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Name - Anan Dulla

Other Name - Nil

Age / Birth year - 25 Yrs / 1993
Race / Religion - Bengali / Islam
Birth place - Inn Din village, Maungdaw Township
NRC No - Nil
Education - Nil
Occupation - Unidentified (Daily worker)
Names of Parents / Address - (F) Sway Ta Baw, (M) Bawstapa Khatu, Ein Din Village
Wife / Address - Hashima Khatu, Inn Din
Reason of Investigation - According to Terrorist Act-50(A)
Date and Place of Investigation - (9.9.2017), Maungdaw Police Station

Brief History
I am from Inn Din village of Maungdaw township. I was born in 1993, I am the 2nd son among 8
siblings, and the others are:
(1) Adu Raw Man
(2) Mohamed Duha
(3) Bajita Begun
(4) Gaw Bu La
(5) Nawgu Begun
(6) Hamitu
(7) Ha Keim
I have no education. I work as a daily labor. I married Hashima Khatu, daughter of (F) Mamed
Tu Saung, (M) Myalina Khatu, and we have 3 children.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

How I Was Recruited:
In our village, Rawfique (30) and Faruq (30) said our villagers that someday we had to occupy
Maungdaw Region and make it an Islamic State, because we had been oppressed in
education, social affairs and religion. That was why we Bengalis must attack the police
outposts and take the weapons, they said. They told us the attacks would start after ARSA
militants from Bangladesh arrived, and that we need to be ready.
How We Prepared To Attack:
Around 11:30 pm on 24.8,2017, Rawfique and Faruq collected the villagers and said ARSA had
arrived and they plan to attack the police outposts in the early morning and seize their
weapons. ARSA members had guns and bombs and that they would lead the attacks and
Bengalis villagers had to join them. They told us to be ready, and if we did not participate they
said they would kill us as traitors. If we got arrested when we attacked, they said not to
disclose anything about ARSA or they would kill the rest of our family. So I grabbed my sword
and Khalavaw (30), Jubie (23), Hu Saung (20), and Adu La (28) from our village also came with
swords and sticks. Then Rawfique and Faruq led us, and on the way we saw Nazi Hu Saung
and other Bengalis from Kyauk Pan Du village. There were about 300 total in our group.
How We Attacked And Were Captured:
We attacked Gwa Sone Police outpost around 4:00 am on 25.8.2017. When policemen shot
back we moved back. As we were afraid to go back to our village, we were hiding together
with Zazi Hu Saung , Rawfique Ullah, Zu Bie, Adu Naw Bi, Ana Mulla, Anan Mulla-2, Zaw Baw
and Habi Ullah near Do Tan Village (beside Alay Than Kyaw Village), when we were arrested
by the Army and BGP (Border Guard Police).

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2