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Pedro Rivas

English IV: College Prep, 7th Period


29 March 2018

Annotated Bibliography


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A : Kranich, N. (n.d.). American Democracy Project Blog. [Interview by C. M. Orphan].

Discusses the need for libraries, and their fundamental history. It discusses who founded

libraries, and the reasoning behind it. The need for a well informed democracy, with access to

any kind of information was the main reasoning.

B: O. (2014). Calendar of Events. [Map]. In ​Calendar of Events.

Calendar of events in an Illinois public library. Can be used to view the importance of

libraries, and the role they play in the community. Calendar of events can cater to anyone, young

or old.

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Discussions about how libraries provide the use of the internet, and free computer usage.

This is especially important in the modern age where computers HAVE to be used, and some

people just aren't fortunate enough to have that kind of luxury. Also discusses how libraries can

provide internet and computers at home, and how this is very beneficial to millions around the


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Your average trip to the library. Compares the differences in being able to read an e-book

to a print, and how certain reasons carry more of a percentage rate. For example, being able to

read to your child vs. reading a book on the go, and what not. The bottom graph also describes

how many, and who got help from a librarian.

E: Siegler, M. G. (October 13, 2013 ). The End of The Library. Retrieved March 29, 2018.

Discusses how libraries are slowly getting away from being libraries. There is an increase

in technology demand, but a decrease in book checkouts. How libraries are no longer sanctions

for checking out books but rather how they are places to get online, and check out 3D printing.

F: ​The 2012 State of America’s Libraries Report.​ (Rep.). (June 2014 ). American Library


Discusses government funding, and governments are no longer funding libraries as they

should. This means that libraries are not getting the resources they need, and some states don’t

even bother to try. Gives statistical numberings, and how this affects the library itself.