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Professional Program Formative Assessment

Teacher Candidate: Shannon Kasstan April 13, 2018

Teacher Candidate Email:
Associate Teacher: Nick Fratpietro
Associate Teacher Email:
Faculty Advisor: Airin Stephens
School: Pope John Paul II Senior Elementary School
Subjects: Language, Religion, Drama, Health & PE
Grades: 7
No. of Days Absent: None

Commitment to Students and Student Learning developing as expected

Ms. Kasstan has completed her first three weeks of placement at Pope John Paul II Senior Elementary
School. Her teaching assignment involves teaching five classes of grade seven students. The subject areas
involve Language, Health and Physical Education. The student population at Pope John Paul II varies in
educational experiences, intellectual abilities, maturity and learning needs. Ms. Kasstan has demonstrated
considerable appreciation of the diversity among the students she teaches. She has been observing lessons
and participating in classroom activities. During her own lessons, Ms. Kasstan presents herself in a
professional manner to the students and creates a classroom environment where students feel comfortable
and respected. She has been committed to meeting the educational and social needs of her students in
various ways. Ms. Kasstan has put forth effort to adjust her teaching and assessment strategies in order to
meet individual student needs. Ms. Kasstan has done an exceptional job of linking the curriculum to
experiences that are relevant to grade seven students. This has helped the engagement of the students.

Knowledge developing as expected

Ms. Kasstan is becoming more familiar with the curriculum expectations and classroom resources available
for Grade Seven Language, Health and Physical Education. Prior to beginning her placement, she requested
samples of student texts, teacher manuals and resources to become more familiar with what the students are
learning. Ms. Kasstan requested and read supplementary material independently in order to become familiar
with the Nelson Literacy Language program, as well as the Fitness for Life text supported in Health. During
the first week, Ms. Kasstan observed teaching methods and classroom routines. By the end of the week she
was working cooperatively with me, Mr. Fratpietro, to brainstorm and assist with the development of unit
plans and individual lessons. During weeks two and three, she created and presented her own lessons in
Language and Phys. Ed. Ms. Kasstan consistently accepted feedback positively and any suggestions made
were considered and incorporated into her teaching practices.

Teaching Practice developing as expected

Prior to teaching her lessons, Ms. Kasstan prepares a lesson plan with detailed procedural steps, including

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appropriate time lines. She is able to gain student attention to begin her lessons and is continuing to develop
a repertoire of classroom management skills that she can implement throughout her placement and future
teaching positions. Maintaining an effective learning environment with grade seven students can be a
challenge to inexperienced educators. When instructions are given to the students, Ms. Kasstan expresses
expectations clearly and provides both written and oral guidelines. Her lessons are organized well and she
incorporates her own personal experiences into discussions with students, which is well received by the
students. Any teacher knows that daily interruptions and changes to daily plans are often necessary. Ms.
Kasstan has been faced with unexpected interruptions during lessons, and is developing an ability to make
decisions quickly and effectively in order to reduce the negative impact on student learning. She is
easy-going and adapts well to changes. Ms. Kasstan is learning to provide meaningful comments to support
students' necessary next steps and strengths. When students are actively working, she consistently circulates
in order to check for student understanding and to clarify instructions if necessary.

Professionalism developing as expected

Ms. Kasstan arrives at school with a positive attitude each day. She is on-time, and is recognizing that, in
order to prepare for lessons, it is sometimes necessary to arrive at least a half hour prior to the bell to ensure
all materials have been gathered and technological equipment is functioning and available. Also, Ms. Kasstan
has learned through experience that, there might be potential time needed to adjust to a change in the school
day routine, that could arise last minute. Ms. Kasstan assumes responsibility for overseeing classroom
routines and tasks. She is able to make decisions fairly well becoming more familiar with the fact that judging
what will best suite a situation is a skill that develops over time and through teaching experiences. Ms.
Kasstan interacts positively with students and staff members. She conducts herself maturely and
professionally and is a good role model for young students. All responsibilities and commitments expected of
her have been met.

Leadership and Community developing as expected

Ms. Kasstan interacts well with our staff and other student teachers and shares and seeks advice about
lesson planning and teaching strategies. She accepts feedback well and demonstrates growth from
constructive feedback. She has already developed a good rapport with her students so, in turn, the students
willingly ask for assistance and leadership when necessary. When discussing student performance on
various tasks, Ms. Kasstan makes a point to indicate and share student progress and successes. She
provides feedback that is both positive and useful to improve student performance. As an extracurricular
endeavor, Ms. Kasstan has volunteered and assisted with a fundraising effort to support Camp Quality. Our
class organized a dodgeball tournament to support kids with cancer. Ms. Kasstan assisted in the organization
and implementation of this initiative and has contributed daily by advertising for the event, creating
schedules, collecting money, setting up apparatus, etc.

Ongoing Professional Learning developing as expected

Any feedback provided to Ms. Kasstan has always been well received and followed. When discussing
lessons after they have been presented, Ms. Kasstan is able to indicate any areas where she feels she
should have modified/manipulated things in order to achieve a more positive outcome for all students. She
asks questions for clarification when needed. Self-reflection following her lessons has been observed. Ms.

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Kasstan is able to recognize her strengths and areas that need improvement. Ms. Kasstan should continue to
engage in learning opportunities, both individually and collaboratively. School in-service session, AQ courses
and continual professional development would be beneficial to Ms. Kasstan's development as a teacher. She
should continue to use and seek out new professional literature and tools.

Teacher Candidate's Growth Plan

During the last two weeks, Ms. Kasstan will continue to test various classroom management strategies and
techniques in order to keep students on-task and actively learning. She will continue to place focus on
making sure that all materials and equipment are signed out and prepared prior to lessons. Developing
effective learning goals, based on curriculum expectations, will be a focus, as will developing success criteria
with student input, for her lesson plans and units. Ms. Kasstan will continue to view and assess student work.
She will be learning to provide meaningful comments to support students' necessary next steps and
strengths. Ms. Kasstan will gather different methods of evaluating students and learn about which techniques
work best for different situations. The challenge is to put it all together.

The teacher candidate is developing as expected.

Official document produced by Lakehead University, Faculty of Education

Dated: 2018-04-13 Signed by:

Dr. Teresa Socha

Chair, Undergraduate Studies in Education

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