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Atwater, CA 95301
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May 21, 2018

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with utmost pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Anita Ornelas, a
“​Teaching and devoted student and admirable individual. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Anita during
Reaching all her senior year here at Buhach Colony High School as a mentor in my Academic Support class
Students” where her compassion, drive, and persistence are demonstrated daily. Her ability to collaborate in
class and engage her peers in participation are unparalleled, while her genuine desire to help
others makes her a step above the rest.
Lance Morrow Anita is not only at the top of her class, with a total weighted 3.33 g.p.a. but is fluent in English
and Spanish. On top of her academics, Anita has been involved in clubs and community service
where her leadership, time management, and organizational skills have allowed her to excel.
Associate While some are destined to develop leadership skills, Anita possesses the intrinsic qualities of a
Principals born leader and she’s able to accomplish this without an air of arrogance or superiority toward her
Marcus Knott peers.
Anelle Kelly
Greg McKinstry During her years at Buhach, Anita’s participation in extracurricular activities, has been constant
Rennel Rhodes and far reaching ranging from clubs (Baile Folkloriko - Secretary and Pacific Club) where her
focus in each is to encourage and support others while providing opportunities for her to grow as
an individual to community service participation. She has received community service hours
School through her involvement with the mentorship program in my class where she helps students “at
Psychologist risk” of not graduating in obtaining the skills needed to be successful and where her ability to lead
Donna Hoffart through compassion has been unwavering. Her ability and desire to give has been furthered in the
community through volunteering (Mercy Hospital and Church fundraisers), always thinking of how
she can better not only herself, but her community. To top all this off, she has received accolades
School for her demonstration of PRIDE (student of the month award) and the Bloss Scholarship. These
Resource contributions will help guide her successfully toward her goal of working with children or becoming
Officer a nurse.
Darin Jantz
Anita ​is a dedicated, compassionate, and open-minded student and community member who
supports others in and out of the classroom. She is a pleasure to have in class, and her positive
attitude and belief in herself are immensely admirable assets. I'm confident that she will continue
Athletic Director
to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance, and optimism that she shows myself and her
Rich Cometta
peers. I highly recommend Anita for consideration of your scholarship due to these reasons and
many more. ​Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at​.
Kate Zamarripa

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Cami Evans
Academic Support Teacher
Buhach Colony High School
Atwater, Ca 95301