/- Per paper
3000/- Per month for shared accommodation with community bath.
Accommodation Charges for full time 4000/- Per month for shared accommodation with attached bath.
students/ trainees 5000/- Per month for single accommodation with community bath.
6000/- Per month for single accommodation with attached bath.

 - Fee structure may be revised at any time.

Fee Breakdown for First Semester
1. One Time Charges (Rs. 28,000/-)
a. Admission Charges Rs.12,000/- (once)
b. Library Security Rs.10,000/- (once, refundable)
c. Hostel/Transport Conservation Charges Rs.6,000/- (once)
2. Tuition Fee is Rs.2,000/- per credit hour per semester. Detail of Credit Hours for first
semester only is as under:-

Number of Total
S. No. BS Program
Credit Hrs. Tuition Fee
1 Electrical Engineering 20 Rs.40,000/-
2 Mechanical Engineering 21 Rs.42,000/-
3 Computer & Information Sciences 18 Rs.36,000/-
4 Physics 18 Rs.36,000/-

3. Other Miscellaneous Charges (Rs. 9,000/- + Rs. 2,000/- (optional for availing hostel internet
a. Registration Fee Rs.2,000/- per semester
b. Examination Fee Rs.2,000/- per semester
c. Internet/PERN Fee Rs.2,500/- per semester
d. Student Club Fee Rs.2,500/- per semester
e. Hostel Internet charges Rs.2,000/- per semester (if availing internet Connection in
their rooms in PIEAS hostels)
4. Transport charges Rs.10,000/- per semester (if availing PIEAS transport)
5. Hostel Accommodation Rs.3,000/- per month for shared accommodation (if availing hostel
accommodation at PIEAS).

First Semester Fee BS (EE) BS (ME) BS (CIS) BS (Physics)

Fee excluding hostel accommodation and

Rs.77,000/- Rs.79,000/- Rs.73,000/- Rs.73,000/-

Fee including hostel accommodation Rs.95,000/- Rs.97,000/- Rs.91,000/- Rs.91,000/-

Fee including transport Rs.87,000/- Rs.89,000/- Rs.83,000/- Rs.83,000/-

First semester fee may be deposited in the form of pay order or demand draft payable to
Director, Finance, PIEAS. It must reach Registrar, PIEAS along with Acceptance form by the
deadline mentioned in the admission offer letter.

Fee Refund Policy 

%age of Tuition Fee  Timeline for Refund 
Complete  refund after deduction of 
Up to 7th day of convene of first semester 
Admission Charges  
50% Refund  From 8th – 15th day of convene  of first semester 
No Refund  From 16th day of convene of first semester