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People of UCF By Katie Rose (located here)

Walking to class is basically the People Watching Olympics of People Watching.
There are over 60,000 students that attend theThe University of Central Florida (UCF) has over
60,000 students in attendance. So naturally, it's easier to run into some real strange characters on
your way to class than it is to find a parking spot. After your daily 20 minute struggle to find a
parking spot in one of the 10 parking garages, you power walk your way to class, andnot almost
always before you run into the stereotypical "People of UCF".
1. The "I Went to Starbucks and I Want You to Know It"

These people carry their frappe-whatcha-macallits with a certain air of pride. Not only did they
get to campus with enough time to make a coffee pit stop, but they even had enough time to
brave the Starbucks line that usually wrapping wraps around the building at all times of the day.
Mad props to you, time management master! The rest of us will continue to sprint to class and
still be 10 minutes late.
2. The "Always Prepared Umbrella Bringer"
Florida's weather is as unstable as Taylor Swift's love life, so these umbrella lovers people really
thrive at UCF. Whether they walk around with the tiny backpack sized umbrella or the giant
lightning stick sized umbrella, they are prepared for any sprinkle or downpour of rain. Some of
these people even decide to rock the umbrella look when the skies are the clearest and the days
are the brightest attempting to in clearest of skies and brightest of days like their portable shade-
maker will actually help with the shield themselves from Florida’s 100 degrees of torture. We
might judge them, but as soon as it starts pouring rain we all try to become their best friends
seeking some shelter.
3. The "Last Minute Studier"
This UCF native walker begged their roommate to drive them as close to their class building as
possible. They stayed up all night and have a huge test in 5 minutes so they are flipping
frantically through their notecards hoping that they end up retaining something after pulling an
all nighter study session. These natives y are easily spotted on their journey to class because
ofdue to the Scranton in their hands, the bags under their eyes, Scranton in their hand, and the
fact that they didn't don’t look up, not once to see where they were are walking. once.
4. The "Longboard Cruiser"
We've all tried holding our laughter as we’ve seen these people m bust their butts on an
unexpected curb. and tried our very hardest not to laugh. We've also been run over multiple
times without ever receiving an apology by them. These kids are rolling to class and they just
don't care who they take down in the process. Their less popular cousin, the Razor Scooter
stroller, may be a throwback, but at least they have had more control over where they are were
5. The "7:30 AM Warrior"
These poor souls got the short end of the stick when it came to choosingon class times and.
These people have to start their day before UCF even sends it's automated "What's Going On
Today" email. If a computer doesn't have to do its job this early why should students be required
to sit in a classroom this early in the day?! You should considerConsider yourself extremely
lucky if you have never seen this rare species,. Tthey get zero sleep and most likely are walking
to class in the clothes they slept in.

6. The "Gym Rat"

This crew can be seenis rocking muscle tanks, gym shorts, spandex, and sneakers everywhere
they go. With their trusted proteins shaker bottle in hand, they walk, run and jog (run) to class.
They may never actually go to the gym, but we will never know because they look the part every
single time we see them. Try to steer clear of slowing them down because they are trying to get
the most steps possible foron their Fitbit and you might slow them down. .Resting heart rate?!
Not That’s uncommon for these people.

7. The "Snacker and Backpacker"

College kids master eating whenever and wherever, but these hungry and determined students
are on a whole another level. With these people Tthe usual off-to-class granola bar gets replaced
with an entire meal that might be, a slew of tacos or, and a bowl of soup. How do they manage to
make it to class on time without a stain on their shirt? and food on the ground? I will never

8. The "Slower than Molasses Mosier"

These people are Eeasily the most frustrating group of walkers on campus. They walk even
slower than the last-minute studiers, but FOR NO REASON. People throw themselves off the Commented [N1]: It might be best to expand on this in a
sidewalk to get around these rolling road blocks. By the time these kids get to class it will be few sentences. You say they have no reason to be walking
this slowly so back up your statement.
over so I don't know why they even bother showing up. They are like the car going 15 under the
speed limit in the fast lane on I4. Just Uunacceptable.

9.The "Headphones in, People Out"

For these people, as soon as they put their headphones in the world around them disappears.
Some are listening to music trying to pretend they didn't just bomb a test. Some are listening to
nothing but hoping the person handing out flyers won't try to get them to ding up for Underwater
Fruit Picking Activists won't be able to tell. The most easily spotted person on campus is the Commented [N2]: Add some more reasons why people
person screaming on the phone with headphones in. screaming at someone on their phone. would have headphones in. Like they are listening to a
YouTube video, etc.
Sharing is caring, but no one around them asked to be part of theirthis phone call. So, please, if
this is you, next time, go to the restroom or find a space where crowds of people are not located
to yell at your respective loved ones.

10. The "Campus Costumer"

Year round these walkers roam campus in capes, cat ears, and graphic tees. It doesn't matter what
day, how hot, or what class it is they will have on their Wednesday cape with their turtle shell
backpacks. They are usually spotted in a large group of fellow costumers, making you wonder if
you are, in fact, the one dressed incorrectly for classon campus. For these walkers Halloween
isn't a fun time in October, it is a LIFESTYLE.

11. The "Market Wednesday Wanderer"

If you are trying to get somewhere on time, you should know Everyone knows to avoid the
Student Union if they are trying to actually get somewhere on timeon Wednesdays. Market
Wednesday can be described asis like a time warp. You have 10 minutes to get one building over
but after 12 flyers, 2 petitions, and 1 chance to sell your plasma, you're late. Opt to Ttake the
long way if you're not trying to collect a tree-worth of paper flyers.
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I noticed that certain sections consisted of sentences that read as choppy and short. So, I took the
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It might be wise to include a conclusion paragraph. You entered this article with a summary, so
to keep it cohesive, end it with a brief summary.
Minor changes (such as spelling, capitalization, sentence structures, and so on) have been
noted/changed directly on the document.
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Nehemie Pierre
Edited Article #2
How To Recognize A Woman Collector By Heather Lindsey (located here) Commented [N3]: This is phrased as a question so I think
it might be wise to change the title of the article to “Here
Are 6 Ways To Recognize A Woman Collector or something
along those lines.

What is a collector? A collector is a man or a woman that collects people and keeps them around
even when that they aren't 100% sold on the person. They do this because theyThe thing is they
like certain aspects/characteristics about you, but it's notthese aspects/characteristics aren’t
enough to fully commit to you. So, they collect relationships in their phone and they reach out
just enough to keep you hanging on a string. When you begin to complain about not getting Commented [N4]: Consider shifting this sentence into:
enough time or energy from this collector, they either get upset, apologize, or disappear only to These people have many forms of relationships, if you were
to go into their phones they have more than 60 contacts
return another day or they are very apologetic.wanting something from you. All three tactics are and they have specific people they only reach out to when
to keep you around -- still, without rendering commitment. they “feel” like it.

Don't get me wrong, mMen and women can both be collectors. If I can keep it real, I was once a Also, expand on the type of relationships they have.
collector, so it defintelydefinitely happens. But, because I like to talk directly to my sisters and
preach to them because I am one, I am going to refer towards men collectors in this blogpost.
These men will sleep with you, take you out on dates, text you late at night when they're bored,
and find ways to keep you around just enough where you will beto keep you waiting and hoping
that there's a chance for a relationship. Although you may not recognize it, they pick you up off
of the shelf and put you back on the shelf as they feel ledlike it. They don't respect nor value you.
They would never see themselves marrying you and they can cut you off the moment they meet
someone the person they really want to be with. This is why most timesIn most situations like
this, your relationship is not out in the open and the collector labels you two as a "private" thing.
and not out in the open. The collector reiterates how they would like to blames it on, "keeping
your business to yourselves because nobody else needs to be involved in our stuff."
For seven years, I dated a guy on and off and this is the way that he operated. I actually dated a
guy like that on and off for about seven years. SEVEN YEARS. Everytime he would text me, I
would get so excited,. I was always hoping (and mentally thinking) that we would one day work
out... (I thought in my head.) But, all the while, he continued not to pursue me and to
haveproduce babies withby other women. and he made zero effort to pursue me. He’d Oonly
pursue me, when it was convenient. He would tell me "I wasn't like other women. I was like his
best friend that understood him." (honey, that's a lie) He only really reached out when he was in
town, and when heim and his 10 other women weren't working out. When he was bored. And, I
let him come around. So, I now blame myself for even entertaining that foolishness as a single
woman. Of course, I have forgiven myself :) Bbut, if I can encourage you to recognize a
collector, please quickly cut him off quickly. 
The Dream
I remember having this dream about him this collector and in the dream, I was walking with him
and we were going down different pathways together and at the end of each pathway was a
different woman. I would watch him flirt with each woman,her while he wouldand completely
ignore me. I was so madextremely angry in my dream because there were SO many women.
Then, I heard the Lord say, "Let him go Heather, there is no profit in this relationship."
Well, needless to say, thatThat encounter was the last time I dealt with himthis particular guy. Commented [N5]: The dream or you met with him in
What a waste of time! I was hoping and praying that this guy he would see my worth and value. person and told him you were done with him?
The thing is, he talked all the good talk. When I got saved, He talked about the bible and about
/Jesus with me. ThenHe even had the audacity, right before the dream, he toldto tell me that God
told him that I was supposed to be his wife. (#BoyBye) Commented [N6]: Expand on how you dealt with the
situation after he said this.
The crazy thing is, based on the worlds standards, this guy looked amazing on paper. He had a it
together from the worlds standpoint. Hhuge figure salary and all. But, biblically, we were Commented [N7]: Add more of what he had that made
absolutely completely unequally yoked. 2 Corinthians 6:14 says: Don't team up with those who him look good on paper
Looks, height…
are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with
darkness? I was almost willing to FORCE it to work because of our the extended "history." I had
with this man. I can assure you that I would NOT be doing what I am doing today if he was my
leader or my head in marriage. I would have settled and TEAMED up with darkness if I indulged
in that relationship. and absolutely settled in that relationship. I knew wWe had so little in
common, except . Historyfor: History.
I am thankful that the Lord shut that relationship down and theat next following year, I met my
now husband. One of the first questions Cornelius asked me was "Who helps me carry my
groceries?" Now, if I was entertaining the woman collector, then I would have had to answer him Commented [N8]: Explain what your husband meant by
with the guy’s name. that answer for him. And, we may not have talked because godly men want this statement. Your audience may not know what it
a godly woman, not a woman that jumps from man to man, looking for worth and value.
Now, don't get me wrongmisunderstand me, I forgave the woman collector after I had that dream
and I came to understandood that he wasn't a true believer, (even though he claimed to be one,
his life clearly proved otherwise) so I am sharing this so that you won't be deceived and hurt
when the woman collector he marries the woman he really wants to be with.
It's important that even if theis guy you’re “talking” to goes to your church, that you you must
know how to recognize a woman collector. So, yes, he can be in the church, serving, praying in Commented [N9]: Consider rephrasing.
the church and STILL struggle with this area. Just because he is in church doesn't mean that he
believes what is being preached. Hey may, just like the attention and that you willingly give it to
him. This is whyTherefore, it's vital that we test every spirit. "Beloved, do not believe every
spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone
out into the world.” (1 John 4:1). Testing the spirits means that one must know how to “examine
the Scriptures.” Rather than accept every teaching, dDiscerning Christians diligently study the
Scriptures, rather than just accepting every teaching that’s out there. After studying the scriptures
Tthen, YOU will know what the Bible says and therefore can “test all things and hold fast to
what is true.” In order toTo do this, a Christian must “be diligent to present yourself approved to
God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy
2:15). The Word of God is to be “a lamp” and “a light” to our path (Psalm 119:105). We must let
its light shine on the teachings and doctrines of the day; the Bible alone is the standard by which
all truth must be judged.
Now, if you're looking at that man to be the priest of your household, then it's VITAL that you
have a relationship with Jesus for yourself so that the Holy Spirit can WARN you ahead of time
of those guys that are seeking to string you along, ahead of time. The collectorHe may be sweet
with his words, but the Holy Spirit can read between those lines and tell you that you're getting
The danger in getting wrapped up in these types of relationships is that you can create an entire
life with someone, who is creating a life with someone else. Your number and time is just
thereconvenient to him when times get rtough or they're fightingwith his real woman for the
zillionth time. He will tell you whatever lies he can to keep you around for the lonely moments,
to sleep with you just one more time, and for whatever else he desires. Know that Yyou are being
USED, . Llet the little birdie fly, and go get focused on what God has called you to do.
WHAT a waste of time!! The bible tells us to fill our minds with GOOD things that are worthy
of report, not stalking that man's social media, and wondering whenif he is going to call you
back. My sister, it doesn't TAKE all of that. YOUall that, YOU are worth SO much more. A
godly man won’t play games, he wouldn't take a chance on losing you to another. So, he won't
play games.
So, if you recognize one of these types of guys, cut them off. Or, if you are one of these people,
just stop it. You're sowing some pretty nasty seeds into other people. You won't want to see the
harvest of heartbreak over and over againcontinuously because it may end up happening to you.
Don't keep people around to stroke your ego, a. nd dDon't lead people on;. Iinstead, choose to
pursue Jesus with all of your heart.
The biggest thing I’m hearing the Lord say while writing this is that these types of relationships
are DISTRACTIONS. Big distractions to get you off of the course set before you. Let's get back
on course, block the collectors in every way, and press forward to the mark of the high calling
through Jesus Christ! You're unavailability single. Commented [N10]: What do you mean by this sentence?

Just a few things:

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God loves you like crazy,

Love always, Commented [N11]: Consider choosing only one of these
to sign off with.
Heather Lindsey

Commented [N12]: Choose a photo that focuses on your

face preferably a photo that features from the collarbone
and up.

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grammatical errors.
Some of the major changes and queries were commented directly onto the above/attached
document. But briefly, let's talk about some of the main points that concern me. There are certain
areas in this blogpost where certain sentences or ideas needed to be expanded on. For instance,
the sentences surrounding the characteristics of a woman collector needed more depth. It might
be wise to display the characteristics of a collector under its own heading, just as you did for the
dream. because it was difficult finding this pertinent piece of the article. Another main point to
focus on would be the short and choppy sentences. Try to avoid run-on and fragmented sentences
from littering your post. Take time to reread your blogpost at least twice, before hitting send.
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