Life Patterns

Patterns from the Soul

What is a Life Pattern?
My spiritual teacher introduced me to the Life Pattern. She had been doing similar drawings for years, although she calls hers a Soul Pattern. I found that I quickly formed my own style and when I did one for someone they told me they felt a ʻconnectionʼ with it. I have done hundreds and find that no two even come close to being alike.

There are a number of unique aspects to an Intuitive Life Pattern. A Life Pattern is child-like.
The Life Pattern has a simple child-like appearance. This is because it comes from the soul. I donʼt have a clue what will appear on the paper until I actually sit down and start. Most often the Pattern will be created as Iʼm doing it and colours seem to just appear. For example, often I will have a thought about a colour as Iʼm doing a Pattern and I will pick up what I think is the colour thatʼs needed. However, the colour that appears on the paper is often different that what I envisaged it to be. There is a similar effect with objects and symbols as well. I will visualise some sort of symbol such as a boat and what actually appears may be a crescent moon or even, in one particular case, an object that resembled a banana.

A Life Pattern can be interpreted.
As Iʼm drawing a Life Pattern, I develop an empathy with the person that is manifested in the drawing and receive psychic messages that are similar to those of a Life Reading.
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Many of the messages just pass me by and some are important, if possible I will pass them onto the client. I find that the longer I have a Life Pattern sitting around the more I download from the universe about it. Some of the information can be quite profound. For example, the subject in the pattern on the right, although I didnʼt know it at the time, is an alcoholic. He is in his mid 30s and itʼs interesting that small trees are trying to grow and when they get larger they self-destruct. As you can see, the tree in the centre is burning, with flames and smoke rising from it. Itʼs hard to say what caused the tree to burn up; perhaps there is an external force such as the death-like rays coming from the black sun on the right. In this personʼs case the destruction can also be attributed to a lightning bolt such as that to the tree on the left. The metaphor may also be expressed as damage to the trees from energy and nutrients being drawn up from the ground and sub-soil below. To me, it looks as if the trees are trying to suck all the nutrients out of the soil and lack the strength or inclination to do so. This is especially evident in the close sub-soil. However, for this person, as for all alcoholics, there is hope.  There is rain falling from the cloud formed by the smoke from the central tree spreading the notion of life after destruction. Similarly, the small colourful life-like flowers growing from the strange blue upturned spout on the right hand side and the colours around the roots of the trees all give a positive outlook. Iʼm sure another Life Pattern on this person in a year or would show many more positive aspects than are evident in this one.

A Life Pattern has its own energy.
People have contacted me to say that have had ʻexperiencesʼ after they had received their artwork. Some say they have been motivated to start new projects or re-start stalled activities. Others have mentioned that suddenly they receive clarity about a long-standing problem. Perhaps the most resounding feedback I get concerns inspiration. Something within the image gives people the inspiration to change or the inspiration to take up a new job, activity or creative activity.For example, I did the Life Pattern to the left for someone in South Australia. Apart from being a ʻbusyʼ image it tells an interesting story of this person's life, much of which has been quite difficult. However, just after they received the Life Pattern, a whole lot of things changed including a major change with significant people in their life. The person told me that the Pattern inspired them to break free and take over a failed small business where they had
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previously worked. The business is now successful and gives them the time and resources to carry out the artistic pursuits they once loved and lacked the time and money to do.

Can You Create a Life Pattern?
Of course you can!

What do you need?
Paints, pastels, crayons, coloured pensils. Anything that will make a mark on a piece of paper. Paper, material, a wall. Spare time.

How do you do it?
Just sit in a comfortable seat or even stand and start drawing. Everyone is an artist, just look at children. Do children worry about not being able to draw between the lines? No. Only adults who have been told or think they have no talent believe they are not artists. Just go for it. Donʼt think of anything. Doodle with colour. Itʼs fun and there is always a message in everything you produce. And after you have created, let me know how you did. Remember, Life Patterns are childlike. Donʼt try too hard.

Andrew Warnes

Intuitive Success Coaching

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