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Fuentes, Andrew

English 101

Professor Batty

May 10, 2018

The American Nightmare

My point here is that immigrants crossing to the United States illegally for an American

dream should have fair human rights like everyone else. Immigrants mainly focusing on the

youth just like Rodrigo Abel Zamora for the story “Still Water Saints” should receive hospitality,

such as a job so they can maintain a living and shelters for temporary stay. This should interest

those who are family members of immigrants, social workers, and the labor workforce. Beyond

this limited audience, however, immigrants should not be illegally crossing the border due to it

being an act of a crime. My point should interest anyone who cares about the larger issue of

young immigrants becoming victims of child sex work and becoming abused or immigrant adults

volunteering in sex trafficking to maintain a living.

When proceeding his journey by foot to California for a chance at a better living to

possibly help support his family. Fifteen year old Rodrigo Abel Zamora born in San Miguel,

Mexico, was in need of a job to try and afford enough money to buy a coyote. When finally

finding one and being instructed what to do by his temporary boss Felix, he was not well aware

he was a pedophile. Rodrigo then finds out when Felix told him, “Andale,” he whispered. “Just

touch me. That’s it.”(Page 163). When his boss realized his sinful acts he then orders young

Rodrigo to vanish from his sight and to never return. After the boy then realizes he has nothing

left debating either go home or not, but a man by the name of Chino noticed Rodrigo was in

desperate need and offered him a job. Not knowing he was going to be involved in the same

thing. He arrived and described the atmosphere stating, “There were boys there, all of them

skinny, all of them in tight shirts and red shorts. There were older men there, too, watching a boy

on a platform dancing naked.(Page 164). Before getting to speak on if he wanted to stay or go

they brainwashed him bribing him that he will be safe. Chino then informs Rodrigo about his

new owner Ignacio telling him, “You can't say no. If you do Ignacio will kick you out. Hell go

after you and kill you… The police, they don’t bother us. Ignacio pays them.”(Page 165). The

message conveyed on his personal struggles is that he does not know he has equal human right

like everyone else. Not allowing him to strive for better and legal job opportunities.

Sex trafficking has affected society today in numerous ways upon immigrants. According

to the web source “” article “How does U.S. Immigration law treat

trafficking victims?” It informed, “Sex trafficking is causing a person or minors to engage to

commercial sex acts. [It] is a form of modern day slavery.”(Evangeline Chan). This problem is

ruining lives because it is to the point that it is being compared to slavery. Even though there are

some individuals that think the victims involved in sex trafficking are the decision makers most

aren’t due to numerous threats. The web resource “” reported that, “Traffickers frequently

take away victims travel and identity documents, telling them that if they [attempt] to escape, the

victims or their families back home will be harmed, or the victims families will assume the

debt.”(U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcements). To add on the web source

“” article “Sex Trafficking has lasting Negative Economic Consequences for

Victims and US Society” it informs, “Victims experience the effects of trafficking throughout

their lives, due to costs of treating the physical and mental health consequences of victimization

[and] diminished employment opportunity due to lack of legal work histories.”(Jennifer Clark).

Sex trafficking needs to be act upon strictly because it ruins individuals physically and mentally,

lead to result that if you get in you can't get out. This has ruined a lot of victims and families


Even though immigrant victims that try to cross the border illegally for a better living

they should not because it is an act upon a crime. Not only is it a criminal thing to do, it makes

the rest of the immigrant individuals trying to come look bad. Enforcing the other individuals

from the country to look like criminals. If immigrants chose to stay in their country there would

probably be less crimes upon sex trafficking because nobody would be asking for desperate

work. According to the web source “” they stated, “Up tp 300,000

Americans under 18 are lured into the commercial sex trade every year.”(Ark of Hope for

Children). That is not counting the ones descending from other countries involved in sex

trafficking. Not only will negative crimes be reduced and turned into positive outcomes, the

reduction of gang violence will lower due to other races being encouragement to gang violence.

I feel the lesson I learned from Rodrigo Abel Zamora is that a good majority of

immigrants trying to come to the United States hungry for another chance at a better life have no

rights. Due to individuals with higher power taking their dignity away from them to just satisfy

themselves. A way someone can act upon this common but horrific situation is instead of

catching and returning the victims involved in sex trafficking. Is to offer them labor jobs so they

can not only help the labor force and the government, but avoid illegally acts such as sex

trafficking and crossing the border. A high majority of the immigrants crossing are dedicated

people because they want a better living. Most have passion just like Rodrigo Abel Zamora,

when not sure whether to go back home because he had nothing left. He realized what he was

doing it for and why he was, while reminiscing, “He thought of his mother and father back home,

waiting for money.”(Page 163). Immigrants coming to the United States should be told they have

right like everyone else no matter their color or race because they can bring out positive things to

a nation.

In conclusion I feel like I learned that immigrants in reality coming to the United States

have no rights to anything and it should not be that way. Everyone should be equal. Even though

they do it in illegal acts they should be giving a chance because they risk their lives crossing

deserts with some being involved in sex trafficking. If we have the resources and jobs why not

help and rise positive statistics instead of continue the negative problems. We should help those

in need.

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