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Program Overview

Infosys Ltd. launched Campus Connect, an industry-academia partnership initiative, in May
2004, with 60 colleges. The initiative was aimed at deepening the industry-academia bonds
and building a strong foundation for the future needs of both academia and the growing IT
industry. The nationwide initiative, now global and in its eleventh year, focuses on creating
industry-ready IT professionals, by aligning engineering talent with the needs of the industry.

As of January, 2018, we have partnered with 284 colleges in their pursuit of excellence. We
have trained over 318943 students through our Technical Programs and 94984 students in
soft skills, totaling over 413927 students nationwide. We have enabled over 15030 faculty in
technical and soft skills through various faculty development programs. Campus Connect is
also working with policy making bodies to include industry centric electives, including
behavioral skills, in engineering institutions to make students industry-ready, when s/he

Campus Connect is present wherever Infosys has a presence in the ten Development Centers
in India. In addition, the program has also reached out to students in select countries such as
China, Malaysia, Mexico and Singapore.

What do we do?

We enable faculty through seminars and workshops in colleges to give them an industry
perspective. We publish Infosys courseware on the Campus Connect portal. Our courseware
adds value to the existing college courseware and highlights the integrated, systems way of
looking at hitherto discrete topics. This is the courseware we use at Infosys to prepare new
recruits to global industry-ready standards.

We share with our partner colleges our bank of industry projects and case studies to enable
students to appreciate the application of knowledge to real life problems.

In short we build relationships.

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Program Overview

Overview 2

Contents 3

Program information 4

Background 4

Campus Connect Conclave 4

Campus Connect Road Shows 5

Faculty Enablement Program (FEP) 5

Student Project Bank 6

Industrial Visits - Spark 6

Foundation Program (FP) Roll-out 7

Industry Electives 8

Technology Seminars / Webinars 9

Soft Skills Program 10

Benefits 11

Program Governance 11

Communication and Promotion 12

Frequently Asked Questions 13

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Program Overview

Program Information
The Information Technology industry is growing at a healthy rate with businesses heavily dependent
on IT applications for their operations. More and more enterprises are utilizing IT outsourcing as a
strategic means to achieve business goals such as cost reduction, business innovation and
competitive advantage. India has become a global hub for IT services export and has witnessed
exponential growth of employment opportunities.
The IT services industry is, by nature, ‘people-centric’ and the demand for quality manpower is rising
continuously. Quality manpower is essential to remain ahead of competition in the global market place.
It is not uncommon that each of the major players is recruiting over 20,000 entry level engineers each
year in the recent years.
IT service majors have noticed certain skill gaps in fresh recruits from engineering colleges. The need
for industry-academia partnership has been strongly felt and this is required to enhance the readiness
of engineering graduate workforce and to make engineering students industry ready.
Campus Connect is an industry-academia collaboration program to align engineering student
competencies with industry needs.
Infosys, through the Campus Connect program, shares with academia its mature technology training
methods, courseware, student project samples and other such learning resources that have been
developed, practiced and perfected over the last 20 years.
The Campus Connect program has several program components weaved together to create synergy
for effective, fast-paced learning; namely, Conclaves, Road Shows, Faculty Enablement Programs
(FEP), Industrial visits, Foundation Programs, Soft Skills Capsule Roll-out, Sponsored Events and

Campus Connect Conclave

The purpose of the conclave is to bring together the target engineering college management under
one roof to discuss the need and actions for industry-academia collaboration. The expected outcome
of the conclave is for a large percentage of colleges committing to the Campus Connect program with
a definitive implementation action plan.
1. Event hosted and managed by Infosys
2. Workshop style participation
3. Pre-conclave orientation program
4. Topics covered include – address by Infosys management, Infosys background presentations,
context setting by invited speakers, ideal industry-academia relationship, current realities of
industry and institutions, Campus Connect program offering, MoU review, college specific action
planning and familiarization with Campus Connect portal resources.
5. Action plan presentations by work group leads

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Program Overview

6. Socializing and networking events

7. Campaign management approach to event
8. Formal communication of MoU, Point-of-contacts, core team and interfacing DC

Campus Connect Road Shows

The purpose of the road show is to communicate the value and benefits of the Campus Connect program
to the partner college faculty and students.
The expected outcome of the road show is student and faculty signing up to portal and various programs
offered in the college.

1. Road show is initiated jointly by college and Infosys
2. Half day program held at college premises
3. Display of Campus Connect posters and banners
4. Campus Connect presentations to faculty and students
5. Address by college management
6. Plan announcement
7. Presence of college alumni / Infoscions either In-person or through Digital Medium
8. Campus Connect portal demo
9. Socializing and networking events
10. Campaign management approach to event

Faculty Enablement Program (FEP)

The Campus Connect team periodically conducts Faculty Enablement Programs (FEP) to train the
partner college faculty on Foundation Program course delivery and industry oriented courses (e.g. Agile
Software Development, Cloud Computing, IoT, Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning,
Mainframe Systems, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Building Enterprise Applications, User Interface
Design and Software Testing etc.). The faculty experiences the training system, courseware and
methodology as used at Infosys and hence is equipped to roll out the training program at their college.
The purpose of the Faculty Enablement Program (FEP) is to bring together multiple engineering college
faculty under one roof to discuss the coverage of courses, to get an exposure to industry-oriented areas
and plan actions for roll-out in respective colleges. The expected outcome of the event is to implement
this learning in respective colleges in areas of elective courses, student projects and applied research.
1. Event hosted and managed by Infosys or a partner college
2. Typically one week program
3. Workshop style participation

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Program Overview

4. Address by Infosys management, Infosys background presentations and context setting by invited
5. Topics covered from Foundation programs(FP), Soft Skills(SS) or Industry electives
6. Involves extensive pre-work by participating faculty
7. Real life case studies/ problem solving approaches
8. Significance of tools and exposure to tools used in the industry
9. Integrated project design and development
10. Practitioner sessions
11. College specific FP/SS/Elective roll-out action planning and familiarization with Campus Connect
portal resources
12. Roll-out plan presentations by work group leads
13. Socializing and networking events
14. Campaign management approach to event
15. Presentation of Participation Certificates
16. Group photo
17. Customized artifacts for peer enablement at colleges for sustainability

Student Project Bank

The purpose of the Student Project Bank is to make available simple software project definitions
suitable for pre-final / final year engineering project work. The components include system
specifications, student kit – that provides guidelines, and faculty kit – providing validation inputs. The
documents are provided in MS word file formats that are easily downloadable from the portal.
1. Near real-life projects simplified to suit academia
2. Free downloads
3. Projects can be enhanced for implementation
4. Covers a wide variety of subjects including e-business, IT Infrastructure and industry applications
5. Involves usage of concepts from various FP modules to provide integrated learning

Industrial Visits
The purpose of industrial visit is to demystify the image that students would have on the working of an
IT business enterprise.
The Infosys Spark program is half-day exploratory program for students from different age groups and
segments from high school to degree and engineering colleges of urban and rural areas. Spark is an
extraordinary program that aims to raise the aspirations of students.

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Program Overview

A group of students along with members of faculty visit the nearest Infosys DC and spend the day
observing the IT services delivery environment. The well planned event exposes them to corporate
work culture, learning environment, Infosys background, services offered to global customers and
enables them to learn about leading edge technologies through short lectures.

1. Typically, half-day event at Infosys DC campus for students and accompanying faculty members
from Schools, Degree colleges and Engineering Colleges
2. Participation by Invitation only.
3. Event agenda customized to target audience.
4. Event designed and conducted by Infosys volunteers.
5. Special batches for women, rural institutes and Government-run institutes.

Foundation Program (FP) Roll-out

The core of the Campus Connect program is the Foundation Program roll out at the college premises.
This FP courseware represents the Intellectual Property and experience of Infosys in training
thousands of entry level engineers from heterogeneous backgrounds and disciplines to deliver world-
class projects to global customers. The purpose of the FP courseware is to provide a unique set of
teaching aids and consolidated training material to the college faculty to help them make students
industry ready.
Since the inception of Campus Connect, partner colleges have experienced Foundation Program 1.0
(comprised of 8 courses), Foundation Program 2.0 (9 courses, inclusive of Client Server Concepts),
Foundation Program 3.0 (5 courses - ICS, OS, PST, P&T and RDBMS), Foundation Program 3.1 (6
courses, inclusive of Object Oriented Concepts using JAVA), Foundation Program 4.0 (3 focus areas,
inclusive of Software Engineering and Web Technology), Foundation Program 4.1(3 modules – OOP
using Python, RDBMS and Python Database Integration) and Foundation Program 5.0(Self Learning
model including 5 modules on Python, RDBMS and Python Database Integration) along with process
improvements from email based model to portal based tracking.
The enhancements to the Foundation Program offerings and processes are based on the changes in
the Foundation Program at the Infosys Global Education Centre and feedback and inputs received
from the Campus Connect Partner Colleges.
FP 5.0 is the latest version of Foundation Program offered by Infosys Campus Connect since 2017.
FP 5.0 offers paradigm Shift from Instructor Led Classroom Training to Self-Driven / Self-Paced
Learning with support and mentoring from members of faculty. The role of faculty members stands
elevated to that of being a Mentor who does doubt clarification, project guidance and assessments.
FP 5.0 has five modules.

CC Program Announcement Version 7.0 – 2018 7

Program Overview

1. Covers five modules:
a. Module – 1 : Programming Fundamentals
b. Module – 2 : Database Fundamentals
c. Module – 3 : Python Database Integration
d. Module – 4 : Object Oriented Programming using Python
e. Module – 5 : Advanced Database Concepts
2. Project is associated with each Module which helps in fostering industry orientation.
3. Complete batch tracking using Campus Connect Portal only.
4. Course contents and session plans are available on Campus Connect portal
5. Pre-test and revised deployment process
6. ONLINE assessment model is incorporated for FP certification
7. Certification policy
8. Detailed description of Course Design
9. Detailed presentations section wise
10. Assignments, quizzes and projects
11. Available for download and CD distribution
12. Revised FP deployment guide
13. Recommended semesters to start are: 5th to 7th
14. Colleges will provide facilities
15. Typical batch size for FP5.0 is 25-100 and for FP4.1 50-75
16. Project Assessment framework

Industry Electives
In keeping with its long term goal of aligning engineering education with the needs of the industry,
Campus Connect collaborates with universities to design industry oriented electives. Outcome based
learning approach is implemented for the industry electives which are credit / non-credit based courses
in the curriculum. These customized programs, which are based on “learn and apply” models, enable
students to learn about latest trends in the industry and understand and cope with future workplace
demands. They also facilitate faculty to create learning channels with the industry. The following
electives have been successfully implemented by various universities/institutions across the country.
1. Fundamentals of Information Technology / Systems
2. Internet and Web Technologies
3. Business intelligence & its applications
4. Internet of Things
5. Introduction to Aircraft / Automotive design of systems
6. Building Enterprise Applications

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Program Overview

7. Big Data and Analytics

8. Cloud Computing
9. Agile Methodologies
10. Machine Learning
11. Mobile Application Development
12. User Interface(UI) Technologies
13. Soft skills
14. Software Testing

1. Collaborative identification of key areas for development of industry electives.
2. Ownership and implementation of the industry-oriented elective by the academia.
3. Collaborative syllabus design.
4. Case studies and lab guides based on live industry projects
5. Content aggregation.
6. Faculty enablement for rollout by subject matter experts.
7. Webinars/seminars for students with industry experts to facilitate greater interaction
8. Rollout for identified streams / branches.

Technology Seminars / Webinars

The purpose of technology seminars/webinars is to leverage the global projects’ experience of Infosys
to create awareness about the use of IT in different industry verticals among students.
The expected outcome of the seminars / webinars is a measurable increase in the ability of students
to relate IT concepts to IT usage in business. This will also serve the purpose of keeping the faculty
informed about the latest developments in the area of information technology usage.
1. Seminars conducted in the respective colleges
2. Event design and participation by regional Infosys DC
3. Typically half-day to full-day event
4. Road show collateral could be used
5. Active participation of college faculty and management
6. Infosys will not fund college cultural festival etc.
7. Facility to publicize on Campus Connect portal and update news
8. Regional DCs decide on number of events based on local capacity
9. For Webinars, college should have requisite infrastructure such as lecture hall with projector and
audio, internet connection, etc.

CC Program Announcement Version 7.0 – 2018 9

Program Overview

Soft Skills Program

The purpose of the Soft Skills program is to ensure that the engineering students of today are equipped
to become global professionals with the versatile skills needed to be productive in the knowledge
workspace. This requires them to have a strong competency in Business English, and inter personal
skills which are needed for effective teamwork as well as a broader appreciation of Industry and
domain knowledge.
Infosys has designed a comprehensive behavioral competency development program - The STAR
program for enabling entry level engineering graduates to become global professionals. The STAR
program has offerings in two parts, one for the partner college and the other for the training of graduate
engineers who join Infosys as employees.
The STAR Program has identified the following three focus areas:
a. Enhancing the Business English competency
b. Enhancing the communication and teamwork skills
c. Enhancing the awareness and knowledge about Industry

While these three of the focus areas, the program also includes the holistic development of soft skills
like, goal setting, time management, problem solving, group discussion and interview skills, which are
typically offered as electives to be included in the college curriculum or seminars / webinars conducted
by Campus Connect team.
1. Industry aligned focus areas : English, Business Communication, Teamwork and Industry
awareness as key areas for developing global professionals
2. Train the Trainer programs (TTT) conducted at Infosys by the Campus Connect Team
3. STAR program is being rolled out at partner colleges across India through Campus Connect
initiative for students from the 3rd to the 7th semester of a typical four year undergraduate
engineering program
4. Access to a compendium of learning and teaching resources developed by Infosys faculty. The
content comprises a variety of Soft skills topics like, Business English, Assertiveness, and Barriers
to communication, giving and receiving feedback, etc. Content can be made available in the form
of soft copy, work books and portal content among others.
5. Rich bank of developmental assignments to provide practice opportunities for learners and assist
faculty in training
6. Effective assessment methodologies to test various aspects of skill development, before and after
training interventions
7. Structured program management approach to program rollout with supporting processes and
robust documentation in the form of program announcements, deployment guides, etc.
8. Technology based mechanisms for leveraging continuous support and outreach from Infosys to
dedicated task force from colleges for effective rollout of the program for students

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Program Overview

First and foremost, the college has been able to enhance the ‘employability’ of the students. Next, the
students will have better exposure to industry requirements and practices. The college management
is able to attract better students and faculty to the college because of its association with industry.

The college will pass on the benefits received from Infosys to the involved persons including faculty
as per the college norms.
The faculty involved will be provided with industry oriented artefacts for the respective courseware that
they would be offering. This includes case-studies, prototype projects and similar teaching aids. In
addition to this, faculty may be sponsored for sabbaticals at Infosys, for duration of two-three months
in one of the Infosys’ centers in mutually agreed areas. Faculty could also benefit through
sponsorships for research papers.

The main benefit to the student is enhancing employability and increasing the industry readiness for
the IT industry.
Outstanding performance in the Infosys screening examination will also make such students eligible
for early association with real-life projects, if applicable, and other special opportunities.

IT Industry
First and foremost is the alignment of the IT services needs with the college curriculum. In addition,
Industry partners directly benefit from this partnership with the availability of well-rounded engineering
graduates who understand and are exposed to the software development process and collaborative
work environment. The IT enterprises may benefit from reduced training time resulting from industry
aligned curriculum and soft skills training.

Program Governance

Training & Program
Assessment Core Group Core Group Director, Head
Dept., HR, from Direct from of the
Infosys College Institution,
Center Head, TPO, Faculty
Project Teams Members

Leadership, Ownership, Management

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Program Overview

Communication and Promotion

The Campus Connect portal is the nodal point for program information delivery. It hosts a variety of
resources such as:
1. FP courseware
2. Student Projects
3. Campus News & Events
4. Skill UP (soft skills corner)
5. Soft Skills courseware
6. Tips and Tricks
7. Newsletter
8. Volunteer/Alumni Infoscions
9. Effective English
10. Elective courseware
11. Co-teach elective reference materials
12. Recorded webinars
13. Inspire (Faculty excellence awards) winner artifacts
14. Discussion Forum

Logo and Posters – Dedicated logo has been designed for branding the Campus Connect program.
Banners are also available for display during Campus Connect events.
Video Clips & Pictures – The core group has archived the key note addresses of the Infosys
Management on various occasions.
Presentations – Standard Campus Connect presentation is also available.

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Program Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Campus Connect”? What are the objectives?

Campus Connect program is an Infosys initiative to help increase India’s competitiveness in the
knowledge economy. Campus Connect aims at evolving a model through which Infosys and
engineering institutions can partner for competitiveness, enhance the pool of highly capable talent for
growth requirements in the Information Technology (IT) space. It is aimed at creating an effective
means of backward integration into the supply chain by going into the college campuses from where
the IT industry gets its people for its growth.

2. What is the goal of Campus Connect?

The goal of Campus Connect is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education
institutions for mutual benefits.

3. What are the criteria to join the program?

The exact criteria will change from time to time. A variety of parameters are involved. Some of them
are – the college should have good standards, students should have a good record, Infosys should
have been visiting the college in the past, the college should be a trend setter in the region. If the
Institution is either Deemed or Autonomous, then they can opt for Industry Electives too.

4. What are some of the activities that Campus Connect initiates?

A variety of programs are being implemented under the Campus Connect program.
a. Seminars and faculty workshops for colleges: This will give an industry perspective to the faculty.
b. Aligning the college curriculum with industry requirements and working with educational bodies for
effective implementation.
c. Publishing Infosys courseware on the web: This will give students and faculty access to courseware
designed by Infosys. The courseware adds to the existing college courseware and highlights the
integrated, systems way of looking at hitherto discrete topics. This is the courseware we use to
prepare our new recruits for global “industry ready” standards.

5. How is Infosys making this exclusive for the participating colleges?

a. Training the faculty in order to introduce industry oriented courses
b. Sponsorship of events in the colleges
c. Technical seminars by expert Infoscions in their campuses
d. Facilitating industry visits by students of the college to Infosys campuses

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Program Overview

6. What are the components of a student project in the project bank?

There are three documents for a student project. One is the project description document, giving details
about the functional components, milestones, hardware/software requirements, references etc. Second
is a student kit consisting of the templates to be used for the project (requirements specification,
database description, test-plan etc.). Finally, there is a faculty kit which is visible only for the faculty
logins. This contains some points on the evaluation strategy at each milestone of the project.

7. What kind of help will be provided by Infosys for these projects?

The idea is to make the project descriptions and kits detailed enough for the students to carry on the
project with guidance from faculty. In general, Infosys will not be involved in these projects in the way
of assistance, monitoring, evaluation etc. However, if some Infoscions volunteer to help the students,
they can do so either through mails or through the discussion forum in the portal or over calls.
8. What is the Campus Connect portal for?

The portal is an important element of this program. It is used to host Infosys courseware, guest articles
by Infoscions, student projects and news on sabbatical projects and events; fostering discussion among
the faculty/students/Infoscions through a discussion forum, and provides planning and batch tracking
facilities to the college as well as Infosys teams.

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