AmCham Scholarship 2010 - 10th-Year Anniversary

Please click here to see AmCham Scholarship 2009! In partnership with Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM), Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City and Hoa Sen University, AmCham will grant scholarships to 40 top students from: University of Technology, University of Natural Sciences, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Economics and Law, University of Information Technology, International University, Hoa Sen University, Foreign Trade University, Banking University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

The AmCham Scholars will be:
• Recognized by over 450 AmCham companies • Provided with credits for job application purposes after graduation and other related purposes (e.g. summer job, internship, further scholarship, etc.) • Invited to some AmCham functions • Entitled to join AmCham Scholar Alumni Club • Provided with financial support (US$ 500/scholarship, and training vouchers valued at $380 for each winner and $300 for each runner-up).

Who can apply?
• Bachelor degree third year and above but not graduate students of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM), Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City, Banking University of HCM City, Hoa Sen University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. • Students are only eligible to apply one time only, so please consider carefully before submit your application. • With average GPA of all previous years 7.0 or above (click this link for an explanation) • Active participation in school/social/community service activities. • Able to communicate in English

Schedule / Timeline (Please reconfirm this schedule regularly. There may be changes.)
Sa, 11 Sep Sa, 11 Sep Sa, 25 Sep We, 13 Oct . Sa, 23 Oct Sa, 30 Oct Click here for Information Poster Information Session Poster Information Session Application Deadline Oct 13, 21:00hours VN Time (GMT+7) Countdown To AmCham Scholarship 2010 Application Deadline Results of Screening – Schedule for English Test English Language Test (1)

Sa. 13 Nov Sa. only . or IELTS score 6.pdf format is allowed. In order to reduce the weight of attached file. so be sure you have time and are well-rested. 11 Dec Results of English Test – Schedule for Profile Assessment ProfileXT Assessment (2) Results of Profile Assessment – Schedule for Interview Interview in English run by HR Committee Members (3) AmCham Scholarship Award Ceremony (1) ProfileXT Assessment Sponsor (Diamond): Profiles International Vietnam – a division of TRG International (2) English Test Sponsor (Diamond): Bright Language (3) Interview in English conducted by AmCham member company Human Resources Experts. (You will be exempted from the English Language Test). depending on your English-language abilities. you will receive instructions on how to upload the following documents: REQUIRED: a scanned copy of your original GPA Certificate (click the link for an explanation and examples). Achievement Orientation.5 or more. If you don’t know how to convert your files into . if you have one. please email it. with a TOEFL iBT score of 90 or more. After you finished the Online Application. and Problem Solving. Initiatives. Click here for some hints on how to prepare for your interview: Interview Preparation. 06 Nov Sa. It will take about thirty (30) minutes to complete. Analytical Ability. Please note: if you have an ETS English Test Certificate issued after Oct 7. 20 Nov Sa.pdf format. Please note that any other file format will not be considered. OPTIONAL: a scanned copy of your ETS Certificate for TOEFL or TOEIC. 4) Soft Skills Training Sponsor (Diamond): Towers Watson 5) Cash Sponsor (Diamond): Intel 6) Cash Sponsor (Gold): Vietnamworks 7) Cash Sponsor (Gold): PepsiCo 8) Cash Sponsor (Silver): American Airlines 9) Cash Sponsor (Silver): Mirae Asset Securities 10) Cash Sponsor (Silver): Hoa Sen University 11) Venue Sponsor for Info Session and Interview (Gold): White Palace 12) Venue Sponsor for English Language Test (Gold): VATC 2010 AmCham Scholarship Online Application We have arranged an Online Application to facilitate students’ applications. please click this link to review the list of Application questions in advance. Please click here to apply for AmCham Scholarship 2010 Online Application. or TOEIC score of 900 or more. 2008. please refer to our FAQ section or email us. Innovation. Also. . 27 Nov Sa. competencies evaluated include: Communication Skills.

S. PepsiCo Vietnam Marketing team leader: Ms. please send an email to amcham.scholarship@amchamvietnam. Tran Duy Khang – AmCham Scholar 2005 ITM GPA of ALL previous years 7. please send them to the AmCham Scholarship Team: amcham. Not satisfy? You are encouraged to contact us through our AmCham Scholarship email: AmCham Scholarship Team Frequently Asked Questions The AmCham Scholarship Program 2010 is managed by the AmCham Scholarship Team: Sponsor team leader: Mr. please refer to our FAQ pages. Ho Thi Bach Quyen – AmCham Scholar 2005 Staffing Manager. Tran Thanh Tam – AmCham Scholar 2008 Account Executive. Government Scholarships VietAbroader – Vietnamese Students Forum (Du Học Tại Mỹ FAQ .scholarship@amchamvietnam.0 or above Question: .For technical support or questions about submitting the application form. GE Aviation University team leader: Mr. Government Study in the USA and U. Maersk Process team leader: Ms.S. Saatchi & Saatchi Study in the USA and Scholarships from U. If you have any Frequently Asked Questions If you had any queries.S. Businesses and U. Nguyen Minh Tam – AmCham Scholar 2002 Field Service Representative.

0.00 However. my GPA average for all previous years is more than 7.” then the student would not qualify to apply. (7. this calculation shows that the student’s average GPA of ALL previous years is greater than 7. 3) 1131 / (40+50+60) = 7. 2. today I send you a message to ask about my problem that if I can apply this scholarship or not? and have any exception for this case.” The guideline states: “With average GPA of ALL previous years 7. about the meaning of “average of ALL previous years” and “average of EACH previous year. even though one year’s GPA was less than 7.0. since the GPA in the Year #2 was 6.The AmCham Scholarship Team has received a number of emails asking questions like this: “After reading all the scholarship requirements.5 with 40 credits Year #2 GPA = 6. .54 > 7.9*50)+(8.1*60) = 1131 3) Avg ALL Previous Years (Yrs 1.9. So.0. we calculate the “average GPA of ALL previous years” as follows (example): Year #1 GPA = 7.0 or above. 2.9 with 50 credits Year #3 GPA = 8. I really want to apply for this scholarship. if the guideline were “With average GPA of EACH previous year 7. which is less than 7.* Now. so the student is eligilbe to apply for the AmCham Scholarship.00.” Answer: This is a question of English comprehension. But there is a problem in that my academic performance (GPA) in the second year is less than 7.1 with 60 credits Total ALL Previous Years (Yrs 1.0 or above.0 Now.5*40)+(6. Please note that.

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