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Subject: Re: Google - Duffy: Strictly Confidential Offer Letter + Undertakings
From: drjaniceduffy@yahoo.com
To: Paul.Dimitriadis@ashurst.com
Cc: Robert.Todd@ashurst.com; pcampbell@hwle.com.au; Ted.Talas@ashurst.com
Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 5:12:31 pm ACST

Dear Paul, 

I am not signing this confidentiality agreement. Given that the proposed removal offered at the mediation was
different and less than your client’s current removal practice and was not detailed in this offer how can I know what it
entails? To say that I do not trust your client is an understatement.  

For the record I adhered to all of the confidentiality agreements that I signed in the first Google matter. Your client
caused my address to be published as listed in a court document on a third party website and searchable in its index
for my name. I receieved threats of harm sent to my home. I will put this in evidence in my affidavit.
Visuallychallenged  Freddy could see that this offer from your client is a set up!

Please put all your proposed amendments to the timetable before Blue J. It is pointless wasting your client’s money
asking me to agree without orders from the court because the answer is no!

In the short term I am prepared to speak with Peter Campbell in order to resolve this.  He at least does not make me
feel like vomiting! But I am only prepared to canvass this in person, not by written communication because the
Defendant has not, to date, presented any written offer that is not detrimental to me or my rights.

See you soon in court!

Dr Janice Duffy

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