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2017 Aybüke AKSOY



PROFICIENCY LEVEL : B1 Intermediate / 7th Grade


TOPIC : Unusual Sports

PLACE : Classroom

TIME : 90 mins. (45+45 mins.)


 Know how to play volleyball.
 Know how to organize a mind mapping.
 Know how to write a compare-contrast essay.
 Know how to write thesis statement.
 Know how to give peer-feedback.


Students will
 Relate the fistball and sepak takraw with volleyball by using English words in 5 minutes.
 Interpret either fistball or sepak takraw essay with their pairs within 10 minutes.
 Correlate the both sports with another student who knows the other sport.
 Illustrate a mind mapping about the differences and sameness of two sports by using key
words from the paragraphs.
 Compose a well-organized compare-contrast essay around 200 vocabulary limitation within
40 minutes during the lesson.
 Revise their pairs’ essay for giving peer feedback to the first draft.

21.12.2017 Aybüke AKSOY


Warm-up Activity The teacher comes to the class and greets the students. She starts the
(5 mins.) lesson by asking “Is there anybody who do sports regularly?, Or in the
past did you do any?” and learn their experiences. She shares her
experiences as volleyball. And she asks again to the class “Do you like
playing volleyball?” after their answers, she ask “Have you ever heard
‘sepak takraw’ and ‘fistball’?” by that time, she writes the words on the
board. And she listens their answers. Then, she explains very shortly
what they are and says, “Do you want to learn about them more?”
Main Activity First, she asks them to sit in pairs and distributes the reading papers as
(75 mins.) a pair gets one of the essays and the other pair gets the other one. And,
the students become A and B in each pair. The teacher gives them the
reading essays. First pair gets fistball essay and the second gets the
sepak takraw essay, but each person gets the different parts of their
essays. The teacher asks them to read their parts and learn the other
parts from their partners. And they are expected to write the main
points of the lacking part to their papers. After that, teacher separates
the group and asks the As and Bs get together. So that each pair know
the both essay mainly. Then, the teacher gives the ‘dubble bubble mind
map’ to the students. And she asks them to think and note down both
the differences and he same features of two sports together before
writing compare-contrast essay. (35 mins.)
After they finish the mind mapping, teacher asks them to write their
first draft of compare-contrast essay individually around 200 words in
40 minutes. If students don’t like hand writing, they can write it on
word document. By that time, the teacher walks around the classroom
and checks students if they need help.
Follow-up Activity When they finish writing, the teacher asks students to check their pair’s
(10 mins.) writing and give feedback to each other for their second draft.


21.12.2017 Aybüke AKSOY

The teacher asks students to write their essays’ second draft at home and bring it next week to the
class for teacher review before the final draft.

Readings about fistball and sepak takraw
Board marker
Mind mapping template
Computer (for some students)

PS: This lesson is conducted %100 English.