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Fuentes, Andrew

English 101

Professor Batty

29 May 2018

Reflective Essay

Entering the English 101 course I was really nervous due it not only being my first year

in college but because my previous English teacher was a really horrible instructor. But I had an

idea on how Professor Batty taught due to taking her English 21 class in the summer of 2017. So

I felt that it would benefit me take her because I have an idea how she teaches. Walking in to her

class I had no clue what an mla format was, how to properly write an essay, or knew what was a

credible resource, ect. But throughout the semester I notice I got better at most things I had no

clue on in the beginning.

When first walking into the class I thought I was going to be the dumb one in the class

because I had a blank mind. I had so much regret on taking the previous English teacher I had.

But before I knew it getting to know everyone we were all on the same boat. The way the

professor taught the subject I felt was good because she gave us enough work to have it stick on

to our head and hopefully not forget. By doing all the assignments I felt I grew a lot as a reader,

critical thinker, and writer. Due to everything I did not know from the beginning to easily

grasping it even though it was a tough dedicated challenge.

I felt I have grown the English course overall because I now know how to do three

different essays I did not think ever existed. The first essay I learned how to write was a visual

observation essay which I had to explain a mural give my opinion on what I think it represents

and back up my arguments with credible sources. The second essay I learned how to do was a

Ethnographic observation which was my favorite essay due to being able to explain to the reader

why I thought was Los Angeles represented and why I thought it. I took my most time in this

essay because I got it express my hometown with other listening out and understanding. And the

last essay was a literary analysis based one a character from the story “Still Water Saints” by

Alex Espinoza on what we learned from a optional character within in the book. I feel these

essay help me grow due to all the different things I was able to achieve.

In conclusion I learned many things throughout being in the English 101 course. Due to

having a blank mind in the beginning and not knowing nothing. I now know how to

independently read books with understanding the meanings and different types of open minded

views needed to involve within the characters. Also with being able to compare credible sources

to weak ones. Including learning write three different types of essay and knowing how to

properly format each such as what to include example as quote sandwich, and learning how to

structure my critical thinking ideas without relying on others. I feel learning how to critical think

impacted me the most due to always relying on others. I feel by doing the tasks assigned to me I

have grown so much to be able to achieve further and learn more and new different ways.