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Case Scenarios

Jacques’ Situation
• Medically released in 2007 as a Master Corporal with a total disability assessment of 100%, including 70% for
• Salary at release was $4,684 a month.
• Because Jacques was medically released from the Forces, he is eligible for SISIP benefits. Jacques’ psychiatrist
has indicated that he will not be able to participate in gainful employment because of his chronic severe PTSD.
Therefore, Jacques will not participate in the SISIP vocational rehabilitation program, but he will receive SISIP long-
term disability benefits until he is 65.
• He is 41, and married to Jocelyne. He has one natural child (12) whom he sees once a month (the visits and
travel are a stressor for him). He also has a stepchild (13) whom he sees every 2 weeks.
• Jocelyne has a Power of Attorney. She handles all household matters and is his advocate. In addition, she has
been his full-time caregiver. The overall situation is causing stress on the marriage.

Under Pension Act, he Under NVC, he received: Under the New Veterans Enhanced NVC:
would have received: Charter, Jacques’ wife
Jocelyne received:
• A Disability Pension of $3,202 • $250,000 lump-sum Disability • Counselling to help her cope All benefits under NVC plus:
per month Award and reimbursement for with Jacques’ injury
• Medical treatment for his financial advice • Vocational assistance that is • Enhanced Permanent
pensioned condition(s) • A Grade 2 Permanent enabling her to pursue her Impairment Allowance (an
• Attendance Allowance and Impairment Allowance of Nursing Degree to reintegrate additional $1,000 per month
Exceptional Incapacity $1,041 per month for life into the workforce and restore payable for life)
Allowance • SISIP LTD of $3,513 per month, the family’s earning capacity
• Services from the Veterans (75% of $4,684 a month) • Caregiver support to provide
Independence Program. • Supplementary Retirement care to Jacques while Jocelyne
Benefit of $20,235 (plus is receiving vocational
indexing) payable at age 65 assistance.
• Medical rehabilitation, including
physiotherapy and
psychological services, plus
Psycho-social rehabilitation to
help him participate more fully
in his family and community
(e.g. anger management,
counselling and driver training)
• Housekeeping services from
the Veterans Independence
• Counselling for his child and
• Case management and
coordination of the medical and
psycho-social services.

George’s Situation
• George was a Senior Private who released voluntarily in 1992.
• Salary at release was $2,162 monthly.
• Minor injury (5% disability) low back condition which prevents him from working in civilian employment as a
• Because he was not medically released from the Forces, he was not eligible for SISIP vocational rehabilitation,
nor for SISIP long-term disability benefits.
• George is now 40. He and his common-law partner Nancy have no children.
• George was approved for VAC’s Rehabilitation services in 2010 due to service-related rehabilitation need.

Under Pension Act, he would have Under New Veterans Charter, he Under Enhanced New Veterans
received: received: Charter, he also receives:
• Disability Pension of $145.14 per • Lump-sum Disability Award of • All existing benefits under
month (adjusted annually), $13,368 and reimbursement for NVC plus:
• Physiotherapy for his low back, financial advice to help manage • An increase in the Earnings
it, Loss benefit to $3,546* a
BUT, George would NOT have been • Earnings Loss Benefit of month (*based on current
able to get help making the changes $2,362.20 per month (75% of monthly salary for Corporal
necessary to transition to an 3,139 *per month) *Sr. Private Basic in 2010.) This
alternative career that would still salary at release, indexed represents an increase of
make use of his skills/expertise while annually at 2% until 2010, $1,183 .80 per month for his
taking into account his disability. • comprehensive vocational Earnings Loss benefit.
• personalized help, coordination of
services, monitoring and follow-
up from a VAC Case Manager,
• health care coverage under the
Public Service Health Care Plan
for him, Nancy, and any future
Robert’s Situation

• Robert is 26 years old and is married, no children. He enrolled in the CF in 2005 and went to Afghanistan in
• A roadside bomb attack in 2008, resulted in catastrophic injuries including right leg amputation, mild brain
injury and minor hearing loss.
• He was medically released in 2010.
• He was assessed at 100% disability by VAC.
• He was approved for Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP LTD) and VAC’s Rehabilitation services in
• It is determined that he will never be able to return to any type of civilian employment in spite of
• Therefore LTD benefits will continue to age 65.
• Robert’s wife has high school education but has not been able to obtain higher education due to the number
of moves during Robert’s military career.
• Focus is on maximizing Robert’s physical and psychological health while providing vocational assistance to his

Under Pension Act, he would have Under New Veterans Charter, he Under Enhanced New Veterans Charter,
received: received: he also receives:

Lifetime Disability Pension of Lump Sum Disability Award of All existing benefits under the NVC plus:
$2,997.29 $276,079.70 Additional EL from VAC of
Medical treatment for his pensioned SISIP LTD of $2,933.25/month $423.75/month over and above what
conditions VAC PIA for life of $536.40/month SISIP LTD provides (E/NVC provides for a
Attendance Allowance of VAC SRB payable at age 65 of at least minimum EL based on a salary of a
$952.02/month $27,455 (amount has not been indexed) Corporal Basic rank at the time of
Exceptional Incapacity Allowance Clothing Allowance $71/month approval for Rehabilitation, current
$846.21/month Medical rehabilitation including salary is $4,476/month)
Clothing Allowance $71/month physiotherapy and psychological -Increase in SRB payable at age 65 to at
VIP Services services least $31,421.50
Psycho-social rehabilitation to help him -Enhanced PIA (an additional $1,000 per
participate more fully in his family and month payable for life)
Housekeeping services from the
Veterans Independence Program
Case management services

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