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Subject: Re: Google - Duffy: Proposed Timetable Adjustments
From: drjaniceduffy@yahoo.com
To: Paul.Dimitriadis@ashurst.com
Cc: Robert.Todd@ashurst.com; pcampbell@hwle.com.au; Ted.Talas@ashurst.com
Bcc: pheywoodsmith@anthonymasonchambers.com.au; tguthrie@anthonymasonchambers.com.au
Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 4:39:33 pm ACST

Dear Paul,

Let me make this clear. 

1. The court and His Honour set the timetable. I have no intention of agreeing to any amendments unless put before
Blue J given that I am self represented. This is my right as per Court rules. 

2. If your client’s legal representation are trying to scare me please just give up. It won’t work! By way of explanation,
you cannot scare or bully a person into submission who has survived the deprivation of one of the things most dear
to them - their reputation and ability to work.

Google’s tactics are costing it money. My estimation would be that your client has paid $2-3 million dollars in its own
legal costs. Yet it has the gaul to try and fight me over a small amount of my owed costs for the teial and appeal
which I remond you that you lost!

Google’s many lawyers could have settled this before the trial quietly and confidentially for a relatively small amount.
I just wanted to get on with my life.

Ashursts in 2018 could have settled this matter rather than try and bleed me of a relatively  small amount of my
entitled costs. How much did you charge your client to fly into Adelaide  with a rediculous mediation strategy? More
to the point how much did you charge your client to implement a strategy that was clearly designed to fail.  

Surely Ashursts could not really believe that it would work? Although, I must admit that it was partially successfull. I
realised that it would be a long hard and expensive battle. But clearly your client can afford it and I cannot so we ate
back to self tepresentation. Might I temond you that we have been here before in 2015 and your client lost!

I repeat: The Defendant’s bullying tactics did not work in 2015 so why on earth would you think that they would work
now? I REALLY have had enough of you all. If you want amendments to the timetable then it goes before Blue J. 

Just a heads up. I will object to your witnesses unless I can question them. I will happily attend any Directions
Hearing on this matter so knock yourselves out!


Dr Janice Duffy

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