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ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL eo. 0 by MCA MABE PUBL. Dn MCA Words by Jack Laweence Essen Paeeee ‘Music by Anhur Aan Moderately Siow "Am a ant ans Am Amé Am 4 Be BS BT Gm Enns An, your heart nee = or ons ew BoTiSE9 Am Ané Am Ané Am Be mo eT Gm = Ms tore, there mon =ee teem Why beoginy then Eats ADO Dm or ons cat ry for something. that might have been Ta rath er have noth ing at all Bat BT en ae, BBE AG ABT A ae But, please, don't brag your tps so ease to my cheek. BO Be Bt BT Bt BT ste + yond re = cal The Klos in your ey the touch of your hand makes me ten un + der the spell of your cal, 1 would beaut inh Be 6 Bt BT Gm Eons AD, Dm Bots ET Am a