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Instrument Essay Rubric

1 3 5
 Not informative  Somewhat informative  Very informative
Details/Information  Few/No Details in each  Most paragraph have at least  Most paragraph have at least
paragraph 2 details/supporting ideas 3 details/supporting ideas
 Details repeated  Details are not repeated
 Too much filler

 Order does not make sense  Some ideas out of order  Order makes sense and was
Organization  No clear Beginning, Middle,  Beginning, and Middle are easy to follow
and End clear but no End or Middle  Beginning, Middle, and End
and End are clear but no are clear

 Little or no sentence variety  Some sentence variety but  Many different types of
Sentences in length. more is needed sentence lengths
 Frequent run-on sentences  Few run-on sentences  Only 1 or 2 run-on-sentences
 Frequent sentence fragments  Few sentence fragments  Only 1 or 2 sentence

 Frequent grammar mistakes  Some grammar mistakes but  Good attention to detail.
Grammar made the paper hard to it did not interfere with  Only a few grammar
understand and follow. understanding the content. mistakes.

 Only one sources used or no  2 sources used  3 or more sources used

Sources sources listed  Extra point for using a book

 Less than 1.5 pages  1.5 pages double spaces  2 pages double spaced
Length/Formatting  Incorrect formatting  Incorrect font or margins  Proper Font and margins
check assignment for  Extra spaces used to take up  Some extra spaces used  No extra spaces added to
details space take up space.