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8 Contents High Times September 2017


“These dispensaries not only boast some of the very best cannabis in the country,
but they’ve also set international standards for research,
genetics and luxury products.”
America’s Best Dispensaries, page 106

10 Internet 52 500 Issues of High Times 95 From Seed to Smoke

12 Editor’s Letter Can you believe it? This is the 500th issue of This month, we’re answering the most common
14 Letters
16 Contact High
High Times! Join us for a look back at how it all cultivation question we receive from readers:
24 High Timeline started—plus our favorite covers, celebrities and “What are the necessary steps to growing from HIGH TIMES ARCHIVE; COVER LEAF: KENT SEA ; CENTERFOLD & PULLOUT: JUSTIN CANNABIS

31 Highwitness News marijuana moments from the last 43 years! By seed to smoke?” Here’s how to grow your own
The Kansas crackdown on Mike Gianakos head stash at home in 10 easy steps. By Nico
Colorado pot and High Five
38 Lifestyle
63 19th Annual STASH Awards
40 Entertainment
Pixies, The Flaming Lips’ Our cultivation experts report on 2017’s greatest 106 America’s Best Dispensaries
Wayne Coyne and Reviews grow gear to help you upgrade your ganja gar- States that have enacted dispensary systems are
46 Cannabusiness den with ingenious and innovative products that taking the “pot shop” to a whole new level. Here
48 THMQ will increase the quality and quantity of your are the very best dispensaries in the country by
Trans-High Market home-grown cannabis. By Danny Danko region, as selected by the High Times staff.
122 Dear Danko
136 Edibles 76 The Art of Potography 114 The Best of the High Times Interview
140 Dr. Mitch For 43 years, High Times’ centerfolds have This month, in honor of our 500th issue, we’re
142 NORMLizer/ FFOTM focused on the rare beauty of our favorite plant. featuring some of our all-time-favorite inter-
144 Dope Rider
We’re highlighting some of the best pot photogra- views. From Bob Marley in 1976 to Susan
146 Pix of the Crop
150 Next Month phy that has ever appeared in the pages of HT. By Sarandon in 2015, these are the High Times
156 The Pot 40 Mike Hughes Interview’s greatest hits!
10 Internet High Times September 2017

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With 500 issues under our belt, Hear From You!
you’d think we would have Tweet your best
perfected the cover by now. high observations and
comments our way
Unfortunately, producing the
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the bizarre—help tell the story
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of High Times, and marijuana, Mag Satisfying to know UK drug
through the years. policy is being based on a middle
So, to celebrate this milestone class, white woman’s anecdotes
issue, we decided to make a gallery of all 500 covers of HT so our readers can judge for themselves which ones rather than, say… science.
were hits and which were… misses. Head to our website and take a tour of every High Times cover ever, from our @olerafloresB: Educating patients
debut in 1974 right up to the fabulous issue you now hold in your hands. Visit for more on #microdosing is so important

@KushGodRonald: Just did an

interview for @HIGH_TIMES_Mag

Z and I am for sure too high to be

speaking to anyone.
While we don’t necessarily recommend that you pair your gelato
with gummy bears, @dankifornia420 impressed us with this vibrant @Staschme: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag
shot of Bacio Gelato and some multi-hued gummies. The sweet Getting high in Carmel on the
beach with a campfire and watch-
treats work well together, each bringing out the color in the other.
ing the waves!
And it’s tough to tell which one looks more sugar-coated.
Gelato’s been coming on strong lately thanks to its delicious fruity @BlazarSeeda: @HIGH_TIMES_
scent and gorgeous purple hues. And it packs a serious punch—in Mag Quitting smoking using CBD
our August 2017 issue, rapper Redman named it as one of his vape is the truth.
favorite strains.
TIMES_Mag Any amount of prison
time delivered to anyone for
smuggling pot is straight up bull!
As more and more states embrace cannabis by enacting medical and @wickedmpulse: @HIGH_TIMES_
recreational marijuana laws, the act of purchasing pot is changing Mag Marijuana IS a gateway
profoundly. Once relegated to the black market, where buyers were drug—a gateway OFF of opiates.
The very opposite of what @
forced to pay prohibition prices for whatever quality cannabis could be
ChrisChristie says.
obtained, purchasing pot is becoming a luxury experience thanks to
the proliferation of dispensaries. @ReeferMcGee: @HIGH_TIMES_
While some states with legal cannabis laws have been slow to enact Mag Marijuana has kept me off
dispensary systems, others have taken the “pot shop” to the next level. opiates for 8 yrs now. My pain
level has never been better.
In this issue, we highlight the very best dispensaries across the country
(see page 106), so we wanted our readers to weigh in. @DJ_Timmy_Surviv: @HIGH_
While many states can be proud of the high-quality products and TIMES_Mag ATTN: All Maine
dispensaries, I’ll be happy to take
excellent service provided by their dispensaries, it came as no surprise your surplus off your hands.
that Colorado and California were the top two finishers in our poll, with
Colorado edging out Cali, 29 percent to 24 percent, to take first place. @PeacefulEnemy: @HIGH_
Arizona narrowly beat Michigan, 12 percent to 11 percent, for third place, TIMES_Mag marijuana leads u
to see the beauty in the world
while Nevada and Oregon tied for fifth with 9 percent of the vote each.
which can make you face all your
Despite having recreational weed and excellent pot shops, Washington problems cause your mind wants
came in last, with just 7 percent of the vote. Take our latest poll online! balance and beauty.
12 Editor’s Letter High Times September 2017


Mary C. McEvoy


Mike Gianakos Adam Levin


Mike Hughes Matt Stang

Frank Max Harry Kanner


Danny Danko Nico Escondido


Sameen Ahmad
Mary Jane Gibson

Jackee Stang
“When war turns whole populations into sleepwalkers, outlaws don’t join forces Mark Radner
with alarm clocks. Outlaws, like poets, rearrange the nightmare.”
—Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker COPY EDITORS Emily Cegielski
Rick Szykowny
This is the 500th issue of High Times. That’s quite a milestone for an outlaw Mike DiPaola
Leo Rechetniak
publication dedicated to ending the war on marijuana. For 43 years, High
Times has celebrated the cannabis scene, while shining a piercing light on
Dr. Mitch Earleywine Ursula Mann
a dishonest government’s inhumane treatment of pot smokers. Yet the
magazine’s mission was never merely to show that the government had
gotten the Drug War all wrong. Instead, the purpose of this outlaw mag has Christian Ramirez
been to rearrange the nightmare of prohibition. Every reader we’ve taught
to grow their own pot, every activist we’ve helped arm with the knowledge Thomas King Forçade IMPLEMENTATION SPECIALIST
and resolution to fight for marijuana-law reform, every caregiver we’ve 1945–1978 Laura Vavoules
convinced to break the law if necessary so that a patient can have access
to medicine, reshapes the world we’re stuck in and brings us all that much
closer to freedom. CONTRIBUTORS
To quote HT founder Tom Forçade, from his editorial statement in the Mike Adams,
November 1976 issue: “Many fine people work for the straight media, but as Paul Armentano, Erik Biksa, Sean Black,
A.J. Liebling said, ‘Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.’ We Mel Frank, Andre Grossmann,
own one, and this is an important point.” Through the years, the pages of High Sirius J , Brian Jahn, K of Trichome Tech,
Times have been filed with groundbreaking journalism, insightful interviews, Lochfoot, Kevin Mahmalji,
stoned celebs and incredible photography. But our guiding principle, from Mark Miller, Samantha Nicholas,
Harry Resin, Michael Simmons,
issue no. 1 during the corruption of the Nixon administration to issue no. 500
Bill Wyman
during the uncertainty of Trump, can be summed up in one sentence: We’re
here to tell the truth about cannabis, and nobody can stop us.
For the 500th issue of High Times, we’re taking a look back at the history
of the magazine, including some of our favorite covers and centerfolds.
Plus, we present our annual STASH Awards, share our picks for the best
HIGH TIMES September 2017 No. 500 (ISSN #0362-630X), published monthly by Trans-High Corporation,
dispensaries in America, and cover the 10 steps necessary for growing your 250 West 57th Street, Suite 920, New York, NY 10107 • HIGH TIMES and Trans-High Corporation do not
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own pot at home. We hope you enjoy this special milestone issue of High magazine or website. Nor do HIGH TIMES and Trans-High Corporation evaluate the advertiser’s claims in
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Mike Gianakos OF THE CROP,” “POTCAST” and “BONGHITTERS” are trademarks and registered trademarks of Trans-High

Corporation. All advertising and advertised products void where prohibited. POSTMASTER: Please send
address changes to HIGH TIMES, PO Box 422560 Palm Coast, FL 32142-2560
Send your letters to
Feedback c/o
14 Letters
High Times, 250 West High Times September 2017
57th St., Suite 920,
New York, NY 10107
Never Too Late to Grow Email: hteditor@ It’s Not Paranoia
I am 63 years old and up until a year if They’re Really
ago I hadn’t used pot in 45 years. I have Out to Get You
arthritis in both thumbs and was taking The first time I
hydrocodone twice a day which really smoked weed in college,
knocked me out so I looked for alterna- I let a random boy drive
tives. I went straight to HT. Everything me to a sketchy apart-
I learned about growing my own came ment complex where we
from you guys: where to get seeds, how smoked a bowl with his
to grow and when to harvest, dry and dealer before the boy
cure. I love you guys! I live in a prohibi- dropped me off at my
tion state so growing is the only way for dorm room. Little did he
me.  know, he’d be spending
I am an avid vegetable grower so the next hour on the
growing cannabis wasn’t a leap. Plus, we phone, trying to calm my
own a home built in the 40s so we have a paranoid ass down. He
housekeeper’s room that has a 3x3 closet barely knew me, quickly
in our basement. Bingo, I set up my grow grew annoyed and finally
op there and am into flowering of my passed his cell to his
third crop.  roommate, who spent
Thank you so much for all the great another 30 minutes
info. I didn’t know about vaping, can- quoting The Brave Little
nabutter and edibles and so much more Toaster—which, some-
that has happened in the cannabis indus- how, actually did calm
try since the 70s.  me down. Boy #1 told
I know older users are a tiny minor- me he’d never smoke
ity but we are the right age, income with me again. Boy #2
and stage of life to become really good,
stealth growers. I have to grow because
I used to grow weed d in
n th
he didn’t have to say it; the
look in his eyes told me
I cannot imagine where I’d buy pot, closet at my paarentts’ hou usee I wouldn’t be invited to
even if I wanted to. It is a lot easier to
grow at home. The set up costs are high
(illegally), untiil my
y dadd their smoke seshes any
time soon. 
but after that initial cost it is replace- would discove er my y plaantts Man, how time
ment, updates and maintenance. And and pour bleac ch onn theem. I changes things! Three
it really only takes a moderately handy years later, we were all
person to set up a grow room. Our adult was never able e to re
eacch my roommates, our bongs
sons are loving that mom is growing her climax growin ng the en. had sweet-ass names
own.  like Barack O’Bonga,
My husband is new to cannabis but Cultivation Climax and we could spot narcs from a mile
loves what I grow. Edibles are easy and I grew up reading High Times maga- away. I would still get paranoid when
so portable. I nibble on them at our zine back in the ‘90s. I used to grow weed I smoked, but not when we were all
country club—and feel so bold doing it! in the closet at my parents’ house (ille- in our special safe place, our house,
Clearly I am a recreational user hiding as gally), until my dad would discover my together. 
a medical user. Thanks, again!  plants and pour bleach on them. I was After graduating from my small
Marion W. never able to reach my climax grow- Southern university and moving to
ing then. Now as an adult I am out of a big liberal city—where decriminal-
the closet and climaxing regularly. I am ization is the norm—I realized that
Safe Space proud to be successful with my growing where I was smoking was affecting my
Congratulations on 500 issues High and love to snap pictures of my plants. I paranoia as much as the strain I was
Times! I actually remember buying the think that you should use one of my pho- smoking. In the Deep South, I could
second issue of the magazine (you liter- tos on your cover (I’m growing Northern potentially spend years in jail for a
ally could not get your hands on the first, Lights). joint; in my new city, I might get a
it was sold out everywhere). I’ve been a Willie B. ticket or community service. 
loyal reader ever since and have learned Oregon For some reason, it lifted a weight
how to grow my own medicine thanks off my shoulders. I think a lot empha-
to you folks. It’s comforting to know, no sis gets placed on which strains are
matter what happens with legalization or Hey Willie, good to hear you’re climaxing on the better for paranoia, but I also I think
regular. We love receiving garden shots from our
decriminalization moving forward, High it’s important to remember that where
readers but the cover is reserved for the highest
Times always has and (hopefully) always quality photography of the best cannabis in
you are and who you’re with can also be
will, be there. the world. Keep growing and sending us your major factors. 
Bob photos. You might just end up in our monthly Pix FourTwelve
Los Altos, CA of the Crop column. New York, NY
16 High Times September 2017

THE ART OF POTOGRAPHY High Times photographers have pro-

duced some epic, eye-popping pics over the years—like this beauty
from our June 2009 cover shoot. This month, we highlight some of
the most remarkable cannabis photography to ever appear in the
pages of High Times. Story on page 76. Photo by Kent Sea
September 2017 High Times 19
FROM SEED TO SMOKE After 500 issues of High
Times you still haven’t grown your own at home?
No problem. Turn to page 95 for 10 simple steps on
how to create some tasty homegrown cannabis
easily and effectively.Photo by Nico Escondido
20 High Times September 2017

500 ISSUES OF HIGH TIMES To celebrate the magazine’s fifth anniversary, High Times
rented a plane and stuffed it to capacity with friends and weed (and other contraband).
Looking at this photo, it’s hard to believe the magazine lasted five years. Incredibly, it’s
lasted 43 years (and counting). This month, we’re celebrating our 500th issue with a look
back at the high history of the world’s premier marijuana magazine. Story on page 52.
September 2017 High Times
“ 23

THE LUCAS BROS. [on appearing on his
TOMMY CHONG “As the great Greek comic Aristophanes first High Times cover]
once quipped: ‘High thoughts must have “I was knocking
“High Times and high language.’ We’re not sure if he’s on y’all door… at
Cheech & Chong referring to weed, but we like to believe that time, I seen SUSAN SARANDON
“As mainstream culture catches up with High
came into the world he was for the purposes of this quote. Cypress Hill on the
Times, this magazine goes from being a cult
To our point: Without High Times, we’re fucking cover. It
together. And we not certain our current relaxed attitude was like the first classic to a necessary read. Congratulations
are both still as towards weed culture would be possible. rap group on the on your 500th issue.”
relevant today You’ve provided a platform for the voice- cover, and they had
less, which is strange considering they’re that goddamned
as we were then. voiceless—why do they need a platform? green bud I never
Pot saves lives. Trump and his minions don’t smoke seen that was from
Saved mine. weed, unfortunately. If they did, our Cali. I was like,
guess is they’d be a lot less angry and ‘There’s something
Keep on war-crazed. Cocaine, oil and the blood out there, another
smoking, HT.” of poor people seem like their drugs world that I’m not
of choice. A pity. Nevertheless, please a part of,’ and y’all
continue to contribute positively to the guys were the first
movement, and congratulations on ones to show that,
becoming a necessary condition in the to tie in the rap REGGIE WATTS
fight for legalization. You earned it.” world with the mari- “I’m thankful for High Times’ existence, for
juana world. I was bringing a mindfulness and awareness to
like, ‘Something’s cannabis culture. I believe that it’s been
’bout to boil,’ and an important resource, and a constant for
I had to be on the people who believe in the movement for
cover. That’s when more than just recreational use, but for the
I knocked on y’all holistic, medicinal benefits of the plant.”
door. I said, ‘I gotta
be on it,’ and then
I took my picture. I
had my little blunt—
I explained how
to roll a blunt and
everything. It was


“We appreciate what High Times has
done for cannabis culture throughout
LIL DEBBIE the years. From the magazine to the
“One of my favorite High Times moments was Cannabis Cup—you keep pushing the
the Cannabis Cup in 2015 in San Bernardino. I culture forward. In a digital era where
was asked to perform at the Cup, and at that most magazines or corporations can’t
same Cup was the debut of my Cakes edibles. I last, HT has endured. This is coming from
had my own booth, and we sold out within three a man that used to go out and buy issues
hours. It was monumental on so many levels, every month on the newsstands. Now I
being a part of the culture in both ways.” get them sent to my house!”

[on the October 1977 issue featuring Johnny Rotten
ROB VAN DAM and the Sex Pistols]
“Congratulations, High Times magazine!! You’ve seen some changes in the “I would never have connected the Sex Pis-
world in 500 issues! tols and pot like High Times did, you know
“My favorite HT moment is easy to pick. I’m in Jamaica for their first-ever Can- what I mean? But somehow High Times
nabis Cup in 2015, and my friend Steve wanted to jump off the cliff at Rick’s Cafe on were champions of it. And reggae music
the west side. We took a cab there, and it was a bit of a ride. After a short time, I’d had and Bob Marley, and then suddenly the Sex
enough and was hoping to get out of there before the sun went down. I was waiting Pistols and other kinds of radical music at
for my friend in line to jump—when Danny Danko appeared out of a cloud of ninja the time—I definitely remember that, and
smoke and asked me if I wanted to catch a ride back to Seven Mile Beach on their that had a little bit of a ‘wow.’ I thought it was
boat, which I sure as fuck did! cool, but I thought HT was a strange cham-
“We had to hurry before the boat left, and there was a little pressure for Steve to pion for that sort of thing. It seemed like the
get through the line and swim directly to the boat while we carried his shoes and hippies were over there—you know, with Art
shit, running for it ourselves, but it was sooo worth it! Fifteen minutes later, we’re Crumb and growing weed or whatever—
all drinking and dabbing out on the boat, listening to reggae music blowing in the and punk rock would be over here. And yet
breeze and watching the sun drop down into the ocean. One of my favorite and the Rasta connection and High Times was
most peaceful moments ever!! Thank you, High Times!! Keep crushing it!!” where they all met on the other side.”
1937: The
Marihuana Tax
High Timeline Act, drafted
The Marihuana Tax Act was
by Anslinger,
signed into law by President Franklin
is passed by
Roosevelt on August 2, 1937, officially
launching the United States into its
The law effec-
misguided war on cannabis. That war
tively makes
will turn 80 years old this summer.
In that time, the federal government
marijuana pos-
has engaged in a series of despicable
session illegal
propaganda efforts to keep pot
and ushers in
prohibition in place. But every step
the era of pot
of the way, marijuana-law reformers
have fought to set the record straight.
Below is a brief timeline detailing the
highs and lows in the world of weed,
from the dawn of reefer madness to
the present day.

1930: The Federal Bureau of Nar-

cotics is established, giving anti-
pot crusader Harry Anslinger 1971: The Waldos, a group of high-school students in San Rafael, Cal-
increasingly broad powers to go ifornia, begin daily smoke sessions at 4:20 p.m., thus creating the endur-
after cannabis users. Anslinger ing code for getting high. 420 is popularized by the Grateful Dead and
and the FBN begin a propaganda High Times magazine.
campaign to turn public opinion
against marijuana.

1942: With the United States

entering World War II, the US gov- 1951: 1966: Israeli scientist Dr.
ernment launches its “Hemp for The Boggs Act, Raphael Mechoulam isolates
Victory” campaign, encouraging introduced by marijuana’s psychoactive com-
farmers to grow cannabis’s cousin Representative pound, delta-9 tetrahydrocan-
in order to produce necessities for Hale Boggs, a nabinol, better known as THC.
the war effort. Democrat from Mechoulam also was the first to
Louisiana, is synthesize THC.
1943: Marijuana-related drugs passed by Con-
are removed from pharmacies and gress. It defines 1970: Congress passes the Con-
become no longer available for marijuana as trolled Substances Act. The CSA
medical use. a narcotic and replaces the Marihuana Tax
establishes Act, which was ruled uncon-
1944: The La Guardia Report, mandatory stitutional thanks to a lawsuit
commissioned by New York Mayor minimum sen- filed by psychedelic guru Timo-
Fiorello La Guardia, is released. tences for pot thy Leary. The CSA establishes
It debunks the federal govern- possession. schedules for drugs and places
ment’s claims that cannabis use marijuana in Schedule I—the 1970: The National Organization
causes insanity, criminal behavior most restrictive category, for for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
and dependency. The report also drugs with the highest potential (NORML) is founded by DC attor-
shoots down Anslinger’s theory for abuse and no accepted med- ney Keith Stroup (pictured above
that marijuana is a gateway drug. ical use. with Hunter S. Thompson).
26 High Timeline

President Richard
Nixon launches
the Drug Enforce-
ment Admin-
istration (DEA)
to enforce the
1971: Cheech & Chong release Controlled Sub-
their debut album, featuring the stances Act.
classic stoner-comedy routine
“Dave’s Not Here.”

1971: Dr. Lester Grinspoon of

Harvard Medical School publishes
his groundbreaking work, Mari-
huana Reconsidered.

1972: NORML launches the

first lawsuit to have marijuana
rescheduled under the CSA.

1972: The first Hash Bash is held

in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
crusader Jack
Herer publishes 1999: In the August issue of High Times, cultivation reporter Kyle
his underground Kushman writes the first “Annual Hydro Report,” inaugurating an HT tra-
classic, The dition of highlighting the best hydro systems and related products that
Emperor Wears continues to this day.
No Clothes.

1981: The Reagan administra- 1989: The DEA launches Oper-

tion focuses the efforts of federal ation Green Merchant, targeting
prosecutors on marijuana cases, indoor cannabis cultivators who
ushering in the modern War on purchase supplies from the hydro-
Drugs. ponic and seed companies adver-
tising in High Times.
1985: Nancy Reagan launches
her “Just Say No” campaign. 1993: Dr. Lester Grinspoon pub-
1974: The first issue of High lishes his second seminal book on
Times hits the newsstands. 1985: The Food and Drug Admin- cannabis, Marihuana: The Forbid-
istration approves Marinol, a den Medicine.
1976: Under an experimental synthetic version of THC, for
1996: California becomes the first

program, Bob Randall becomes medicinal use. Marinol becomes a

the first legal medical marijuana Schedule III drug under the CSA; state to enact a medical marijuana
patient in the US since 1937. Ran- 1988: marijuana remains in Schedule I. law after voters approve Proposi-
dall, a glaucoma sufferer, was The first High tion 215, the Compassionate Use
supplied with 300 grams of can- Times Cannabis 1988: The Office of National Act. This landmark initiative kicks
nabis per month by the federal Cup is held Drug Control Policy—a.k.a. the off the modern medical cannabis
government. in Amsterdam. Drug Czar—is established. movement.
28 High Timeline 7

2009: Under
President Barack
Obama, the
Department of
Justice issues the
Ogden memo-
randum, which
instructs federal
prosecutors not
to target patients
and caregivers
2002: The US Court of Appeals who are in com-
rules that the federal government pliance with state
cannot revoke doctors’ licenses for medical mari-
recommending medical cannabis. juana laws.

2003: Operation Pipe Dreams tar-

gets hundreds of businesses selling
pot paraphernalia. Tommy Chong
is sentenced to nine months in
federal prison.

2010: The first High Times US

Medical Cannabis Cup is held in
San Francisco.

2011: The DEA officially rejects a

2002 request to reschedule mar-
ijuana, stating that cannabis has 2017: Pres-
“no accepted medical use.” ident Donald
Trump picks Sen-
2012: Colorado and Washington ator Jeff Ses-
become the first states to legalize sions as the new
the sale and possession of canna- US attorney gen-
bis for recreational use. eral. Sessions 2000: Hawaii legalizes medical cannabis, becoming the first
orders federal state to do so through its legislature rather than via a voter initiative.
2012: DEA head Michele Leon- prosecutors to
hart refuses to admit that mari- return to the pol-
juana is less harmful than crack or icy of seeking
heroin during her congressional maximum pen-
testimony. alties for drug 2014: President Obama signs 2016: The DEA rejects two peti-
crimes, including a measure barring the Justice tions seeking to reschedule mari-
2013: The Justice Department’s cannabis. Department from spending money juana under the CSA.
Cole memo instructs federal pros- to enforce federal marijuana laws
ecutors to shift their focus from in states that have legalized medi- 2016: The federal government
enforcing pot prohibition in states cal cannabis. drops its civil asset-forfeiture suit
that have legalized medical or rec- against California’s Harborside
reational marijuana. 2014: Alaska, Oregon and the Dis- Health Center after a four-year
trict of Columbia legalize recre- legal battle.
2013: For the first time, a majority ational pot.
of Americans (58 percent) support 2016: California, Nevada, Maine
legalizing marijuana, up from just and Massachusetts legalize recre-
12 percent in 1969. ational marijuana.
September 2017 High Times Highwitness News 31
Style Entertainment
Double Barrel Pixies
This slick brass-knuckles Eighties indie-rockers
style dual vape will make the Pixies are back with a
you want to put a double bunch of new material and
barrel in your mouth. p.38 a new tour. p.40

Nelson for

egally there for (illegal) sale or use in

The survey, which sounds at times like
an advertisement for the high quality of
weed from the Rocky Mountain State,
as conducted to ascertain just how
big a problem Colorado pot was becom-
ng in “dry” Kansas. The survey’s conclu-
sion: “While some jurisdictions reported
an increase in overall levels of marijuana
crimes, the major effect of Colorado mar-
juana ‘legalization’ appears to be that
high grade marijuana from Colorado has
o a large extent replaced lower grade
marijuana from Mexico and home grown
marijuana. Numerous jurisdictions also
eported a significant rise in the avail-
bility of marijuana edibles and other
marijuana products, such as waxes and
oils, originating from Colorado.”
In 2013, before Colorado legalized
marijuana, most of the pot seized by
Kansas cops originated in Mexico. By
2015, however, 69 percent of the sei-
zures—a total of nearly a ton—were of
pot and cannabis products known to
have been purchased in Colorado. That
number represented an increase of about

Kansas’s Cannabis Crackdown 18 percent over 2014. The pace picked

up in 2016, with the attorney general’s
The battle over buds crossing the border from Colorado report noting that during the first six
months of last year, the Highway Patrol
is heating up. By Dave Lindorff alone “conducted 102 significant seizures
(Left to Right) Earl Blumenauer, Jared Polis, Dana Rohrabacher, and Don Young
of marijuana believed to have an origin of
Kansas has a growing drug problem. Things have also gotten more chal- Colorado and seized over 1,259 pounds of
It’s got some of the toughest marijuana lenging for Kansas police lately, because marijuana during those incidents.” The
laws in the nation, backed by a political the marijuana is no longer coming from report goes on to note that because the
system dominated by hardline conserva- Mexico through Texas and Oklahoma, Highway Patrol only tracks “significant
tives unwilling to even consider legal- as it used to. Now it’s coming across the seizures,” the total number of busts and
izing medical marijuana. Yet the state state’s western border with its neighbor, seizures of suspected Colorado pot and
is filled with folks of all political stripes Colorado. pot products “is likely much higher.”
who enjoy smoking weed. A survey of marijuana busts by the “For example,” the AG report explains,
As a result, Kansas law-enforcement state’s law-enforcement organizations, “while the Dodge City Police Depart-
agencies over the years have devoted con- including the Kansas Highway Patrol, ment was only able to report one con-
siderable resources to busting drug smug- was completed late last year by the office firmed case of Colorado marijuana, the
glers and casual users, many of whom end of State Attorney General Derek Schmidt. best guess of its narcotics detectives is
up clogging the state’s jails—and all this at Writing in the fall of 2016, Schmidt noted that approximately 90% of all marijuana
a time when Kansas faces a rapidly grow- that Colorado’s 2014 legalization of rec- seized in Dodge City comes from Colo-
ing budget deficit because its governor reational marijuana had led to increas- rado. The Topeka Police Department pro-
and legislature keep cutting taxes. ing amounts of cannabis being bought vided a similar response, reporting only
32 Highwitness News High Times September 2017

seven confirmed cases but explaining “P

Prior to 20
014, it was so
omewhatt uncom mmon to find a lot of ‘high
that ‘most of our high grade marijuana is grrade’ marrijua
ana. We know from m trainning and experience that
coming from the State of Colorado.’ Fur-
thermore, since the Colorado law change
he Colorad do marijuan na farms can creeate a marijuana bud with
in 2014 we are consistently seeing higher a much hig gher THC co ontent, wh
hich is preferred by the users.”
grade marijuana. Prior to 2014, it was
somewhat uncommon to find a lot of state can be downright deadly. Several instead of drug cartels.”
‘high grade’ marijuana. We know from years ago, two sisters—Brenda Sewell, Jessica Kelly, a Kansas resident and
training and experience that the Colo- 58, and Joy Biggs, 54—were driving back marijuana-legalization activist who
rado marijuana farms can create a mar- to their home in Kansas City, Missouri, sits on the board of the NORML chap-
ijuana bud with a much higher THC with some marijuana purchased for ter in Kansas City, Missouri (there is no
content, which is preferred by the users.” use by Brenda, who suffered from sev- NORML chapter in Kansas), says she has
NORML national-outreach director eral painful autoimmune diseases like little hope of Kansas seeing the light and
Kevin Mahmalji, who is based in Colo- fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, legalizing even medical marijuana any-
rado, says there is little that marijuana as well as hepatitis C. Busted by Kan- time soon. “The most we’ve been able to
consumers in Kansas and other neigh- sas Highway Patrol officers, Brenda and do,” she says, “is to get the state legisla-
boring states can do to protect them- Joy were placed in a Sherman County tors in Kansas to reduce a first-time mar-
selves from arrest when they buy safe, lock-up. There, Brenda’s prescription ijuana-possession arrest from a Class A
legal cannabis in Colorado to bring back meds were confiscated along with her to a Class B felony—which still carries
home for their own use. “The police just marijuana. When Brenda began to go a sentence of six months in jail and a
need probable cause to search a vehicle into seizures without her medication, $1,000 fine.”
without a warrant, and so after they pull prison authorities delayed calling for an Nor does Kelly expect the wave of
someone over for an alleged slow lane ambulance until it was too late. Despite arrests of people bringing back weed
change or a failure to signal or some- the efforts by Joy and other inmates to from Colorado to end. “Targeting peo-
thing, they can say they smelled mari- revive her, Brenda died on the floor of ple traveling on I-70 is profitable for law
juana and then search your car. They can her cell. enforcement because of our nation’s lax
make that up because, if they find pot, in The irony of a policy that busts Kan- asset-forfeiture laws,” she says. And it’s
court it would be the cop’s word against sans like Sewell and Biggs for buying something that’s especially attractive to
the driver’s.” Colorado marijuana, Mahmalji says, “is the conservative lawmakers in a state
And thanks to Kansas’s continued that it’ll end up causing people to turn like Kansas, which is currently experi-
embrace of the Drug War, the results back to Mexican suppliers. And at least encing a deep (and self-inflicted) budget
of bringing legal Colorado pot into the the Colorado pot is funding schools crisis. m


Go Green
Legalizing cannabis and hemp can help stem the tide of global warming.

Absorbing CO2 Ending Deforestation Better Fuel Replacing Plastic Cutting Illegal-Grow
Global warming is linked Not only do trees absorb Don’t believe those Roughly 6 kilograms of Emissions
to increased concentra- CO2, but cutting them biased petroleum- CO2 are generated for Illegal indoor ganja
tions of carbon dioxide down releases more industry-backed studies every kilogram of plastic gardens generate 15 metric
(CO2) in the atmosphere, CO2 in the atmosphere. claiming that ethanol, manufactured and incin- tons of carbon emissions
which, per NASA, is at its Per Scientific American, which can be made from erated. Buffalo Hemp Co. annually, equal to the pol-
highest level in 400,000 deforestation accounts fermented hemp stalks, is currently using hemp lution produced by three
years. Fortunately, plants for 15 percent of global increases CO2 levels. A to produce products like million cars. Cultivating
absorb CO2 from the air warming—more 2012 study from Argonne flowerpots and trays, and 1 kilo of cannabis using
and produce oxygen via than cars and trucks National Lab found that CEO Denver Mackintosh gas generators to stay off
photosynthesis. It’s been combined (14 percent). using high-level ethanol- plans to use hemp to the electrical grid is the
reported that each ton of Trees also take 25 to 30 blended fuels like replace more traditional equivalent of driving across
hemp grown absorbs 1.63 years to harvest. It’s time E85—85 percent ethanol, plastic products like the country five times. The
tons of CO2. A nationwide to stop chopping them 15 percent gasoline— single-use utensils and legalization and regulation
hemp-growing program down and start growing reduces greenhouse-gas pill bottles by 2018 in of cannabis would create a
could help neutralize fields of hemp for wood emissions by as much as hopes of reducing plas- robust measure of control
carbon emissions. and paper products. 48 percent. tic’s carbon footprint. over pot’s carbon footprint.
Inside the
Wide World
34 Highwitness News of Weed
POLICE PICK The Red Headed Stranger is still smoking.
Help Wanted
As High Times went to press for our
August issue, it seemed certain that
President Trump would appoint US
Representative Tom Marino, a Repub-
lican from Pennsylvania, as director
of the Office of National Drug Control
Policy (ONDCP)—a.k.a. the Drug Czar.
However, as Marino was in the pro-
cess of completing his paperwork for the Despite going up
position, the news broke that he would against the greatest
not be appointed Drug Czar after all. legal marijuana-
While the White House wouldn’t growing industry
say why Marino was taken out of the world has ever
the running, the decision came after seen, Mexican
issues about the congressman’s past cartels persist in
surfaced, including accusations that their creative, often
he went “judge shopping” as a county humorous attempts
prosecutor in 1998 to win an acquittal to clandestinely The Wit and Wisdom of Willie Nelson
for a friend facing felony cocaine-traf- export an inferior A Rolling Stone interview celebrating singer-songwriter-stoner Willie
ficking charges. Marino, for his part, product to the Nelson’s 84th birthday provided the legendary musician with an oppor-
claims that he couldn’t take the job United States. tunity to offer some sage advice to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions:
due to an illness in his family. Past failed Light up and leave us stoners alone.
Days after Marino lost the Drug Czar attempts have When informed by interviewer Patrick Doyle that, according to Ses-
gig, the White House proposed slashing included hid- sions, cannabis is “only slightly less awful” than heroin, Nelson replied in
the ONDCP’s budget by 95 percent, ing bundles of his inimitable style: “I wonder if he’s tried both of them. I don’t think you
from $388 million to $24 million, axing bud in limes and can really make a statement like that unless you tried it all. So I’d like to
33 staff members in the process. How- watermelons and suggest to Jeff to try it and then let me know later if he thinks he’s still
ever, after political pressure from the even dressing telling the truth!”
GOP, Trump reversed course, settling up bags of pot to Nelson also weighed in on Sessions’s boss, telling Rolling Stone that
on proposing a mere 5 percent cut. look like carrots “I think [Trump] stepped into a different world. Like he said this morn-
(sort of). This May, ing, ‘I had no idea this job was going to be this hard.’ It’s easy when you
VT Guv Nixes Pot Bill smugglers once can just go bankrupt anytime you want to and say, ‘I’ll check you later.’
Vermont Governor Phil Scott has again went with But that’s hard to do when you’re president of the United States.”
vetoed a bill that would have made the hide-the-pot-in- Asked if there was a downside to consuming cannabis every day,
his state the ninth in the country— some-produce plan, Nelson quipped, “I haven’t run into any yet. I guess if you go somewhere
and the third in New England—to packing a shipment where it’s illegal, that’s a pretty good downside.”
legalize recreational marijuana. The of peppers with Willie Nelson, needless to say, is a goddamn national treasure. Unfor-
Vermont legislature passed the bill over 13,700 pounds tunately, he won’t be running for office anytime soon: Nelson explained
after voters in neighboring Massachu- of marijuana. that he actually “came close a couple times. And then I sobered up.”
setts and Maine approved recreational Unfortunately But at 84 years old, the red headed stranger is still going strong. He
pot laws last November. for the smugglers, released his 61st studio album, God’s Problem Child, this spring and will
Vermont’s marijuana measure the plan was foiled be touring with Bob Dylan in the summer.
would have legalized the possession by US Customs and
and cultivation of small amounts Border Protec-
of cannabis for those 21 and over. tion agents, who
Though Scott rejected the bill, he has confiscated the
Sessions Gets Dumb on Crime
cannabis—with an
It took years under the Obama administration to begin to unravel the coun-
stated that he isn’t philosophically
estimated value of
try’s insane and inhumane treatment of drug crimes—but it took less than
opposed to legal weed and claims to
nearly $7 million—at
four months for the Trump administration to completely undo those gains
be willing to work with the state’s
the Nogales-Mari-
and regress to the dark days of prohibition, when low-level drug convictions
lawmakers. “We must get this right,”
posa Port of Entry.
carried excessive penalties.
Scott said. “I think we need to move a
Unfazed by the
On May 10, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to federal
little bit slower.” This was, doubtless,
scent of the bell
prosecutors ordering them to return to the practice of seeking maximum
of little comfort to Ben & Jerry.
peppers, drug dogs
punishments for drug offenses. The memo directs prosecutors to file “the
Hopefully, Scott—a Republican—
quickly sniffed out
most serious, readily provable” charges that carry the harshest penalties,
can work out a compromise with the
the stash, after
including mandatory-minimum sentences.
Democrat-controlled legislature. After
which the driver of
Former AG Eric Holder—who crafted the reforms that enabled judges to
all, according to the state’s Health
the tractor-trailer—a
avoid mandatory minimums—blasted his successor’s decision. “The policy
Department, Vermonters are among
announced today is not tough on crime. It’s dumb on crime,” Holder said.
the heaviest marijuana consumers in 46-year-old Mexi-
can national—was
“It is an ideologically motivated, cookie-cutter approach that has only been
the country. And no one should go to
taken into custody.
proven to generate unfairly long sentences that are often applied indis-
jail for possessing pot.
criminately and do little to achieve long-term public safety.”
36 Highwitness News
Deputy City
Attorney PIGEONS
pot to
pedophilia. Carl Long’s
ride before
logo was

Have You No Shame?

When it comes to anti-pot rhetoric, Authorities in
we here at High Times are a bit Kuwait busted a
pigeon carrying
desensitized: So many pundits and
nearly 200 pills
politicians say such stupid things
when it landed on
about cannabis that you really have a building near
to break new ground to get our atten- the Iraq border.
tion. Remarkably, Miami Deputy City Kuwaiti cops had
Attorney Barnaby Min managed to apparently been
do just that when he dropped one of tracking the pigeon
as it made its con-
the most certifiably insane cannabis-
traband run from
NASCAR Pulls Pot Logo
related comments in recent memory. What should have been a marijuana milestone—a cannabis company’s
During a Miami zoning-board Iraq. The pigeon
was wearing a tiny logo appearing on a NASCAR vehicle for the first time—became a disap-
meeting this May, a member asked
backpack that con- pointment when the decal for Colorado vape-maker Veedverks was
Min for an update on the regula-
tained 178 ecstasy stripped from Carl Long’s No. 66 car at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas
tions to establish medical marijuana pills (although a City on May 12.
dispensaries in Florida’s largest BBC report claims The Veedverks logo was removed from the hood of Long’s ride during
city. According to the Miami Herald, the pills were ket- an inspection prior to the Go Bowling 400 race being held that weekend.
Min snidely replied, “I’m happy to amine). The pigeon It was Long’s first NASCAR appearance in eight years, following a lengthy
make it very easy. It’s not allowed.” happened to land
Florida voters legalized medical near Kuwait’s cus-
The actual reason for the logo’s removal remains shrouded in some
cannabis in November 2016, so the toms department
mystery, since Long posted on Facebook after the race that he had
question was completely appropri- and officials were
on hand to snatch personally misspelled “Veedverks” when submitting it for approval,
ate. But Min was determined to shut
the little smuggler presumably forcing NASCAR to take the logo off or be liable for misrepre-
the issue down, and so he continued
up. senting a sponsor.
with this incredibly bizarre statement: While Kuwaiti Yet the Associated Press originally reported that NASCAR officials
“If the city of Miami for some infinite, customs officers pulled the Veedverks logo because it had never been vetted or approved
God-forbidden reason thought having have been on to in the first place. NASCAR said the logo was removed because it violated
sex with a child was a great way to the homing pigeon rules governing sponsorship and paint schemes.
recover from some issue, and so smuggling scheme
we wrote it into our city code, just for some time,
because the city says it’s legal does not this is the first bird
mean it’s legal. So just because, for they’ve caught rid-
ing dirty. However,
marijuana, we say marijuana is legal
there are reports
Cops Banned From Alaskan Pot Shops
and the state says it’s legal, until the Voters in Alaska legalized
of pigeons busted
federal government says it’s legal, it is in the act of flying recreational marijuana in 2014,
not legal.” small amounts but despite pot’s legal status,
Yes, Miami’s deputy city attorney of cocaine and the Alaska Police Standards
decided to compare legalizing medical pot into prisons Council (APSC) recently opted
marijuana to legalizing pedophilia. in Costa Rica and to “send a loud and clear mes-
According to Miami New Times, Colombia. sage” to officers that any kind
Min’s comment was met with several We’ve gotta say, of involvement with cannabis
seconds of “extremely awkward this certainly puts a
is “incompatible with the law
damper on Trump’s
silence.” Perhaps those present were enforcement profession.” That
declaration that a
attempting to figure out if that meant includes cops who wish to “Come on, make me an offer!”
border wall with
Min would be open to supporting Mexico will “stop own or operate legal retail-
pedophilia as long as the Feds said it the drugs.” marijuana shops.
was legal. The zero-tolerance mandate came down after word spread that some Alaskan
The next day, City Commissioner cops were contemplating joining the green rush and moonlighting for cannabis
Ken Russell offered a much more companies.
rational response to the issue, con- APSC executive director Bob Griffiths explained that because marijuana is still
firming that his staff is in the process illegal under federal law, the council decided that “anyone engaging in [a mari-
of crafting regulations and eventu- juana business] would lack good moral character.” Griffiths noted that officers
ally sponsoring legislation to create were still free to open a bar or a liquor store, because booze doesn’t conflict with
dispensaries in Miami. federal law or the APSC’s fairly dubious moral standards.
38 High Style High Times September 2017


A gold-plated nug necklace is the ultimate
accessory for a cannabis king or queen. Ras
Boss adorns buds with Ethiopian fire opals
and other precious stones and then dips
them in 24-karat gold, preserving the weed
forever. If you have bud that you love so
much you want to coat it in gold and wear
it, Ras Boss will hand-craft you a one-of-a-
kind piece using your nug or leaf and seeds.
Sparkle like a true weed royal with a Ras Boss
original. Prices vary.
It’s an exciting time in cannabis culture;
It seems like a hot new product pops S POT LIGHT
up every week. Cool new vaporizers,
stylish smoking accessories, and weed RELAX BY WHOOPI & MAYA
conversation pieces abound. Double Barrel Designed to treat menstrual pain and discomfort, Whoopi &
has combined all the uber-hip elements Maya’s Medical Cannabis Herbal Tincture delivers fast-acting,
in its brass-knuckles style dual vape. The powerful relief. Relax is formulated with elderberries to boost
gunmetal double-cartridge housing slides the immune system, while cramp bark, red raspberry, and
smoothly onto a comfortably weighted motherwort support the uterus, and passionflower calms the
two-finger ring. No charging or buttons nerves. Pop a bottle of Relax in your purse for days when you
involved—just pull on the mouthpiece for need a little soothing and comfort. The tincture can be taken
smooth delivery of pure hits, while looking orally or sublingually, and can also be added to the beverage
like you seriously know what’s up. The of your choice—hot, cold, or sparkling. A serving size of one
Double Barrel officially launches this fall. dropper contains a moderate dose of about 3.3 mg THC. Available in California.

Pollen Gear containers seal tight to perfectly preserve your top-shelf nugs. The patent-pending glass jars are available in a rainbow of colors for
your cannabis collection—and now there’s a limited-edition line sporting strain-specific labels designed by legendary Marvel artist Adam Pollina.
Your buds stay fresh and fragrant, and your stash looks amazing. A great addition to any cannabis lover’s cabinet.
40 Entertainment High Times September 2017

“We're really
fortunate to have
a second chance
to do this. We love
what we're doing;
we're just going to
wash, rinse and
repeat now.”
The Pixies will spend this
summer playing festivals over-
seas before returning to the
US for dates on the East Coast,
in the Midwest and in Canada
over the fall. To keep things
fresh, they plan to go onstage
every night not knowing what
songs they’ll do. Aside from
a handful of must-play tunes,
Pixies, L-R: Paz each concert’s set list will be
Lenchantin, David spontaneously decided on
Lovering, Joey
Santiago, Black
the spot by the band. “We
Francis know what the first song is,
and after that we’ll just wing
it,” Lovering says. “We have

Here Comes Your Band

a master list of 70 songs, and
we’ll pick and choose each
song as we go along.”
The reunited Pixies have been together longer than they were as a band When he’s not on tour,
in the 1980s and ’90s, but the influential outfit is keeping it fresh with Lovering likes to indulge
new songs and a tour without a set list. By Kirsten Ferguson in his two favorite hobbies:
prospecting for coins and
For the Pixies, 2011 was a together longer [post-reunion] “We’re very lucky to have her.” other historical artifacts using
turning point. By then, the than we were initially a band,” The Pixies’ latest album, a metal detector, and work-
offbeat indie-rock band says drummer David Lovering 2016’s Head Carrier, is a ing on magic tricks. With a
had been together again for over the phone from his home return to the classic noise- degree in electrical engineer-
seven years after reuniting in California’s Santa Ynez Val- pop/punk sound of their ing, Lovering has performed
in 2004, when they set aside ley. That was the impetus for earlier work. “Beal’s Back” physics-based experiments
the acrimonious feelings of the Pixies’ writing and releas- revisits the hard-edged squall onstage as the Scientific Phe-
their 1993 breakup to reprise ing their first post-reunion of older head-bangers like nomenalist, although he cur-
such gloriously quirky songs music, which became the Trompe le Monde’s “Planet rently does his magic tricks
as “Monkey Gone to Heaven” album Indie Cindy. of Sound,” while “Classic only backstage or in private.
and “Here Comes Your Man.” Unfortunately, the drive to Masher” is a straight-up Lovering finds that weed
In the years following produce new songs coin- surf-pop song with typically is enormously helpful to his
their dissolution, the Pixies’ cided with the announce- absurdist lyrics. creative process. “I’ve smoked
stature in the music world ment by bassist Kim Deal—a “We’re really fortunate to since I was in high school,” he
only seemed to grow, with much-beloved figure among have a second chance to do says. “Whether I’m building
bands from Nirvana to fans—that she was leaving the this,” Lovering says. “We love electronic circuits or prac-
Weezer acknowledging an group. “It was such a loss,” what we’re doing; we’re just ticing magic, I find it very
influence. So when the Pixies Lovering says of Deal’s depar- going to wash, rinse and repeat inventive and helpful. I think
got back together, fans were ture to release solo material now. We feel we’re a viable marijuana sparks me to think
ready. Shows for the result- and play with her other band, band—we can play and do a certain way—it gives me a
ing reunion tour sold out in The Breeders. “All we could new music—and that’s why we little more drive to be imagi-
minutes, and the Pixies found do was wish her well.” keep doing what we’re doing.” native.” m
themselves playing raptur- 2017 finds the Pixies in a
ously received sets at major good place, though. The oft-
music festivals like Lolla- reported tension between Deal Legalized Convenience
palooza and Coachella. and front man Black Francis is California’s Proposition 64, which legalized rec-
But by 2011, they’d been gone, and current bass player reational weed in 2016, has made smoking in the

touring for seven years with- Paz Lenchantin is a “joy to Golden State much more convenient. “I no longer
have to call a guy up,” Lovering says.
out any new material. “It was be around. She’s now a full-
surreal to realize we had been fledged Pixie,” Lovering says.
42 Entertainment High Times September 2017

"Drugs never
really worked for
Coyne, he says:
“I'm pretty opti-
mistic and fear-
less when I'm not
fucked up.”
bama a rock star, and our
nversation soon falls down
rabbit hole to Ted Nugent
d right-wing politics, and
at Scratch Fever, and Cat
evens… “Too many cats
this conversation,” Coyne
ddenly pronounces. We
ove on.
The genesis of The Flam-
g Lips’ metaphysical
and of neo-psychedelic
p rock clearly lies in their
arismatic front man.
ayne Coyne is curious, and
inionated. He has a playful,
hat’s-weird-is-cool sensibil-
Seeing y that many men his age
through the
ve left behind.
eyes of the
young Coyne remembers High
mes being around back
en he was a kid. He even
ld pot for a little while in

No Office for Wayne Coyne the late ’70s. But drugs never
really worked for him. “When
The Flaming Lips frontman eschews mundane reality. By Mary Jane Gibson I [feel] intensified, I just think
everybody’s a monster that’s
Wayne Coyne wants to know Why, indeed? Life for “Yet why is our country being gonna kill me, and chaos is
why High Times has an office. Wayne Coyne is lived fully on run by some retarded racist not safety to me.” Perhaps he
Reclining on his tour bus his terms. He gestures at the asshole that we all hate? This already operates at a level
in downtown Los Angeles a “Oui/Non” shirt I’m wear- is the world we made. How that some people need psy-
few hours before The Flam- ing and says, “You have this did this happen?” chedelics or weed to get to?
ing Lips take to the stage to T-shirt on… ” In response to “What do you think?” I ask, Maybe so, he says: “I’m pretty
perform their latest studio the implied question, I ask if while studying the smudge of optimistic and fearless when
album, Oczy Mlody, he muses he knows about the results of dark eyeliner on his lower lids I’m not fucked up.”
about the notion of going to the French presidential elec- and admiring the cool leather After we photograph Coyne
an office. For a rock star who tion, which came in the night holster thing strapped across in the alley behind the Ace
bounces around in giant ham- before. He does not, he says. his lean frame. Coyne sighs. Theater, I shake his hand and
ster balls, pastes jewels on “When you’re out playing dif- “I think we underestimated thank him for his time. His
his cheekbones and has been ferent cities and all that shit, the power of Middle America eyes twinkle. “Good luck with
making music full-time for you just don’t watch TV or voting,” he says. “I still know the office,” he offers, and then
30-plus years, it seems truly know the news.” actual people that are like, strides away, sunlight glint-
incomprehensible. “I don’t Not having to go to an office ‘Yeah, man, I care, but I ing in his silver hair—a long,
even understand the concept and not knowing the news don’t vote.’ And you’re like, loping figure of a man who’s
of it anyway,” Coyne says ear- sounds just about perfect. Not ‘What do you mean, you don’t never had a desk job, and
nestly. “Why have a place?” that he doesn’t care: Coyne vote?’” Coyne deems Barack never, ever will. m
I explain that we need a wonders about the impact of
place for staff meetings, but the French election results.
Coyne is having none of it. He’s also worried about how Do You Realize?
Even my “But it has a rooftop voters think in the US. “We “Death is a beautiful, natural inevitability,” says
deck!” doesn’t move him. have this daily reminder of Coyne. “I think drug experiences open up something

of that deepness. That shit’s hard to get to unless

“Why does there have to be a how we’ve collectively thought,
you’re a really great meditator, but they allow that to
place where everybody goes?” ‘Oh, you know, we don’t have happen within the chaos of your life sometimes.”
he demands. to worry about this,’” he says.
44 Entertainment High Times September 2017

John, Paul, George and Ringo MUSIC RECOMMENDATIONS

reached new heights while

recording Sgt. Pepper's.
The second full-length “Hollywood” and “Goin’ Back
LP from these hot-eyed to Georgia,” which recalls
Southern miscreants finds Rod Stewart’s “Gasoline
them biting deep into the Alley” in its melancholy tone
lixx and stixx trixx of ’70s and use of lap steel. Don’t
glam stompers T. Rex, Sweet let the sweet sounds fool ya,
and Mud, while retaining though—this band’s nowhere
The Future Ain’t
What It Used to Be a hard-rock sheen all their near done tanglin’ with the
(Earache) own. Standouts that’ll have dragon, as evidenced by the
ya eyes-closed kissin’ in the fiery “Let It Roll” and “Cha-
backseat of the ’Stang include sin’ the Feeling.” Polly Watson

You're Such a Lovely Audience

The act you've known for all these years › The aural equivalent of
lying on your back in the
disaffected and brimming
with passion as she contem-
celebrates its 50th anniversary. patchy grass of the local ball plates the glories of boredom,
field watching the sun and the complexities of friendship,
1967 was the “Summer of Drugs” for The Beatles,
your chances of accomplish- and the imagined desires of
and their creative apogee of inventive sounds and
ing anything in the next few a garden slug. Lead track
ambitious themes, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Snail Mail hours fade to a hazy glow, “Thinning” is a perfect pop
Club Band, was informed by psychoactive agents Habit
(Sister Polygon) Habit is jangly, ’90s-inflected song, with its warm, blurry
like cannabis and LSD (John Lennon showed up
lo-fi indie pop at its finest. guitar and instant-sing-along
for one of the sessions tripping balls), which they
Vocalist/guitarist Lindsey vocals, but the whole EP is a
celebrated in the music, song titles and lyrics—the
Jordan’s clear voice is at once dusty gem. Polly Watson
first to be printed on an LP.
Everything about Pepper represents an altered
state intended to blow minds: the “celebrity
funeral” album cover (although that “pot plant”
› “Watch the fall of our
empire on the big screen,”
infectious brand of dreamy
pop. The Space Invaders bass
isn’t really weed); the innovative recording croons singer Yukimi line of “Sweet” and electro-
techniques of producer George Martin; and Paul Nagano, a natural bitcrush disco beat of “Strobe Light”
McCartney’s essential concept of shifting The shredding her low-end will keep this album spin-
Beatles’ identity to become the vocals. Political lyrics aside, ning all season, while epic
Lonely Hearts Club Band. Little Dragon Season High is no great closer “Gravity” blissfully
“I get high with a little help Season High step forward from previous ends in a wall of cacopho-
(Loma Vista)
from my friends,” Ringo Starr efforts, but there’s nothing nous sound, portending good
famously croons, while Lennon wrong with this Swedish evolutions for this outstand-
yearns “I’d love to turn you on” quartet continuing their ing group. Tommy Smith
The Beatles during the closing masterpiece
Sgt. Pepper’s
Lonely Hearts
Club Band—50th
“A Day in the Life,” the rock
operetta with an “orchestral › Mellencamp, Kid Rock
and all these other wind-
Powered by singer/bassist
Mlny Parsonz’s soaring vocals
orgasm” that inspired prog bags who drape themselves and guitarist Josh Weaver’s
(Capitol) explorations forevermore. in the Stars and Stripes can six-string gold, they evoke
Cocaine was also a part of go get stuffed: The sound of the howling and bleeding
making Pepper: McCartney used it in combination Royal Thunder
American rock’n’roll in 2017 is of this broken country with
with weed to get through the all-nighters at Abbey Wick Royal Thunder. The Atlanta- propulsive melodies and
Road studios. Paul was the last Beatle to drop acid, (Spinefarm) based group has scaled the doleful lyrics. If there were
but he was the first to snort. summit with their triple any justice—which, obviously,
Lennon’s lysergic “Lucy in the Sky with Dia- threat of psychedelic blues, there isn’t—RT would be mil-
monds” spells out “L-S-D,” but the song’s inspiration heavy soul and galvanic rock. lionaires. J. Bennett
was a drawing by his son Julian—though McCartney

confirmed that the fantasy lyrics were intentionally Ides of Gemini’s third acts to make a far grander
crafted to occupy a psychedelic headspace. full-length release is a statement than the typical
Pepper also reflected the 1960s “generation gap” soaring, dynamic tapestry Sabbath-worship fare—one
in songs like Paul’s “She’s Leaving Home” and anti- that finds the LA-bred band that in no way suffers from
cynical “Fixing a Hole,” as well as George Harrison’s honing their distinctive sorely unsung studio rat San-
raga rant, “Within You, Without You.” blend of doom-metal, goth ford Parker’s lush production.
Unbelievably, Pepper could have been even bet- Ides of Gemini and post-rock. Women is a Standout tracks like blistering
ter: The twin classics “Strawberry Fields Forever” Women
(Rise Above Limited) melodic, crushing anomaly opener “Mother Kiev” and
and “Penny Lane” were pulled prematurely for a that shirks the retro-centric the enchanting “The Dancer”
single by an impatient EMI/Capitol Records, which trend of the current wave of are worth the price of admis-
has now wisely reissued the album in its majestic female-fronted doom-metal sion alone. David Von Bader
entirety for its 50th birthday. Mark Miller
46 Cannabusiness by John Kagia and J.J. McCoy High Times September 2017

Patented Pot:
A Multimillion-Dollar Battle Looms
As companies attempt to corner the cannabis market, patents
present the possibility of a marijuana monopoly.
John Kagia is executive vice president of industry analytics for New Frontier Data

NCOURAGED BY THE opening of legal
markets in the various medical and
recreational states, the cannabis
industry has seen a surge of intellectual-
property activity over the past 15 years.
Nearly 400 patents have been filed with
the US Patent and Trademark Office
(USPTO) with keywords like “cannabis,”
“marijuana,” “CBD” and “THC.” Thus far,
the patents range from new strains and
novel extracts to recipes for cannabis-
infused alcohol and the use of cannabi-
noids for the treatment of epilepsy.
While the USPTO can issue patents
for such, the plant’s illegality under the
Controlled Substances Act makes these
patents difficult to enforce in federal
Nevertheless, speculators are antici- massively disruptive to the industry,
pating the vast and hugely profitable The Biotech Institute may spurring significant legal challenges,
opportunities to be had once cannabis be aiming to accumulate increasing the costs of doing business,
becomes legal nationally. Cannabis- worldwide rights to a large and ultimately stifling innovation. With
related patents began to increase in the additional patents filed in Europe, the
mid-1990s before peaking in the late swath of the cannabis-plant Biotech Institute may be aiming to accu-
2000s. In New Frontier Data’s Canna- ecosystem in both the US mulate worldwide rights to a large swath
bis Industry Annual Report: 2017 Legal and international markets. of the cannabis-plant ecosystem in both
Marijuana Outlook, these patents are the US and international markets.
separated into five categories: plant summary abstract (part of a 140-plus- How the cannabis industry responds
biology, medical/pharmaceutical applica- page application) states: “The invention to Biotech’s patents (and other, similar
tions, testing/process methods, new provides compositions and methods for patents that may be overly broad in cover-
product formulations, and other. the breeding, production, processing and ing cannabis plants and plant derivatives
Since 1976, most cannabis-related use of specialty cannabis.” Along with from processes that have been available
patents fell within the categories of plant its Patent US 9370164, Biotech’s rights for years prior to the patent applications)
biology (44%) or medical/pharmaceutical could cover 50 to 70 percent of all strains will be crucial in shaping the industry’s
applications (25%). Since 2014, however, on the market, given that most cannabis future. Challenging the patents through
with the advent of adult-use markets plants currently grown fall within the conventional channels in the USPTO
in the recreational states, the number THC, CBD and terpene ratio specifica- could cost more than $1 million in legal
of patents issued for testing/process tions outlined in those patents. fees alone. Should such challenges be
methods and new product formulations Bottom line? If they’re enforced, any pursued in the courts, the estimated costs
have increased, reflecting both the grow- grower whose strain matches the char- could scale upwards of $5 million.
ing sophistication of the industry and acteristics covered by Biotech’s patents The ability to mount a robust legal
an increased recognition of the value in could be legally forced to stop growing it, challenge to such overly broad patents
intellectual-property rights. or be subject to royalty payments to the may require a pooling of resources by
While the protection of intellectual- patent holder. many cannabis companies, or engaging
property assets is understandable, some A third one pending, Patent US a legal-defense advocacy group willing
patents have the potential to be highly 20150366154, also from the Biotech Insti- to file challenges on a pro bono basis.
disruptive to the industry, particularly tute, covers propyl and “varin” cannabi- Even then, such a case could take years
three filed by a single company, the noids, which are notable for their potential of litigation, which means that anyone
Biotech Institute in Westlake Village, effectiveness in a range of therapeutic mounting a challenge should plan for a
California. Biotech’s Patent US 9095554 applications, including treatments for multiyear effort to determine who will
was granted in 2015 as the first-ever obesity, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. collect the spoils in an industry poten-
marijuana-breeding-related patent. The Collectively, these patents could be tially worth billions. m
48 Markets THMQ High Times September 2017

- —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
ALABAMA Prattville Northern Lights #5 $285
KUSH ARKANSAS Little Rock Tahoe OG 250
$367 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
ARIZONA Phoenix Grape Ape 350
CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Kosher Kush 300
3 San Francisco Guava Chem 320
COLORADO Denver Blue Dream 300
DIESEL Pueblo Ghost Train Haze 250
$359 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
CONNECTICUT Hartford Trainwreck 360
FLORIDA North Port Lamb’s Bread 250
4 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
GEORGIA Atlanta Juicy Fruit 380
BLUE HAWAII Maui Northern Lights 360
DREAM ILLINOIS Chicago Gorilla Glue 380
(Girl Scout Cookies) $342 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
“Purchased through INDIANA Indianapolis Critical+ 380
medical grower who is 2 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
100% organic.” IOWA Des Moines Death Star 350
–Provincetown, MA —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
KENTUCKY Albany Lithium OG Kush 300
GIRL —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
SCOUT LOUISIANA New Orleans Skywalker OG 400
COOKIES —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
$328 (Tangerine Dream) MAINE Portland Sour Diesel 260
“Pleasant citrus aroma —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
- and taste.” MARYLAND Baltimore Blue Dream 380
–Bennington, VT —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
MASSACHUSETTS Provincetown Dakini Kush 240
Girl Scout Cookies 240
HAZE —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
$355 MICHIGAN Ann Arbor Deadhead OG 350
MINNESOTA Minneapolis Purple Haze 375
MARKET ANALYSIS Prices by the ounce —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
MISSISSIPPI Oxford Master Kush 380
All indices, with the exception of the Southern Index, finished
MONTANA Helena Blue Dream 330
September below their previous month’s average. The Eastern Index —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
experienced the biggest drop, finishing $10 below its August average. NEVADA Las Vegas Three Kings 380
Meanwhile, the Southern Index jumped $12 from its previous month’s —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
average and tied its year-high price at $370 per ounce. NEW JERSEY Trenton Tahoe OG 380
305 NEW YORK New York Gorilla Glue #4 375
US Price Index Eastern Index Brooklyn Strawberry Cough 360
YTD Average: $332 YTD Average: $353 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
NORTH DAKOTA Fargo Funky Monkey 300
OHIO Columbus G-13 360



OREGON Portland Goji OG 250




PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia Grand Daddy Purp 400

TENNESSEE Nashville Mids 130
Hydro 300
TEXAS Austin East Coast Sour Diesel 380
UTAH Salt Lake City Jedi Kush 360
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
VERMONT Bennington Tangerine Dream 320
Southern Index Western Index VIRGINIA Richmond Super Silver Haze 380
YTD Average: $363 YTD Average: $265 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
WASHINGTON Seattle Godfather OG 260

WISCONSIN Madison Banana Kush 375









CANADA Montreal Bruce Banner $C180

Toronto Girl Scout Cookies 150
(Casey Jones) BELGIUM Brussels Jack Herer €227
“Good taste, clean Casey Jones 227
burning but did not —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
receive the best when UNITED KINGDOM Birmingham Cheese £ 300
it came to drying Jun Jul Aug Sep —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
and curing.” High Times wants to know what you’re smoking.
–Brussels, Belgium Submit your strain information including location and price by the ounce to, or tweet us (#THMQ). (Hyrdro)
“This is strong weed but
it’s harsh on the lungs.”
–Nashville, TN
52 High Times September 2017

500 Issues of High Times

A brief history of the world’s most notorious magazine. By Mike Gianakos
High Times was founded in 1974 by a mercurial and brilliant and dope dealer who understood the power of the press, he
marijuana smuggler, Thomas King Forçade. The traditional served as head of the Underground Press Syndicate for years
creation story goes that the magazine was intended as just a and used his marijuana-smuggling operation to fund struggling
single issue, a one-off satire of Playboy that substituted pot counterculture publications in the late 1960s and early ’70s.
for naked women, essentially a spoof. However, others insist Naturally, High Times was founded and kept afloat during lean
that Forçade’s intention was more high-minded—a conscious years on the pot proceeds that Forçade brought in—an outlaw
attempt at subverting Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs. There’s magazine created by an outlaw.
likely some truth to both theories, but it’s clear that neither The first issue of High Times was ahead of its time, with
Forçade nor his ragtag group of editors could have foreseen stories championing the medicinal properties of marijuana
that this underground magazine—allegedly conceived during a and the benefits of using hemp. The now-legendary first cover,
nitrous-oxide session—would still be publishing 43 years and featuring a young woman holding a mushroom tantalizingly
500 issues later. close to her lips, helped the issue sell out its initial print run of
Tom Forçade was a fascinating character. A political agitator 10,000 copies. It was reprinted twice and sold out those copies
September 2017 High Times 53

as well. By the time the second issue was ready for publication, editor Danny Danko explains. “People love to see what their pot
50,000 copies were printed and quickly sold out. Forçade’s looks like when it’s growing.”
Playboy for the counterculture was an unexpected and immedi- In the world of magazine publishing, High Times’ initial
ate hit. success was startling. According to former HT contributor and
A magazine dedicated to marijuana, while still taboo in some Tom Forçade chronicler Albert Goldman: “Starting the maga-
parts of the country today, was revolutionary 43 years ago. The zine on a $20,000 shoestring, Forçade would see the circula-
High Times staff struggled with the idea of putting buds on the tion double with every issue for years, until at its peak, in 1978,
cover, choosing instead to publish images that implied cannabis High Times was read by four million people a month, grossed
use. It wasn’t until the 10th issue (June 1976) that a marijuana five million dollars a year, and had been acclaimed as the ‘pub-
plant appeared on the cover for the first time—meaning that lishing success story of the ’70s.’”
a bare breast smothered in chocolate syrup was considered a In addition to making a connection with a loyal audience of
safer cover image than cannabis. cannabis cultivators and consumers in those early days, High
That landmark June 1976 cover provided the first glimpse of Times gained credibility by showcasing celebrities like Bob
a live marijuana plant for many smokers. Through the years, Marley, Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh. And the magazine quickly
High Times has continued the tradition of exposing the uniniti- became known for its counterculture journalism, featuring
ated to the beauty of the cannabis plant. It turns out that a luminary scribes like William S. Burroughs, Charles Bukowski
picture of pot is easily the most successful image for a High and Terry Southern.
Times cover. “We can’t go wrong when we put a bud on the However, the 1980s proved to be a period of soul-searching
cover—growing, dry, pretty much any way,” senior cultivation for the magazine. Tragically, Forçade committed suicide in
54 500 Issues of High Times High Times September 2017

his New York City apartment in 1978, grow features, including the Annual
at the age of 33. Under new leadership, Hydro Report, the STASH Awards and
High Times moved away from pot, often the World’s Greatest Seed Banks (which
featuring cocaine on the cover and in eventually became the Seed Bank Hall of
the centerfold (and likely in the editorial Fame).
office, too). The magazine was founded Then, in 2004, in a misguided effort
in part to challenge authority in general to transform the magazine into a liter-
and the Drug War in particular, but the ary/political journal, the pot was taken
shift to blow unquestionably alienated out of High Times, relegating all cultiva-
readers. tion content to a quarterly mag called
Fortunately, by the mid-1980s, a new Grow America. While this period pro-
editorial team led by John Howell and duced a couple of notable covers featur-
Steve Hager took the helm. Howell and ing Dave Chappelle and Ani DiFranco, it
Hager wisely got High Times off the was a commercial failure. Fortunately, it
hard drugs and made the move back to was also short-lived, and the nug-filled
pot, where the magazine has remained Strawberry Cough cover for our January
to this day. This editorial refocusing 2005 issue proudly proclaimed, “The
coincided with the indoor-grow revo- Buds Are Back!”
lution, which took off in the ’80s and As High Times got back on track and
exploded in the ’90s. High Times led the slowly sought to rebuild the relationship
way in teaching tokers the world over with its loyal readers, cannabis covers
how to grow their own high-quality pot once again reigned supreme. Sure, there
at home. were some celebs mixed in (Cheech &
While cannabis remained the cover Chong, Willie Nelson, Damian Marley)
model of choice throughout the late ’80s, and a couple of Miss High Times too,
the 1990s brought a shift to celebrity cov- but pot remained the primary focus, and
ers, including HT’s first hip-hop cover in the biggest cover question that the staff
March 1992, featuring Cypress Hill. “In encountered from month to month was
addition, we shot B-Real rolling a blunt, whether to feature a live plant or dry
which appeared in the centerfold. It was buds.
a first for High Times,” former music edi- The current decade kicked off with a
tor Steve Bloom recalls. “Several months major change for High Times: the first
later, it was The Black Crowes’ turn. With Cannabis Cup held in the United States.
those two covers, the floodgates opened— These stateside events have played a
suddenly bands were lining up to appear huge role in the success of the company
on the cover.” The 1990s saw the likes of as well as the success of several covers,
Redman, Method Man, Ice Cube, Kurt including the November 2010 issue.
Cobain, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Ozzy The October 2012 issue marked another
Osbourne and George Carlin gracing the first when HT featured “Dabs!” on the
cover of High Times. cover and asked whether concentrates
Despite the uptick in celebrity covers, were becoming the future of marijuana.
the magazine held fast to its cultivation Some of the magazine’s most popular
focus, with plenty of glorious pot shots issue themes have come out of this
and big grow features like “The Million- period as well, including “The Strongest
Dollar Grow Room,” “Giant Yields in Strains on Earth,” “The Best-Tasting
Small Spaces” and “The Guide to Indoor Buds” and “Indoor vs. Outdoor.” And
Grow Lights.” As Danko notes, “The pre- while the High Times staff selects the
vailing idea was that you needed acres cover images more carefully than ever,
of outdoor fields to grow marijuana, but we’re still up for some experimentation:
High Times covers were revealing that it We went all in on an ambitious photo
simply wasn’t true. Pot could be grown shoot with Snoop Dogg, B-Real, Red-
virtually anywhere with the right equip- man and Method Man dubbed “Mount
ment and genetics, and all of it could Kushmore,” and we’ve featured President
be found in the pages of a magazine Obama, the creators of High Mainte-
purchased for less than $4.” There was nance and a US Marine smoking a joint
also a noticeable increase in the quality on recent covers.
of the pot photography featured in the Of all the anniversary issues over the
magazine during this period, thanks to years, the HT staff is most partial to the
the contributions of expert photogra- one you currently hold in your hands.
phers like Andre Grossmann, Brian Jahn, And while selecting a great High Times
MG Imaging and Dan Skye. cover is certainly more art than sci-
The late ’90s and early 2000s saw the ence, here’s hoping we have another 500
debut of some of HT’s longest-running issues to perfect the process.
56 500 Issues of High Times High Times September 2017

Former senior editor

Bobby Black,
on his one and only
cover appearance:
“So I was actually on
the cover of High Times
once, but you would
never know it because
I was in a mask. We
wanted to do this UFO-themed alien cover
[August ’95], and we needed somebody to
pose for the cover with a joint and an alien
mask. Well, I was new at High Times, and I was
jazzed about the opportunity to be on the
cover, you know, so I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it!’ I
volunteered, and little did I realize what I was
getting myself into.
“We ended up doing the shoot in an
apartment in New York City in the middle of
the summer—an apartment that had no air
Tommy Chong Chief Cannabis Officer Nico Escondido on conditioning—and it turned out to be one of
on his relationship with High Times: HT’s relationship with Cocaine: the hottest days of the year. And I’m in this
“High Times is really our official maga- “Looking back over the years at some of my mask, and I’ve got these fake alien hands that
zine—it united stoners all around the world. own favorite magazine moments really shows I’m trying to hold things with, and I couldn’t
I mean, we always knew that there were me just what a demented freak I truly am. breathe in the mask. My breath was causing
other stoners out there, but until High It’s wild to think that once upon a time High condensation on the plastic eyes, so I couldn’t
Times magazine came along, no publica- Times was much much broader in scope than see either. I’m just like, ‘Did you get the shot
tion had devoted everything to the weed… just a pot rag, but rather was a celebration of yet?’ and I’m about to pass out. After several
Cheech & Chong have been on the cover all forms of debauchery. Take for example hours of hyperventilating and sweating and
more than anybody else. It defined us, just the year I was born, 1978, perhaps one of the all kinds of issues, we finally got the shots
like we defined High Times. It’s a nice little most outlandish years in terms of covers and done, and it all ended up being worth it,
marriage, since 99 percent of the iconic content that we have ever produced. The because the cover came out really cool.”
Cheech & Chong images have been from legendary “Banana Boat” cover (September
High Times’ photography—because it was ’78) introduced a massive cocaine smug-
spot-on. I’ve been involved with High Times gling operation from South America. Inside
for over half my life. High Times has always were stories about the history of such plots—
been there for me, and I’ve always been complete with the infamous “CocaBanana”
there for them. I’ve seen the evolution. centerfold, which depicted bails of bananas,
I’ve always represented exactly what High sliced open to reveal piles of pure cocaine.
Times represents. We represent the same Two months later, in November 1978, the
thing. High Times is the official handbook cover itself portrayed a caricature of former-
for anything pot and everything pot—and President Jimmy Carter tooting a bump of
anything hip.” coke from a spoon.”

Art director Frank Max,

on dealing with pot and celebrities:
“Some celebrities have a tough reaction—
they don’t want to pose with pot. With others,
it’s a process, and it slowly wears on them
until they finally say, ‘Oh, give me a hit of
that joint’— which was the case with Frances
McDormand. It started off with her saying,
‘I’ll just wear a pot-leaf T-shirt,’ and the next
thing you know: ‘Hey, guys, can I get a light?’
It worked out great.
58 500 Issues of High Times High Times September 2017

Former managing editor Natasha Lewin, on the cover choice she regrets: Former editor-in-chief Dan Skye, on the mysteries of the High
“I made a mistake, once, and it was James Franco. He was our Stoner of the Times cover:
Year in 2009. He did Pineapple Express, and James Franco is—what can I “It’s been an evolution. When I first got to High Times, you could
say?—he’s hot and a wonderful person. I got to interview him on the green car- put Janis Joplin on the cover—no eye contact, eyes closed—and
pet for our Stony Awards in Malibu, and I was just gung-ho for James Franco. I she sold off the hook. No one understood that… One time, a
was ready to have him on the cover, and it’s tough—you know, it’s a tough call. couple of girls sent in a picture of themselves—they were twins.
I was kind of going with my heart, not my head. In retrospect, James Franco So what can we do with a couple of pretty twins? Well, clones.
could have been a ‘burst’ or a big cover line—or, you know, if he was holding Clones—that’s what we did. Huge seller… Another time, we put
a plant or if he was in a grow facility... If he was anything else besides holding a mud pie on the cover. I was convinced that wouldn’t work: It
that award, it possibly could have worked. But looking back, James Franco looked like a mud pie with a little leaf coming out of the top. It
probably wasn’t the best person we could have had on the cover.” sold off the hook. You can never predict these things.”
60 500 Issues of High Times High Times September 2017

(L to R):
Steve Bloom,
Frank Max, Snoop,
Amy Lasch, Rick
Cusick and Mike

Former publisher John Holmstrom,

on one of his proudest moments at HT:
“One of my proudest moments was when we got Former editor Steve Bloom, on HT’s first Snoop Dogg cover:
Tommy Chong to pose with a big bud in 1989. “I’d been trying to score an interview and photo shoot with Snoop Dogg for
This was when the War on Drugs was at its worst. several years. After a number of false alarms, it finally came together for the
Operation Green Merchant had just recently first issue of the new millennium, January 2000. Snoop was already at the
tried to put High Times out of business, so get- studio when we arrived. The only problem was, we still hadn’t scored the
ting someone to endorse marijuana that publicly high-quality buds needed for the shoot. About a half-hour later, several High
at that time was a great thing. I think Tommy Times staffers arrived with a big, smelly bag. Snoop buried his head in it and
Chong really deserves whatever accolades he came out with a big smile. The shoot was on. Most shoots were fairly fast, but
gets from High Times for being such a brave this one went on for hours—to the point that I had to wake Snoop up from a
person. ‘Foolish’ is the other word, of course.” catnap on the couch when it was all over. m
September 2017 High Times 63

2017 STASH Awards In every September issue of

High Times, our cultivation
experts reveal their choices for
the best grow gear of the year.
We call our picks the STASH
Awards (for Significant
Technological Achievements
in Secretive Horticulture),
and our aim is always to
reduce your hassles and
increase your harvests.

By Danny Danko

Best Grow Tent: The Gorilla

Grow Tent (9’ x 9’)
Grow tents provide the perfect alterna-
tive to building out an existing room
or purchasing an expensive grow box.
They can be easily put up or disas-
sembled by one person, but they need
to be strong as well as light- and odor-
proof. We love the Gorilla Grow Tents,
all made with a sturdy 100% metal in-
terlocking frame and connectors. They
even come with an infrared-blocking
roof insertion and flood-protection
pools for peace of mind—plus the free
extension kit can add up to 2 feet to the
height of the tent.

Best Grow Box: Super-

Trinity LED Grow Cabinet
A grow box with multiple grow-
ing areas provides a perpetual
harvest in a relatively small
space. With three key-locking
chambers—one for cloning
and germination, one for the
vegetative stage and one for
flowering—the SuperTrin-
ity Cabinet from SuperCloset
produces plenty of pot that can
be harvested every month. It’s
lit by award-winning Kind LED
grow lights that keep heat and
electrical costs to a minimum.
These cabinets also come with
a nine-episode video tutorial, a
“no hassle” three-year warranty,
and complimentary lifetime
customer support.
64 2017 STASH Awards High Times September 2017

Best Dehumidifier: Quest 185 Cool Dehumidifier

Maintaining proper humidity levels is essential to successful indoor farming, but standard dehumidi-
fiers create heat as they remove water from the air. The new Quest 185 Cool Dehumidifier is a split-
system unit that pumps excess heat out of the growroom, while the condenser reduces moisture in
the air that can cause molds and mildews to form. This reduces the burden on your air conditioner
and lowers energy costs, while improving cooling ability and helping to reduce the risk of bud rot.

Best Cloning Products: EZ Clone

Ever since 2000, when they essentially created the aeroponic-cloning in-
dustry with the introduction of the first EZ Clone machine, this company
has been at the forefront of cutting and rooting technology. Their vari-
ously sized units supply a fine mist to the cut ends of clones in order to in-
duce roots quickly and easily. Now they have products for every grower’s
needs, including rooting compounds, pumps, misters, manifolds, collars
and cloning tents.
Prices vary
66 2017 STASH Awards High Times September 2017

Best HID Light: DEva 1,000-Watt

Double-Ended HPS
from Revolution Micro
HID lighting hasn’t improved much in the
past 30 years, but the new DEva 1,000-Watt
Double-Ended HPS (high-pressure sodium)
lighting system from Revolution Micro has
changed the game. The low-frequency
ballast is built right into the reflector,
and the whole unit comes completely
integrated, allowing the grower to simply
plug and play. Couple this with their RLC-1
Smart Lighting Controller ($299), which
will dim the lights to conserve electricity
and reduce heat (or to simulate sunrise and
sunset), and which controls up to 412 grow

Best LED Light: The G8-600

Bloom Only Grow Light
from DormGrow
As LED (light-emitting diode) technology
for plant growing continues to evolve,
DormGrow has been on the cutting edge
of new high-performance lighting units.
Their G8-600 Bloom Only Grow Light is
formulated for the flowering cycle and
covers a footprint of 20 square feet. This
light is meant to replace a 600- or 1,000-
watt high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp,
but it generates far less heat and uses far
less electricity, drawing only 380 watts of
power on 3.3 amps—and it’s backed with a
two-year warranty.

Best LED Innovation: with remote control, a true 5’ x 5’ footprint, and Secondary Optical
The Kind LED XL 1000 Grow Light Lens technology that magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetra-
LED technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, increas- tion up to 200%. These lights come with lifetime customer support
ing light and lowering heat and electrical costs. The new XL 1000 from and a 90-day money-back guarantee.
Kind LED is the only LED grow light that is UL-certified, and it offers Starting at $1,895
a fully customizable 12-band perfect spectrum (including UV and IR)
68 2017 STASH Awards High Times September 2017

Best Air Purifier: GT3000

from Go Green Environmental
If odor control is a priority, and it cer-
tainly should be, you must find ways to
eliminate telltale scents. The GT3000
Air Purifier attacks and neutralizes
odors for up to 3,000 sq. ft. You can
adjust the fan speed and purification
Best Rosin Press: Sasquash 2.0
settings by remote control, and the
Methods for the solvent-less production of cannabis oil have
three different-sized units available are
burst onto the scene, as more and more people turn away
all quiet and energy-efficient. Built to
from using butane or other unsafe solvents to extract their
last 10 years or more with a one-year full
hashish. The pneumatic 15-ton Sasquash 2.0 Rosin Press
warranty, this is the last air cleaner you’ll
squeezes the essential oils right out of your buds, dry-sift or
ever have to buy.
bubble hash in a way similar to how olive oil is pressed. Just
$960.00. With promo code: HT3000
the right amount of heat and pressure are applied to release
save $100
the oil and still preserve those precious, flavorful terpenes.

Best Hydroponic System: SuperPonics cuttings, while the eight-, 12- or 16-site SuperPonics systems
Started in the garage of founder Kip Andersen in 2002, Super- combine deep-water culture (DWC), top-feed and aeroponics
Ponics fuse together several proven hydroponic methods into for rapid growth. Their Bubble Flow Bucket system utilizes
one easy-to-use system that will accelerate growth rates during Constant-Flow technology to grow monster plants in huge
every stage of the plant’s lifecycle. These units are custom- 6.6-gallon buckets.
molded, UV-stable and designed for fast-growing plants. The Prices vary
SuperCloners are perfect for starting seedlings and rooting
70 2017 STASH Awards High Times September 2017

Best Nutrient Line: Advanced Nutrients developed a dizzying array of products for every stage of a pot
For more than 20 years, Advanced Nutrients have been at plant’s growth. Their new pH Perfect line is pre-buffered, and
the forefront of formulating plant foods specifically made for their many additives provide everything your growing buds
cannabis. While all of the other hydroponic companies hid need to thrive. Plus their customer service is second to none.
their heads in the sand, Advanced Nutrients were proud of Prices vary
their connection to marijuana farmers. Over the years, they’ve

Best Cal/Mag Additive:

Suite Leaf Nutrients
Supplements of calcium and
magnesium are essential for
healthy plant growth and leaf
production, while deficiencies
of these two micronutrients
account for many first-time
growers’ issues. With a natural
organic supply of these essentia
elements, Suite Leaf Nutrients’
Cal/Mag Maximizer improves
chlorophyll production and
results in healthier plants and
heavier harvests. Used through-
out every stage of the lifecycle,
this additive will boost growth
rates and protect your plants
from debilitating setbacks that
can negatively affect yields.
$10.99, 250 ml; $39.99, 1 gallon
72 2017 STASH Awards High Times September 2017

Best New Hydroponic Innovation:

DO Dissolved Oxygen by Direct
Oxygen is an essential, yet often overlooked,
necessity for healthy root and plant growth.
The DO Dissolved Oxygen additive provides
plenty of O2 to clones or vegging and flower-
Best Potting Mix: SoHum Living Soil ing plants. Use it as an additive to your hydro
Many cannabis connoisseurs and cultivators swear by the TLO (true living organic)
reservoir, a root drench for plants in a soilless
method of growing, which uses all-natural ingredients in the medium to bring out the
mix, or as a foliar feed throughout and you’ll
most in the scents and flavors of the plants’ essential oils. SoHum Living Soil provides
see an enormous difference. Still not con-
beneficial bacteria and microorganisms for a biodynamic mix that’s naturally pH-
vinced? Get a free sample from their website
balanced and ready for your seedlings or clones immediately. Just add water! No
and find out what all the hype is about.
additional nutrients or chemicals are necessary throughout all stages of growth.
$57.99, 1 quart; $214.99, 1 gallon
$56, 3 cubic feet; $83, 4.5 cubic feet m
76 High Times September 2017

By Mike Hughes
High Times has produced
some of the most
remarkable cannabis
photography the world
has ever seen. This is
all the more impressive
considering that the
High Times centerfold
started out as a satire of
Playboy. In fact, our very
first centerfold, in the
Fall 1974 issue, featured a
20-pound brick of Colom-
bian weed seductively
posed on a white silk
sheet. The accompany-
ing text portrayed the pot
as a flirtatious model and
even included measure-
ments (15” x 15” x 7”).
After those early
issues, High Times
established itself as a
counterculture mainstay,
and the centerfold took
on a life of its own. It
became a space where
our photographers could
share the plant’s rare
beauty with an audience
that didn’t have access to
well-grown weed. It was
also a space that inspired
the HT staff to reach new
creative heights in telling
a story through still life.
Over the years, thanks
to great photographers,
creativity and a whole lot
of weed, the High Times
centerfold has yielded an
impressive array of pot
photos. For our 500th
issue, we’re highlighting
some of our favorites,
from the 1970s to the
present day.
September 2017 High Times 77

Our August
2010 center-
fold featured a
giant bowl of
Guava Chem
surrounded by
coconuts and
78 The Art of Potography High Times September 2017

ABOVE: Before the indoor-cultivation revolution, smokers relied on sun-grown weed smuggled into the United States from places like
Mexico, Jamaica and Colombia. This centerfold, from our Spring 1975 issue, features some of the choicest bud the ’70s had to offer:
Thai Stick. Originating in Thailand, Thai Stick was potent pot painstakingly tied to stems. It was also expensive, costing as much as
$2,500 per pound. BELOW: One of our all-time-favorite shots, this centerfold features a ton of pot! An actual ton. That’s 2,000 pounds,
or 32,000 ounces—plus one lucky model who got to roll around in all that weed while watching Johnny Carson. This epic pic, shot by the legendary pot photographer Steve Cooper, appeared in
our March 1978 issue.
84 The Art of Potography High Times September 2017

ABOVE: Dubbed “Dope in Space,” this centerfold illustrates what’s possible when a magazine staff gets high and contemplates the
question, ‘What if there was marijuana in outer space?” The shoot produced this centerfold, plus the cover (featuring a joint rocketing
to the moon) and a second double-page spread (featuring a toy plane navigating through an asteroid field comprised of chunks of
cocaine) for our June 1981 issue. BELOW: In our July 1988 issue, we celebrated the rebellious spirit of the Founding Fathers with our
own take on the Boston Tea Party. While High Times has always supported patriotic protest as a way to win freedom for cannabis consumers from an oppressive government, it would be awfully
tough to dump all of that beautiful East India Company weed into the harbor…
86 The Art of Potography High Times September 2017

ABOVE: Our November 1990 centerfold reminded readers that life is fleeting. Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning “Remember
that you must die.” It was also a popular artistic motif over the centuries, inspiring paintings that usually included a skull, an hourglass
and burning candles. Our take on Memento mori featured a few of those classic symbols along with some primo pot, as if to say: “Life
is too short to smoke bad weed.” BELOW: Located in Wiltshire, England, and erected around 3000 BC, Stonehenge has been baffling
archaeologists and scholars since its discovery. Our homage, Stonedhenge, was erected at the High Times office for our September 1995 issue and taken down and consumed shortly thereafter.
While it may not be as awe-inspiring as the original, Stonedhenge is nonetheless an impressive feat of cannabis construction.
88 The Art of Potography High Times September 2017

ABOVE: Think of this still life from our October 2002 issue as the granddaddy of all those Instagram photos of
meticulously manicured buds posed next to various waxes and shatters. This shot, which predates both Instagram
and the concentrate craze, features a ring of Sweet Pink Grapefruit surrounding five different kinds of hash on a bed
of seeds. BELOW: An article on the rise of surfer smugglers in the 1960s and ’70s blossomed into an ambitious shoot
with a surfboard, a starfish and a pound of The Gift. Long-time High Times photog Freebie snapped this beachside shot, and if you’re having trouble with the perspective, take our word for it:
That’s a lot of pot.
90 The Art of Potography High Times September 2017

ABOVE: As more and more smokers converted to concentrates in the early part of the decade, High Times asked the
question: “Is 710 the new 420?” Never much for subtlety, we had one of our favorite pot photographers, Justin Can-
nabis, grab a scale and literally weigh the contenders—buds on one side, dabs on the other—for our July 2013 issue.
BELOW: Sometimes a strain name kick-starts creativity. Such was the case for this epic still life featuring Jack Sparrow.
Once again, we turned to Justin Cannabis, who put together this pirate-themed pic, complete with an irie ship sailing on a sea of green. We’re guessing plenty of readers were dreaming of walk-
ing the plank after seeing our February 2017 issue. m
September 2017 High Times 95

A “Nico’s Nuggets” Special: From Seed to Smoke

The 10 basic steps for growing your own at home By Nico Escondido
HERE IN LONG-FORM Clones offer
PRINT. uniformity and
easy access
HERE IS THE QUES- from local
TION: CAN YOU PLEASE dispensaries.
GOOD LUCK, EVERY- Seeds can be
more vigorous
ONE… WHO KNOWS, in growth, but
MAYBE YOU’LL BE OUR harder to find—
NEXT CANNABIS CUP unless they’re in
your buds!
Step 1: Get Some Seeds (or Clones) of them do manage to get their seed packs through customs
We start off by answering the second-most-asked question: to your door with a bit of ingenious packaging. But, as always,
“Where do I get seeds?” Indeed, in today’s world of feminized the first rule is never to have your seeds shipped to the same
seeds and sinsemilla (Spanish for “without seeds”) bud, it’s address where your garden will be! And the second rule is to
more difficult than ever to find a few beans in your eighth of read the fine print on these companies’ websites, as many claim
weed. that they’ll ship “worldwide,” but then list the countries that
The solution, if you live in a medical or recreational state, is they won’t ship to (including the US)—so once you send that
to find a local dispensary that sells clones, check them closely money order, you can kiss your allowance goodbye.
for mites and mold, and away you go. Of course, for more than This is definitely one of the harder obstacles to overcome
half of the United States, and in many other narrow-minded when it comes to growing your own head stash, but you’d be
countries across the globe, this is simply not a reality. Instead, surprised how word of mouth and simply asking around can
Nico Escondido, Mel Frank

these folks need to rely on some good old-fashioned rebels, get you a few gems to sprout at home. However, if you’re feeling
mainly the offshore seeds banks shrewdly located in places bold and want to undertake a seed-bank adventure, you might
where seeds aren’t illegal to possess or sell. Some of these seed check out the following sites:;;
banks will ship worldwide—at the buyer’s risk. Still, quite a few; and
96 From Seed to Smoke High Times September 2017

A simple basement
grow tent with two
HPS lamps makes
for an easy home

Step 2: Choose Your Space and Your Light tents, grow cabinets, or plug-and-play hydroponic systems, the
Whether you’re planning to grow indoors or out, finding a solution to the puzzle quickly takes shape. Indoor tents are
smart and secure space is critical to the success of your garden. probably the most popular option for home growers these days,
The most important aspects to consider are its dimensions as they usually come in package deals that also include garden
(especially height), security and, of course, light. pots, medium, nutrients, fans, filters and lighting, thereby
Outdoor growers should make sure that the area they choose offering beginner growers a turn-key operation right out of the
is a large, secluded clearing free of shrubs, brush and overhang- box. More experienced growers can simply buy the grow tent in
ing trees that can shade out a garden. Southern-facing clearings almost any size footprint they want and then build and custom-
are usually the best option in North America, as they enjoy the ize the garden to their own specifications.
most sunlight during daytime hours. It’s also important to keep The most important aspect of the indoor garden will be
in mind that while a plot may appear clear in the early spring, the lighting used; most failed attempts are the direct result of
a host of weeds, shrubbery and tree branches may be present growers cutting corners on their lamps. While it’s understand-
by midsummer. Thus, clearing the ground of all vegetative mat- able to want to eliminate heat emissions and high power draws,
ter and trimming back nearby tree branches (or, even better, gardens that don’t deploy high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps
not having any trees nearby at all) is imperative. will pay for it with low yields and low potency. Metal halide
Indoor growers will want to consider the overall height of (MH) lights are the norm for plants in the vegetative stage,
their garden space, taking into account the fact that a lamp will while high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights are recommended for
likely hang approximately 2 feet below the ceiling and plants flowering plants.
should only grow to within 18 inches of the light, thereby Although compact fluorescents and LEDs are excellent sources
eliminating at least 3.5 feet from the overall height of the of supplemental lighting for HID lamps—especially under the
space. This is one of several reasons why attics often prove to canopy or along the sides of the garden—there are few of these
be inadequate as grow spaces—not to mention that heat rises on the market today that can be used as stand-alone grow lights
in homes, which usually makes an attic space too hot for an to take a garden to harvest. LEDs that are intended as solo lamps
indoor garden. need to provide full-spectrum white light, but these usually cost
Basements, empty garages and spare bedrooms often pro- quite a bit more than traditional HID lights, while also consum-
Nico Escondido

Nature’s Spirit welcomes

vide the best spaces for home grows. When you factor in the ing just as much electricity. For small indoor gardens, a 250- or
newest all-in-one solutions for indoor gardens, such as grow 400-watt HID light will do the job nicely.
98 From Seed to Smoke High Times September 2017

This coco-based soilless mix Step 4: Nutrients

looks and feels like regular Selecting the proper nutrients is an impor-
dirt but is better suited for tant consideration for any grow. Plants need
indoor grows. the minerals found in nutrients to aid in
photosynthesis and sugar production. But it’s
important to remember that the nutrients
we “feed” our plants aren’t the actual food
they use for energy, but rather are part of a
process that allows the plants to create their
own food in the form of glucose.
Start by looking at the N-P-K (nitrogen/
phosphorous/potassium) ratio listed on the
nutrient products. Typically, nutrient lines
consist of two parts, a “Grow” formula and
a “Bloom” formula. Grow formulas contain
more nitrogen, while Bloom formulas have
N-P-K ratios higher in phosphorous and
potassium. These ratios correspond to the
plants’ needs during their vegetative and
flowering stages of growth.
New growers are often reminded to start
slow and low when dosing their gardens
with nutrients, because it’s far worse to
Step 3: Choose Your Medium and Containers overfeed your plants than it is to underfeed
Whether you’re growing indoors or out, the next step is deciding the type of them. Read the labels carefully and then
medium you’ll cultivate your plants in, especially since the root zone is extremely mix a milder nutrient solution at one-half
important to a plant’s growth and development. Containers can be just as impor- to two-thirds of the recommended dose.
tant, since the containers and medium work together to hold water and oxygen After a week to 10 days, if you see signs of
for the roots—two essential components for a happy, healthy garden. discoloration or general deficiencies, you can
Outdoor growers have the luxury of using actual dirt or topsoil, in addition increase the dose to the recommended levels.
to compost and soil amendments, for their gardens. Most outdoor growers take But if your plants are looking strong and
advantage of these options, while indoor growers are limited to the more sterile healthy, you will have saved some money on
and inert grow mediums. In fact, indoor growers don’t use soil at all these days; nutrients and also avoided one of the biggest
instead, they use “soilless” mediums, which look and feel very similar to tradi- mistakes encountered by first-time growers.
tional topsoil, but are really peat-, sphagnum- or coco-based substrates. These Remember, overfeeding can lead to nutri-
mediums act just as regular soils would, offering excellent buffering for root sys- ent burn in the root zone or, even worse, a
tems and holding plenty of moisture and air for roots to absorb during the day. buildup of excess salts in the medium, which
“Smart” pots (with holes around the sides and bottom), or fabric pots made can cause nutrient lockup, blocking the
with cloth material, are fast becoming some of the most popular containers roots from absorbing the necessary miner-
among indoor cultivators. These pots are extremely breathable, allowing air als for important biological processes like
to permeate the root zone, which is important because the roots breathe in photosynthesis.
oxygen at night (while the rest of the plant breathes in CO2 during the day). They Another way to avoid excess salts is to use
also offer ample drainage so that excess water doesn’t build up, compress the organic fertilizers, compost teas or veganic
and become stagnant at the bottom of the containers, which can con- nutrients. Organic and veganic nutes may
tribute to root rot. be a bit more expensive than their synthetic
Popular two- counterparts, but they’re not salt-based and
part nutrients are easier for your plants to break down and
like these Black absorb at the root level. Data collected and
Label products analyzed over the past five years at the vari-
make it easier
for beginner
ous High Times Cannabis Cups show that
growers. organic and veganic lines go further than
synthetic nutes in unlocking the maximum
genetic potential of cannabis strains in terms
of their cannabinoid and terpene production.
Many outdoor growers choose not to
feed their gardens directly, but rather use a
composted medium that comes loaded with
the minerals that plants need for develop-
ment and growth. Other outdoor growers
Nico Escondido, HT Archive

who can’t tend to their gardens on a daily

basis utilize time-release nutrients in pellet
form that dissolve slowly and seep into the
medium for uptake by the plants.
100 From Seed to Smoke High Times September 2017

These plants were just moved under HPS lights (12 hours on) to trigger the flowering phase.

Vegging plants are

topped early on to create
bushy plants for both
flowering and cloning.

Step 5: The Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage is crucial to a plant’s final
success, especially where yields are concerned.
In general, the longer a plant is kept in veg,
the more it will develop, producing a greater
yield at harvest time. The vegetative stage of
a plant’s lifecycle usually lasts anywhere from
two weeks to two months, depending on the
grower’s preference (or the time of year it was
planted, if the garden is outdoors).
For plants to remain in the vegetative stage,
they must receive more than 12 hours of light
to keep them from flowering. Most indoor
growers will keep plants under a minimum of
18 hours of light per day during the veg cycle.
However, since the roots grow mostly dur-
ing the dark cycle (or at night), allowing your
plants some “down time” during veg is a good
way to ensure vigorous development.
Growers utilize MH bulbs during the vegeta-
tive stage, since these lights are heavier in
the blue wavelengths that help keep plants
from stretching. This produces plants that are
squatter and bushier, with shorter internodal
lengths (the distance between branches on
the main stem). This in turn helps save space Step 6: The Flowering Stage
indoors, but it also produces more budding The flowering stage of cannabis plants occurs when the photoperiod (or light
sites, which typically occur at the nodes where cycle) of the garden drops to 12 hours or less. In nature, outdoor gardens will
the branches meet the stem, thereby helping to begin to flower after the summer solstice, usually around July (depending on
increase yields as well. latitude), when the sunlight falls below this 12-hour threshold. Indoor growers
The vegetative stage is also important when set their lights on a timer using a 12-hours-on/12-hours-off cycle. Most cannabis
it comes to training and pruning your plants. strains flower after 56 to 65 days (eight to nine weeks). Sativas generally take
Smart pruning techniques, such as “topping” longer than indicas, but since the majority of today’s cannabis varieties are
or “pinching off,” entail removing the top ter- hybrids, this can vary greatly from strain to strain.
minal shoot of the main stalk toward the end As a general rule, a cannabis plant will grow another 30 to 50 percent of its
of the veg cycle. This causes the plant to release final size in the flowering stage. Growers typically use HPS bulbs during this
growth hormones that result in added shoots period, as these lights emit a spectrum heavier in the red wavelengths to more
growing out from directly under the place closely mimic the autumn sun, helping to spur faster flowering (and finishing)
where the terminal shoot was removed. These times. However, these red wavelengths can also cause plants to stretch a bit.
new shoots at the top of the plant can become Thus, savvy indoor growers will use a mix of MH and HPS lighting to provide
large colas during the flowering stage. a broader spectrum for their flowering plants, with the MH bulbs helping to
Indoor and outdoor growers alike can use curb stretching as well as providing added light energy, in the form of photons,
these techniques in conjunction with a trellis to the garden. (Note: The shorter wavelengths, such as blue light, carry higher
system, which opens up the garden to better concentrations of photons.)
light penetration and helps to induce longer Diligent pruning in the flowering stage is very helpful toward increasing
branching with more nodal sites for flower yields and potency. Removing deficient or necrotic leaves, especially larger,
production. A trellis system is also an excellent older growth, can help redirect the plant’s energy to the bud sites. Many leaves
support structure for plants once they begin will begin to turn yellow toward the end of the flowering stage, which is nor-
to produce heavy buds, but the trellis needs to mal and an indication of the dwindling amounts of nitrogen in the medium
Nico Escondido (2)

be placed over the plants—and their growing and plants. Nearly every bloom formula has a lower level of nitrogen in its
shoots trained into its open spaces—early in N-P-K ratio, as the plants need less of this mineral during flowering and more
the vegetative stage. of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).
102 From Seed to Smoke High Times September 2017

Step 7: Flushing These buds are

Flushing the plants and the medium is 6.5 weeks into
an essential and underrated aspect of any flowering with
grow. Whether you’re eating vegetables leaves starting
to yellow due to
or smoking cannabis, the final product
should be devoid of any residual miner-
als that will make the product harsh and
unhealthy. This is especially important in
the age of concentrates, where residual
mineral deposits, pesticides and solvents
can pile up to toxic levels for human
Most advanced growers will do a mini-
mum flush with fresh water only for the
entire final week of the flowering stage.
Some growers prefer longer flushes of up
to two weeks. During the flushing period,
leaves will become extremely yellow and
discolored as nutrients are leached from
the plant. This will make for a smoother
smoke, with the cannabis burning to a
clean, white ash rather than a black, tar-
like ball.

Step 8: Cutting and Drying

You’ve finally made it: harvest time! The
reward for all your hard work is close at
hand—but don’t rush it now. There are
many acceptable methods for cutting down
cannabis plants and drying the flowers. In
general, the basic rule of thumb dictates
that growers cut down their plants at the
end of the daily dark cycle, just as the lights
are coming on or the sun is rising. This
allows the plants to be harvested in a dor-
mant state, before they begin physiological
processes like photosynthesis, which will
These cut
branches from draw moisture and minerals back up into
outdoor plants the plant from the root system.
are hung in a Rather than cutting a plant at its base,
dark, dry space
one popular technique is to remove the
with lots of
airflow. individual branches starting at the top of
the plant. For this method, the branches
are cut just before the first shoot on each
Buds curing branch, thereby creating a convenient “V”
in jars before notch near the base from which it can be
being sold in a
hung upside down on a line or hanger. Be
CO dispensary
sure to label each branch with the strain
name and plant number so as to avoid any
confusion further down the line (such as
during the trimming or curing).
Once they’re cut, hang the branches
upside down in a dark, dry place for five
to seven days. Be sure that plenty of air is
being circulated around the flowers using
floor and wall fans. Use a hygrometer to
check the room’s humidity, and deploy
dehumidifiers if the humidity in the dry-
ing room rises above 50%. Remember that
Nico Escondido (2), Dan Skye

the flowers are 85% water, and you can

expect the final dry weight of the buds to
be about 15% of their wet weight when
originally cut at harvest.
104 From Seed to Smoke High Times September 2017

These flowers were trimmed to

perfection with only buds and
sugar leaves remaining.

Step 9: Trimming and Curing Enjoy!

Perhaps the most overlooked step in terms of the quality of the final product is this
one, particularly where curing is concerned. But before the curing starts, the buds
must be trimmed and manicured. Large commercial operations sometimes deploy
trim machines to aid in the workload; however, veteran growers know that the best
method for manicuring flowers is to trim them by hand.
There are competing opinions about whether it’s better to wet-trim or dry-trim.
The latter occurs after drying, whereas the former occurs immediately following har-
vest, while the plant is still alive and “wet.” Some growers find it easier to dry-trim,
when the leaves have less moisture and don’t stick to the buds as much. Conversely,
other growers feel that trimming dry buds can knock off or damage the valuable Step 10: Smoke That Herb!
trichomes. Either way, the buds need to be trimmed prior to the start of the curing Congratulations! There is nothing in
process, and it might be more efficient for new growers to trim after drying so that the world quite like smoking your own
the manicured flowers can go directly into the curing jars. homegrown cannabis... and, hopefully,
Sometimes growers are so excited (or relieved) after the harvest that they forget the process itself was a fun and reward-
just how integral the curing of the buds is to their final quality. In short, curing is ing experience.
just a much slower drying process, which can last anywhere from a week to a month Thanks for reading and celebrating
or two depending on the grower’s preference. Some connoisseurs prefer a longer and our 500th issue of High Times. And
deeper cure to draw out the ultimate essence of the flower. Of course, there is always remember: Grow… and help the world
a point of diminishing returns after a certain length of time. grow, too! m
One of the best methods of curing consists of using UV-protected glass jars. The
buds are placed in these jars and then kept in a cool, dry place out of direct light, Follow Nico on social media: @Nico_
with the jars being “burped” once or twice daily to allow the slowly evaporating mois- Escondido (Twitter) and @Nico_High_
ture to escape. Leaving the jars open for five to 10 minutes at a time will do the trick Times (Instagram). Got questions? E-mail
nicely. Some people like to use larger jars, or bins, for curing larger amounts of flower. ’em to Nico at NicosNuggets@hightimes.
However, be wary of using plastic containers or bins for curing, as plastic can often com, and be sure to put “Nico’s Nuggets”
impart an unwanted smell to your buds. in the subject line. (Tip: Before sending
After about a week to 10 days, the buds should be dried and cured to a nearly your question, try the new search feature
pristine point. Each time you open the jars, you will smell more and more of the buds’ on the High Times website. Simply click
aromatic bouquet as the more volatile compounds—known as the terpene profile— the magnifier icon at the top right and
type “Nico + [your subject]” to see if your
Dan Skye (3)

begin to present themselves. Finally, once you—the grower!—know that the time is
right, you can proceed to the final step… question has already been answered.)
106 High Times September 2017

The Best Cannabis Dispensaries

In states that have legalized marijuana, either for medical or recreational use, dispensaries are forever changing the practice
of buying buds. Visiting these pot shops can be an eye-opening experience for those who have only known the limited options,
questionable quality and legal dangers of black-market buys. But with so many dispensaries cropping up across the country, it
can be hard to know which ones truly excel.
If you’re seeking a better cannabis-buying experience, look no further than High Times’ picks for the best marijuana dispensa-
ries in America. We’ve selected over 70 medical and recreational pot shops around the country that stand out for their elite and
extensive inventories, awesome environments and superb staffs.

Barbary Coast

The Bay Area is the birthplace of
the modern marijuana dispen-
sary, thanks to the pot pioneers
who boldly opened the San
Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club
in 1992—four years before the
passage of Proposition 215, the
state’s landmark medical mari-
juana law. That compassionate
spirit is still at the heart of the
region’s dispensaries, which
offer everything from boutique
buds to the legendary outdoor
cannabis of the Emerald Tri-
angle. The Bay also boasts some
of the country’s best makers
of concentrates, edibles and
topicals. Here are our picks for
the best shops in NorCal.

1841 El Camino
This large and beautiful dis-
pensary has one of the widest
selections of top-shelf meds and CannaCruz a great place to get your medical and acupuncture, but they also
edibles anywhere in the state— Quality medicine is job one for buds and then enjoy a pickup carry some of the best cannabis
plus the helpful staff makes CannaCruz: The staff here takes game of chess with one of the in the world, in addition to a
shopping here a joy. Frequent safe access to clean meds seri- locals. customer-loyalty program that
barbecues and community ously. Located in the surfer and earns you free weed with fre-
events have turned this shop hippie paradise of Santa Cruz, Compassionate Heart quent purchases. Plus their True
into a social hub for stoners this dispensary has a surf-shop Collective OG can be a life-changer—don’t
in the Golden State’s capital. feel to it. When you visit Canna- This gem, located at the gateway leave without grabbing some. Cruz, get yourself a pre-roll (they to the Emerald Triangle, is an
actually have great pre-rolls… old-school Deadhead’s paradise.
Barbary Coast seriously) and head to the dog It’s also a great place to see what Emerald Pharms
This location has a swank decor beach for a blaze and a sunset. the outdoor scene in NorCal has World-famous Emerald Pharms
and heady menu, but that’s just to offer. The unique outdoor is a tourist destination for
for starters—it also has a full dab variety this collective brings to people interested in sustainable
and vape bar. Many of the items CBCB (Cannabis Buyers Club the table comes at a completely living and farming. This “perma-
on the menu are available for Berkeley) reasonable price—a great shop culture oasis” is an off-the-grid,
less than $10. It’s a great place to Great weed coupled with a com- with great value. compassionate- solar-powered, self-sustaining
pop in for a buzz before dinner munity feel make this Berkeley organic farm as well as a warm
or a night out in San Francisco. shop a local institution. Free and friendly dispensary with
Barbary Coast offers a glimpse fruit and snacks, chess boards Elemental Wellness a curated selection of organic
of what the future may look like and books give this place a real Elemental Wellness provides the goodies. Pack a lunch, bring
once public-consumption issues rec-center vibe. An upbeat DJ model that all medical dispen- the dog and spend a little time
are finally behind us. barbary- spinning music and a large menu saries should aspire to. Not only soaking this place in. emerald- with very fair pricing make CBCB do they offer free massage, yoga
September 2017 High Times 107

in America Compiled by the

High Times Staff
Buds & Roses

The Green Door pioneers of SoCal can achieve.

All of the shops on this list have Here are 10 of our regional faves.
great service and quality weed
in common, but only the Green Alternative Herbal Health
Door has a collection of original Services (AHHS WeHo)
Dr. Seuss artwork on display. West Hollywood’s source for the
Come for the cannabis, stay for fire in every category, AHHS
the amazing art. The friendly WeHo is celebrating over 14
and knowledgeable staff will years of helping patients in
help you select the perfect strain need—and the helpful and
to enjoy with your green eggs committed staff here makes the
and ham. entire experience a pleasure.
Humboldt Patient Resource
Center Buds & Roses
This well-stocked shop is located This Studio City stalwart boasts
right in the middle of some of some of the best flowers, hash
the best outdoor activities that and edibles in the Los Angeles
California has to offer. Beauti- area. Specializing in veganic med-
ful beaches, redwood forests, icine, B&R places an emphasis on
pristine hiking trails and the quality and safety. Bonus: Valet
great college-town vibe of Arcata parking!
make this shop worth planning a
three-day weekend around—and California Herbal Remedies
it’s also the fountainhead for (CHR)
many great Humboldt growers. Established in 2007, CHR has a storied history as Kush special-
ists and Cannabis Cup winners.
Magnolia Their menu has consistently
Magnolia is a shop with a featured over 70 different lab-
mission: making life better for tested, high-grade flowers and
patients and making Oakland shatters for a decade and count- in Sherman Oaks in the San Fer- discounts and gifts. They offer a
better for everyone. The social ing. nando Valley deserves its many well-curated selection of meds,
consciousness here is inspir- accolades. Everything here is including gear from Pax, Papa &
ing. Regular educational and Downtown Patients Group top-shelf, including a wide vari- Barkley, Sprig, Flow Kana, Kiva
social events give members of (DTPG) ety of CBD-rich products. The and more.
Magnolia an exciting connec- Since 2007, DTPG has served the Higher Path also provides a 10
tion to their community through patients of downtown LA with a percent discount to the disabled, ShowGrow LA
the herb that brings everyone huge selection of strains, hash, seniors, veterans and students. Everyone should experience this
together. edibles, tinctures and topicals, huge (8,000 square feet!) state-
including CBD-rich products. of-the-art facility located smack
SOUTHERN Check out their daily deals and Los Angeles Patients & Care- dab in the heart of LA’s down-
CALIFORNIA always-reasonable prices. dtpgla. givers Group (LAPCG) town fashion district. Patients
With far more dispensaries than com Open since 2004, this pioneer can check out the live growroom
any other region of the country, facility provides an incred- and then purchase from a mas-
the Los Angeles area repre- Greenwolf LA ible selection of flowers and sive variety of high-quality meds.
sents the epicenter of medical Located on LA’s East Side in concentrates for patients in
cannabis sales. Kush strains Los Feliz, Greenwolf provides need, including some of the
and terpy concentrates rule the frosty flowers, clean and tasty best brands in cannabis: Marley The WEED (Wellness Earth
roost, while hundreds of edible concentrates, and a wide variety Natural, Whoopi & Maya, Energy Dispensary)
and topical creators fuel a strong of edibles and topicals. One visit hmbldt, Apothecanna and Patients looking for quality meds
market for quality meds at here and you’ll see why this dis- Chong’s Choice. at reasonable prices should
competitive prices. Now that the pensary has won dozens of High check out the WEED in Studio
LA City Council’s moratorium Times Cannabis Cups. facebook. City. The informative budtenders
on dispensaries has been ended com/greenwolfla MedMen WeHo will help you find what’s right
thanks to Measure M, and with Comfortable and clean, with for you, and the WEED special-
recreational adult use awaiting The Higher Path an emphasis on health and izes in CBD-rich varieties and
full implementation in 2018, Voted LA Weekly’s Best Dispen- wellness, MedMen does a great products as well. theweed420.
the sky’s the limit for what the sary for 2016, this boutique spot job of rewarding regulars with com
108 The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in America High Times September 2017

The Clinic

COLORADO over 26 percent activated THC. of supplying Colorado patients boasts a great location, friendly
Colorado was the first US state to with elite genetics, House of staff and excellent quality for
legalize recreational marijuana Dankness now has its own reasonable prices, with daily spe-
for adults 21 and over—and the The Green Solution Denver storefront along with a cials year-round. You don’t want
only state ever to have amended With 15 locations open in 2017, brand-new, state-of-the-art grow to miss out on Natural Remedies’
its state constitution to do so. the Green Solution is one of Col- facility—one the largest in the Moonshine Haze, UK Cheese
The upshot is a serious and orado’s largest retail dispensary Southwest. or Super Silver Flo. Plus, sister
dedicated industry base that chains. With a professionally company Concentrated Rem-
has pushed the limits of legal trained staff and an emphasis MMJ America edies produces some of the very
markets, cultivation and culture. on customer service, the Green With three stores in Denver best BHO in town! Medical and
These dispensaries not only Solution takes its craft seri- and a fourth in Boulder, MMJ recreational users alike will love
boast some of the very best ously—and it shows. The winner America is one of the biggest visiting this shop.
cannabis in the country, but of over 15 Cannabis Cups, for and best-known chains of medi-
they’ve also set international everything from extracts to CBD cal and recreational dispensaries Sweet Leaf
standards for research, genetics products, this shop’s extensive in Colorado. A premier strain One of the most welcoming dis-
and luxury products. menu provides something for menu is provided at each shop pensaries in the business, Sweet
every cannabis consumer, from courtesy of the Vault Genetics, Leaf is known for its excellent
The Clinic the patient to the recreational a subsidiary of MMJA and the inventory, competitive pricing
One of the original big boys user. winner of over a dozen High and highly educated staff. This
in Big D, the Clinic now spans Times Cannabis Cups. The shop can meet even the most
three states: Colorado, Illinois The Herbal Cure professional staff and smart discerning customer’s needs.
and Nevada. Winner of awards Founded in 2010, this iconic business attitude make MMJA And, Sweet Leaf is expand-
and accolades across the indus- Logan Street dispensary is a powerhouse in the cannabis ing, adding shops in Oregon
try, the Clinic has taken home 14 known for its relaxed atmo- industry. and Nevada to its 10 locations
Cannabis Cups, including several sphere and one of the most throughout greater Denver.
first-place wins for concentrates, knowledgeable staffs in the Native Roots
flowers and CBD products. the- state. The diverse menu of A popular fixture among Colora- strains features a blend of local do’s cannabis aficionados, Native Verde Natural
and exotic flavors, including Roots boasts 19 locations across A dispensary whose roots run
Green Man Cannabis (GMC) exclusive drops from Essential the state and an extensive menu deep in the history of the trade,
With a national reputation for Extracts in the way of killer of edibles, topicals and concen- Verde Natural has become syn-
having some of the best growers rosin and solventless hash. trates. Patients have their choice onymous with the true essence
in the game, Green Man Canna- of potent strains here, including of cannabis, thanks to curated
bis is a perennial Cannabis Cup some that hit more than 28 per- genetics that go back genera-
contender whose award-winning House of Dankness cent THC (such as the White Fire tions in the US and Amsterdam
strains are among the finest on Founded by renowned grower OG, Chem 4, and Bruce Banner). alike. Featuring all-organic,
the planet. In this year’s annual and breeder Scott Reach of Rare soil-grown strains, the menu at
HT feature “The Strongest Dankness, this Denver dispen- Verde is fresh and healthy, with
Strains on Earth,” GMC boasted sary has fast become a force to Natural Remedies an emphasis on helping patients
two of the top strains, each with be reckoned with. After years This downtown Denver shop in need.
110 The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in America High Times September 2017

Michigan has always been a
hotbed of cannabis activism and
cultivation. When you combine
Ann Arbor’s storied history of
pro-pot advocacy with Detroit’s
economic downturn and the
long tradition of growing in
the Upper Peninsula, you have
a state ripe for the rewards of
marijuana-law reform. Even
though the Michigan Medical
Marijuana Act was overwhelm-
ingly approved by voters in
November 2008, dispensaries
here continue to operate under
some degree of fear. Here are 10
brave and beloved pot pioneers
in “The Mitten.”

Winner of multiple Cannabis
Cups, this Ann Arbor shop is
your friendly neighborhood com-
passionate caregiver. Arborside
offers several different levels of Road in Detroit, this profes- Om of Medicine Arbor, TreeCity offers a carefully
bud, from the top-shelf to the sional and affordable pot shop This beautiful spot in Ann curated selection of lab-tested
super-affordable, and it also places an emphasis on edu- Arbor employs a holistic and flowers, concentrates and much
carries a wide range of popular cating patients and stocking organic approach to cannabi- more. This is a true patients’ col-
products, including its own line cutting-edge products, including noid medicine. The shop hosts lective, with plenty of CBD-rich
of delicious and potent edibles. CBD-rich concentrates, THC-A grow seminars (with the likes of products and a strict 21-plus crystalline, distillates and “The breeding legend DJ Short) and policy. annarborprovisioning-
Clear.” It also supplies growers comedy shows, and it also offers
Bloom City Club with quality rooted clones. face- a 10 percent discount to the
Female-owned and -operated, disabled, veterans and seniors. NEVADA
this Ann Arbor dispensary The Silver State is fast becoming
is known for its impeccable Herbal Solutions a major player in the world of
customer service and welcoming With multiple Cannabis Cups for The Sweet Leaf retail weed. Nevada’s medical
environment. Bloom specializes its flowers and concentrates, this At this unique Flint enterprise, cannabis law has been on the
in small-batch “craft” cannabis Ypsilanti shop features a profes- nine different grower/caregiv- books for nearly two decades,
products created with love by sional environment, lab-tested ers with different specialties and the law allows for reciproc-
some of the best growers and medicine and a friendly, knowl- combine to provide patients ity—meaning that legal pot
extract artists in Michigan. edgeable staff. Herbal Solutions with a variety of high-quality patients from any other state has what you’re looking for, meds at very reasonable prices, can come to Nevada and
including a robust variety of live all under one roof. Patients get purchase up to 2.5 ounces in
Depot Town Alternative resin, clean shatter, tasty wax real one-on-one help as well as a dispensary. In 2016, Nevada
Health and aficionado-quality nugs. advice from the informed staff. voters legalized recreational
This spot opened in Ypsilanti weed. Rec sales are expected to
in 2011 and has been faithfully begin this summer, and it’s safe
serving the patients of the JC3 (Jackson County Compas- Third Coast to assume that, like everything
area with Cannabis Cup–win- sion Club) Third Coast was the first dispen- in Vegas, they’re going to be big.
ning, lab-tested medicine ever Located between Ann Arbor and sary to open in Michigan, and Until then, here are our favorite
since, including Captain Kirk’s Kalamazoo, the city of Jackson it’s still one of the best. Safe, medical shops in Nevada.
edibles. The Detroit Metro Times doesn’t offer a ton of options for friendly and boasting some of
cited Depot Town for the Best med-pot patients in need, but the finest flowers and concen- Las Vegas Releaf
Pre-Roll at a Dispensary in JC3 shines through with great trates in the state, Third Coast in A posh yet inviting medical
2017. The shop also provides medicine at reasonable prices. Ypsilanti has a great atmosphere dispensary, Releaf carries a full
discounts for veterans, seniors Founded in 2009, this private and even hosts massage and line of flowers, concentrates and
and students. club accepts new members and cooking classes. edibles at affordable prices. Its
depottownhealth also boasts a huge seed cellar knowledgeable staff aims to edu-
catering to patients who want to cate patients, providing products
Green Cross grow their own. jacksoncompas- TreeCity Health Collective that treat symptoms effectively
Located on the famous 8 Mile Minutes from downtown Ann and efficiently.
112 The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in America High Times September 2017

MMJ America
A Colorado transplant, MMJA
is quickly becoming a national
brand, opening its first pot shop
in Las Vegas in the summer of
2017. The closest dispensary
to the Vegas Strip, this shop
services patients with the same
strains that have won MMJA
countless awards at High Times
Cannabis Cups. mmjamerica.

Oasis Medical Center

Education and community
involvement highlight the
Oasis Medical Center’s mission.
A leader in the Vegas canna-
bis scene, this shop offers an
impressive variety of top-shelf
medicine to patients and tourists
alike, all curated from the finest
producers in Nevada. oasismedi- ShowGrow

ShowGrow sales of flowers, concentrates, high roller to the frugal shopper. staff to boot.
After establishing three dispen- edibles, tinctures and topicals. And unlike most ultra-laid-back
saries in Southern California, Here’s ten of our favorite outlets Oregon weed shops, Brothers Oregon’s Finest
ShowGrow has embarked on its in the Beaver State. works hard to provide attentive Any Oregon’s Finest location is
first out-of-state venture, bring- customer service. brothers-can- worth a visit for the superb top-
ing Cali quality to the desert Attis Trading Company shelf flower selection, though
oasis in Nevada. Offering one of Staffed by savvy budtenders, prices run high. While the
the most extensive strain menus the bright and airy Attis shops Collective Awakenings budtenders here tend to have a
in Las Vegas, as well as extracts, are perfect for those wishing to The Moe’s Tavern of PDX hipster vibe, their knowledgeable
edibles and vape-pen products, soothe their physical pains or dispensaries, this well-worn recommendations of the best
ShowGrow is among the state’s psychological traumas. More like spot warmly embraces the weed herb for every customer more
largest and most popular dispen- a pharmaceutical dispensary, shopper with a down-home vibe. than makes up for it. oregons-
saries. Attis has three locations in Port- Don’t expect anything flashy
land and a fourth in Tillamook, from this local favorite—just
The Source so relief is never far away. attis- solid weed at 1970s prices. col- Oregrown
With two Nevada locations and Billed as a “farm to table” can-
a commitment to quality and nabusiness, Oregrown grows and
patient safety, the Source is a Botanica Cannabis Jayne sells organic indoor cannabis
place for patients to feel welcome Dispensary A choice selection of lab-tested and processes its own extracts.
and secure in obtaining their can- With a display room that looks flowers awaits you in this Set in the heart of downtown
nabis medicine. The value menu more like a jewelry shop, oasis of high-end products at Bend, this flagship dispensary
here includes $10 grams, while Botanica’s limited selection of low prices. A good entry-level also offers high-quality organic
30 flower strains and over 60 flowers could fool the shopper dispensary for the curious or flowers from a select handful of
types and flavors of concentrates accustomed to Oregon’s mega- uninitiated, Jayne also stocks a Oregon cultivators. oregrown.
provide plenty of options for dispensaries. But there’s not a premium assortment of topicals, com
medical and recreational users bad strain on offer here, and the edibles, concentrates and tinc-
alike. relaxed neighborhood vibe will tures. Serra Dispensary (Downtown)
ensure that everyone walks away For tourists breezing through
with the perfect product for Nectar Portland with limited time on
OREGON their needs. Tucked into the rolling suburban their hands, Serra is the best
Aer legalizing medical mari- hills of Portland, Nectar is a bet for a quick and inexpensive
juana in 1998, Oregon’s dispen- Brothers Cannabis hidden gem. A curated selection pot-buying experience. This
sary scene exploded in cities One of the state’s oldest dispen- of sativas, indicas and hybrids dispensary boasts a laid-back
like Portland, Eugene and Bend. saries, Brothers Cannabis is a ensures something for every staff who will gently nudge
In 2014, Oregon voters legalized slice of Portland history. This smoker. Expect to land great newbies to the right choice. And
recreational cannabis and grow- shop offers a killer selection of deals on high-quality flowers— don’t forget that Ground Kontrol
ers and retail outlets all over the flowers and pre-rolls, designed even the $25 eighths work won- Arcade is just down the block.
state stepped up production and to cater to everyone from the ders—and there’s a friendly, chill continued on page 134
114 The High Times Interview High Times September 2017




September 2017 High Times The High Times Interview 115

Bob Marley people names, y’know. What confession is that there were talking about a few people
September 1976: keepeth its mouth, keepeth so many people tapping the from almost everybody’s staff.
When was the first time you got its life. glass in the ’76 campaign Across the board… Not junkies
high on herb? that you never knew who or freaks, but people who were
As a yout’. Was in de Do you think herb takes you to might turn up at one of those just as comfortable with drugs
Sixties. the same place? midnight sessions. They were like weed, booze or coke as
I feel like ya ‘ave thousands dangerously nonpartisan… we are—and we’re not weird,
What was the best weed you of different types of herb. If are we? Hell no, we’re just
ever smoked? when ya plant it, if ya medita- That’s amazing. You were cover- overworked professionals who
One time I was in Jamaica, tion not high, it don’t come ing this media-saturated presi- need to relax now and then,
was doin’ a show, an’ a man like de right type of herb. dential campaign during the day, have a bit of the whoop and
come up to me, and he gave then snorting coke at night with the giggle, right?
me a spliff. Now, das de bes’ It’s very hard to find the right all those hotshot politicos?
herb I ever smoke. Yeah, man! type of herb. They weren’t very hotshot What is your favorite drug
Neva get an extra herb like Yeah, man. then. experience?
dat again! No, no no. Just like Well, there are very few
one tree in de earth, y’know? things that can really beat
driving around the Bay Area
Well, the Jamaican that’s com- on a good summer night—
ing into the States now is not as big motorcycle, head full of
good as it was. acid—wearing nothing but a
Ya don’ get no good herb T-shirt and a pair of shorts
because too much sell in and getting on that Highway
Jamaica. And ya find alla 1 going 120 miles an hour.
people who plant herb fertil- That’s a rush of every kind—
ize it, so nobody really take head, hands—it’s everything
care of de herb like first time. put in a bundle. Because first
Ya use fertilizer, it come of all, it’s a rush, and also it’s
quick. Dem fertilize it an’ cut maintaining control and see
it before time. how far I can go, how weird
I can get and still survive,
Do you guys find it hard to get even though I’m seeing rats
good herb? in front of me instead of cops.
Me fin’ it hard to get in Rats with guns on…

In England they always mix it Mick Jagger

with tobacco. It’s really foul. June 1980:
Yeah, man. It’s time to let Do you like to be alone?
de people get good herbs Yeah. Very much.
an’ smoke. Government’s a
joke. All dey wan’ is ya smoke What do you do?
cigarettes and cigar. Some Play. Music.
cigar wickeder den herb.
Yeah, man, ya can’t smoke Take drugs?
cigar. Smoke herb. Some No.
big cigar me see man wit’.
God bless! Me tell him must Never?
smoke herb. Very rarely take drugs.
Hunter S. Thompson OK. But since we’re talking I don’t like drugs. I think
Have you ever tried acid? September 1977: about drug use during the ’76 cocaine is a very bad, habit-
Me hear ‘bout people who So if you go back and read your campaign, it’s obvious we’re forming bore. It’s about
do it. No, me meet people stories, a scene where you talking about people who are the most boring drug ever
who do it, an’ dem tell me. talk about “tapping the glass” now in the White House, right? invented. [Laughs] I mean,
And when dem tell me, I with [Jimmy] Carter campaign Well… some of them, yes… it’s very bad and very debili-
travel to de same place. I staffer “X”… tating. I can’t understand the
mean, when a guy explain it Right. That means chopping The inner circle of Carter’s fashion for it. ‘Cause it’s so
an’ ya listen, ya can go all de up rocks of cocaine on a glass people are serious drug users? expensive.
way up to de same place as coffee table or some mirror we Wait a minute, I didn’t say
him. jerked off the wall for that pur- that. For one thing, a term That’s where you spend your
pose—but not necessarily with like serious users has a very money?
Who told you about it? one of Carter’s people. The weird and menacing connota- No, but I see people that
Well, one mustn’t call whole point of this wretched tion; and, for another, we were do. I mean, I know what
116 The High Times Interview High Times September 2017

people spend on drugs. I are state-run liquor stores. danger that, if drugs are legal- Dave Chappelle
mean, you’ve got to look it up You could get your Acapulco ized, corporate interests will April 2004:
in High Times. It’s a fortune. gold or your whatever it hap- take over? Did herb hit you hard when
Grass is a hundred dollars an pened to be—your Augusta Anything corporate is you first did it, as in the movie
ounce, a hundred and fifty gold or your Bangor gold. And dangerous and harmful. [Half Baked]?
dollars for an ounce of grass. people would come from all [Drugs] should all be legal When I first smoked weed
It’s unbelievable. But cocaine, the other states to buy it, and and free. Profit should be I didn’t like it so much. First
forget it. Anyone that buys there could be a state tax on against the law. That’ll stop time I smoked I was twelve.
cocaine at those prices… If it. Then everybody in Maine those fuckers… It didn’t really do anything
you want to take it, fine, but if could have a Cadillac. for me. You hear stories, “I
you’re spending money on it, I don’t smoke very much Tonight’s audience really got was paranoid, I was this, I
Jesus. What a boring drug. marijuana at all anymore, off on your drug riffs, but I’m was that.” Nothing. Then
because I’m afraid of additives, sure you get some negative I smoked pot once in high
Do you like mushrooms? which come from decontrol feedback too. school. I think the first decent
Yeah, mushrooms. Only and deregulation. Anybody Oh yeah. What really experience I had with weed
under medical supervision. can squirt anything into it that bugs me is that a lot of was when I was nineteen. I
No, but mushrooms are more they want to. And that scares people don’t even have a tie- started smoking again, and
interesting. You really can’t me. I don’t like the idea. in with alcohol as a drug. that’s when it was like, “Hey,
take them like cocaine. I think My idea of what dope is I’ve never been attacked this is not bad.” By that time
drugs should only be used supposed to be is to just get by a pothead, but I’ve had the chronic had come out, and
occasionally. mellow. And what I do, if I drunks scare the shit out of I loved it. Half Baked, man, I
smoke it anymore, is when me. Also, it doesn’t always wrote that movie, my buddy
You sit around and smoke I’m driving to the movies, to register that people who and me did. I was livin’ that
grass. smoke a couple real quick smoke pot are under arrest lifestyle. I wasn’t just imitat-
Sitting and smoking grass so I can sit there in the first in a lot of places and their ing that lifestyle.
is different. row. It’s kind of interesting belongings are taken from
and they have all that good them by the government. Did you have any qualms about
munchie food, too, you don’t It’s amazing how scared making a drug movie?
Stephen King have to make yourself. they’ve made everyone. Oh, was I nervous about
January 1981: They can suspend the Bill of it? Not at all. Not at all. I
Maine is a decriminalized state. Rights and people think it’s didn’t see anything wrong
Do you think that’s a good idea? Bill Hicks a good thing. “Just Say No” with smoking pot, you know. I
I do approve of that. I April 1993: is the extent of our drug mean, now I’m older. I can see
think that marijuana should Your management was reluc- education in this country. where it can be less than ben-
not only be legal, I think it tant for you to do a High Times All my friends said yes eficial. I still don’t necessarily
should be a cottage industry. interview. Did they think it and I’ll guarantee you we feel like it’s criminal. Should
It would be wonderful for would spoil your image? learned a lot more about Tommy Chong be in jail right
the state of Maine. There’s Well, “Heroin Quarterly” drugs. Just say yes, and now? Naw! I still can’t believe
some pretty good homegrown had me first… no [laughs]. you’ll learn. it! I’m surprised you don’t
dope. I’m sure it would be I have no idea what the see more “Free Chong” shirts.
even better if you could grow problem was. I think all drugs
it with fertilizers and have should be legal—across the
greenhouses… My wife says, board, effective immediately.
Milla Jovovich, November 1994
and I agree with her, that Law enforcement doesn’t stop “It’s so funny, I told my mom, ‘One day I’m gonna be
what would be really great for anyone from doing drugs. All in this magazine. It doesn’t mean you have to take
Maine would be to legalize it does is make criminals out drugs because you’re in this magazine. It’s just a
dope completely and set up of them. very cool magazine to be in.’”

dope stores the way that there Do you think there’s any
118 The High Times Interview High Times September 2017

You know. This is like

crazy! Like I said, I can
see where it’s less than
beneficial for the corpo-
rate schedule. But nine
months in federal prison?
For selling bongs?

If pot were legal, would

that do good things for race
I think potentially it
could. I mean, socially,
when I think about the
people I have smoked when they made those LA Diego. I’m not sure it was
pot with, they are such turnarounds, and all that called the War on Drugs
an eclectic mix of people stuff was going around. All then, but Nixon’s border
that I probably never the guitar players had it… war had started, and I
would have spoken to a happened to be one of the
lot of them if it weren’t What’s the difference smok- early casualties—coming
for pot. Alcohol doesn’t ing pot 50 years ago and now? back from Mexico with
bring people together like It costs more money. Vietnamese dope on me.
that. You put these same How stupid could I be,
people together, they’re People say it’s better now, right? That’s really dumb.
drinking alcohol, they end but I don’t remember not Anyway, I was facing
up fighting. So I mean, getting high 25 years ago. five to 20 on a federal
do I think it’s the cure-all No, I don’t either. You smuggling charge. It was
for America’s problems? know, it’s kind of like sex— very scary, and I was in for
No. Do I think this shit is there’s none bad, there’s a while. Finally, I got out
a good way to relax after just some that’s better. because of my father. It
a stressful day? Sure! In I think our tolerance is was the beginning of the
a live-and-let-live society pretty good, too. Drug War, which was obvi-
I don’t know if it should ously not working—most of
be considered criminal. If I usually stop for a few these kids in prison should
Tyrone smoked as much days every now and then— not have been there. They
weed as he did crack, he’d because I run out. were young, they were
fall asleep long before I intentionally let myself facing long sentences,
he committed a crime. run out every now and then. and it was very arbitrary.
[Laughs] That really soured me
A couple of days into that, I quickly. With Morrison and
usually say, “Let me rethink Hendrix and Dylan leading
Willie Nelson that decision.” the charge in those days,
October 2005: Either that or one of the there was a whole new
In your autobiography, you guys’ll bring me one and feeling about authority. We
said that marijuana got you say, “Here, don’t you think questioned it, we fought
off cigarettes and drinking. it’s time?” it—and, frankly, I’ve had
Yeah, I knew I was kill- my lapses, but I’ve never
ing myself with cigarettes, Oliver Stone stopped questioning it.
and I knew I was really November 2009:
putting myself in danger The War on Drugs has been How would you describe
with drinking so much, going full swing since the the marijuana experience?
so somewhere along the ‘60s. You yourself have I’ve found it very
way I decided, “Wait a been a victim. enlightening. Some people
minute! You know, do Yeah, I was busted in don’t—they find paranoia
what you can do.” In the December 1968 in San and worry. I think if you
early years, I drank all the
time. Mainly before
pot. Up until then, George Carlin, February 1998
I was into whiskey “I like to write without being stoned and then,
and uppers. You every now and then—not every time, but not totally
know, that’s the infrequently, I like to have a hit or two and then go
punch up the writing. I just see different things and
deal. Truck drivers
hear different things.”
had the bennies
120 The High Times Interview High Times September 2017

can control your mind, if How about reading scripts and connect again—to be present
you contain it, you can make preparing for roles? and conscious.
marijuana be a friend, an I’ve never worked high
ally. I wouldn’t do it all day, and I’ve never filmed high. Which issue of marijuana
all the time, because I think But I’ve read scripts high and legalization strikes you as the
you should try to balance your gotten a different perspective. most urgent?
states—but certainly it’s been That’s the great thing about Certainly, the jails being
creative and opened me to smoking weed: If you lead a full of people for ridiculous
new ideas. I’ve abused it at very, very busy life, for me, it drug-related crimes: If you
times, there’s no question, but really makes the most of the really want to stop cartel
I’ve always tried to be moder- weekend. It like triples your action, then legalize mari-
ate throughout my whole life weekends. If you only have juana. I do think it should be
with everything, trying not to certain windows to get high, regulated—I don’t think it’s
overdo it. Because abuse and it allows you to slow down a good idea for young kids to
excessive use can come quick, I would just feel tired or not and really be there. It’s really smoke regularly while their
especially with substances like feel well. When I smoked, I important, because technol- brains are developing. As I’ve
cocaine. remember thinking: “Oh, this ogy has made everybody explained to my kids, weed
Peyote has been valuable, is much more my speed. This multi-task: We get so dis- helps you take a break from
too, in the same way as mari- definitely works better for me.” tracted and so crazy, and our a very busy life. But you’ll
juana. Also, ayahuasca and relationships are less human never have a really full life if
mushrooms. Has it been a lifelong companion? and more based on technol- you’re stoned constantly from
It’s something that I’ve ogy. Smoking helps you to a young age. m
Susan Sarandon always had around, and I’ve
August 2015: always been with people who
Do you remember the first time smoked. But I went on a major
you tried [pot]? hiatus when my kids were
Kurt Vonnegut, November 1990
I don’t remember it as young. If I did smoke, I’d have
being so extraordinary. I to really find a time when I
“They should sell pot like tobacco.
never was a drinker: My body could—just for me. It’s never I don’t want people to go to jail for
is pretty finely tuned, and I fun being high when you have pot. They shouldn’t be punished.”
didn’t like drinking because to pretend you’re not.
September 2017 High Times Dear Danko by @DannyDanko 123

Expert Grow Advice

Pruning for bigger yields, growroom lighting,
how to clone, proper curing and more…
Send your cannabis cultivation questions to @deardanko or

Cannabis loves nothing SUBJECT: Backyard Bonanza

more than to be outdoors, FROM: Elliot
bathed in sunshine.
vWhat can you suggest to
get a good backyard grow
started and maximize its

Dear Elliot,
The key to maximizing the yield of
an outdoor grow is to plan carefully,
start early and make sure the plants
will get enough light through-
out their lifecycle. Planning means
making sure that your backyard
is secure and safe to grow in and
won’t arouse suspicion or unwanted
attention. Stealth is important,
even in a legal medical growing
The next step is to start early.
Plant seeds indoors under grow
lights in mid- to late winter and
give them a chance to grow into
nice-size vegetative bushes before
placing them outdoors in the
spring. This is also the time to
prune them in order to keep your
plants short and stocky and pro-
duce more branches and tops.
Find a planting spot in your yard
that gets plenty of direct sunlight
throughout the day and the grow-
ing season (which runs from spring
into late fall). A tree that isn’t in the
way now might reduce your plants’
sunlight drastically come autumn.
Next, dig out a hole as big as
you can and fill it with good store-
bought organic soil and whatever
amendments you wish to use. (I rec-
ommend compost, greensand and
some seabird guano.) Make sure
the medium is light and airy and
keep it well watered. Trellising big
outdoor plants is a must, so create
some kind of trellis using materials
such as chicken wire. Each fallen
branch represents a significant

amount of pot lost from your even-

tual harvest, so ensure that they all
stay standing.
124 Dear Danko High Times September 2017

Danko Tip: If your local water is bad, you may need to invest
in a reverse-osmosis (RO) machine to clean it of impurities.

branches helps
allow light to
reach shaded

Some growers train their plants’ system during the vegetative stage in
SUBJECT: Bigger Yields Through Training
branches by weighing or tying them order to spread the growing branches
FROM: Horsemeat Haz down using the low-stress training (LST) wide. There are many different ways
vGreetings! I’d like to know some tech- technique. This increases the amount to create a trellis, from chicken wire to
niques that I can use during the vegetative of the garden canopy’s surface area that strings or metal bars, but what they all
stage to get a bigger harvest. I’ve heard light can reach and turns secondary and share in common is spreading the can-
that training or pruning can increase my other branches into main tops. Bush- opy out and creating a more level surface
yields, but I don’t know exactly how and ier plants produce much more pot than area. Branches tucked into a horizontal
when to go about it. Christmas-tree-style plants with one trellis will produce many more bud sites
main cola and the typical triangular- than branches growing upward, so be
Dear Haz, shaped profile. sure to use some kind of trellis to get the
The vegetative stage is the ideal time for A sinker (such as those used for fish- most out of each plant.
pruning and training in order to achieve ing) works great to weigh down a main As the growing shoots approach your
more branches, bigger plants and a much branch without having to cut it. Once trellis, bend them to fill the empty holes
heavier harvest. Once a plant has three the main branch sags below the lower in the canopy. Once they start the flow-
or more nodes, you can begin the prun- branches, a chemical signal is sent telling ering process, leave them alone until it’s
ing process. This can be as simple as the lower branches that they’re no longer time to harvest. At that point, take care
trimming the tops off growing shoots in subordinate to a main top and can each when removing branches from the trel-

order to increase the amount of future become a dominant branch, thus signifi- lis so as not to damage the delicate tri-
branches, but there are several different cantly raising your yield. chome glands on the string or wire.
ways to prune selectively. Smart growers introduce a trellising
126 Dear Danko High Times September 2017

Danko Tip: Thoroughly clean your growroom between cycles to

ensure that no pests or molds are present during your next round.

Indoor growing
requires a good
source of light.

SUBJECT: Grow Lighting

FROM: Mickey Featherstoned

vI want to start growing indoors, and I’ve heard from a friend that I
need to get a special light. Can you let me know what kind of light I
should purchase to get growing today?

Dear Mickey,
First off, you need to choose the proper light for the amount of
space you have. I highly recommend high-intensity discharge
(HID) lights such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal
halide (MH). Tiny gardens can use compact fluorescents, but
these are best reserved for cloning or keeping mother plants
alive instead of flower production.
If you’re using HIDs, a minimum of 50 watts (6,000 lumens)
per square foot is necessary to maximize bud production with-
out creating too much heat. A 250-watt HPS light and reflec-
tor are perfect for a 2’ x 2’ space. Avoid the overkill of using a
1,000-watt light in a small space and you’ll avoid the headache
of trying to remove all that built-up hot air. For micro systems
such as a small cabinet, there are even smaller-wattage HPS
lights that work perfectly to produce buds without creating too
much heat.
Of course, there are also the relatively new light-emitting
diode (LED) lamps on the market, which can provide a good
amount of lumens without creating nearly as much heat. Do
some research before buying one, though, since these units can
be expensive, and not all of them are suited for producing plant
growth in small spaces. If you think you might be interested in
using one in the future, I’d suggest keeping an eye on the tech-

nology, since it is improving quickly, and the prices on LED

grow lights are coming down as well.
128 Dear Danko High Times September 2017

Danko Tip: Spider mites reproduce quickly in hot environments. Keep the
growroom temperature below 80°F to decrease their proliferation.

SUBJECT: Growing From Clones

FROM: Fredo’s Brother

vI keep hearing about clones, but I’m not sure what they are or how
I can achieve them. Can you enlighten me as to why I should grow
them and how to get them to produce roots?

Dear FB,
Taking clones—i.e., the process of cutting a growing branch
from a mother plant and forcing roots to grow from the cut
end, thereby multiplying one into many—isn’t a technique that
was invented by pot farmers. Since the dawn of agriculture,
people have looked for ways to propagate plants without using
seeds. Every farm-stand proprietor, florist and garden-store
owner knows the “secret” to cloning—and profits mightily from
the general public’s lack of understanding of what is actually a
quite simple process.
Replicating many copies of one plant provides a number of
benefits over growing a garden from seed. Because most seed-
lings will vary in their size and growth rates, with different
phenotypes behaving in dissimilar ways, seed gardens tend to
be uneven, with light levels optimum for some plants but less
These cuttings so for others. Rooted clones, on the other hand, have the same
wait in water to growth rate and thus provide a level canopy, with every plant
be placed into
benefiting from all of the available light. Growing from seeds
their rooting
medium. also wastes valuable germination time, resulting in fewer total
harvests per year.

130 Dear Danko High Times September 2017

Danko Tip: Always use cloning gel or powder when taking cuttings to
encourage rooting and reduce the risk of mold and rot.

From a quality-control perspective, a good mother plant is

the gift that keeps on giving. Known females with guaranteed
elite genetics continue to produce clone after clone of strong and
tasty plants for many years. The only drawback to cloning is that
all of the cuttings will share susceptibilities to fungus or disease,
so always remain vigilant and start new moms if you have any
problems. Also, purchasing rooted clones from a dispensary can
sometimes cause more problems than it solves, so make sure the
clones are pest- and fungus-free if you decide to go that route.
Choosing a medium to root your cuttings is the next step in
successful cloning. Many different mediums exist, from rock-
wool to peat pellets to coco coir. Hydroponic growers some-
times “root” their clones in thin air, using a mist to induce
rooting at the cut end, which hangs down into a reservoir. But
as long as the medium you’re using stays moist, warm and airy,
pretty much any one will do.
Because cannabis cuttings root best in warm conditions
with high humidity, the cheap trays with clear plastic domes
work remarkably well. In cool conditions, a heat mat should be
placed underneath the tray to maintain optimum temperature
and humidity (75°F and 80% relative humidity are about right).
No matter where you root your clones, and into what kind of
medium, keep warmth and high humidity on your priority list:
Clones allowed to get cold or dry will perish quite quickly. On
the other hand, too much humidity can cause mold and rot, so
cut a hole or two in your clear plastic dome to allow some air
To take a clone, choose a growing shoot with at least three
sets of leaves and make the cut just below the node (the place
where the leaves meet the stem). Cut the plant with a sharp
non-serrated blade, and do so at about a 45-degree angle to
ensure plenty of rooting area. Trim off the set of leaves closest
to the cut so that you can get the stem into your medium.
Immediately immerse the cut end into a rooting hormone and
then firmly but gently push the cutting into your pre-moistened
medium. (Some people like to gently rough up the bottom inch
or so of the stem with the knife to create more roots, but this is
not absolutely necessary.) Within eight to 14 days, you should see
white roots poking out of the bottom of your medium. You are
now ready to transplant the rooted clones into bigger containers
for their vegetative stage of growth.

SUBJECT: Lighting Schedules


vI’m a beginner and don’t know much about growing. What I wanted
to know is: What’s the best schedule as far as lighting goes? My
plants are currently on a 21-hour-a-day schedule. Should I leave this
as is, or what would you recommend?

Dear Jay,
I usually recommend an 18-hour-on/6-hour-off schedule for
indoor growers during the vegetative stage. This will provide
your plants with the necessary light without breaking the bank
on electricity costs. If electrical usage isn’t an issue, you can do
20 or even 22 hours of light during this stage. I don’t advise a
full 24 hours of light per day because I believe that plants need
some downtime in the dark to rest, recover, and use up their
stored energy to grow more leaves and shoots.
132 Dear Danko High Times September 2017

Danko Tip: Avoid bending air ducts for intake and outtake as much as pos-
sible. Every bend reduces your fan’s efficiency.

Dear JonJon,
Sounds like your buddy is having problems post-harvest: Some-
where along the way from flushing to drying to curing, some-
thing is going wrong. These are the steps that any grower needs
to master to eliminate harsh-tasting or crappy-burning buds.
Flushing is done in the last two weeks of the flowering stage
by using plain, pH-balanced water instead of nutrient solution
in order to leach out any remaining minerals (such as salts)
from the growing medium and plants. Pour the water until it
flows heavily out of the bottom of your containers during this
time. You may see some yellowing of the leaves or other fall
colors developing, but don’t be alarmed: This is a good thing,
Well-flushed since it means that your quest to reduce the chlorophyll and
plants taste
other elements trapped within your buds has been successful.
and burn better
than those that Drying requires hanging the harvested buds until they’re bone-
aren’t flushed. dry to the touch. Slow drying is essential, so don’t try to get it
done quickly with fans blowing directly on the buds or any other
method to speed up the amount of time it takes the plants to dry.
SUBJECT: Harsh Taste
After at least a week of letting the hanging plants dry
FROM: JonJon
(depending on the ambient humidity and temperatures where
vHey, so I have a few questions about things, because my buddy is you live), the branches should snap instead of bending. Now is
too big a wuss to ask himself. He has a grow tent set up and does the time to remove the individual buds and begin curing them
pretty well with everything: The end product is always dense, stinky in sealed glass jars. Open the jars at least once a day early on in
and does the trick, and it also looks great, but the downfall is that it the process to remove moist air and replenish it with drier fresh
smokes like shit—it’s too harsh and burns the throat and lungs. So, air. After two weeks of curing (i.e., “sweating” out the remaining
with this little bit of info, could you please give me a few reasons moisture inside your buds), they should be ready to grind up and
why this is happening? smoke without any harshness or difficulty burning. m

134 The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in America High Times September 2017

continued from page 112 of high-quality cannabis and a Vela personally inspect their meds. With a
Thurman Street Collective knowledgeable and friendly staff. Located in SoDo (south of large menu of flowers, extracts, edi-
Perhaps the cutest little dispen- downtown), Vela uses a color- bles and topicals, this dispensary has
consistently gone above and beyond
sary in all of Portland, Thurman spectrum wall to help customers
to help the state’s medical marijuana
Street Collective is perfect for Herban Legends choose from an imposing array
patients safely and affordably access
the discerning consumer who Herban Legends is the place to of cannabis products. Vela’s their medicine.
likes an aesthetically pleasing go if you’re visiting Seattle for in-store grow and extraction lab
atmosphere when buying weed. a day but don’t want to leave make for an educational and MASSACHUSETTS
Doubling as an art gallery, this the downtown grid. A short visually appealing dispensary NEW ENGLAND TREATMENT
shop is actively engaged in the walk from the end of the famed experience. ACCESS
surrounding neighborhood, Pike Place market, this uber-hip Massachusetts’s premium medical
building a sense of community. shop beats the more heavily Xander’s Green Goods marijuana dispensary, with locations advertised dispensaries near the A charming, warmly inviting in Brookline and Northampton, has
an extensive menu featuring flowers,
sports stadiums thanks to its shop, Xander’s Green Goods
edibles, topicals, concentrates and
WASHINGTON great staff and wide selection. is located in Seattle’s sister
more. An added bonus is the Wait Time
Since Washington voters city, Tacoma, among a patch of Widget, which allows patients to use
approved legalizing marijuana half-abandoned warehouses. If their mobile device to check if there’s a
for recreational use in 2012, Herbs House you manage to make it there, line at either location.
a number of cannabis shops Tucked in a wasteland between Xander’s will reveal its riches to
Breakwater Treatment
have sprouted among the Puget the Seattle neighborhoods of you, including the best prices
& Wellness
Sound’s sprawl of waterways Ballard and Phinney Ridge, and selection of flowers in the
and pine forests. Whether you’re Herbs House can be difficult area, as well as great benefits for
a visitor or a local, you’re likely to find. But if you can follow return customers.
to be distracted by the billboard the GPS, this place has the best
marketing and overcrowded prices for bud in Seattle, hands THE BEST OF THE REST
market. Here are your best bets down. Of course, not all dispensary
for a great weed experience in systems are created equal, but
the Evergreen State. HWY 420 that doesn’t mean you can’t find NEW JERSEY
This shop offers a great selection high-caliber cannabis shops BREAKWATER TREATMENT &
Chimacum Cannabis Co. of flowers, edibles, extracts and outside of California, Colorado, WELLNESS
A favorite stop for pot smokers accessories, and the owners Oregon or Washington. Quantity The preeminent dispensary in the
heading to the pretty Victorian give back to the community doesn’t always indicate quality, Garden State, Breakwater’s centrally
seaport of Port Townsend, the by donating to local charities. and while pot shops may not located shop features a diverse cross-
be prolific in these states, there section of genetics, grown in a mas-
Chimacum Cannabis Co., set The friendly staff makes this
sive state-of-the-art cultivation facility
in a restored farmhouse, has an excellent pot stop on your are still some incredible spots to
run by formally trained agricultural-
a warm, rustic vibe. Sourcing Olympic Peninsula travels. check out!
ists. The focus at Breakwater is simple:
premium, organically grown Through advanced grow techniques
cannabis products from around ALASKA
and scientifically enhanced breeding
the Olympic Peninsula, this shop Paper & Leaf projects, they provide the ultimate
As the first licensed marijuana shop
showcases the best buds that the Stroll off the ferry from Seattle treatment-oriented menu for their
to open its doors in Anchorage, this
Pacific Northwest has to offer. and take the waiting shuttle to patients.
dispensary now serves up Alaska’s Bainbridge’s Paper & Leaf. This finest flowers, extracts, clones and
high-end cannabis boutique has RHODE ISLAND
other high-quality accessories. The
Hashtag a gallery-like vibe, with vintage dependable staff will always help you
The online ordering system at records playing and beautifully find what you’re looking for, whether
Committed to providing safe, digni-
Hashtag makes for a painless displayed products. Friendly it’s recreational or medical. arcticher-
fied and affordable access to medical
shopping experience, and the budtenders offer sage advice
marijuana in Rhode Island, the
product selection can’t be beat. about the massive assortment Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center
It’s located just a short stroll of flowers, extracts and edibles. provides only the finest medical-
from Seattle’s famed Fremont grade cannabis.
With top-notch workers and even
troll under the bridge—a perfect
a dedicated nurse on staff, TruMed
spot to visit after indulging. Pot Zone offers an extensive menu of strains, Tucked away in a strip mall WASHINGTON, DC
edibles and infused products. Plus,
amidst towering pine trees first-time patients at this Phoenix-
With a knowledgeable staff, conve-
Have a Heart (Belltown) in the small town of Port based shop get a special discount:
nient hours, competitive prices and
Notorious for its giant joint Orchard—just across the sound Buy an eighth and get an eighth free!
a great selection of products, Capital
sculpture, this Belltown location from Seattle—Pot Zone feels like
City Care has won the “Best of DC”
is one of six Have a Heart dis- a well-kept secret. It offers great award for Best Dispensary and is
pensaries. Conveniently located daily deals and a wide variety of the only shop in DC authorized to
just a few blocks from the Space the Pacific Northwest’s favorite cultivate cannabis—meaning patients
Unlike many cannabis shops, D33
Needle and the downtown water- growers, including the unbeat- can count on consistent quality, exclu-
displays all of its marijuana goods to
front, Have a Heart Belltown able Noble Farms. potzone420. sive strains, and awesome sales and
its customers, allowing patients to
boasts an impressive inventory com specials. m
136 Psychedelicatessen High Times September 2017

made easy!


1 cup milk
¼ cup cold water
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tbsp. sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
¼ cup creamy canna-butter, melted and cooled
1 stick grass-fed butter, cold (you won’t use the whole
stick—it’s just to grease the pan)


1 cup ricotta cheese
½ cup mascarpone cheese
3 tbsp. confectioner’s sugar
¼ cup crushed pineapple, drained
1 egg


1 stick grass-fed butter, melted
1 cup sugar
4 eggs
1½ cups sour cream
2 tsp. pineapple juice
2 tsp. vanilla
1 pinch cinnamon
½ cup crushed pineapple
½ tsp. salt

Blend together the crepe ingredients: milk, cold

water, flour, sugar, eggs and canna-butter. Heat a
small nonstick pan on medium. Rub the stick of
butter around the bottom and sides of the pan.
Pour enough batter into the pan to coat the
bottom. Cook for 30 to 40 seconds, until the batter
sets. Shake gently to loosen. Flip the crepe using a
small silicon spatula, and cook for another 30 to 40
seconds. Transfer to a plate and repeat until all of the
batter is used.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the
ingredients for the filling: ricotta cheese, mascarpone
cheese, confectioner’s sugar, crushed pineapple and
egg. Mix well. Place 1 tablespoon of the filling in each
crepe and fold it opposite edge to opposite edge,
then roll the open sides over the folded edges to
create a closed little blintz. Set aside and repeat.
Next, preheat the oven to 340ºF. Using six
ramekins, pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of melted butter
to cover the bottom of each. Place 1 crepe in each
Blend the soufflé ingredients: sugar, eggs, sour
cream, pineapple juice, vanilla, cinnamon, crushed
pineapple and salt. Pour the mixture over the
crepes, filling each ramekin three-quarters full. Bake
for 1 hour until golden brown and then serve.
JeffThe420Chef shares one of his favorite recipes from his
new book The 420 Gourmet. By JeffThe420Chef Approximate THC per serving (based on infusing
5 grams of cured/dried/decarbed cannabis into 1⅓
sticks of butter):
Ricotta-Pineapple Mini: This is one of my all-time-favorite dishes! I like to make six minis to 10%: 7.6 milligrams
snack on during the week, but you can also make one large soufflé by placing all of the blintzes 15%: 11.4 mg
on top of the melted butter in a large baking dish. Then just pour the soufflé mixture over the 20%: 15.2 mg
crepes and bake for one hour.
138 Psychedelicatessen High Times September 2017

Mellow out with these edibles high in cannabidiol. By Elise McDonough

Frequently overwhelmed by the strength of THC in edibles, today’s new cannabis users are turning to low-dose products, as well as to items
rich in cannabidiol (CBD). A non-psychoactive compound, CBD balances the effects of THC, providing anxiety relief that takes the edge off an
intense high. Adding CBD to your diet can aid sleep, boost athletic recovery and elevate your mood, allowing you to truly thrive.
Look for varying ratios of CBD and THC when buying cannabis products. A 1:1 ratio means there’s an equal amount of both cannabinoids.
Some people prefer edibles with much more CBD than THC—and in the modern cannabis marketplace, there’s an option that’s right for everyone.

60 mg CBD / 60 mg THC 10 mg CBD 15 or 50 mg CBD 20 mg CBD
Kiva Confections CBD Living Paradise Candy Company Clean Healing
This espresso-flavored bar is smooth These delightful gummies con- Conveniently packaged in a sin- Spread this savory option onto
and silky, with no discernible canna- tain CBD along with vitamins gle-serving size, these hard can- a homemade pizza for a healing
bis taste. Four segments contain 15 D and B-12 for a dietary supple- dies are available with 15 or 50 treat with no added sugar. With 20
mg each of CBD and THC for your low- ment with no noticeable psycho- mg of CBD. Paradise also offers mg of CBD in 1 ounce of sauce, add-
dose pleasure. Kiva also has a Gin- active effects. These are great for Watermelon Indica and Apple ing a therapeutic dose to pasta or
ger Dark Chocolate bar with 120 mg Grandma or any other patient Sativa candies for those looking breadsticks is super-simple!
of both CBD and THC for those who looking for relief without the for more potency.
need a more potent medicine. euphoria. S4CBD MANGO
GINGER SNAPS 4.20 BAR CBD DARK CHOCOLATE 100 mg CBD / 15 mg THC 40 mg CBD / 40 mg THC
10 mg CBD 120 mg CBD / 60 mg THC VCC Brands VCC Brands
Sow Eden Organics VCC Brands Suitable for diabetics, this vegan This new infused juice-drink deliv-
Specializing in CBD-only products, Many people prefer the slight cookie is scrumptious, with ers a balanced dose of CBD and
Sow Eden Organics creates capsules, high experienced when the CBD added lemon and ginger for an THC along with the myrcene found
tinctures, oils, and these moist and exceeds the THC in a 2:1 ratio. Suit- herbal-healing synergy. With a in mangos, believed to aid in THC
tasty ginger snaps. With 10 mg of CBD able for those wary of edibles, a 20:3 ratio of CBD to THC, this absorption. Also from VCC, Fruit
per cookie (and six cookies per bag), single segment of this chocolate product produces no discern- Sparks hard candy delivers a gen-
it’s easy to munch away, and the gin- bar is perfect for people who’d like ible “high,” just deep relief and a tle high with 10 mg apiece of each
ger helps soothe those with sensitive a mild buzz, but don’t want to get restful sleep. cannabinoid, perfect for enjoying
digestive systems. overwhelmingly high. on a stressful day.
140 Ask Dr. Mitch High Times September 2017

Pot, the Panacea

Can marijuana help you to
lose weight, sleep better
and sneeze less?

Got a question for Dr. Mitch? Email him at

What is microdosing?
Li’l Kim Marijuana’s
efficacy is
nothing to
Hi Kim, sneeze at!
The term initially applied
to the practice of taking
extremely small amounts of
LSD or some other hallucino-
gen to inspire happy moods
and improved creativity. Many
cannabis fans have done like-
wise, finding the right small
dose of weed to help them
feel uplifted and unfatigued. Hi Sneezy,
Plus, since small doses rarely Giant doses of alpha-pinene
lead to increased tolerance, have reduced the symptoms
the delightful, creative days of hay fever in mice, but even
can go on and on. the most piney pot strains
only have a few milligrams. I
think we’re starting to expect
Last month, you implied that you too much from cannabis—it’s
passed a drug test. You kidding a lot for any plant to help
me? with pain, nausea, insomnia,
Hugh R. Enluck loss of appetite, seizures,
Crohn’s disease, irritable-
Hi Hugh, bowel syndrome, autism,
I take a month off every year PTSD, migraines, glaucoma
to keep my tolerance down. and hay fever!
It also helps me ridicule the
idea of cannabis withdrawal
whenever I get a chance. So cannabinol (CBN) is what
makes everybody sleepy after
they’ve been high for a while,
Do people in medical marijuana right?
states weigh less? Sleepy Dwarf
Wade Loss
Hi Sleepy,
Yo Wade, I know that’s the legend all
There’s about a 4 percent over the Web, but THC and
decrease in the chance of CBD in combination have been
obesity in medical marijuana helping people sleep just fine.
states, which translates to a (And if Dopey asks, CBD dimin-
per-person savings of $58 to ishes THC’s stonier effects as
$115 in medical costs. I’m not well.) There doesn’t appear to
saying that smoking sativa is be any research on the effects
a diet plan, but folks who love of CBN alone, so we’ll just
the plant do weigh less. have to wait and see. m

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, PhD, is

Are pinene-heavy strains good the author of Understanding
for hay fever? Marijuana and The Parents’
Sneezy Dwarf Guide to Marijuana.
142 NORMLizer By Justin Strekal High Times September 2017

Will Congress Protect Medical Marijuana?

The legislative branch might be the only hope for state-sanctioned
medical cannabis under the Trump Administration.
Justin Strekal is the political director of NORML. Visit

E APPLAUD THE recent decision This would include the outright removal Stimson, penned an influential essay,
by Congress to reauthorize of cannabis from the federal Controlled “How Trump’s DOJ Can Start Enforc-
the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Substances Act so that states possess the ing Federal Marijuana Law,” that laid out
amendment, a critical marijuana-policy flexibility to engage in their own mari- an 11-point strategy for combatting mar-
provision, through September 30, 2017. juana regulatory policies as they see fit. ijuana-legalization efforts. Thus far, the
Specifically, Section 537 of the Consoli- While Congress has taken a positive Heritage Foundation has played an outsize
dated Appropriations Act of 2017 states step in maintaining the Rohrabacher-Blu- role in helping President Trump and his
that no federal funds may be used to menauer amendment, on the other side staff set policy objectives, and it is clear
“prevent any [state] from implementing of Pennsylvania Avenue, ambiguity reigns. that the conservative think tank is now
their own laws that authorize the use, In a signing statement, President Trump influencing US drug policy.
distribution, possession, or cultivation of expressed his displeasure with the amend- The items laid out by Stimson include
medical marijuana.” ment by writing that he “will treat this reaffirming a hard line against marijuana
Congress possesses the “power of the provision consistently with my constitu- use domestically and prosecuting state-
purse,” so it is well within its authority to tional responsibility to take care that the legal marijuana businesses under RICO
limit the Justice Department’s actions in laws be faithfully executed,” thus leaving (the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt
this regard. The decision to reauthorize the open the possibility that his administra- Organizations Act) to go after investors
Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment’s tion may choose to ignore it. and consumers as “co-conspirators.”
language illustrates both compassion and So what exactly should we expect in A plan to crack down on cannabis
common sense when it comes to marijuana the coming days? Your guess is as good appears to be gathering steam. That’s why
policy. At present, 30 states and more than as mine. The lack of clarity is disturb- activists, advocates and marijuana con-
90 percent of the voting public approve of ing, to say the least. While we don’t know sumers need to push back. Join NORML
the use of marijuana as a medicine, and it exactly how the administration intends in Washington, DC, this September for the
is inherently good policy and good politics to respond to cannabis-law reform, we do annual NORML Conference and Lobby
for members of Congress to protect their know the profile and history of Attorney Day. We will be lobbying members of Con-
constituents in this manner. General Jeff Sessions. His recent prohibi- gress regarding a number of key legisla-
However, this decision is only a stop- tionist rhetoric—including advocating a tive proposals, as well as for expanded
gap measure at best. Ultimately, it is Con- return to the “Just Say No” policies of the budgetary amendments protecting the
gress’s responsibility to amend federal 1980s—indicates that he has no desire to adult-use states.
law in a manner that comports with the take a thoughtful approach to cannabis In the interim, please visit NORML’s
available scientific evidence, the weight of policy moving forward. online Take Action Center at to
public opinion, and the country’s rapidly We also know that in February, the contact your federal lawmakers and make
changing cultural and legal landscape. Heritage Foundation’s chief of staff, Cully your voice heard. m

FREEDOM FIGHTER By Kevin Mahmalji, NORML national outreach coordinator

Lone Star Texas NORML, has turned has worked with more than says. “In fact, engagement over the
Citizen-Lobbyist out to be a force to be a dozen NORML chapters two-year cycle is so important that
Jax Finkle is working to make reckoned with. in Texas to increase the we hosted 16 trainings across Texas,
pot-law reform bigger in Texas.
After getting involved size of their annual lobby with a curriculum that was targeted
in cannabis-law reform in day from just a few dozen based on the part of the cycle [we
For marijuana activists in the Lone 2005, Jax quickly found her participants to nearly 400. were in]. As a result, we’ve seen
Star State, reforming cannabis laws place in the state’s marijuana From El Paso to Beaumont and even stronger support in Texas and
hasn’t been easy. With the State movement. Starting as a volunteer from Amarillo to McAllen, the sup- more action in the Legislature.”
Legislature meeting only every coordinator and continuing as dep- porters of marijuana legalization Jax also works closely with
two years and no ballot-initiative uty director, Jax has transformed continue to show that they’re ready, Texans for Responsible Marijuana
process available at the state or Texas NORML from the ground willing and able to fight for what Policy and other pro-cannabis
local level, activists have a more up. She created a cannabis-centric they believe in. groups. She can often be found at
limited number of avenues for voters’ guide in 2012 and helped “Since we’re restricted from the Capitol, pushing patiently but
advancing reform. Despite (or spearhead the very first statewide using traditional ballot initiatives, it firmly for marijuana-law reform
perhaps because of) these hurdles, chapter training in 2016. is so imperative that the citizens of and building those all-important
Jax Finkle, the executive director of Over the last three years, Jax Texas engage their legislators,” Jax relationships with lawmakers.
144 Dope Rider High Times September 2017
146 Pix of the Crop High Times September 2017

Pot Shots
Show us what you got!

E-mail your hi-res digital photographs to



I run a medical cannabis dispensary called
Grassroots Vermont. I grew and photographed
this F3 generation strain called First Frost. It’s a
backcross derived from Trainwreck and Blue Diesel
that I’ve been cubing with its father. It’s been tested
at 31% THC. Spenser B.
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148 Pix of the Crop High Times September 2017


I finally got sick of renting
out my extra bedroom to strangers.
Say hello to my new “roommates
with benefits!” Nate Upstate


I took a few shots of
my buddy’s crop and thought
your audience might enjoy
them. This is his Glass Slipper
strain trimmed and ready to


As I prepare for this summer’s
outdoor garden I’m inspired by an
image from last year. Apparently humans
aren’t the only ones who get amorous
when around cannabis. Gumbo Gabe
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150 Next Month On Sale
August 8th
October 2017 Don’t Miss It!

This new cross from

Serious Seeds is a
heavy hitter!

ZNew Strain Report: Serious Kush

Renown seed breeders Serious Seeds introduce new genetics to the
cannabis pantheon. European cultivation correspondent GBI reveals
the details of this potent and frosty new cross of Serious Seeds’
legendary White Russian and the real-deal OG Kush. 

ZPot Jobs 2017

Our annual report on finding a career in the cannabis industry
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geoning billion dollar business of bud, we’ll show you how in our
2017 Pot Jobs Report.

ZHumboldt’s Finest Cannabis

Danny Danko reports from the heart of marijuana country, the
Emerald Triangle in Northern California, where craft cannabis
production has been a way of life for generations. Learn how some
forward-thinking growers are setting themselves apart by creating
exceptional “sun grown” pot using sustainable practices paired with
traditional techniques. 

ZThe True Crimes of Reefer Madness

Pot prohibition was largely built on the lies established during the
reefer madness era of the 1930s. We’re taking a closer look at the
true crimes that were spun into government-issued propaganda.

ZWeed in Wine Country

The High Times Cannabis Cup returns to the beautiful Sonoma
County Fairgrounds for a summer celebration of the best marijuana

NorCal has to offer—bounteous buds from the Emerald Triangle, the

purest concentrates from extract experts and much, much more!
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