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ALIM Winter Program Proposal

ALIM Winter Program Characteristics and Proposal Considerations

ALIM is requesting proposals from all interested locations for future Winter Programs.
The Winter Program is a three-day program that has accommodated up to 150 students
in the past. Our goal is to hold the event during Martin Luther Day Weekend in January.
We look at several factors when considering a new location.
Proposals should reflect the considerations and characteristics in the outline below.
Proposing groups should keep in mind that these are ideal characteristics based upon
past programs. We are flexible and open to new suggestions as long as they will
improve the program. If your location falls short in one area, it does not automatically
disqualify it from consideration. We take a holistic approach when deciding.
Keep in mind, if your location is not selected for this year it may be selected for another
year. All proposals are to be submitted by May 1, 2018. Subsequent discussions and
clarifications will occur until a decision is made. Our goal is to make a decision by June
of 2018.
All proposals must include a contact person with full contact information (email,
telephone, address). All forms of useful information are encouraged in proposals;
particularly, which organizations/institutions/masjids will be providing marketing,
logistical, and volunteer support for the program. Videos and pictures of the facility,
surrounding area, and previous programs are great ways of enhancing your location’s
chances of acquiring the program. Proposing teams may also propose several different
facilities if they are uncertain about confirmed availability by the deadline date.
If you have any questions or to submit your proposal, please contact Jose Acevedo
(Operations Executive) at 773-675-0101 or e-mail
Proposal Prompts to be Documented and Submitted:
1) Cover Letter
a) Host Name: Individual or organization (prefer organizations with large base of
b) Contact information for primary point of contact
c) Location (city, institution)
d) Description as to why you want the ALIM Winter Program and why you are the
ideal host/location for the event.
2) Theme of Conference:
a) Suggested themes are welcome. Final decisions will be determined by ALIM
3) Dates
a) MLK Weekend or President’s Day Weekend
4) Ideal Facility
a) Space
i) Large room
(1) Accommodates 150+ people with rectangular tables (3 people/table).
(2) Gap between Brother's section and Sister's section.
(3) Good lighting
(4) Good acoustics
(5) Good temperature control
(6) Closed access (privacy for program participants)
(7) Wider better than deeper for seating setup
(8) Good outlet access
(9) Space for tables in the back for coffee/tea/snacks
(10) Easy entry/exit from the rear of setup
(11) Full audio/visual capabilities (details below)
(12) Internet access (high speed)
b) Separate eating room
i) Accommodates 200 people
ii) Permanently designated for eating
iii) Kitchen attached is preferred
c) Prayer Room
i) Accommodates 250 people
ii) Permanently designated
iii) Available after-hours for possible qiyams (not a requirement)
d) Babysitting Room
i) Accommodates approximately 20 children and 4 adults
e) Meeting/Conference Room
i) Accommodates 20 people
ii) Internet access
iii) Conference call capabilities
iv) Audio/visual capabilities
f) Restrooms
i) Easily accessible
ii) Appropriate wudu area
iii) Clean
iv) Properly supplied
v) Regularly cleaned
g) Aesthetics
i) Architecturally pleasing
ii) Clean
h) Parking
i) 100 spots available for ALIM students while program is under way (free
ii) free from snow and ice (cleaning services provided)
iii) well-lit and secure
i) Technical
i) Event capture
(1) Capability for live streaming
(2) Video recording team for highlights and lecture recording (video and
ii) Sound system
(1) Clear in all areas of large room
(2) Should accommodate multiple microphones in the large room without
(3) Adhan should not interfere with lecture if we don't want it to
iii) Visual
(1) Projectors/screens: Able to show video clips with sound, PowerPoints, etc.
(2) Whiteboard and Chalkboard
iv) Lighting
(1) All seating areas are well-lit
j) Alarms
i) All alarms should be functioning properly (i.e. smoke alarms should only go
off if smoke is detected.)
ii) All alarms should be easily shut off/disabled if found to be false
5) Geographic Location
a) Local Muslim Population Composition
b) Nearby Muslim Population Centers
c) Transportation Accessibility
d) Highway Access
e) Public Transportation
f) Weather
g) Close to Alimni (ALIM Alumni)
6) Meals
a) 3 meals a day
i) Breakfast
ii) Lunch
iii) Dinner
b) On-site
c) Ideally within $10/person/day
7) Publicity
a) The host is responsible for advertising the event in collaboration with local team,
MSAs, masajid, or community centers and guarantee a minimum of 100 students
to register for the event
b) ALIM is responsible for composing and sharing flyer with local host
c) Winter Program flyer should be shared widely on social media, the host’s
website, local communities and MSAs
8) Volunteers
a) Volunteers play an important role during the Winter Program to help the program
run efficiently
b) The host is responsible for mobilizing a team of volunteers and divvying tasks for
the weekend such as food, venue logistics, help with set up and clean up, picking
up/dropping off scholars, registration, and helping with publicity