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Language Arts Standards

1. Expresses ideas with correct mechanics and sophisticated sentence structure.
2. Organizes and communicates ideas with precise language and expression.
3. Uses evidence to construct and support viable arguments.
4. Analyzes and evaluates information and diverse perspectives.
5. Uses reading strategies to make connections among texts, self, and the world

Assignment:​ ​ Write a Where I’m From Poem. Use your brainstorm to guide you.

Write your poem on the next page.

Exceeds Meets Approaches Yet to Grasp

grammar ​(S1) Poem uses​ correct English
conventions​ such as capitalization
and end punctuation.

Spelling​ (S1) Correct spelling​; special attention
given to homophones.

word choice Strong, ​specific nouns and verbs
(S2) Used

flow ​(S2) Poem has a ​flow​ to it. One idea leads
naturally into the next.

so-what? (​S2) The poem has a viable “so-what” that
conveys a message to the audience.

Details (S3) Details correlate with the categories.
(You can make up new categories,
but you need to state what they are
Poem should be typed here.

I am from
old dolls from Grandma and Grandpa, and toys for twin boys, paint and pencils,
and books to enjoy

I am from
long weeping willows whose leaves are slowly shriveling, deers and squirrels
prancing through the woods, and red and white roses
which sit and stay

I am from
reading on a pillow pile, and playing hide and seek, dance parties with family,
and watching tv, wrestling with our Uncle, and laughing too loud

I am from
our pretty Mami and fun Mamu, to Nani and Nana, and Dadi and Dadu, our
Boogie Boogie Mamu and super nice Mami, to Mama and Papa, and Anya, Jay,
and Veer

I am from
“ Life is unfair” to “I love you”. With “Ain't no sunshine when she's gone”, and
“Figure it out”

I am from
“Jay Buguan” we will say. To our many gods we pray. To Navratri, Diwali, Holi,
and ​Raksha Bandhan.​ We celebrate in sweets. We celebrate in prayers. We
celebrate in Bollywood movies, music, and dancing

I am from
Satay, and chicken tikka masala, naan and puri, and pasta, turkey bacon, and
dinosaur chicken nuggets

I am from
The middle child of a sister and twin brothers, a grandchild of a man with many
jobs, and the niece of the surinamese vise president

I am from
pictures in cabinets and books from when we were babies, with pictures from our
ultrasound, and our tiny baby socks

I am from an amazing family. From Mom’s warm loving hugs, to Dad’s horrible
yet funny jokes, to me and my Sister’s moments to share, and the two little
brother’s to promise to always take care of. My family will love and laugh with
each other.