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Project #3: Recommendation Report

Topic. Now that you have explored aspects of your career, you will form a group with peers in a
similar career track/the same department in order to determine how the University – and specifically
your department – can better prepare you for entering your field post-graduation. You will present
this in the form of a recommendation report as a Jing presentation.

Purpose: Chances are in the scope of your career you will be asked to work with a partner or a
group to create a formal report. For this assignment, this report will take the form of a
recommendation report. These reports are used to study a problem, present possible solutions, and
then recommend what actions should be taken. You can reference Chapter 11 of your textbook for
examples of formal reports.
Your Instructions:

For this assignment, you will apply your knowledge of jobs in your field and, as a group, compose a
recommendations report to your department specifying steps your department can take to better
prepare you for the challenges you may face in the workplace. For this assignment, you should
research what your department offers in terms of both courses and internships, as well as
researching programs and resources that will help students in your department. Specifically, you
should include:

 An Introduction that identifies the research question or hypothesis

 A methodology that explains step-by-step how the research was conducted
 Results that present the facts, data, and evidence collected while doing research
 Graphics, graphs, and tables that illustrate the results of the research
 Discussion of the results, relating them to the research question or hypothesis
 Conclusions that state the report's main point and make recommendations
Reflections. For this project, you will need to write a reflection accounting for your choices.
Each reflection must be completed individually. This reflection will help me evaluate and grade
your project, so make sure you carefully consider the following questions and answer ALL of
the questions:

1. What is the purpose of the project you created and how do you think the piece
achieves its purpose?
2. Who is the audience? How did this affect your design choices?
3. How did your group members contribute to this project?
4. What else would you like your instructor to know when evaluating this project?
Project SLOs:
By completing the assigned readings, activities, and assignments in this project unit, you will learn
the following SLOs for UNM professional writing. Think about these as you work through this unit,
reflecting on how they pertain to your coursework. Remember that you will have to write outcome
reflections for this project within your portfolio:

1. Project Planning – Students plan, research, and compose technical documents in teams and
individually relative to the lifecycle process for technical documents.

2. Project Analysis – Students work to identify readers for their technical documents, the contexts
in which those documents exist, with an emphasis on how technical documents are best composed
by and for specific global, diverse, and multicultural situations. Students also understand how
technical documents can occupy and respond to social justice and community service contexts.

9. Production and Delivery - Students develop confidence in presenting information using a

variety of modes and delivered in various media, including web content, paper, oral presentation,
and video. Students will be cognizant of the best principles for delivery so they may apply their
work seamlessly to emerging technologies.
Grading Rubric:

Qualities Highly Effective Satisfactory Needs Further Unsatisfactory

Attention (2.3-0)
(4.0-3.6) (3.59-2.8)

Addresses Intended The writers clearly The writers seem to The writers do not The writers have
Audience (10%) understand the needs understand the needs of demonstrate an made no attempt to
of the intended the intended audience understanding of create a document
audience and has but haven’t fully adapted the needs of the with an audience
adapted the writing to the writing to intended in mind.
that audience. meet those needs. audience.

Clear Sense of The writers' purpose is The writers' purpose is The writers need to The writers have
Purpose (10%) clear throughout the clear throughout most of clarify the purpose. made no attempt to
entire project. the project. create a document
with a purpose in
Format (30%) The writers have The writers have critically The writers have The writers have not
critically examined examined some critically examined critically examined
substantial information information and have some information any information;
and have used a presented used a relevant and used a information is not
relevant, logical format. and logical format. somewhat relevant relevant or logical.
and logical format.

The writers have The writers could present The writers need to The writers have not
Content (30%) presented all required some additional present much more presented any of the
content information information required content

Conventions (10%) The writers have The writers have attended The writers need to The conventions or
attended to all the to most of the necessary attend to more of the errors of the
necessary citations and citations and conventions. necessary citations document make the
conventions of writing. and conventions. text

Reflections (10%) Writer has written a Writer has attempted to Writer has made little The writer has made
reflection and accounted write a reflection but needs to no attempt to no attempt to reflect.
for his/her learning of to do more to account for reflect on course
the course outcomes, his/her learning of the outcomes.
using evidence from course outcomes, using
projects, peer review, evidence from projects,
discussion boards, etc to peer review, discussion
support the reflections. boards, etc. to support the