Choose We all agree that what we seek is always what we find.

What do you look for in these eyes of mine? Is it honor? Is it courage? Is it fear? Well, don't look here. No compromise, no backup in me. Let's be clear. Do you need someone to abuse you? I refuse to do that as well. We all pick the level and the depth of our own hell. Are you seeking a scapegoat? I cannot be the one. I've been that and trust me, it's no fun. Look deeper. But into you. Not me. What is it that you crave? What do you seek? Would you have me be the one who betrays you night and day? Or is it that you want to be the victim? Oh the games we play. I almost gave up on humanity long, oh so long ago. I cursed my God and hated him. Even told him so. Lord forgive me. For I know exactly what I have done. I turned my back on you. I chose to run..... So now decide. Will you take responsibility for what you do? Or play games and lie. It's all up too you. Like ripples on the pond. Every action takes a toll. Are you broken? If you choose. You can be whole. Be brave today. Don't look away. To thine own self be true. Keep a mirror nigh....Look yourself straight in the eye. No compromise and no regret. No turning to pillars of salt. No second guess. Be bold. Stand firm. Lift your voices up in prayer. He is there. Choose. Or lose. Phil G. Inman. Sr.

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