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Deconstructing the enemy representation in Hollywood

“Stereotyping, image construction and “the other”

(A case study of East and West)

Hollywood the soft power, is the symbolic representation of the western culture and policies as the

statue of liberty is the symbolic representation of liberty and freedom. Hollywood created heroes and

constructed enemies for centuries. Hollywood changed the world by changing the opinions, by moulding

the hearts of the audience. Hollywood hooked the audience for centuries, fantasized the wars and

presented the reality with distortion. Hollywood constructed stereotypes, labelled nations and

tarnished the image of other nations. Hollywood found to be the extension of Western policies and

spreads propaganda, whether it was civil war, Cold war, World Wars, Wars in Middle East, War in

Afghanistan or War on terror. They were all romanticized by the Hollywood and ruled the hearts of

people and were considered true.

It is said what we see is reality and what we believe is reality. But in actual reality is different from what

we see, believe or think. But hyper reality is constructed so deeply that truth is fogged and lost its

essence. Hollywood represented enemies as the cannibals, savage and evil and shows their heroes as

the saviours of world. Hollywood created hyper reality and propaganda against many nations like

Germans, Russians and Muslims while was sympathetic towards Israel. This study intends to deal with

the deconstruction of the representation of movies in Hollywood. It deals with the revelation of hidden

meaning and deconstruction of the context.

Theoretical framework:
This study deals with the Jacques Derrida’s School of thought i.e. Deconstruction. It is the philosophical

and critical method or framework to probe the meaning and to know the truth. In fact it’s the voyage

from unknown to known. It inquires the variable projection of the meaning and message of critical

works, the meaning in relation to the reader and the intended audience, deconstructive analysis and to

closely study the figural and rhetorical features of texts to see how they interact with or comment upon

the arguments made in the text. Deconstruction is not the destruction, rather it means to dig out the

message and meaning hidden in the text. This theory will be used to analyse the scripts of the

Hollywood movies and the propaganda created as an impact to the audience.


Hollywood as a soft power prevails over the hearts of audience and helped implementing the western

policies by propaganda and by shaping the public opinion in wars.

Research Questions:

Does Hollywood represents the policies of West to win over the rest?

Did Hollywood help the West in creating propaganda against Germans, Russians and Muslims?

Does Hollywood help in shaping and moulding the public opinion in wars and created hatred

towards other nations?

Does Hollywood tarnished the image of the percieved enemies and is alleged of creating hyper

reality and famous for its stereotypes?